Wishes for 2018

There are many encouragement videos out there, so it is useless to brag too long about what has already been said. But what is worth repeating: 2017 is another victory for the Alt-Right. Every step, every centimeter won is a victory. Whether you confronted a migrant in the street, trash talked to a feminist or created a successful meme: You participated to this victory.


This blog switched from patriargate.wordpress.com to patriargate.com. A move forward. And our views have been growing exponentially. So all the time and effort that was spent here was hopefully not in vain.

Anyhow Here is our wishes for 2018 for all our white men and women comrades:

  • To find the right husband or wife. A reliable person who commits his or her role 100%.
  • If you are already in Couple: to have healthy, strong and smart children
  • A healthy life and a fulfilling career or successful husband.
  • A lot of energy for the next battles to come in the cultural war.
  • Less social justice, less Cultural Marxism, less Migrants, Less  feminism

For everyone else:

  • We wish you well and wish you a nice peaceful place you can call home. Away from people different from you and who do not look like you. And in a Climate that suits you. Aka: For the huge chunk of the European population: A NICE AND PEACEFUL WAY BACK TO AFRICA.

Of course all of those things depend more on our life decisions than on wishes. But a wish can boost the will to thrive and succeed in each and everyone project.

A peaceful new year's eve?

The day after new year’s eve I was surprised that nothing seemed to have happened with Muslims in Europe. Politicians, medias and leftists were congratulating themselves for the final successful integration, and their efforts against the so-called terrorism.

Yet day after day the truth is getting  released:

newobserveronline.combreitbart.comtelegraph.co.uktelegraph.co.uk/franceyoutube/paris, …

In France only, over 1000 cars were burned by the religion of peace and their neo-monkeys followers. It is not the first time they do this. Remember that it happened right after Sarkozy told about ‘cleaning ghettos‘.

In Germany, thousands of men gathered together with the goal of perpetrating more rapes on white women. After all, white women have always been sexual slaves for them.

All of this was done, despite the countless security measures undertake by europeans governments across Europe. Imagine if it wasn’t the case….

Guys, it is high time we – white people – wake ourselves up. You might think we must fight for women’s sexual freedom. But no, we don’t. We fight for the restoration of our civilization, the end of cultural Marxism. We fight for our children, so that they will have a stable family and the prospect of a bright future. We fight for our daughters so that they will find a descent husband and not a degenerated pussy, and for our sons to find a beautiful and chaste spouse and not an ugly slut (aka feminist).

We fight for our freedom, our lands, our religion, our families, our ancestors and our future. Wake up!