#ShadowBan: More than censorship.

Everyone saw this video, but a few other details are worth pointing out.

One black, one arab, one indian, one woman… here are the people working to shut down any white uprising. While they hypocritically cry for freedom of speech and oppression.

Yet they use:

  • Computers, invented by white men
  • Algorithms developed by white men
  • Computer languages developed by white men
  • Twitter, a website that was probably (not sure) mostly developed by white men

And they enjoy the highest standard in the world of living in a country build by… WHITE MEN.

The Indian is the most awful one. This dirtbag rants about censoring whites in order to get laid with a white women. He is such a disgusting piece of garbage.

And these are considered the “smart ones”, the integrated Indians. “The example” every leftist will point out when talking about multiculturalism.

The truth of the matter is that every other race HATE HATE HATE white men. And this was clear proof of it.

Will we allow them to censor us?

The leftist campaign hasn’t battled back yet. The propaganda is omnipresent at any time. All the media corporations are controlled, and the left is censoring anyone who is against their agenda, like Black Pigeon or Stefan Molyneux.

Why would you censure what you can demonstrate as false so easily?

I had a talk with a liberal not so long ago. She told me that the problem of the right is that “everything is to be proved for them”. She added that “liberals do not need to prove anything since this is the direction we are heading for, that’s all”. So, the shortcut is easy: whatever the media say is OK, whatever they do is alright. None of their beautiful equality, respect, tolerance, etc. principles apply to them! Such a beautiful privileged world liberals – passive and active ANTIFA- live in.

And then she added “you know, you should just relax and get along with everyone. Then you can simply use them, and you always win”. Again, what a beautiful immoral world they live in… if only reality was not limited – one day or another – by the foundation of a resources limited society: trust. And if only we could defined humanity as an absence of morality.

Hopefully, there is a hope. What can we do against the current establishment? I believe is that we have to act as a community – Just like the Jews or Muslims. If one of our tool is removed, just make another one. How the funding can be found? How to support each other? Well, we must build a new series of internet tools where we support each other. If Black Pigeon is removed from a funding platform as others, then another one must be made, just like Gab.ai. We ought to keep pushing, and never hold back. Move forward to defend the truth and ensure a future for our children.

How can people change their mind? Repeat the message until it becomes their truth

As depicted in the book “Thinking fast and flow, Daniel Kahneman, Chapter 2 – Cognitive ease”, our brain works by associations, and the weight of each connection defines the truth. For very logical and high intellect, this can be jeopardized and hence truth rationalized, but for most people, repetition defines the truth and standards. Examples from@Gab.ai/UnshackledMan:

The job done by Black Pigeon, Stefan Molyneux and numerous others is simply outstanding. Their contribution to the western civilization must be acknowledge. Thanks to them, hundreds of thousands of people have come to realize the joke (the lie) we live in and the necessity of expanding the message. We must keep pushing, sharing and convincing all we can. It is a duty, and there is no second chance. It is now, or never. It is on us and complaining about it won’t change it: we gotta do something.

PS: For constantly pushing the Alt-Right message, Patriargate invites you to join the meme war led by VoxDay.