Catalonia, the first domino?

I usually look at news with a very distant perspective. I came to realize that most of it is completely irrelevant. I see it as a tool that was designed to waste my time. But from time to time there are some things worth paying attention to.

Europe right now is a tinderbox ready to explode, just a few sparks and the fire can spread from Spain to Norway in no time. Europe is just facing the perfect storm: ethnic tension, social tensions, economic collapse, automation… you name it. The question is not about knowing if Europe will implode. But when and where?


90% of the Catalonians want independence from Spain. Whether for or against the independence of this region, the process is entirely democratic. I usually stand with independenctist movements and I do encourage the people of Catalonia to pursue their will. However, this movement does neither oppose immigration, multiculturalism nor the EU. So in the end, they stand for most most part as a bunch of useful idiots.

This week Madrid decided to send in the army to halt the will of the of the Catalonian people. And this is why I think the situation can turn out the be very interesting. First because it sends a clear signals to other part of Europe seeking for autonomy. But most importantly it sends a clear message to the average European that their countries and their super-government based in Brussels have little care about their opinion let alone their freedom and right to be represented.

If the fire starts in Catalonia, I don’t see why it wouldn’t spread outside of Spain. And in as such tensely politicized Europe, it can turn out to be pretty ugly.