EU migration is a joke

The European Commission is the executing organisation of the EU. Its goal is to spend the money that the council (meeting of all EU leaders) has decided.

Every year it has about 150 bn euro to spend. It has general directorates in charge of individual policies, the one for borders and security being “home and affairs“. None of the employees were ever elected and are considered as god living since they are the key to the “golden EU funds”.

As on the picture, they had about 10 billions euros over 5 years (not a lot for protecting borders) and they already give away 7 billions euros to migrants. In any case their main goal is to have a more Open Europe, and that is rather contradictory with “borders” and “security”.

Add to this the 18 billions euros given to the Open Society by George Soros, and you feel how much money goes to the destruction of Europe and USA. If you wanna put names and faces to this process, help yourself:

Catalonia, the first domino?

I usually look at news with a very distant perspective. I came to realize that most of it is completely irrelevant. I see it as a tool that was designed to waste my time. But from time to time there are some things worth paying attention to.

Europe right now is a tinderbox ready to explode, just a few sparks and the fire can spread from Spain to Norway in no time. Europe is just facing the perfect storm: ethnic tension, social tensions, economic collapse, automation… you name it. The question is not about knowing if Europe will implode. But when and where?


90% of the Catalonians want independence from Spain. Whether for or against the independence of this region, the process is entirely democratic. I usually stand with independenctist movements and I do encourage the people of Catalonia to pursue their will. However, this movement does neither oppose immigration, multiculturalism nor the EU. So in the end, they stand for most most part as a bunch of useful idiots.

This week Madrid decided to send in the army to halt the will of the of the Catalonian people. And this is why I think the situation can turn out the be very interesting. First because it sends a clear signals to other part of Europe seeking for autonomy. But most importantly it sends a clear message to the average European that their countries and their super-government based in Brussels have little care about their opinion let alone their freedom and right to be represented.

If the fire starts in Catalonia, I don’t see why it wouldn’t spread outside of Spain. And in as such tensely politicized Europe, it can turn out to be pretty ugly.

Las Vegas parano…

Mass murder!!! Gun control!!

That’s what the left calls for anytime a white man does something. More control, less freedom. More immigration. Remember: WHITES ARE BAD!

Leftists are just a bunch of hypocrites, ready to take advantage of ANY event to push their religious agenda. When they heard it was mostly whites who were murdered, they played both arguments: gun control and white supremacy. They celebrated the death of 50 people, because they are white conservatives and at the same time they use the tragedy to ask for gun control. Can they even imagine how much they make no sense?! My cat, surprisingly, does.

When it is a Muslim with a car or a knife, that’s much less of an issue. Anyway for the left these people are sons of god, don’t you dare whip their reputation with the truth.

Let’s wait for the conclusions. We just highly doubt it was an act of white supremacy…

German elections: there’s no middle ground

The German elections results came as no surprise. The most common sence party, AFD, did better than expected with 12.1%. Yet, how to make more when Women and non-whites tend to vote a lot more left than the ethnical German men now on the verge of suicide (Without identity, you are simply nobody).

So no big news by looking at the map of the votes: East Germany having less immigrants, voted more for AFD. The anti-white propaganda is losing ground among white males.

But the important take away is the hysterical reaction of the left, with almost all media outlets condemning (and here) the modest results of the AFD. This party is of course labeled “Extreme right” , “white supremacist”, “Naxi-leaning“, “Racist” and “Islamophobe“. Alright, let’s dive in the policies advocated by the AFD with the official programme of the AFD:

We turn against centralism, uniformity, and uniformity. Strong, independent federal states, regions and municipalities in a sovereign Germany correspond to the ideal of free peoples and diverse cultural identities. Unity in diversity rather than self-abandonment in the collective is the origin and goal of German self-determination.

The AfD is committed to the values of the Charter of the United Nations and international law. We are committed to a foreign policy oriented towards German interests.
The AfD advocates reforming the United Nations to take account of the changed weightings in the world. We strive for a permanent seat of Germany in the Security Council, as well as the abolition of the host country clause directed against Germany in the United Nations Charter.

According to the left, these points are deemed “Extreme”. And they don’t want to hear any of this. Therefore:


One doesn’t have to agree with all the points mentioned above, but any common sense person can negotiate a policy in exchange of another. The left cannot. Therefore it is better to push for Alt-Right policies right away without any compromise.

In the God Emperor we trust

Contrary to what some voice of the Alt-Right might suggest, President Trump is doing a pretty good job. In his latest speech in Phoenix, AZ, he reassured the American patriots that he is working on their side and actively supporting them. And in the recent events since the Charlottesville rally the God-Emperor choose the fulfill his role of president of the United States by taking measured decisions and defending the right fullness and morality before all.

As a sympathiser of the Alt-Right I don’t consider myself defended by “moderates”, nor feel like that President Trump is defending it. But I am appeased to see people defending basics rights and common sense. And in his first speech, the President did exactly that. He conflicted with the ideology of the left, and that is not a small thing. When he was asked to comment on Charlottevilles, he walked out, and asked for facts. Dear liberals, yes, this is what a man does, president or not: he puts facts before feeling, and before his interest.

The liberals just jumped up and down and started whining like children. They know what is happening but they are too stupid to see it. They are too indoctrinated to see facts and to react as adults. Hence, they intent shutting down any voice opposing theirs. Their agenda is their Quran, and the media their imams. Either you accept all of it, either you are persecuted. Infidels are not welcome to the liberal pit.

The second speech of the God emperor about Charlottevilles was a perfect continuation of the first one. He pointed out rightfully the misbehaviors of the alt-right and accused the left for what they are: bullies, thugs, cowards… the “alt-left”. The Alt-Left is a label that has been around for a while and President Trump mainstreamed it in the most clever way. That was pure genius!

Now onwards the mainstream media that have been providing fake news to cover the liberal debility will find harder to cover up their madness. The altleft is now a label that we can use to insult them. We don’t need to scream our sympathy for the alt-right, but we can label them at the same level, using their own game. Genius! We believe in ideas, they believe in labels. In any case, if one thing is sure, it is that they will keep pushing their message anyhow and despite any inconsistencies.

Second law of SJWs: SJWs always double down.

Vox Day

Yet, President Trump is right. There are abuse on all sides. Thugs shouldn’t be used as ambassadors of a movement. That’s not serious. The problem is not violence, the problem is aggression. And by pointing this out the Right keeps on pushing the left in the corner. This is how people join our ranks, this is how real changes are made.

Thanks Donald. Please make America so great that all whites can finally unite for a better world of theirs, in the respect of all.

Barcelone vs Charlottevilles… #DoubleStandards?

In a surprising turn of events, new muslim terror attacks happened once in Europe. Special thanks to immigration for bringing us such wonderful cultural enrichment. Without it, life would not be so much fun… Sounds ironic? Well the MSM still seem to take all of this seriously along with their followers.

Not surprisingly the media first asked the public to not jump into any premature conclusion. After all, who would do such a thing?

Well … in Charlottesville at least it appeared pretty sharp to judge quickly, didn’t it? In over less than an hour, everyone knew a white supremacist “neo-nazi” was the perpetrator. Even more surprisingly, even some self proclaimed conservatives seized this wonderful opportunity to blame people they call “Nazi”. It seems this was their belated Christmas gift. For how long did they wait for a “neo-nazi” to do something wrong after all? And the fact that the suspect was apparently a fierce leftist sponsored by Soros doesn’t ring a bell to anyone. And there is not event a single “neo-nazi” group claiming the attack and he didn’t have the support from anyone, even the real nazis who marched down with swastikas… Is it time to suggest that the MSM are suffering from double standards?

Anyway, love, understanding, tolerance and tons of cash did not stop the Barcelona attacks, thank you diversity! Even if we are not asking much during holidays, we can not just accept living in terror. And just like after any attack this question must be asked: When does it stop? When are the European people stop accepting all of this?

While leftist tend to put every opponent in the same bag labeling them as “racist”, “nazi” or “white supremacist” (Go figure than one out), the Right cannot accept the same behavior (Irony again? yeah right…). We (the Right) DO ACKNOWLEDGE that this event does not represent all Muslims or all Arabs… But is doesn’t change the fact we are still calling for imminent mass deportation of 99% of non-Whites out of Europe (Which represent 7% of habitable land on Earth). DIVERSITY + PROXIMITY = WAR. Always.

The rise of the AltRight

The call to the rally to unite the right marks a new era. It will show how committed the right is. Using good rhetorics with the truth it became the dominant ideology on the Internet. It is now time to go live and spread to the word in a peaceful manner in the real world. Libtards are giggling like chickens before being beheaded. After all, their only response is censorship. It is emotional and instinctive, whilst their argument limited to labeling their opponents. The big ideology shift nowadays makes the left tremble. Hence they fire everywhere, shooting down as well altLite figures like Sargon of Akkad or Lauren Southern, or even sometimes open leftist like Dave Rubin.


Unfortunately, this rally is only possible in the USA where the constitution protects the rights of individuals. On the contrary, Europe is muzzled, as the constitution protects the people in power,not the individuals. Such event is not conceivable unless you wanna end up in jail or beaten up by the police. At least for the moment.

Therefore, measuring the size of the right wing power in Europe is necessary to make people understand that they are not alone. Beyond any number, yet, the new right wing is the only movement that can bring a new “New-Renaissance” to Europeans and Americans

On one hand the so called “extreme right” in Europe includes the alt-Right, the Alt-Lite, some cuckservatives and even lefties. On the other hand, many people vote for other political parties, fearing of being labelled “extremist”, fired or socially exiled. But recent elections are giving us a hint on how many people are fed up with the current system.

  • Britain UKIP scored 12.1, and voted last year for Brexit (slightly above 50%).
  • France 2017 elections gave 34.7% for Marine Le Pen.
  • Austria’s Freedom pary got 35% in 2016.
  • Belgium NVA and VB had together around 25% of the vote but it was in 2014.

A good approximation tells us that slightly more than a third of European voters are voting for real conservative parties. And that is not so bad, especially considering women, gays and immigrants.

Yet, these numbers have to be adjusted due to the abstentions (around 40%), the number of whites people left (around 80% and making it most of the abstention), and the ratios of vote between men and women (men make most of the abstention as women like voting to gargle their ego). Hence, roughly 17% of the population supports a right wing party. Or about 27% of white people, and 37 % of White men.

The alt-Right is surely a minority among this group, even if most of the people are sympathising. For example PEGIDA did a protest in Dresden Germany in 2016. Police expected 15000, 8000 showed up. If the police expected 1 in 4 activist to show up. It means around the region of Free state of Saxony, there are 25 thousands AltLite/AltRight activits. The “Extreme right” party AFD got 160 thousands votes in 2014. Adjusting for 2016, let’s round it up to 200 000 votes. It means around 12.5% of the Extreme right is under the umbrella of the Alt-Right/Alt-Lite. Giving 6% to the AltRight.

We can conclude that around 2 to 3% of European white men seem to be red pilled. But that is almost large enough! The threshold of population seems to be located at 3%. If we do stick together, authorities wont be able to stand against us. We are at a turning point in history…

Poland: What does Brussels has to say?

Poland and Hungary are the black sheeps of the EU. Brussels thought that by now they would be done with them, but once again the hyper-conservative right wing Law and Justice party (PiS) stroke back. The Eurocrats in Brussels are about to have their intestines liquefied…


The president of Poland, Andrzej Duda signed one of three laws and that is all that it took to shackle the European agenda.

Newspapers like the New York times do not seem too eager to openly expose each one of them – if the goal is the Truth: why criticizing without explaining what ought to be criticized – they only qualify them as “a threat for democracy and our liberal western values“. After all, they have proven themselves reliable and based on sound and proven concept. Liberalism is the key to freedom, as we see on a daily basis  from our newspapers and TVs.


Here are the laws:

  • The first reform requires all Supreme Court judges to step down and gives the justice minister the power to decide who should stay on
  • The second gives politicians control over who sits on the National Judiciary Council which nominates Supreme Court judges
  • The third gives the justice minister the right to select and dismiss judges in lower courts

The current Polish government is doing a reform replacing all Supreme court Justices. And the irony, is that the previous government of Poland (lead by PO) did exactly the same thing by bending over and accepting whatever Brussels had to say. It seems no one at the NYT is aware that bureaucrats and most politicians in the EU have not been elected. Therefore the true dictatorship is Brussels, not Poland. Brussels doesn’t have anything to say about democracy more than Erdogan does in Turkey.

Democracy is a mean to a system not the system itself. The ancient Greeks themselves knew it was not a good system. A democracy is fine to the extend that there is a set of principals protecting the rights of the individuals and the minorities. Is democratic slavery justifiable? Plus the majority of people is usually wrong on almost every issue. Pure democracy doesn’t work. And reforms must be taken from time to time to lead the country into prosperity and peace. Brussels and the people of Poland (democratically represented by PiS) have two very different views concerning the future of the country.

Let’s be clear, the only reason the EU is against Poland and Hungary is because it resists its aim of blood mixing through massive migration. The globalist agenda is failing where nationalism and ethnicity stands. They call bigot and stupid whoever is against their liberal mindset, and threaten to remove the voting right of whoever disagrees. Which shows how little Brussels and their leftists cheerleaders care for true democracy.

Poland is now one of the last standing countries in Europe that truly defends its citizens interest. And what are the principles they stand against, fundamentally?

  • Redistribution of their wealth to third world migrants
  • Offering their women to black/arabic/latino
  • Importing misery and violence
  • Importing rape
  • Being ruled by a communistic EU

Democracy is a complicated subject and more can be said in an other article. But it doesn’t even really matter because the EU is not a democracy and has no respect for its citizens to begin with.

The upcoming WAR

Whether we hear about Russia, China, Western Europe or the middle-East, there is one subject everyone agrees on: “World War III is on its way, and it is not a distant future”. Where people disagree is on where and how this war will be fought and who could be the main actors. Usually people see the war in their ideal vision of the world:

  • Lefties and neo-conservatives want a war NATO vs Russia. Russia represents conservatism, economic freedom (at least in their opinion) and tolerance towards Christianity (which is for them the biggest threat to Civilization). Therefore they are the bad guys, they must be whipped off the map (no matter how suicidal this might sound).
  • Traditional conservatives want a classical war between Christians and Muslims.
  • Libertarians are still smoking pot.


I don’t want to sound pessimistic, but there is clearly a lack information for the moment in order to know when, where and between who this war will be fought. But I do know is that almost everybody is missing the big picture. Let’s analyses region by region of the world:

Russia and China are 2 countries with significant military power. Their regime are quiet stable and think in the interest of their nation for the long run. They both suffer from a multi-ethnic or multi-racial situation, but all races have the same rights (no matter what you define as a right, no matter the level of freedom) which insure some sort of national cohesion. Their nations, even thou both ambitious, will never ignite any conflict. They just keep pushing slowly against a crumbling Europe and a more fragile America. Declaring war is not beneficial to them. They know the West is going down, they just have to wait.

India will soon be the most populated nation on Earth but it has a lot of internal problems. Most of the population live in extreme poverty (called “ants” by the rich Indians). These “ants” are illiterate and  in pretty bad health. They are clearly not fit for the battlefield. Only the Punjabis (total population of 30 millions)  are the serious muscle of the Indian army. India might go to war with Pakistan again in the future, but they will have little or no impact on the international scene.

North Korea is “over-rated” (as Donald Trump would say). Having heard an interesting opinion from South Koreans, I feel like sharing it here as it is the one that makes the most sense. Kim Jong Un, is a well educated and capable man. He grew up in Switzerland and lived a pretty normal life before becoming the ruler of his country. It is likely that he is not the madman the media portray him to be. He plays the fool. Which is a smart move. As North Korea can clearly not phase any of its enemy militarily, playing the foolish leader that could destroy the World is a smart move in order to be left alone. I don’t think North Korea is worth paying attention. And even it the worst case scenario, I doubt this will lead to a world war.

South Korea and Japan are countries that do not suffer any internal tensions. Their army are becoming bigger and purely defensive. This allow them to keep China at bay.

Taiwan, it could go either way. Europe and the USA seemed to clearly have given up on them. So the results will have little if no impact on the international scene.

South America, mostly socialist, no big military threats. I see a decline into Venezuela style or Argentina-style situations. South Americans are not warriors, they lack discipline and the will to fight. Cartels will continue to rule here and there… Unless salsa, tango or bachata is your thing, I would not look to deep into this part of the world.

Sub-Saharan Africa, same as South-America. The same shit will keep going on with the exception of South-Africa where a racial civil war could occur. China and Russia will fill the gap left by weakened western nations. Again, Black-Africans are not warriors, nothing to worry about (on an international level).

Iran… no major change in Iran. I think the USA will face serious economical and social problems before the neocons are able to complete their agenda.

North Africa and the Middle East. This is where tings are getting interesting. Israel cannot be at peace with any of its neighbor as they have a clear conflict of interest. Believing in peace whatsoever is purely naive. Arabs of course hate Israel but their prime enemy is Europe. This can be clearly demonstrated by the clear Muslim-Jewish alliance in Europe and the USA. There is no clear Christian-Muslim alliance. Turkey and Arab countries will try to intervene in Europe. It has always been their objective, there is no reason to think it would be any different today. But it is important to note that they are lacking the logistic and industry for a full scale military operation in Europe, even with a significant friendly Turk/Arab population already occupying the land. Moreover Turkey will have to phase central European countries (from Poland to Bulgaria) who will gladly meet them ferociously. So it is reasonable to think that they will promote guerrilla warfare in Europe. We have our first element of answer.

Ukraine. This is a conflict where things can get nasty even thou I personally doubt this will be the initiator of WW3. A big actor that is not reported in the news are the Jews. And this is not conspiratorial, most of the Ukrainian government is Jew, and most of those Jews consider Ukraine as a land that belongs to them. George Soros spends a lot of time and energy on Ukraine which is called, after all: “The bread basket of Europe”. The current civil war allow former Ukrainian Jews (in Israel or elsewhere) to buy land that is cheap and fertile. However true native Ukrainians have been hardened by a rough history and will not give up their land so easily. So Ukraine is worth keeping an eye on.

Central Europe. From Finland to the Balkans most of these countries have a significant number of their citizen living in Western Europe. And these expats citizen are reporting back the conditions of living in a multicultural/multiracial society to their fellow countrymen. This of course generate a lot of skepticism toward the main objective of the European Union. It is likely that they will quit the Union at some point and make one of their own. Contrary to what most people think, men from central Europe have little enthusiasm going to war against Russia (except in the Baltic states). And Russia recognize these countries as a serious military threat. Neither side want war. Their main concern is the rise of Islam in Western Europe (They served most of their history preventing Europe from Ottoman invasions). This is important as they could host Christian white refugees if the situation in the West gets ugly. They could also train soldiers and serve as backup for guerilla warfare (the same can be said about Russia).

North America: Americans (Canadians to a lesser extend) are getting more and more polarized. Only 6% trust the media, Congress approval is usually below 10%. The situation could deteriorate. Especially with a huge economical crisis like the one which is on its way. Many American patriots believe in their values, traditions and constitution. Even-thou they are a minority, they are the best trained and most clever American there is. They are not happy with politics, they will not give up without a fight. The opposing side would make the majority of the current US population. But they are undisciplined, cowards and divided among multiple races and genders. One could say they would control the US armed forces, but I really doubt that as most of the best soldiers would join the side of the patriots. It is hard to know how this would end up (huge blood bath I guess) but it will have a huge impact on the international scene. The USA is the initiator of many conflicts, but it also pacify many other conflicts. The defense budgets of all European nation are based on the capability of the USA to respond to external threat. So America is one of the main domino.

Western Europe…I kept the best for the end. This is for sure going to get messy. Currently, the defense budgets of Western European armies are ridiculous. Their armies are small, poorly equipped for full-scale operations and there is a clear lack of a will to fight. I cannot count the number of Belgian and French soldiers I met who joined the army “for traveling”, “experience”, “to help starving kids in Africa”… Most Europeans are not fit for service. A lot of men suffer of a clear lack of testosterone, plus a good portion of young men are from Arab, Black and Indian origin. Not only they lack the skills to make great warriors (Brotherhood, discipline, solidarity, physical capabilities), they do not have any sense of patriotism whatsoever. They might convince you otherwise, but they will be the first to run away after the first shot of the coming war. And I could go on and on about all the problem Europe could phase: “There isn’t enough women officers” “There is not enough Muslim officers” “There is no black women in the special forces” “I don’t fight during Ramadan” … Moreover, European countries clearly lack any infrastructure to accommodate and train conscripts. The military base where my father did his military service is now a camp for Syrian migrants.

In short, Forget Europe on the subject of military might. It is simply non-existent. But it doesn’t stop there. Western European countries clearly phase an identity challenge. The multicultural/multiracial society is on the verge of collapse. And only one of these culture will survive. But is is not that easy. Cities are over-populated. Any attack on important infrastructures can simply lead them into total chaos. I am talking about electrical plants, power grids, water purification, roads (supply of food), railways, bridges… Any failure of one of these infrastructure and it will soon be realized that even the “good Muslim”, the “good black”, the “good Indian” has not been integrated into our society. Any conversation we are having today is done with a luxury of life that is unprecedented. The day people will miss one meal, one shower or even their cellular/data connection… and they will finally realize the shit they are in. In these kind of situation humans go back to their native instinct which is tribalism. Europe therefore will be engaged in a race war that will be completely out of control. Hard to write about it as this is completely unprecedented.

To conclude this essay, even thou leftists and neocons are pushing for war with Russia, I doubt they will be able to complete their agenda before a total collapse of the West. It is likely that the next economical crash will be the one that will finally knock off the era of Cultural Marxism. It is likely Europe falls first and America second. And it is hard to see who will be the winner of this war. But I like to think that White Europeans will face this challenge and win. God shall be on our side.

The end of Fifth Republic

Sunday 23rd of April 2017 was the last chance for the French people to turn the boat and avoid a total disaster. Sure having Le Pen elected would not have solved all problems but things would not have been as hard as they are going to get now. This is the last true election held in France and the french people decided to blow it. Or maybe it was already to late.


Looking at the number, everyone knows the outcome of the second round of elections. But the numbers gives us a lot of information. In France, around 110 thousands Arabs and blacks get the citizenship every year. And the number is rising. This number can be multiplied when taken into account the family reunions. And all non-Whites among the new young voters (4 millions new voters by 2022) will also vote for the left. They make at least 40 % of French youth. So it is safe to say that the left will receive a boost of 3 million votes. This is about 40% of what Le Pen got. It is IMPOSSIBLE to ever have a right wing French President ever again. And this is using official numbers only…

It is also important to note that clear stab in the back from the older generations. While 40% of young people voted for Le Pen (this means an overwhelming majority of young whites), only 20% of the old generation voted for her. This is the “68 generation” who never had the guts to reform the failed social-security and failed healthcare program while they still had time to do so. This is the generation that gave us feminism and open borders. They had 1 chance to save the situation, to help their children and grand-children. But instead they decided to satisfy their own ego and their own greed until their very last day.