Soldiers of good, Merry Christmas

Some people believe that the battle for western cilivization is in fine a battle for the whites, but it’s not.

Today we celebrate the birth of the good, the birth of Jesus Christ who sacrificed his life and warned us about the evil in us.

Ultimately this is a battle by procuration between the good and the evil.

Everything that is happening is based on the faith of the few who manipulate the whole for achieving their satanic agenda. All the depravation of the world is only an extension of their satanic religion. Their globalist agenda lead to the anti-Christ. Don’t be mistaken, we do not live in the age of atheism – as they want you to believe, but in the age of the battle for god.

Drinking, divorcing, homosexuality, pedophilia, immigration, porn, prostitution, bad food, socialism, communism, debt etc. are all initiated by the same evil, and is part of a global agenda for letting the evil dominate the creation of god. It is not a matter of facts, or a coincidence executed by some mentally disturbed leftists. They are just useful idiots, like the altLite, the atheists and the Muslims. The factions to sacrifice for Satan.

Atheism is a tool given to people to let them swallow the evil pill, to release their guard over the continuous battle that is happening in their heart. By letting them remove their faith in god and Jesus, they open – even at the tiniest level – the gates for depravity, without even being conscious of it. Hopefully, some remain unconsciously fidel to the words of Jesus, making them de facto Christians, who do not know about it.

Christians are the last strong walls standing for the kingdom of the good, and it happens to be the whites. Our history books state only lies about it, and science is a subjective tool to deny its essence, where in fact science proved many times the truth of the Christ.

A Christian has the duty to defend the good, using violence when necessary. A Christian can be violent to defend itself and god. Do not be mistaken by these Christian 2.0 who turn you away from the Christ, letting you think that as a Christian you have no right to kill your enemy. No you have all rights to be a killing machine and a Christian if it is to protect yourself, your people and the message of the Christ. Nobody talks about die or convert, but protection. This is where the line is drawn with other religions.

You have all rights to be Christian and to use your weapon. The Church is today dead, a parasitic institution, gnawed by satanists delivering the evil agenda in many cases.

The temple of god is our hearts, and there is no dissonance cognitive in hating the Church for the evil it is today.

Merry Christmas, and may the message of Jesus awake your heart to the real battle we face.

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