What SJWs did to IQ and education

It seems like everyone today can get a university degree. What was reserved for the intellectual elites is now common bread for anyone. But how far does that go?

Note: This is the best case scenario…

There is clearly no concrete, non politically correct answer on the internet. So, we made the analysis ourselves, based on officials numbers from the OECD and the IQ research+ website.

When comparing the average national IQ with the percentage of undergraduate students (2 years or more with a diploma obtained from a university). Indeed, in order to succeed, it can be assumed that the population succeeding has an IQ higher than the minimum required to succeed in average. It is not completely true, but it should follow the global trend. This just gives us the best case scenario. If anything the average IQ of Bachelor degree holders is slightly less than represented on the chart.

The results are shocking. In most countries, an average IQ of 100 is enough to finish university, and in some Eastern countries (such as Russia), an IQ of about 90 is sufficient to succeed!

Of course, for SJW’s and liberals, that’s simply perfect. Everyone can finally enjoy education – at a huge cost for the rest of the population- and … well be basically unemployable! Everyone is equal against a world of lies where the dumbest asshole equates the smartest good guy. So in the end, at equal shit, no doubt corruption and network matters more than actual skills, knowledge and intelligence.

Once again, equality doesn’t exist, and these modern Bolshevists do not seem to understand it, even when the message is very clear.

That is just outrageous. That is an insult for all those who study hard to get STEMs degrees (mostly white and Asian men obviously). Because if the average is as mentioned above, and taking into account that some smart people do not study, then the average “African studies” or “gender studies” degree doesn’t require more than 80 to finish. Well, great, finally Africans and sick feminists can have their own degrees to attest their supposedly higher intellect.

So, after all, as Stefan Molyneux says, it might better not to go to college at all and educate yourself. If the best that a country can produce is average or below, how do you create top performers, leaders and good people?


Are we all programmed?

Every motivational speaker tells you that you can do anything. Society tells you that all depends on you. But let’s think about it… what facts support this theory?


At patriargate, on the contrary we believe that every individual is more or less bound to a certain destiny. Let’s look at basic facts:

  1. We are born with the genes we have, nothing more
  2. Behaviors depend on genes at least by 50%
  3. Our social environment is determined at our birth
  4. The culture and country we live in as children is not in our hands
  5. Our brain develops until teenage
  6. We have no control over the food we eat until adulthood
  7. We have no control over our education
  8. We have no control over the amount of money our parents have in our childhood

So let’s face it, what control do we really have over the way we evolve? Factually, our brain builds up during our childhood without anything in our control. Almost nothing that is given to us actually depends on us.

As adults, what was given to us by society and nature is pretty much what we have. Can we change our biology? No. So what is under our control? Only two things:

  1. Our environment
  2. What we put in our head

Yet, our environment is only a mere aggregate of our past which translates in our present ability to select it. Of course, luck exists, but is not sufficient.

This is also why we believe that society has to change as a whole for individuals to change durably.

You can’t be what you aren’t

You can’t know what you don’t

You can’t change without a model

Until now, science has not been able to modify our genes. So, the biggest impact on our biology in our hands derive from:

  1. Sleep
  2. Nutrition
  3. Sport

After this, the only thing that’s left for any of us is to develop self consciousness, and to work slowly on one or two aspects. The typical timeframe to change one thing about us is one year. What you will need for that is good habits, and a model. That’s not easy, believe me. You just can’t become what you would have been under ideal conditions. Fine tuning, that’s all we have.

Remember that the biggest change is to be brought to your children. So, get a wife and make children.