Christianity 2.0: The world is not fair.

At Church, last Sunday, the priest did a Sermon: “The world is unfair, and every good Christian should pray for God to fix it. Even if nothing seems to be done, even if God doesn’t seem to listen to our prayer, he actually does. We should keep faith because the Word of God is powerful and will be the final one in the end.”

That somehow reminds me of the story of the man at the top of the roof during the deluge. He prays god to save him, arguing that he is a good Christian. Two boats come to him and the sailors propose their help, which he refuses, arguing that god will save him. Eventually, he dies, and he asks god “why didn’t you save me?”. God answers “well I sent you 2 boats, and you refused them!”.

With such talk, I can understand why some people might compare mordern Christianity to Islam, Judaism, Hinduism or anoter religion. I can also understand why so many people in the West reject Christianity even in conservative movement like the Alt-Right. Indeed, I personally feel terrible hearing such a message.

First of all, God is perfect, therefore the world he created was perfect. Humans however are not, bound to the earth, alone with their freewill and the words of god as a compass. We sin, we do mistakes, that’s a simple fact.

Therefore injustice and unfairness are human creations, not divine ones. So, according to me, the entire sermon was based on a lie. Any prayer asking God to clean up the mess created by humans is an insult to God. Why should he clean the mess of men when he already gave him the freewill to decide for themselves? In addition, cleaning up the mess by god sounds more like the apocalypse to me.

This kind of talk is typical of the Christianity 2.0. This talk is not Christian, it is the talk of Marxists. Marxism removes responsibilities from individual and blame fictional concepts, such as classes, inequalities, unfairness, etc. Likewise, Christianity 2.0 removes the responsibilities from individuals to blame God and ask him to fix the unfair world he created.

This is where true Christianity differs from other religion. Men have the duty to pray god for forgiveness, and for him to give them the strength to repair their mistakes. That is a big difference, which demonstrates that the Christianity 2.0 is just another leftist step to the acceptation of cultural marxism.

This new Christianity values actually follows the words of Satan, not the words of Jesus.
Christianity 2.0 teaches :

  • Religion has to be fun (fun over God, fun over any other principle)
  • The words of Jesus can be understood in many ways
  • Each and every individual is allowed to act as he or she pleases, because god forgives everything from everyone if they believe
  • Christians should help everyone with a priority to the most politically correct

Let’s state it, these values are not the ones of a Christian, and certainly not the ones which built Western Civilization. These are the ones destroying it. This Christianity 2.0 shall not be confused with the real Christianity. It is only Christian in its name.

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