Women’s day and men privileges

Today is the International women’s day. It is a great day for all feminists to gargle their privileges while stepping on men. It is also a great day to thank all the good women in this world (after all, we are not against women per se, we just want something fair for men). And finally, it is also a good day to share with you Steven Crowder show “change my mind: men privileges is a myth”.

You don’t need to watch long to understand feminists logic : a man has no opinion (she says it literally). Also, discrimination is justified if it is deemed “just” (she also says it). Remains the question of who defines what is “unjust”, and this can be answered by feminists exclusively of course. Too sad that good women have no word to say in this world, because crazy feminists oppress them.

Today at work also, women reminded me that I should celebrate feminism, go buy them food, flowers, etc. I can’t help but smiling the whole day since a feminist day sounds more like a funeral day to me, and looking at them so proud (for nothing) is too funny to be contained. Does it to you too? It actually looks like that for those who watched the movie “due date”:

Also, while walking in the morning by minus 10°C and snow everywhere, there was this women going to work in a skirt with heels. Very comfortable, that is the argument she gave to her man, certainly. I couldn’t resist to acquaintance her and ask “isn’t that uncomfortable by such weather?”. To this she answered “you must always be beautiful” with a big smile. Something exactly like that (legs also):

Wanna know why women dress up sexy for work? Check our article on the subject, based on Jordan Peterson insights.

More seriously, today is the day feminists should (shut up or) thank men for having given them all they have, including their so-called rights (read privileges). Let’s therefore finish with a short view of women’s and men’s privileges in this world:

And apparently, this sounds “just”, according to them. Anyway, don’t forget to celebrate the good women today, they’ll appreciate.