Racism in Belgium: Bolshevism 2.0

Belgium recently made another move to get the SJW Utopian Bolshevist nightmare into place. Spreading fear into the local population. Are you racist? Have you ever felt racism at any point in your life? You are in danger, because you will be ostracized. The goal is simple, all racists should lose their job, their home, their friends, their family etc. Everything that enables them to live.



These posters read “All racists are the same”, “Racists are not admitted in night clubs”, “We do not rent to racists”, “All racist are on hook of society”, “Racists profit from unemployment”, “All Racists are on social medias”and “Racists are stealing our jobs”. The goal is to strike fear in the so called racist. This also comes after the decision from a supreme court to allow firing without indemnities anyone who would have and does put a like on Facebook that could supposedly (even on a joke) be racist.

Do you know why Jews and Arabs can smoke under the shower?

Because they have big noses.

Don’t tell that joke, like or even smile at it in Belgium, you may lose your job, all your social rights (that you paid for), eventually end up in jail for 2 or 3 years.

The only part missing in this puzzle is of course the very definition of the word “Racist”. Really, what does it mean? The definition is very loose and while reading it, nobody and everyone can be considered to fall into the category. This is why leftist like this word, they can use this label on absolutely anyone they hate or deem politically incorrect. Exactly the same way they use the word Nazi.

All racists are the same, except we don’t know who can qualify for this category.

Or wait… All white men?

Just as a reminder you might be racist if:

  • You think immigration quotas should not be increased.
  • You believe in science.
  • You are white, straight, want to have white children and live.
  • You are not attracted by non whites.
  • You are white and Christian.
  • You believe Islam is not compatible with the West.
  • You read the Quoran and find it violent.
  • You read the Talmud and find it violent.
  • You do not give a job to a non white the moment they apply for a job.
  • You refuse a non white proposition.
  • You do not eat kebab.
  • You are proud of your ancestry.
  • You say Belgians deserve a country like Moroccans dot.
  • You read real history.
  • You say Jews killed Jesus.
  • You say non whites also commit crimes.
  • You like a joke on Facebook that they don’t like.
  • You don’t want more refugees.
  • You don’t think migrants are refugees, but economic parasites.
  • You think than the current victimhood culture is toxic and has to go.
  • You want to keep European and American culture alive.
  • You think that the current Social security is a rip-off.
  • You are a young white male with more than 500 ng/dL T

From a personal point of view, I have not met straight white males who didn’t felt into any of those conditions (even gays did make at least one comment during their life). Again, it is clear to me the left is going on a witch hunt against a very specific enemy: The White man.

It seems too simple to be true, but that is the way it is. You are white, you are a man, you are straight, Christian, you want to keep your culture and you want to found a white family: You are the racist enemy of the cultural Marxist agenda. The values your promote, the genes you transmit, the color of your skin, the testosterone you produce are all seen as poison in the eyes of the left.

I have lived in Belgium for almost a decade. And I have met hundreds of Belgians living in Belgium and from every angle of the political spectrum. Some might be more simple minded than others, some might seem rude (the humor is quite special), many of them are simply way too soft, but NONE – ABSOLUTELY NONE – of them are people whose actions or work are driven by hate or racial superiority. This racism smear campaign has no reason to be other than to chase white men who did nor do nothing wrong.

Little bonus, here are the founders of this campaign:


A Black, an Arab and a (white) chosen women. Her name is Bianca Debeats, Belgian politician and founder of this campaign.

Ironically, she fired one of her “Diversity adviser” of Arab Origin for one his Facebook post pointing out the involvement of Israel in the creation of ISIS. It seems that Racism doesn’t apply in every single case.

Poland: What does Brussels has to say?

Poland and Hungary are the black sheeps of the EU. Brussels thought that by now they would be done with them, but once again the hyper-conservative right wing Law and Justice party (PiS) stroke back. The Eurocrats in Brussels are about to have their intestines liquefied…


The president of Poland, Andrzej Duda signed one of three laws and that is all that it took to shackle the European agenda.

Newspapers like the New York times do not seem too eager to openly expose each one of them – if the goal is the Truth: why criticizing without explaining what ought to be criticized – they only qualify them as “a threat for democracy and our liberal western values“. After all, they have proven themselves reliable and based on sound and proven concept. Liberalism is the key to freedom, as we see on a daily basis  from our newspapers and TVs.


Here are the laws:

  • The first reform requires all Supreme Court judges to step down and gives the justice minister the power to decide who should stay on
  • The second gives politicians control over who sits on the National Judiciary Council which nominates Supreme Court judges
  • The third gives the justice minister the right to select and dismiss judges in lower courts

The current Polish government is doing a reform replacing all Supreme court Justices. And the irony, is that the previous government of Poland (lead by PO) did exactly the same thing by bending over and accepting whatever Brussels had to say. It seems no one at the NYT is aware that bureaucrats and most politicians in the EU have not been elected. Therefore the true dictatorship is Brussels, not Poland. Brussels doesn’t have anything to say about democracy more than Erdogan does in Turkey.

Democracy is a mean to a system not the system itself. The ancient Greeks themselves knew it was not a good system. A democracy is fine to the extend that there is a set of principals protecting the rights of the individuals and the minorities. Is democratic slavery justifiable? Plus the majority of people is usually wrong on almost every issue. Pure democracy doesn’t work. And reforms must be taken from time to time to lead the country into prosperity and peace. Brussels and the people of Poland (democratically represented by PiS) have two very different views concerning the future of the country.

Let’s be clear, the only reason the EU is against Poland and Hungary is because it resists its aim of blood mixing through massive migration. The globalist agenda is failing where nationalism and ethnicity stands. They call bigot and stupid whoever is against their liberal mindset, and threaten to remove the voting right of whoever disagrees. Which shows how little Brussels and their leftists cheerleaders care for true democracy.

Poland is now one of the last standing countries in Europe that truly defends its citizens interest. And what are the principles they stand against, fundamentally?

  • Redistribution of their wealth to third world migrants
  • Offering their women to black/arabic/latino
  • Importing misery and violence
  • Importing rape
  • Being ruled by a communistic EU

Democracy is a complicated subject and more can be said in an other article. But it doesn’t even really matter because the EU is not a democracy and has no respect for its citizens to begin with.