The true emancipation

Emancipation of women is supposed to represent the best accomplishment of western civilization… But it makes me wonder.

We all now know that emancipated women – left or right – do not understand its true meaning. Women think that having a right to speak out – share their opinion – is their right, and hence they think that their words have value per se. Emancipation means that whatever a woman says should be listened to, especially if she is pregnant, sick or in a situation of so called distress. If she wants to work, so be it. If she wants refugees, so be it. If she wants free health care, so be it. If she wants divorce, so be it.

Yet, this makes me nauseous at multiple levels.

As a rational person, I can’t agree that an opinion equals reason, not more that it should equal truth. Truth is not relative. And even if we all have different filters of the reality, abstractly, only one truth exists.

As a Christian, the reflection goes a little bit deeper.

1) The Bible states that faith to God is a circumcision that is not physical, but spiritual.

2) God gave us free will, but he encourages us to follow the Messiah: Christ.

3) Jesus went to the desert and was tempted. Temptation makes us follow our instinct and emotions before our reasons. Jesus chose to follow the truth until his death, which he was aware of. He chose to suffer to be an example for every Christian – the followers of Jesus Christ.

So, from a Christian perspective, it seems to me than emancipation is not the one lifting our reason to follow our instinct, but on the opposite: to balance our emotions and to follow the reason. And that reason for a Christian is the truth. It is privileging the light over the darkness, building instead of destroying, giving instead of using.

True emancipation, therefore, is a manly concept. The true emancipation of a man comes when he leaves his sexual desires and emotions to focus on something bigger. The true emancipation is not the one that happens by law, but the one that happens in the heart of a man when he chooses to follow the truth instead of what he desires.

True emancipation is freewill, the ability to choose between what is easy and hard, between what is good and bad. So, women emancipation is not an emancipation, but on the contrary a very concrete enslavement of men and women, both physically and spiritually.

What SJWs did to IQ and education

It seems like everyone today can get a university degree. What was reserved for the intellectual elites is now common bread for anyone. But how far does that go?

Note: This is the best case scenario…

There is clearly no concrete, non politically correct answer on the internet. So, we made the analysis ourselves, based on officials numbers from the OECD and the IQ research+ website.

When comparing the average national IQ with the percentage of undergraduate students (2 years or more with a diploma obtained from a university). Indeed, in order to succeed, it can be assumed that the population succeeding has an IQ higher than the minimum required to succeed in average. It is not completely true, but it should follow the global trend. This just gives us the best case scenario. If anything the average IQ of Bachelor degree holders is slightly less than represented on the chart.

The results are shocking. In most countries, an average IQ of 100 is enough to finish university, and in some Eastern countries (such as Russia), an IQ of about 90 is sufficient to succeed!

Of course, for SJW’s and liberals, that’s simply perfect. Everyone can finally enjoy education – at a huge cost for the rest of the population- and … well be basically unemployable! Everyone is equal against a world of lies where the dumbest asshole equates the smartest good guy. So in the end, at equal shit, no doubt corruption and network matters more than actual skills, knowledge and intelligence.

Once again, equality doesn’t exist, and these modern Bolshevists do not seem to understand it, even when the message is very clear.

That is just outrageous. That is an insult for all those who study hard to get STEMs degrees (mostly white and Asian men obviously). Because if the average is as mentioned above, and taking into account that some smart people do not study, then the average “African studies” or “gender studies” degree doesn’t require more than 80 to finish. Well, great, finally Africans and sick feminists can have their own degrees to attest their supposedly higher intellect.

So, after all, as Stefan Molyneux says, it might better not to go to college at all and educate yourself. If the best that a country can produce is average or below, how do you create top performers, leaders and good people?


German elections: there’s no middle ground

The German elections results came as no surprise. The most common sence party, AFD, did better than expected with 12.1%. Yet, how to make more when Women and non-whites tend to vote a lot more left than the ethnical German men now on the verge of suicide (Without identity, you are simply nobody).

So no big news by looking at the map of the votes: East Germany having less immigrants, voted more for AFD. The anti-white propaganda is losing ground among white males.

But the important take away is the hysterical reaction of the left, with almost all media outlets condemning (and here) the modest results of the AFD. This party is of course labeled “Extreme right” , “white supremacist”, “Naxi-leaning“, “Racist” and “Islamophobe“. Alright, let’s dive in the policies advocated by the AFD with the official programme of the AFD:

We turn against centralism, uniformity, and uniformity. Strong, independent federal states, regions and municipalities in a sovereign Germany correspond to the ideal of free peoples and diverse cultural identities. Unity in diversity rather than self-abandonment in the collective is the origin and goal of German self-determination.

The AfD is committed to the values of the Charter of the United Nations and international law. We are committed to a foreign policy oriented towards German interests.
The AfD advocates reforming the United Nations to take account of the changed weightings in the world. We strive for a permanent seat of Germany in the Security Council, as well as the abolition of the host country clause directed against Germany in the United Nations Charter.

According to the left, these points are deemed “Extreme”. And they don’t want to hear any of this. Therefore:


One doesn’t have to agree with all the points mentioned above, but any common sense person can negotiate a policy in exchange of another. The left cannot. Therefore it is better to push for Alt-Right policies right away without any compromise.

White, don’t make babies

Another trial to destroy our families and promote our genocide.

These things cannot be left with impunity. There are so many hypothesis in these studies – like gender equality – that are simply untrue and unscientific. I won’t list them, i have better to do. Just remember that every time you do not act, when you do not fight for your beliefs, you lose. Report, flag, hit, defend your individual rights.

Just know that it is not about science. If science tells that you sleep less with a baby, it also tells that without babies there is no future.

Life is not a pleasant journey on a boat under the sun. It is not a fairy tale. No it’s not. Life about doing what you have to do. Fight, do your best. Be a good woman, be a good man.

Take your legacy in your hands, enhance it and pass it on.

Life is past, present and future. Without doing what is right today, there is no future.

They tell us to rape Sweden!

Since the change in Sweden immigration policy more than 20 years ago, rape is now sky rocketing.

Of course the government of Sweden tries to shut down statistics. They say that crime in Sweden is falling thanks to immigration, stating:

Facts about migration and crime in Sweden In recent times, simplistic and occasionally completely inaccurate information about Sweden and Swedish migration policy has been disseminated… Perceptions of increased violence have been linked to the number of immigrants in Sweden. Nonetheless, research shows that there is no evidence to indicate that immigration leads to increased crime. Despite the fact that the number of immigrants in Sweden has increased since the 1990s, exposure to violent crimes has declined.

It seems that tax payer money is now used to finance misinformation. They inform the public that only 150k Muslims are in Sweden. Yet, they forbid official identification of Muslim … so these are just “estimations”. It doesn’t also add up to the official migration number, nor to the actual 1.7M non native population. Strange way to lie. The government promotes immigration by stating that it encourages population growth – but for what purpose? The slogan is simple and sounds positive, probably just like rape for Swedish officials:

Migration has contributed to a younger population

Sweden asylium seekers , and Sweden migration per group age (in yellow migrants)

According to latest estimations for 2017, about 8000 thousands women are raped every year and there is an average increase of 15% per year. Also, keep in mind all crimes committed by second generations or by naturalized migrants are considered as “Swedish”.

Considering that about 1.5M of the population are women under 29 years old, it is safe to say that about 0.5% of women are raped every year (not counting female migrants, else it would raise up to 0.8%-1%). The Gatestonesinstitute pinpoints that about 10% of rape are reported and convicted (maybe even less). Simple mathematics therefore result in more than one rape per women between 5 and 30 years old: 0.5% over 25 years equals 12.5% of chance to be raped. If only 10% of rapes are effectively reported and convicted, than this number goes to more than 100%. Hence, the current immigration policy will result in almost EVERY SINGLE WHITE WOMAN BEING RAPE BY A MONKEY – SOMETIMES MULTIPLE TIMES.

Stop immigration, stop rape.

The weird line between Alt-Lite and Alt-Right.

The Alt-Right and the Alt-Lite have been fighting side to side for a while. The two movements have not been facing each others except for a few skirmishes. But Hillary Clinton (who popularized the name “Alt-Right”) probably included many people who do identify with the movement. Many figures among this umbrella are more identified with the Alt-Lite: Mike Cernovich, Lauren Southern, Gavin McInnes, Milo… While the most notable figures of the Alt-Right are: VoxDay, Jared Taylor, Chateau Heartiste, Andrew Anglin…

So what is the difference between the Alt-Lite and the Alt-Right?


Voxday is probably one of the pioneer and established the 16 points of the Alt-Right. This is a good start to draw a line between the 2 movements. Both movement are fed up with the failures of modern day conservatism. They push their arguments based on empirical evidences and logic. And they prefer using good rethorics based in truth rather than try to debate their political opponents through dialectic. And that’s pretty much it for what is in common. Alt-Right and Alt-Lite agree on points 1,2,3,4,7,(10),12,15 and 16.

Where the disagreement lies is up until where the reasoning is pushed. Like Point 9: identity > culture > politics. The Alt-Lite believes that some culture are not compatible and that Culture is some sort of “social construct”. The Alt-Right doesn’t believe that. Culture is a by-product of our identity. And our identity is dictated by who we are: the influence of our community, the education of our parents but foremost our genetics. Which brings the next point that differentiate Alt-Lite and Alt-Right: Point 11: DIVERSITY + PROXIMITY = WAR. Always. The Alt-Lite believes that if people from other races or culture recognize the greatness of Western Civilization, then they may live within this civilization. The Alt-Right believes that if someone admires Western Civilization, he is free to copy it in his own country. He is welcome as a tourist. But no foreigners can be granted the right of citizenship (just like in Japan). Therefore mass deportation are currently the only solution (in order to not conflict point 11 and point 16 which promotes peaceful solution as much as possible).

Point 5 and point 15 are also essential points of the Alt-Right. The Alt-Lite will not look into the status nor the privileges of certain races or ethnicities. While the Alt-Right will treat absolutely everyone equally. In a way, the Alt-Lite believes there is still some form of political correctness.

The Alt-Lite will talk about population replacement through immigration and religion. But they will not talk about population replacement through race-mixing. Race-mixing doesn’t seems to be a problem for the Alt-Lite. While the Alt-Right believes in Point 14: we must secure the existence of white people and a future for white children. Alternatively, The Alt-Right wants to protect all races in their sovereign nations. But right now and for the foreseeable future, only whites are about to be extinct.

To resume the Alt-Right believes that Europe and North America (and a few other places) belongs to White people ONLY. And only indigenous people get to choose the destiny of their own nations. Therefore white genes, white culture and white interests have to be promoted in politics and in popular cultures. No matter how politically incorrect it may sound. No matter the solution. Just hoping it can be as peaceful as it can get.

Trust your people

Our trust-based modern western society have been jeopardised to individualism and socialism. That is strange paradox on one hand, but much less if your doctrine is “divide and conquer”. This article aims at explaining why the alt-right must be based on trust to succeed.

WhatsApp Image 2017-08-16 at 00.09.10.jpeg

The foundation of every society is trust and without it, you need very strong laws to control it. For example, socialism and communism are concepts that are naturally opposed to trust, because they discharge the personal responsibility on the state – which hence becomes God alike. It is impossible to have socialism or communism without a central power.

Solidarity, on the other hand, derives from trust. Therefore, where solidarity lies, socialism can’t root, and vice-versa. But more than this, individualism cannot co-exist with trust. If one defends its own interest, how could he be trustworthy for any group? It is rather unlikely.

Of course, libertarians will argue that individuals are smart enough and possess enough information to make a wise decision, and will always act for the group… but nothing can be less true. Indeed, we are biologically bonded to privilege ourselves, and any form of system that will foster it will ineluctably result in a disorganised, amoral and primitive society where instincts dominate. Wanna have an example? Primitive tribes did not have any laws, and yet the only strategy that enabled them to survive was not individualism but group-centred (actually ethno-centric) strategy.

In practice, how individualism looks like? At work, any time there is an unlikely contract to be signed, the manager assigns it to you. But whenever something likely to win arises, he grabs it and puts his name on it.

Of course you may say that this kind of behaviour is aligned with the company since whatever comes, the company earns money. But is that true on the long term? Nothing can be more untrue. Indeed, this behaviour creates a huge lack of trust in the company, which results in staff turnover, and loss of contracts – would you ever support a company that used to steal your professional opportunities. In some ways, the same is happening now in Google and most big companies. Through the propagation of individualism, diversity and gender balance, they have now lost most of the confidence of their most talented employees. Tired of investing their time and money for others, they now look for an alternative political model that will restore trust, homogeneity and meritocracy.

In other terms, individualism is part of cultural Marxism. Through the maximisation of personal gain, we actually strive for less. We strive for less good people, less quality and less morality. And in the end, alone, we are all weak and easy to control.

Why do we do this article? We want the right wing to become conscious of one thing. We are all on the same side, and we ought to support and fight together. Do not blame Neo-Nazi, White supremacists or whatsoever, because if we want to win, a trust movement is required. This trust will enable our people to fight without fearing for their finance, their job, their life, etc. It will also enable us to promote a much more moral and sustainable society where people require minimal law enforcement to conduct themselves adequately. Finally, trust will make us effective. Where the left will require contracts, and heavy procedures, we will leverage on our agility. Where the left will need time, we will strike faster and sharper.

The rise of the AltRight

The call to the rally to unite the right marks a new era. It will show how committed the right is. Using good rhetorics with the truth it became the dominant ideology on the Internet. It is now time to go live and spread to the word in a peaceful manner in the real world. Libtards are giggling like chickens before being beheaded. After all, their only response is censorship. It is emotional and instinctive, whilst their argument limited to labeling their opponents. The big ideology shift nowadays makes the left tremble. Hence they fire everywhere, shooting down as well altLite figures like Sargon of Akkad or Lauren Southern, or even sometimes open leftist like Dave Rubin.


Unfortunately, this rally is only possible in the USA where the constitution protects the rights of individuals. On the contrary, Europe is muzzled, as the constitution protects the people in power,not the individuals. Such event is not conceivable unless you wanna end up in jail or beaten up by the police. At least for the moment.

Therefore, measuring the size of the right wing power in Europe is necessary to make people understand that they are not alone. Beyond any number, yet, the new right wing is the only movement that can bring a new “New-Renaissance” to Europeans and Americans

On one hand the so called “extreme right” in Europe includes the alt-Right, the Alt-Lite, some cuckservatives and even lefties. On the other hand, many people vote for other political parties, fearing of being labelled “extremist”, fired or socially exiled. But recent elections are giving us a hint on how many people are fed up with the current system.

  • Britain UKIP scored 12.1, and voted last year for Brexit (slightly above 50%).
  • France 2017 elections gave 34.7% for Marine Le Pen.
  • Austria’s Freedom pary got 35% in 2016.
  • Belgium NVA and VB had together around 25% of the vote but it was in 2014.

A good approximation tells us that slightly more than a third of European voters are voting for real conservative parties. And that is not so bad, especially considering women, gays and immigrants.

Yet, these numbers have to be adjusted due to the abstentions (around 40%), the number of whites people left (around 80% and making it most of the abstention), and the ratios of vote between men and women (men make most of the abstention as women like voting to gargle their ego). Hence, roughly 17% of the population supports a right wing party. Or about 27% of white people, and 37 % of White men.

The alt-Right is surely a minority among this group, even if most of the people are sympathising. For example PEGIDA did a protest in Dresden Germany in 2016. Police expected 15000, 8000 showed up. If the police expected 1 in 4 activist to show up. It means around the region of Free state of Saxony, there are 25 thousands AltLite/AltRight activits. The “Extreme right” party AFD got 160 thousands votes in 2014. Adjusting for 2016, let’s round it up to 200 000 votes. It means around 12.5% of the Extreme right is under the umbrella of the Alt-Right/Alt-Lite. Giving 6% to the AltRight.

We can conclude that around 2 to 3% of European white men seem to be red pilled. But that is almost large enough! The threshold of population seems to be located at 3%. If we do stick together, authorities wont be able to stand against us. We are at a turning point in history…

The truth about modern economics

Western white population is declining, in all the meanings. Let’s dig into why a normal man can’t anymore handle a family.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "broke student"

In the Red Pill world, most men are facing the same issue: the more you are conservative, the more you face the entire post-modernist society and its economical challenges. 

As a child, you have been raised to believe in a sunshine and lollipop world where getting a university degree will get you high paying job to start a family, buy a house, buy a nice car and have an early retirement. But as you finally  grow up, you realize :

  1. The studies you took did not even lead you to an average paying job that can sustain your way of life, nor your family… nor anything else.
  2.  There is no one older than 50 years old in your company; your career will most likely stop at 50.average age by tech company
  3. Your wife studied at university (maybe made an Erasmus in case of Europe), and is now having an average job. It is likely that she had quiet few sexual partners ; increase in the chance to ruin your marriage by a factor of 3 (at least).
  4. Inflation is out of control, no matter what are the official statistics. Healthcare costs are rising… and so is education, houses…

So, facing these realities, you struggle to choose between a house wife which is conservative, young and uneducated that will bring little if no money at all or that crazy feminist bitch that will suck out your masculinity, time and energy. And that latter won’t probably bring much to your life than blathering about her modern class warfare against patriarchy.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "feminist employeed"

Analyzing the history of the purchasing power of the average man can gives us answer on where the problem lies. We know live in a modernized world with advanced automation. Productivity has skyrocketed. Women’s life got so much easier that they can now undertake studies and work as well for the family. Our purchasing power should, theoretically have increased significantly. Did it?

About a hundred years ago, a worker was earning 100$ a month in USA, while an engineer had around 400$. The cost of living was approximately the same as today adjusting to gold. The USA was on a gold standard and the gold was at 20$ an once. An average house cost around 80 ounce of gold, depending where you bought it. In other words, the median worker was earning around 5000$ / month (in today’s money, 5 ounce of Gold), and needed to work 3-6 years to buy a house on his saving. He didn’t need a credit.

Today, a young man having an average university degree will earn about 1.5 ounce of gold/ month, and a house costs about 200 ounce of gold. An average university degree holder in a top firm can save about 20% of his revenues if he makes some compromises on his life. In France for example, a house costs 400.000€ with an average salary of 1500€ a month. This means that a normal bachelor or master degree holder will need about 100 years of savings to buy a house, or 50 years for a flat. In eastern countries, with an average salary of 800 euro a month and a house for 100000€, the problem is the same. 

In other words, a quick calculation demonstrates that a conservative man can not sustain a descent size family. So, if he wants to have a traditional family, he will have to make a lot of compromises or be very lucky: get a big heritage, some help from the parents or find a very high paying job in the alt-right… and if you see one, please just let me know.

Hence it is essential that conservatives join forces economically. Even if some of our views might differ, the development of the community should be a core issue. If we (on the right) do not start building a new world, a new community then nothing is going to change. At the moment, the left has all the resources  (Soros, Zuckerberg, Musk…), and the only way to start taking them is by uniting the right and fighting under the same flag. As much as we have to stop playing by their rules, we must also find a way to create some true solidarity. If you can give a job to someone sharing the same values as you do: DO IT. Give discount to people you know. Be generous.  Undertake projects together. There is so much to be done. The entire web,  entire villages, houses, infrastructure etc. have to be rebuilt.

Our duty is to help each others as brothers to create the families of tomorrow.

Remember, the only way for our ideas to become reality is to fight; surviving together as a community rather than dying as individuals.

#MoreThanARefugee is a Victory of the Alt-Right, not the Alt-Lite

A few days ago YouTube with the help of Soros & Friends decided to play their part in the propaganda industry. My first reaction was “Here we go again…” but 4Chan /pol/ saw it differently.


People reacted in mass and took on the battle. Despite Youtube deleting comments and dislikes : 13 millions views… they did not even bother tracking the proportions correctly…

And this reaction came from people around the World (France, Poland, UK…). It is clear now that there is a significant part of the civilized world who is completely fed up with the multiracial agenda. Being a rebel nowadays means standing against a globalized world where cultures and races mix all together. A rebel is someone therefore who stands for his ancestry, for his genetic background : his race. And this attracts many in the younger generation.

And this is why the Alt-Light cannot claim this victory. Looking at the comment section, it is clear that people are fed up about immigration all together, NOT JUST ISLAM:


This is a great indicator, this shows the Alt-Light is just a temporary political movement. A trampoline  into the Alt-Right. Once you ask relatively smart people to think on their own, they all come to the same conclusion. And the Alt-Right is the only political movement which is based on Reality: Science, Skepticism, Criticism, Lessons from history …

And the solution remains : only homogeneous patriarchal white nations can build civilization and save the world.