The Africanization of Art

The days of beautiful Europeans Cathedrals, the Sistine chapel, the sculptures of Michelangelo, the drawings of Raphael or the stories written by Molière or Shakespeare are long gone. In the last 500 years, the European population got 5 times larger and production efficiency is at its peak. Yet European accomplishment is on a steep decline. Whether it is medicine, science, industrialization, spirituality, architecture, paintings, writings or music… There is not much our white generation will be remembered beside the destruction of what our Europeans ancestors died for. Today the focus will be placed on visual art, mainly: Architecture and painting.


Often labelled “Cutlural Marixsm” – and rightfully so – it is hard for many to grasp the true meaning of this deterioration. “Africanization” on the other hand is a label that clearly correlate with the current trends. Africans are not known for long lasting art pieces like the old Europe used to do. The beauty is hard to spot, the legacy is short lived. Whether it is paintings or architectures. Europe is not producing a lot of marvels lately.

Cheap, easy, ugly are the least someone can tell about those monstrosities. Not only the importations of millions of third world men did not help in enhancing the visual aspect of the western citizen’s everyday life; Whites seemed to have lost the talent God gave to them.

Take for instance the Cathedral of Our Lady of Strasbourg, in France. Built between 1015 and 1439, it has been the tallest building in the world until 1874. Its facades are full of sculptures, the domes of Gothic architectures are magnificent. Yet it is worth remembering the city counted less than 20 thousands inhabitants during the middle ages. They had no electricity, no running water, no computer, no petrol engine, no sewers… (Remember these are the justification given for the failure of third world nations).



As of today, most of the population is idle or doing non productive jobs. And many jobs are about to be replaced in the 15 coming years. Where are the achievements? Where is the enrichment?


We waited for a long time and it’s there. Voxday produced his first video for his Voxiversity project in which he describes how immigration and war are connected. As he says:


It sounds simple, but it is not, especially for leftists, SJWs, and most women. Actually, how do you think a leftist would react to this video?

This video is highly informative, with logic and plenty of historical facts. I encourage everyone to watch it:

In fact, this point was also discussed on this blog quite a few times. For us, it is clear that Western Europe and America are at WAR with third world immigrants. Of course, you may think we are crazy, but listen to Vox and judge for yourself. Sometimes it is indeed better to look at the likely outcome to understand the process.

Indeed, this war is not fought with guns, bombs and planes… Mass immigration is the weapon used – planned or not is another question. And the effects can be seen clearly. For instance:

  • London, the mayor is Indian and Muslim. He is not European and stated that Londoners should get accustomed to terror attacks. He clearly has no knowledge of Europe history and traditions. And even if he does, he would rather wipe his butt with those.
little note: “Refugees from South Africa of course are not welcome”

  • France: SJW professor says that Shariah law is the only way to go in order to avoid Civil war… And this is getting more obvious day by day, from example through street prayers :

  • Belgium: Shariah 4 Belgium fights for setting the Quran as the new law of Belgium. Take notice that there is no Belgian nationalist party whatsoever (only a Flemish one).

  • Holland: children are now taught Islam in many schools. Look how our children have to pray Allah under the supervision of an SJW/leftist woman.

  • UK: Court applying the Shariah Law. This means that in UK, the leglislative (Quran), executive (Mosques) and judiciary (shariah courts) are already in place. This is a state in a state.

The list goes on and those are not isolated cases. The changing of rulers is clear:

The West is at war

And the people denying it (the left) are going to be the first on the line… as Muslims will get rid of LGBT people or even feminists in some cases. The sooner Europeans realize it, the better. I will finish on some quotes from Sun Tzu:

The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.

Supreme excellence consists of breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.

Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.

Sluts are made, not born.

The RedPill world says to us that women are all sleeping or active bitches, and recommend all men to go their way.

Honestly, when you look at women today, how would you want to respect them? What’s in for men in a relationship today? Plus, their craziness comes out in different shapes and forms, from the prostitute wife to the hard working feminist knowing better than any man. Our women are full of hate for men, and we feel it.

To remedy this, PUAs, and most of auto-proclaimed “redpills” are prescribing to dump women. They say “dump your bitch and go your own way”. But they still don’t provide any answers to many essential questions of life such as aging and having a descendance. Ironically, they reproduce what they despise and they push the west one step closer to the gates of suicide.

In any case, too many questions remain unanswered to accept such a conclusion that all western women behave so bad solely by their very nature. I can’t agree that the only solution for every white man is to face the impossibility of its procreation. Indeed, how can these people explain our continuous survival over the millennia? How do they explain the continual success and domination of Western civilization over the world across history? It is impossible to conceive that Western civilization was built with whining, destructive and selfish women, nor with biter – hyper sexualised- men. It must be something else.

During my childhood, I always enjoyed discussing with old people. The old times always intrigued me for their contrast with modern times. I always wondered why people, in the old days, looked so classy, why men and women were constantly separated, and why women would stay home. My grandmother used to tell stories during the war. For example, she told me how her mother was crawling kilometers during the night to gather food for herself and her sister. She used to cut potatoes and eat the skin to leave the plain starchy to her daughters. Until recently, women used to handle every tasks at home without complaining about it. It was a respectful job and they took this task very seriously. In fact, it appears that they were far happier, as many counter-feminists movements emerged at the dawn of feminism. Virginity, mariage and family were something to be proud of.

But today, all men in a long term relationship (LTR for lazy people) face the same issue. It’s not about being an “alpha male”. All women start shouting at their man. They all try to find the limits of their man and inevitably do not respect him. They do not take any responsibility – at all – and complain about everything. Nothing is ever good enough for her. On Facebook, everything looks normal, but in reality… Their life is full of hate, and they often fall sick.

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I reach the conclusion that modern women are not happy to behave as they do, but they do it anyway. So the question is: why would they do that? How could the West shifted from natural, balanced and healthy relationships to this nightmare? Today, for most men, individualism seems to be the only rational exit to a world with a collapsed morality. But I disagree. Once again, how could white people ever be so great if they would behave so miserably? The answer lies somewhere else, and after a lot of reading and understanding, it appears clear to me that the answer is in the heart of Marxism and Freudism (which led to the Kinsey report).

Résultat de recherche d'images pour

Résultat de recherche d'images pour

Female Marxism, or feminism, instigated in women the flame for what they call emancipation. Freudism cut the rope of chastity, stating falsely that men and women exist for nothing more than repressed sexual drive. And who wants to live repressed?

And emancipation against what? The very thing that can balance women’s energy to create the necessary societal synergy that our continuity requires: the family and the community. In fact, Kinsey declared war to Christian moral standards. The goal was to break trust between men and women, while confusing them about their own sexuality. But trust is the cement of relationships and self-confidence the pillar of our identity. Only on these foundations can be built respect and love. Their absence lead to the impossibility of healthy relationships, leaving as sole cement the temporary individualistic interests. The dedication of a life for building a family and society is replaced by the mere consumption of individual feeling until its soul is left empty, close to nihilism.

Women – white women in particular – have been corrupted by the media, the school system, social medias and all the putrid lies whispered to them that were based on these fake ideologies. Repetition made their brain integrate lies as truths – dogma. Since their childhood, their very mother worked hard to inject in their brain the virus of hate against men, while Hollywood made them dream about the prince they presumably all deserve – but will never find, a life of deception.

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Globalists made our women parasites who believe to be the host. They made them aggressors who believe to be the victims. They changed the natural love that a woman has for her man into a permanent fight for power. The feminist point of view is today – even unconsciously – the only way their brain can perceive reality, and it is a disease. It is a meta-program running in their head; they have been programmed.

In fact, white women now wave the flag of feminism as a perpetration of war against white men. Look out there and count how many white feminists are against Muslims. Quite on the contrary, these feminists do accept the barbaric and anti-female acts of all other men as long as they are not white. Black males have the factual right to beat and rape white women. Arabs can burn their faces with acid. And thousands of women can be raped in Europe. None of that seems to be an issue until recently with the start #metoo movement.

Once again, women have been corrupted. Their soul is now immune to any sense of reality. They became the agent of the white genocide, and if one quality emerged from all these millennia, it is finally the extraordinary capability of western genetics to present itself disciplined for its purpose, whatever it is. And as the soldier of evil, it appears that white women became the premium quality beasts required to achieve the Kalergi plan.

I know, many modern women today started to reject feminism. But the virus is still present and won’t go away without heavy treatment. The only thing that can create substantial biological changes in any brain is a shock of an emotional magnitude big enough to counteract a lifetime of lies. For some, being lonely or failing to raise their kids might be a wake up call. For others, I am afraid that only military actions and the fear for their life will have any effect. Let’s also consider the fact that some women are already lost, and nothing can solve the problem. Worse, they will always remain a threat, ready to re-infect the rest of society.

But it’s not only about women, this is also about men. Our men are the cure, and many men are also mentally sick of Marxism and Freudism. Therefore, all decent men have to stand up for their people, pass the word and coordinate as their very life is in danger today – even if they do not realise it. These men have to smash PUAs and other tumorous ex-croissance of the Marxist virus. No man in our lands should be left behind. We ought to stand up as brothers and reject all these fake ideologies. Let’s face it, we cannot afford losing more men and women in cultural Marxism, nor can we afford letting the communists to raise our women to become Muslims prostitutes.

Eastern Europe is no hope for Western Europe.

Eastern Europe is often seen as a new hope by both the AltRight, the AltLite and the cucks. The last stronghold for European traditions, conservatism and the white race (even though East Europeans are not identical to their Western counterparts). Yet, no-one seem to have any experience living in these countries, nor questioning the eastern rationale behind the apparent white fortress they present. So, let me reflect on it with many years of experience in Eastern countries and the possession of multiple of their languages.

Let’s start with their apparent nationalism. Don’t be fooled by it and don’t get confused, it is limited to “strict nationalism”, not “white identity”. In eastern and central Europe, there is no such things as “white identity”. It is a big mistake to think or even hope that eastern and central Europe will ever be of any hope for the West. The people inhabiting these countries simply do not live in the same reality as their Western counterparts. They do not care about the death of Western whites, not at all. They only think about how much money they can get out of the EU. Of course, there are exceptions, but this is what appears to be the rule.


So, firstly, besides being apparently completely opposed to any Islamic immigration, a street talk with most Poles will show you they have little understanding about what is happening in the West right now and that in the end, Muslims are good if they bring money. As example, I will refer to their huge trend of “kebabs”, even referring it to tourists as a kind of “new culture”.

Second point, as a Western European or American, you are welcomed as a consumer, not as a worker. They do not want any westerners to live long in their country even if they brag the opposite: that is just for the show. Their nationalism is limited to their own country, and they will always prefer to have Turks or Indians rather than Americans, Germans or French. Don’t expect any altruism on their part, and on the opposite be prepared to be screwed. The West can be at war tomorrow, and I can guarantee you that they will NEVER help you. They will look at you, and simply remind you of “how much Germans destroyed them in WW2”, and how “the rich westerners who feel superior can pay the price”. To some extent, you are more a wallet than a brother for them.

Third point, immigration still occurs for Indians, Blacks, Latinos, Turks and Arabs. These people are considered as gold, and their women DO JUMP on them. They use this immigration as virtue signaling and really do enjoy showing how great India or Latin America is. In fact, Indians are considered to be better than Whites in IT. Latinos must be imported for music, dance and human relations. Blacks must be imported because they are fun. The racism of Eastern Europe is a MYTH, clearly.

Fourth, contrary to most popular believes, Cultural Marxism is well implemented in these countries, with officially even MORE SINGLE MOMS than in the west. Almost every woman has done an Student Exchange Program, and have “tasted” their international sex tourism, just like any western woman. Feminism is also very much present with actually more women graduated than men, also believing to be smarter than their men. In addition, the modern eastern woman raised in the city not respect men more than her western counterpart. Of course, 10 years ago was different, but the trend is growing much faster than in the West, believe me.

Last, contrary to the common belief, the amount of Muslims in these countries increases exponentially. There, you can see the difference on a monthly basis (not counting the entire buses full of Spanish horny men in Krakow or Warsaw). Despite being at the forefront of Anti-Muslim immigration and the #RemoveKebabs; there are plenty of Arabs, Turks and Kebabs everywhere. Even in small towns of a few thousands, there is ALWAYS a bloody kebab. When you ask the so-called “tough eastern” Hungarian or Polish men they will just reply: “Yeah it is ok because they work” or “we will break their head”. Yet, factually, I put more Muslims in place in their own country than they do. Their argument sounds like the ones from the 60s generation we had in the West.

In conclusion, it is important to know that Central Europeans do not live in the same reality as Western Europeans. They don’t know how the West got to this point. They don’t understand the true meaning of the European Union neither and they don’t care. They certainly don’t know about the Kalergi Plan, the white genocide, South Africa etc. They don’t have any long term plan and they intend to repeat every mistakes Sweden, Germany and France did in the past, just because it looks cool on the TV. So, don’t expect the east to help the west.

If you want to know who can help the west, better look in the mirror.

Blackpanther sets SJWs on FIRE

Only one week after the release of the movie Black Panther, and the black community is demonstrating alarmingly what this blog has been saying all along: they are programmed to hate white people. It reveals the unconscious meta program running inside every black person on this planet, wherever they are from Africa or living in the West. Blacks in fact – like any other non white race – believe that they are the greatest, the smartest, the strongest people in the world, but unfortunately the white man came and destroyed everything. Ups.

Lies of course, but they ALL believe in it. And that’s not counting ALL the media like BBC, USATODAY, etc. pointing Black Panther as “what would be Africa if whites were dead”. Yup, this is the situation as of today, in 2018. They want us dead: the (((ones))) owning the media and all the other races (joker for Chinese). White women might have a future as prositutes, but the fate of white men is just horrible. What awaits them is what is happening in South Africa . I’ll choose the fight until death.

Anyway, that scenario ain’t gonna happen since Arabs or Chinese would always dominate them (as they always did). But for white men, it is pretty scary, because the entire planet has been programmed against us without any reason. Thank you the (((globalists))).

The picture here above was made by “Hillsong”, a Christian organisation grouping around the world THOUSANDS of Christians. They have a “Hillsong City X” for every city, and they were pretty fast to create one for…. WAKANDA.

We already discussed briefly about the Christianity 2.0, in other words; the africanization of the West. Nothing else. Now, let’s go through some pictures shared by our black friends (I kept some in French because almost no literature exist in French):

For our English readers, let me summarise what they say in French:

“Black Panther shows what Africa would have been like without whites. We’d have 25 years advance on whites by now. And this is not counting our higher intellect and capabilities than whites we could have exploited our resources better”

“Way before coming to Africa, the white man heard about the magnificent civilization of Africa. They came and started to corrupt our youth. They had weapons and we did not because we are peaceful. They changed our history and teach us lies about Africa. The civilization of Shona in Zimbabwe for instance built a better and bigger city than London. Our Africans invented the mathematics, the modern medicine and literature.”

I know, that’s a lot of shit, but honestly you can’t even imagine the amount of shit is down there! I laughed so much, my stomach still pains. God, these blacks are funny… but the reason why I am laughing is actually not so funny.

Black people do seriously believe in Wakanda. They believe that Africa was great, and that whites destroyed it. They are not “proud” since it is  fiction. They are not “inspired” neither. Nope. They are actually happy because for the first time in history something comes to relieve the cognitive dissonance between whom they believe to be and who they truly are, by bringing the fantasy of a working black society. And they celebrate. But you would even be more celebrating our extinction, believe it. They re-joy at the idea of killing whites with a Wakanda army. It shows us how black people actually want to go rampage on whites to avenge their fictional Wakanda.

Some even believe that Wakanda existed in South Africa, where there were robots and very advanced AI, etc. But whites destroyed it! Honestly, even Black South Africans believe in it. They say whites are racist, but they generalize based on TOTAL FICTION: “the villain in the movie is actually the villain from history”. Tells a lot!

And as every good propaganda, who are the second to follow? White women! This is how Suzan Mize (17 years old) helped a group of blacks to try to steal her dad’s car. She saw that movie and all other piece of HollyCrap, sending her right to white hate, even towards her OWN FATHER. As FoxNews states:

“Deputies later arrested Mize after learning she allegedly came up with the scheme to steal from her dad. She was taken to Montgomery County Jail, where she reportedly is being held on $75,000 bond for aggravated robbery charges.”

Watch for yourself what the result of anti-white proganda along with the hypersexualisation of our society is:


Why do women dress up sexy at work?

You got your first job, and you suit up. You go to work. Sure as hell that it is a serious place where sex is the last thing in the mind of any descent person. After all, that is what you learned at school: men and women are equal, and females have the right to earn money.

Fierce of your core belief system, you take the lift and see the first shiny heels with an elegant dress. In the lift, there are 3 other men, and somehow you feel strange. You get out of the lift and notice how the receptionist is smiling to an old man. You go to her to ask for your way, and her breast seems to be jumping around to reach your eyes. She stands up, looks at you up and down and asks you to follow her. Then, you notice her long legs, long hair, little smile, along with the perfect angle of her glasses falling on her nose.

Day by day, week by week and year by year, you finally get it. Women go to work for two things and both are around Sex:

  1. Get money for themselves: women who work tend to spend their money for themselves, telling everyone that she is independent, but that she does it for YOU, the boyfriend/husband. Nope… In the end she leaves you with paying most of the bills, the credit and/or rent, while she spends most of her money on her make-up, high-heels, etc. She uses her money to keep her SMV up while decreasing yours.
  2. Find a better match, cheat on their partner or get attention: at work, plenty of men walk in everyday. They meet hundreds of males, and can assess them in live. The race for the most handsome/healthy/strongest/richest/most powerful man is started. They all compete each other for it, and all talk rubbish to discredit competition.

Of course, it happens that some women do work well and for the good reasons (aka building society and/or sustaining a family). But these are rare, and I won’t be apologetic about them, since this is an abnormality of society, not something to celebrate. I won’t push for it. If it happens, it happens, end of story.

Keep this in mind:

  1. Red make-up is used to simulate a “high fertility” and hence attract more males (OR MORE FUCKABLE)
  2. Lipsticks, eye lashes, skin cream, etc. are used to make them look younger and healthier (OR MORE FUCKABLE)
  3. High heels change the biometrics of the body to make them look more attractive (OR MORE FUCKABLE)

In these 3 main make-up things, would you classify ANY in the category “to do a better job”? No. Women do go to work sexy in order to get banged, to get the chance to, or to leverage their ass for money (let’s call that the “classy business prostitute”). They call on “sexual harassment”, but that is exactly what they want. How convenient, isn’t it?

From Otto W. in 1904:

Women only think about Sex. But I say Sex as a whole, and not as the sole act… Women are fascinated by the Sex… Look at them at a theater act (film today), and watch them react at a simple kiss… Watch them how they react when they see animals copulating… Watch them around children… For women, Sex is everything… I call this “Maquerellage”.

Anyway, we ought to say it: women at work – aka in a company – represent a huge issue for our society. The cons outnumber the pro’s by many. Indeed, it breaks the natural authority and position of the male in the family by opening her the exit door widely, while also turning her away from doing what is really important: making children and taking care of them. Some women say “I can work and raise my children”, but honestly it is not possible. A woman who takes care of the home, of the children and keeps herself educated has no time for pretending to be the modern feminist hero.

In fact, women at work are much less efficient than men and receive the same salary for the same job (despite all legends given, I never met nor heard about one case that would fall under the category “discrimination”, while I see many white males discriminated on a daily basis). They take positions that should be handled by men, and the money that is legitimately for the men. Men do the job and create 90% of the value, it is only fair that they get the 90% of the reward. Also, these women cut the job market by giving literally twice as much as workers as before, and come to add complexity in the management (e.g. diversity programs, affirmative actions, etc.). They propose “new things” in the company that usually distance it from its core value (e.g. spending 6 months talking about colors, logos, clothes, etc.).

So, now don’t even bother wondering why your girlfriend or wife puts make-up and is sexier at work than at home: that’s because overthere she has the potential to get more than you.

Hungary is not African enough…

From Voice Of Europe:

The EU jury of the European Capital of Culture contest (EKF 2023), said that one of the participating towns is “too white and there are not enough migrants”, Hungarian news website “” reports.

With only seven semi-finalists left, the Hungarian town of Székesfehérvár made a promotional film for the jury. The film shows the town’s most beautiful places, a happy couple and some kids playing.

But the EU’s jury rejected the submission of Székesfehérvár’s debut film: “There are too many happy white people and crosses, and not enough migrants,” the jury said.

One interesting aspect of this article is this one:

The film of the town also featured on YouTube and attracted over 3,000 views. One of the European Union’s experts replied with: “This is the propaganda film for white Christian Europe; everyone is white, happy and dancing in the streets.”

The European Commission confirms what has been said on this very blog. Every commercial, every TV show, every social media is a tool for propaganda. And when Blacks, Arabs, Indians and Latinos suddenly appear out of nowhere in European daily life, it is not a coincidence. It is premeditated and it is clearly propaganda. The EU finally admits it. There is no conspiracy theory, this is a fact.

And also worth noting that propaganda is not just a marketing tool. It is a form of Warfare. Western Europe is at War. It is time for anyone who swallowed the redpill to recognize it and act accordingly. This war however is not fought with guns and bombs. It is fought with counter propaganda, sharing values and seeking the truth. The sooner it is realized, the better.

Image result for matthew 10 34

SJWs and the Africanization of Western history

The crazier the situation gets, the more propaganda is needed to keep the indigenous Europeans hypnotized. It is like drug addicts: the sicker the patient, the more drugs he needs. And in the latest crazy round of Anti-white propaganda, establishment pundits like the BBC are now rewriting history of Western civilization.


As the point of ridicule is now long gone. Some of those degenerates want to make us believe that pre-historic men in England were blacks. And it WORKS! Modern propaganda has hit a now low.

cheddar stupid.JPG

Debunking this is close to the point of being completely absurd. But it is an exercise that can be done to debunk common misconceptions the left (and the establishment media) use on a regular basis.

First of all: black skin, dark hair, dark eyes and slanting eyes relate to “dominant” alleles while white genes are usually recessive alleles. So the probability of a black population turning into white blue eyes redheads is close to be biologically impossible. Ironically the left believes Christians are stupid for following Jesus Christ’s teachings, but yet they believe in the biggest dogmas ever.

Second, even considering the theory of evolution (which is just a theory), Cheddar man was found to be 9000 year old. Considering the evolution time scale, 9000 years is ridiculously small. According to their own evolutionary theories, it took millions of years to mutate from one species to another. And between blacks and whites, there is more than skin color (which already involves roughly 400 of genes): brain size, bone structures, muscle tissues, hormonal balance, behaviors, vitamins synthesis, etc.

Third reason is to question the theory of evolution itself and the “out of Africa” myth. Considering the supposedly evolution from the ape to the man, how do we fill the “missing links”? We do not find any reptile with a gorilla face, apart from Hollywood soon maybe – most likely in “Black panther 2: the gorilla reptile”. More seriously, from species to species there are at least thousands of genes involved. Genes, contrary to popular believes do NOT change from one generation to an other. The crossing over of genes involves no more than 2 genes, usually results in genetic disease and happens extremely rarely (about once in every billion time). And besides the absurdly small probability of this happening, it has to happen on more than just 1 individual around the same period of time so that the mutation can be transferred to the population.

In fact, scientists used fruit flies which reproduce every 11 days over 60 years. They exposed these flies to radioactivity and diverse chemicals to foster DNA mutations. And they have not been able to come up with a new species nor race of fly. The flies had the same genetic code as their early ancestors. That is about 2000 generations. The human equivalent would be between 40.000 and 80.000 years.

It is worth reminding: “Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet”. Medias, government, social medias, big corporations and banks are held by the same people. They have special interests behind phony theories like the “out of Africa” ones. The only people you can fully trust are yourselves, your family and your community. Be rational, be critical, analyse correlations and always look for who benefits from a particular narrative.

54 men at 22yo, half drunk, apparently that is the norm

I was hanging around on YouTube and discovered this video (no need more than 5min, but feel free to watch everything):

Tyler is a PUA who gives seminars about game. Once in a while I like to check the decadence of society and what they are up to. Today, I saw this:

Tyler and his friend pretend to be gay. They ask the girl how many men she had. She hesitates, and after decreasing from hundreds to a hundred, she tells that she had 54 dicks men at 22 years old. Is she an exception? I wouldn’t say so. She adds that she would “like to make a family in the future”, and that “she feels shy at 22 for not being married – being from the southern part of america”.

You see, this situation is exactly the problem. Do you think that our ancestors pretended to be gay, joking around a women who obviously doesn’t know what she is doing. Wait… no. That is also part of the africanisation of the west. Our ancestor didn’t build our civilisation that way. They did some shit surely, but that was never the norm in our civilisation, unlike in Africa.

Image associéeImage associéeImage associée

You see, the problem with PUAs is not their diagnostic of women. They are right about many things, but their solution won’t make the society a better place. Making a family is a must, and truly, any quality women will refuse to date a PUAs. And when I mean quality woman, I mean a young hot smart virgin raised very traditionally who never was in a bar, a club or else. The girl that reads, and goes to gather mushrooms during the week-end. The girl that truly wants a family and a normal man. Yet, I know, this is rare. But keep in mind this: how do you want women to be that way, if what we value the most is fucking around this kind of slut?

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To this, PUAs would say: “but hey we know what’s a good woman. I know what I value the most! We’re just having fun around, nothing bad dude. And these are sluts. If you don’t understand that, then you are a fucking beta”. Well, the truth is that we do is what we value the most, and sometimes what we value the most is not what we would like to. So, that is a problem with oneself then. In addition, I would say that these men are truly losing their time. They should have kids and a good wife, or doing something useful for our society, and this is not the case – at all. If their goal is to get the best good woman they can, why do they go for sluts?

Concerning that girl, I am sad, honestly. She is useless, wasting herself as she has absolutely no idea. She follows the Cultural Marxist propaganda, even if somewhere deep deep down she knows it destroys her. When she says “I’d like to get married”, they could just answer”yes, you are a bitch. No-one wants a slut like you as a wife. That is really sad. By being here, you won’t meet anyone to love you, and tomorrow you’ll be sad again. You are just a waste and you should go home”. I personally told this to girls many time. They simply cry, and eventually most of them become big fan of me, and I have to follow me. I have to push them back strongly, and believe me, it makes them think. Yet, here, Tyler and the others laugh about it in the video, but I don’t. I hate feminists, and I hate this kind of women, for what they do to our society. It is not funny, not at all. Our decadence has nothing funny, honestly. We ought to put order in this, and to do this, we must demonstrate what real men do.

The Africanization of the West

A subject that very few people want to dive into. Most often subjects like cultural Marxism, SJWs and postModernism are labels used to describe the decadence of modern society. But a more accurate and direct way to label it would be using “Africanization”.

The Africanization is the process by which the West becomes day-by-day more like Africa. Adopting its behaviors, “culture”, religion and “values”. Where cultural Marxism is the tool, the Africanization is the end-goal. Islamization is for sure an aspect that is quiet alarming but it is covered by the main figures of the Alt-Lite and even some main stream outlets. Africanization must be addressed as well

What defines Africans or African societies?

  • Promiscuity & hyper-sexualisation.
  • Emotionalism & temper.
  • Laziness.
  • Violence and cruelty.
  • Dirtiness, lack of hygiene.
  • Corruption.
  • Fatherless children.

Africans have a style of living that is more primitive and closer to the animal kingdom than to Western society . They have a specific body language, that many would qualify as close to monkeys – but that is apparently racist – and they mostly think about either money or sex. Moreover it seems it doesn’t matter where they were born, whether in the USA, Europe or Africa, their behavior have a lot of similarities no matter the home culture nor the environment. By importing these “3rd world migrants” – ” ( made up excuse) refugees” – “slaves”, Europe and the USA actually laid down the foundation for becoming Africa. Yet, no African culture ever emerged as autonomous, mannered, peaceful, free, altruistic and prosperous. Even Arabic countries always relied on slavery and raids for sustaining themselves.

For each of these dimensions, Western nation are now witnessing those changes. Lead mostly by Western women and by Trudeau senior Cucks alike.Some pictures will speak better themselves. Let’s start with Africa today:

This is rather shocking, but believe me, the reality can’t even be caught in a such a few pictures. Africans mostly think about sex, corruption and violence. The so called “law of the jungle” where only the strongest parasite survive. It is present everywhere in these societies, and it is not by mistake that nothing advanced has ever been developed there. In northern Africa, it is slightly different, but not much better. The difference between the traditional Europe and Muslim countries is bigger than between Muslim countries and Africa.

And now, let me present you Europe and USA today:

Our situation is extremely dire, and not to be underestimated. The West is currently losing. Slowly but surely our countries adopt the genetic behaviors from Africa. Europe and America are becoming Africa. For the most part it doesn’t suit white men and many  are just getting angry. Therefore, it is mostly white women who follow the propaganda and fall for it. But don’t be mistaken, no white woman can truly be happy among these degenerate humanoids. This lifestyle is not natural to them either, and that renders them crazy – literally mentally sick. But don’t be mistaken, you cannot rely on ANY women to fight any war. Women tend to generally surrender to the enemy. They are contaminated by a virus – just like a computer can run a malicious software, a brain can be programmed also – and there is no way they can recover in this society. They are useless in 99% of the cases, and you’d be surprise to discover that popular alt-lite women like Lauren Southern actually went black. Women feel no loyalty to their land nor culture. They is how God made them. We better get use to this fact.

Why is this process important? Because it brings the debate to a level that is much broader than just immigration, Christianity or “being an alpha male”. It is about the total extinction of what the West is or ever was. It is so important, because it is a process that also impacts self-proclaimed “red pills”, for instance making men believe that “having sex with as many women as he can” is a life goal.

I hope this post will make you think about what what is happening around you: bars, prostitution, modern music, holidays & travels, food, student exchange programs, divorce, single moms, HIV, herpes, hyper-sexualisation of women and children, etc.

Some believe that only Islam is the problem because this cult oppresses women, but it is only partially true. In fact, sexual restriction from a European “traditional” perspective, is good. The West fought and fights Islam because We, the people, have no more land to give. Because white men won’t be anything more than slaves in an Islamic society. We fight because Muslims will take our women, our wives, our daughters and erase our genes for good. We fight because all our traditions, our languages, our history will be erased. It is not “Islam” that we fight. We fight a problem that is much bigger. We fight for our survival. There is no peace, there will be no peace. There won’t be any middle-ground nor agreement. And we will all have to fight, physically, soon or later; even we do not promote or suggest any violence.

We fight the Africanization of the West. We fight our own Africanization, and it is most likely the biggest war that ever happened in History. Do not neglect it, and fight for what is yours with your brothers.