SJWs, disobedient children

We tried to help SJWs on reddit to improve their knowledge on crime and immigration. Education is very important for us, and it shouldn’t be left in the hands of toxic people!

Their answer was firm and quiet. Within minutes, the post has been removed, we have bee blocked… And they muted us to make sure we can’t even reply to them.

These children are really funny. If anything contradicts their beliefs or simply brings facts, they censor speech. Just like kids.

Actually, one of the pioneer of the censure is the father of our sexually deprived society, Sigmund Freud. Sexually frustrated man, part of these people, he saw sex everywhere. Apparently, for him pedophilia is natural… but is it?!

His only argument to support his sick theories was: “if you don’t accept that children want sex with adults and that adults want sex with children, it is because you know that you are like that, but too dishonest to say it loud”.

Well, we got the same kind of argument today. I am afraid that a big slap in the face is the only cure for a SJW.

Race-Mixing and Feminism are still a problem

I recently watch the conversation between Stefan Molyneux and Faith Goldy. Faith has some interesting insight. Her points about having NATO troops at the border armed with RPGs surely gave me a smile. But she lost part of her credibility claiming the Alt-Right wants big government to overturn population replacement. This is where she is wrong and this is where the line between the Alt-Right and the Alt-Light is drawned. The Alt-Light is not red pill.

First, Population replacement doesn’t only occur with immigration or attacks like on the Bataclan or in Brussels. It is true that whites tend to have a lot fewer children than non-Whites. It can be linked to economical reasons (transfer of wealth from Whites to Non-Whites), propaganda and biological reason (r/K selection). But the core of the problem lies in race-mixing, which makes about a quarter of all marriages in France, and it is growing rapidly. And it is for the most part Arab and Black men with a white women.

This gives us 3 problems:

  1. The average IQ of mulattoes is the average of their parents (so it is around Arab-Turkish average). It is clearly not enough in order to maintain and improve a society as advanced and complex as Western civilization. The failure of these populations is very clear in countries like the USA and South-Africa
  2. Mulattoes tend to identify with the race they have the most in common. And mulattoes look anything but white. White genes are for the most part recessive therefore they will not show up easily on the offspring of mixed-race couples. Good example: Obama is the first USA black president. His white heritage is never mentioned.
  3. As the propaganda pushes for a White-Female Arab/Black man couples. There is a lost of an entire Chromosome: The Y-Chromosome. And this probably the most important  chromosome that generates great individuals.

Second, feminism is still an issue. Feminism is not only pushing crazy women to paint their hair in blue. Feminists push white women to stop having children, or having children at a later stage of their lives (which increase exponentially the chance of these children to develop mental or physical diseases)


However Big Goverment is not needed in order to reverse all this. But some policies have to be taken in order to preserve our civilization and our way of life. Propositions have already been made on this blog. But here are some policies that could help on this subject and it doesn’t requires blowing up the size and scope of Government:

  • Reverse propaganda. (basically open up competition to the Hollywood industrial complex).
  • Cutting immediately all government benefits (from healthcare to education) to non-Whites. And eventually to everyone across the board later on. (So this is actually reducing the size of Government)
  • Discrimination by race or gender is no longer a crime.
  • Deregulation of the entire economy. This is not only a reduction of the size of Government. This will put many women out of jobs (Accountants, Lawyers, Gender Studies professors…), pushing them to seek security in men rather than government.
  • Marriage is done by the church entirely (no more Government intervention).
  • Punish pedophilia and rape with permanent castration, the death penalty or lifetime imprisonment (lying about rape gets the same punishment)
  • Extra tax on anyone who is not White and/or decrease (or abolish) taxes on Whites. This will actually benefit everybody as Whites tend to be more creative and productive. It can be a flat-tax or a tariff.
  • Benefits for couples with white Children (from the tax on Non-Whites). Adding penalties for any STDs found in child or parents blood or on the age of the mother (the older she is, the less she gets).
  • People can refuse DNA test, but won’t get benefits and will pay taxes just like any non-white.
  • Political positions can only be held by White Christians who admit that the overwhelming contribution of White Christian males to the greatness of Western Civilization.
  • Tax for adopting non white children.
  • Strong border security, financed entirely by: expensive Visas on foreigners, taxes on international travel, taxes on imports (including raw materials like food, oil and gas). Airlines companies pay their taxes like any other business.
  • Elections: one vote per white family having at least one white child. Anyone else doesn’t get to vote.
  • Free Market (with the addition of the points above) can give a clear upper edge for every white male, increasing his chance of mating with a white female and carrying an offspring.

This is not to pick on Faith Goldy, she already did a great transition. But it is needed to point out that the Alt-Lite doesn’t have the guts yet to address theses issues.  Less marketing and more self commitment would already be good start. Eventually, they will come to the Alt-Right as it is the only political system that will address, analyze and solve every single issue.

Social status (part 3): Alpha, Beta… not the question

Alpha, Beta… Gamma males… does it explain everything? Why is this gamma getting a hot chick? Why are these Spaniards getting all the chicks in the bars without doing anything? Why that ugly Arabic without any style, intelligence nor game gets the hot chick?


Something like that story:

There is that girl that you like and that you know for 2 years. You game her, and you do have a good game. You do sport, you behave like an real man but no matter what you can’t get her.

You get girls attention, but somehow, they leave you alone. Either you bang some destroyed white girls, either you stay alone – but the relationship is out of sight.

You want to know her before banging her, because you know what happens when you bang a girl. So, you go for a coffee. You go to a nice place to be comfortable. You want her to be at her ease. You game light, you show respect. The mother of your kids shall be that simple traditional girl.

Yet, nothing works, absolutely nothing! Despite your 10/10 confidence, your good shape and the look of all the other girls, it doesn’t work! She tells you that you are kind of perfect but that she doesn’t feel “the thing”. But what thing is she talking about?

Sometimes, she may have already kissed you many times during parties, but she will refuse to talk to you or date you – even though she likes you.

The game says it straight: you can’t bang a girl without physical touch and intimacy. Yeah, that’s kind of right, but not enough. The game fails explaining why. It says it is natural…  not exactly.

Actually, it is due to the conditioning done by the environment – it is epigenetics. Attraction is conditioned by r and K selection. In an r-selected world you can’t get the simplest girl in the world if you do not follow the r rules. You can come in a Ferrari, throw money at her, know all the people in the restaurant, be the best man ever, be a millionaire, be the hottest man on earth: she will not get wet!

Girls are technically results attracted, yes true. They are attracted by what all other wants, true. But foremost they are emotional and conditioned creatures. They confuse their emotions and for them, being in a bar drunk and grabbed by the pussy – thanks Donald – is actually connected to falling in love.

For their entire life, women have been educated for one thing. One and only one thing: r-selection. All the movies, all the music, all the advertisements constructed in their brain a specific connection towards sex and couple. Our brain only works with connections. This is how we think, how we feel. Epigenetics only emphases these concepts. I compile here a list of concept that describes the connections in the brain of women in our Western society:

Connected to sex Connected to relationship (rejection) Connected to omega male (rejection)
Travel Good restaurant Religion
South Romance Conservatism
Spain Manners Traditional
Italy Politeness Marriage
Greece Activity Relationship
Turkey Manhood Shaved
Arab Respect Classical
Black White Right wing
Exotic Classic Sober
Holidays Coffee Clever – nerd
Fun Wine place Glasses
Love Work White
Passion Malls Distance
Girl fears Shopping
Girl worries Money
Rape Boredom
Violence Trust
Adventure Serious
Alcohol Interesting
Beach Ugliness
Sun Depression
Swimming pool Distance
Sexy clothes Flower
Beauty Gift
Sun glasses Attention
Tanned Politeness
Money (in party)

Since their young age, men and women are exposed to the cultural Marxist propaganda. All of these transport the idea of sex in the context of parties, alcohol, sun, travel, Latin music, etc. All the concepts of the table above are connected to sex in their brain. And sex biologically means couple. If you are anything close to this table, your sexual values skyrockets. The most connected concept to love is actually the skin color and the origin: southern man dark tanned with beard (i.e. Spanish, Italians, Turkish, Moroccans, etc.).

So that girl has been conditioned like any other animal, like any other biological intelligence can be conditioned. A dog can be conditioned to produce saliva  just by hearing a sound. A woman can get wet hearing Latin music or seeing an Arab beard. She doesn’t choose it, she is a victim. And she can’t understand this, because her biology prevents her from being able to rationalize that much, step back and understand what leads her instinct to mistakes. Repetition and epigenetics are the keys to conditioning.

You can’t, and you will not seduce the woman you like without exploiting these connections. She won’t love you before sleeping.

When you understand this, you know that the game works, but you also know that the game is part of this decadence. You know that any women that you game sexually will sleep with you, and fall in love. But you also know that the moment you will behave like a K selected (relationship, traditional man), she will start hating you. She will drive away from you. The moment you will leave her alone with friends in parties getting drunk, going on holidays to the beach, to the sun, she will fall. When you are out of sights, her emotions take over her rationality. Sadly, you can’t fight it. You can try to control her, but she will tell you that it is her freedom. She believes her freedom is to do what she has been conditioned to do. Freedom doesn’t exist unless you are conscious of the truth. Going to a sunny destination is not freedom, it is what you are told to do. Drinking and having sex with strangers is not freedom, it is what you are told to do. Dating a Latin man, an Arab man is not freedom, it is what you are told to do. Accepting migrants is not freedom, it is not an opinion, it is what you are told to do.

Look at what women keep seeing everywhere all the time. How you want them to be attracted – or to allow themselves to be attracted – by you?

Bye bye Holland

Today is one of the most important day in the history of the Netherlands. But the situation is already at the point of no return. The Kingdom of Netherlands, once one of the most prosperous nation on earth who gave the world some great names like Christiaan Huygens (Astronomer), Franciscus Gomarus (Tehologian), Cornelius de Pauw (Philosopher), Jacob van Campen (Architect) and Vincent van Gogh (Painter). But Netherlands of the past is no longer. Before jumping into the subject some facts are needed (credits to Stefan Molyneux):


All those official numbers are a lot worse in reality. Statistics concerning the Dutch people include all kind people who were born in Netherlands, but who are not “native”. These people know it, and they don’t feel Dutch. And who can blame them? They just don’t look like. They have nothing in common: the language, the appearance, the behaviors, the customs, the history, etc. It is only normal that people search for their history.

The migrants who are now living in the Netherlands are not Dutch (even after 3 generations). They will never be so. Therefore they are colonizers or occupiers. They didn’t come to contribute to the Dutch greatness, they came to enjoy the benefits.

After Trump in USA, Europe is playing its faith. One by one the European countries have to choose their leader. The late skirmish with Turkey is a mere premise of the future. In a nutshell:

  • Erdogan called European Nations fascists and Nazi’s
  • Erdogan returned the Dutch cows saying “Dutch cows are genetically inferior to Turkish cows”
  • Erdogan said “our army is 10 times bigger, and we already have 400.000 Turkish in Holland”
  • Today’s hack states “Dutch, Germans are Nazi… This is a slap from the Ottoman empire… Learn Turkish if you

The war can’t be stated more clearly. Back in Brussels a girl from a wealthy Turkish family told me that Turkey’s aim is the Ottoman empire and the extermination of white Christians. She told me straight in the eyes. So what are we waiting for to react?

The Netherlands is already at a point of no return (at least peacefully). But more Sarazin hordes (as suggested by Erdogan) will for sure trigger the next set of events pretty quickly.

Anyway, Dutch chose their faith. They want to be replaced, to be slaves and to die. They want their children to be slaves, and to disappear. They want their culture to be forgotten for ever.



Against leftists? Fight with Hungary

Last Friday 15th February 2017, Viktor Orban, Prime Minister of Hungary, made a step. He now declared publicly the true oppression in Europe. He recognised the war going on. He admitted that other European nations want to stand against Brussels. He mentioned Poland. He met Putin a couple of weeks ago. Definitely, something is going on, and that’s not going to be peaceful.

“If Europe does not return to the path of common sense, it will find itself laid low in a battle for its fate” – Viktor Orban

“Naturally, we will take in the real refugees,” Orban said at his annual state of the union address. “The panicked German, Dutch, French and Italian politicians and journalists, Christians forced to leave their countries will find here the Europe they lost at home.”

He is the first Politicians to officially recognise white people as oppressed by both white liberals and Muslim communities. He declared Hungary as ready to accept these white people from the west as “real refugee” in Hungary.

First we allow them to tell us who to allow in our country. Then they force us to serve the foreigners. In the end we find ourselves told to pack and leave our own land.

I was living in the western Europe. After almost 30 years of oppression, dozens of aggression from Muslims (or Arabic, etc.), I faced a choice: stay and fight or run away. I tried to fight the system, but desperately the cancer is too big in Brussels or Paris to do anything. Alt-right communities are non-existent, and you quickly become a kind of “self crusaders”. You become isolated socially, professionally and economically. And should this not be enough, should you defend yourself and make noise, they put you in jail. I had no choice, I run away from my country so that foreigners can enjoy our lands, our wealth and our women. That’s the truth. That’s my story and the one of many.

The main danger of Europe’s future does not come from those who want to come here, but from Brussels fanatics of internationalism. We cannot allow Brussels to place itself above the law.

Truly, European Commission and European Parliament make a sport out of making useless laws and restricting our liberties. In the name of security and freedom, we find ourselves hunted down, thrown in jail and exiled. They position their opponents as sexist, fascist, dictator, Nazi, homophobic, anti-Semitic… but they are the ones hiring the hot eastern chicks to fuck them at work, making them dream about a well-paid position in the EU institutions. These people earn about 4000-8000 EUR a month, and do nothing. And when they do, they basically work against the people, thinking about non-needed rules, and creating more weights for these considered as the “oppressing majority” – namely the normal white straight man. They deeply believe their position is legitimate, and that their salary is totally justified. They believe others should pay for them, because they are the “smart ones”. Well, with experience, I’d say they are the sick ones, not the smart ones.

Viktor Orban didn’t make a small step. Thanks Viktor.


Dominant genes vs natural selection

I often hear that blacks and Arabs have dominant genes. The common assumption made by Mudsharks and Camelfuckers is that their genes are stronger, superior to those of white people, hypocritically covering their abnormal sexual affinities.

Dominance in biology means that a gene overrun another statistically. Just like putting shit on you makes you very likely to smell like shit, mixing with blacks or Arabs makes white people like them (physically and personality wise – due to genetic impact of brain constitution). But does it mean that the result is more adapted from a natural selection point of view?

To find the answer, I refer to the past. Between 50000 and 25000 years ago the Homo Sapiens came in Europe and mixed with the Neanderthal. The homo sapiens was 100% black, as Africans are today. Nonetheless, Europeans are white, and if Camelfuckers hadn’t mixed them throughout extensive conquest and women slavery/rape, they would still be white from the north to the south, and the west to east.

What does it tell us exactly? It tells us that naturally, the white color and white European biological constitution emerged as the only evolution, disqualifying black color and African customs. This also draws a line between statistics and evolution.

Genes transmission are statistical while evolution is selective. Anyone can reproduce, but the most adapted survives, and that is a big difference.

Not all muslmims are suicide bombers! 

“Not all Muslims are terrorist!”

Thank you Einstein for the memo.
SJW and Muslmims are constantly bashing us with this phrase along with their #thisisnotaboutislam or #islamisareligionofpeace and so on…
“Not all Muslim are terrorist” is just a reframe SJW uses in order to run away from the intellectual debate. It is a rethoric,  it has no substance or basis.  No one ever suggested an “All Muslims are terrorist”. This is of course an untrue statement,  but by saying the opposite SJW are hoping to get away with this.  Knowing that no one has a clear answer against this.  (because it doesn’t make any sense in the first place).
While we are still waiting for Christians or Buddhist modern mass killing to occur,  a clear question can come out of the above statement.  How much percentage of muslims are actually terrorist? How many actively support them and how many choose to close their eyes on reality?
According to some polls 28% of all Muslims do not opposed violence against what they call “enemy of Islam” which in practical terms means “everyone who is not Muslim”.

Other polls shows that most of Muslims in Europe support ISIS.  And nearly all Muslims between the  age of 18 to 24 years old (the most relevant ones).
And I would also like to ask to all SJW,  where are all the Muslim standing against violence? Where their protest? If Islam is a religion of peace. Where the hell are the peaceful Muslims???
Well they won’t find any because  SJW always lie, lying is their intellectual foundation,  violence is their tool.

Islam is not a religion of peace,  and 1400 years of recorded history are backing this statement.  And this is all there is to acknowledge.

A few words of wisdom from… Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali couldn’t read or write but he did say some common sense from time to time. Even though he is loved and praised by all towelheads who constantly quote him,  they often forget this part:

There are many white people who mean right and in their hearts wanna do right. If 10,000 snakes were coming down that aisle now, and I had a door that I could shut, and in that 10,000, 1,000 meant right, 1,000 rattlesnakes didn’t want to bite me, I knew they were good… Should I let all these rattlesnakes come down, hoping that that thousand get together and form a shield? Or should I just close the door and stay safe?

And I would’nt let any snake even if only 1 in 10 000 would bite me. This metaphor is great!

Thanks for the tip Ali!