What you need to know about nazis

Nazis are all over the news today, they are everywhere except in pictures and in actual real life. I have attended a few Alt-Right meeting, I talked to hundreds of people in my life (enough to know their political position) and I have never met one in person who describe himself as a nazi or heard of anyone who actually met a nazi. Yet a mainstream news paper like the Independent is telling that 9% of Americans are actually Nazis. And yet, open up their source and it is quiet obvious that their claims are complete rubbish. The fact they have to actually lie about it shows that Nazis are just like the new iphone: Pushing for an artificial problem and then offering scapegoat.


Indeed, just like the next generation iPhone, the demand in the news for Nazis did not exist. It had to be fabricated. There is a need for a bogey man, people to reject the fault on. The media need to give credibility to the Nazi label in order to be able to use it. And it works, both the AltLite and the Left are constantly bashing an almost non-existent ideology. This is why they did it.

And instead for looking for actual nazis, they labelled anyone who disagree with their globalist-Marxist agenda Nazi. An agenda that has caused a lot more damage and far more lives even by official WW II numbers. Their polls are completely bias and ask very subjective questions. They could instead ask question about the true Nazi ideology or even ask people if they describe themselves as Nazis. National-Socialism is a very specific ideology. It is not taught is schools nor universities. So someone will not become national socialist by mistake, that person knows what he is doing, no matter how strong you disagree with him. Therefore the polls questions can be straight forward.

The conclusion is that National Socialism is just as relevant as the people calling back the rise of a New Napoleon. If you are an intellectual have at least half a brain, you don’t waste your time on a dead ideology.

In the God Emperor we trust

Contrary to what some voice of the Alt-Right might suggest, President Trump is doing a pretty good job. In his latest speech in Phoenix, AZ, he reassured the American patriots that he is working on their side and actively supporting them. And in the recent events since the Charlottesville rally the God-Emperor choose the fulfill his role of president of the United States by taking measured decisions and defending the right fullness and morality before all.

As a sympathiser of the Alt-Right I don’t consider myself defended by “moderates”, nor feel like that President Trump is defending it. But I am appeased to see people defending basics rights and common sense. And in his first speech, the President did exactly that. He conflicted with the ideology of the left, and that is not a small thing. When he was asked to comment on Charlottevilles, he walked out, and asked for facts. Dear liberals, yes, this is what a man does, president or not: he puts facts before feeling, and before his interest.

The liberals just jumped up and down and started whining like children. They know what is happening but they are too stupid to see it. They are too indoctrinated to see facts and to react as adults. Hence, they intent shutting down any voice opposing theirs. Their agenda is their Quran, and the media their imams. Either you accept all of it, either you are persecuted. Infidels are not welcome to the liberal pit.

The second speech of the God emperor about Charlottevilles was a perfect continuation of the first one. He pointed out rightfully the misbehaviors of the alt-right and accused the left for what they are: bullies, thugs, cowards… the “alt-left”. The Alt-Left is a label that has been around for a while and President Trump mainstreamed it in the most clever way. That was pure genius!

Now onwards the mainstream media that have been providing fake news to cover the liberal debility will find harder to cover up their madness. The altleft is now a label that we can use to insult them. We don’t need to scream our sympathy for the alt-right, but we can label them at the same level, using their own game. Genius! We believe in ideas, they believe in labels. In any case, if one thing is sure, it is that they will keep pushing their message anyhow and despite any inconsistencies.

Second law of SJWs: SJWs always double down.

Vox Day

Yet, President Trump is right. There are abuse on all sides. Thugs shouldn’t be used as ambassadors of a movement. That’s not serious. The problem is not violence, the problem is aggression. And by pointing this out the Right keeps on pushing the left in the corner. This is how people join our ranks, this is how real changes are made.

Thanks Donald. Please make America so great that all whites can finally unite for a better world of theirs, in the respect of all.

Will we allow them to censor us?

The leftist campaign hasn’t battled back yet. The propaganda is omnipresent at any time. All the media corporations are controlled, and the left is censoring anyone who is against their agenda, like Black Pigeon or Stefan Molyneux.

Why would you censure what you can demonstrate as false so easily?

I had a talk with a liberal not so long ago. She told me that the problem of the right is that “everything is to be proved for them”. She added that “liberals do not need to prove anything since this is the direction we are heading for, that’s all”. So, the shortcut is easy: whatever the media say is OK, whatever they do is alright. None of their beautiful equality, respect, tolerance, etc. principles apply to them! Such a beautiful privileged world liberals – passive and active ANTIFA- live in.

And then she added “you know, you should just relax and get along with everyone. Then you can simply use them, and you always win”. Again, what a beautiful immoral world they live in… if only reality was not limited – one day or another – by the foundation of a resources limited society: trust. And if only we could defined humanity as an absence of morality.

Hopefully, there is a hope. What can we do against the current establishment? I believe is that we have to act as a community – Just like the Jews or Muslims. If one of our tool is removed, just make another one. How the funding can be found? How to support each other? Well, we must build a new series of internet tools where we support each other. If Black Pigeon is removed from a funding platform as others, then another one must be made, just like Gab.ai. We ought to keep pushing, and never hold back. Move forward to defend the truth and ensure a future for our children.

How can people change their mind? Repeat the message until it becomes their truth

As depicted in the book “Thinking fast and flow, Daniel Kahneman, Chapter 2 – Cognitive ease”, our brain works by associations, and the weight of each connection defines the truth. For very logical and high intellect, this can be jeopardized and hence truth rationalized, but for most people, repetition defines the truth and standards. Examples from@Gab.ai/UnshackledMan:

The job done by Black Pigeon, Stefan Molyneux and numerous others is simply outstanding. Their contribution to the western civilization must be acknowledge. Thanks to them, hundreds of thousands of people have come to realize the joke (the lie) we live in and the necessity of expanding the message. We must keep pushing, sharing and convincing all we can. It is a duty, and there is no second chance. It is now, or never. It is on us and complaining about it won’t change it: we gotta do something.

PS: For constantly pushing the Alt-Right message, Patriargate invites you to join the meme war led by VoxDay.

The truth behind the post trump riots

Last week has seen both the uprising of democracy and kinder-garden fascism. Trump demonstrated that with less money, but alpha male qualities and moral values, you stand a chance against tyranny.Afficher l'image d'origine

And tyranny, these leftists kids know a lot about that! They couldn’t stop themselves from starting riots in the streets… to protest against and for democracy at the same time. Funny right? Or consterning, my feelings are mixed. In a way, these useful idiots are the kind of funny cute, the kind you wanna slap just to hear them crying, then give them some sugar (they are mostly vegan, but they love sugar, like my dog).

The most surprising is to discover unsurprisingly the endorsement and sponsoring of George Soros, the same pig face who financed Hitlary. It seems that he was not happy with the results, and neither Hilary. The school class is in big trouble, the big smart guy won, and the Gamma’s are pissed off.

George Soros is a bad man. After being involved in Balkans war, Ukrainian revolution, and many others, he is now sponsoring the riots through funding http://front.moveon.org/.

As you see on the front page, this movement calls for a revolution in America to despot Trump, and update the law. Their saying: “constitution should be updated to elect through the popular vote”.

Well I don’t think these scumbags would fight the same if Hitlary was elected. Hypocrisy, lies, and hate. Funny that they promote hate fighting and democracy… through hate and violence.

Dear leftist, be ready, the war is only starting, and you will lose.