Poland is not right enough

The polish president made quiet a blunt statement recently supporting the bid of Turkey into the EU. This stab in the back of its own people shows the lack of trust that can be putted into the so called “moderate right” also know as cuckservatives. Schultz and Merkel ironically reject the adhesion of Turkey in the EU but not for the right reasons.


Turkey is not a friend of Europe and never will be. And it is not Europe. Turkey has been at war with Western civilization since the fall of the Byzantine empire. Every value we cherish in the West is simply rejected by Turkey and its people. Not only they haven’t participated into the greatness of the modern world, they slowed down the development of the later and now they appropriate the positive outcome of it like parasites.

The goal of Turkey is to reestablish the Ottoman empire. They dislike every other nation and western nations for the most part. And their most dangereous enemies are the one living in the north-west. The ones they have never been able to beat militarily and culturally. At least in the last 500 years or so.

Which brings the final and obvious conclusion: Turkey wants to conquer Europe through gene war. The only way Turkey can actually conquer the North. Spread genes and reproduce. This is the only reasons why Turkey wants to join the EU (which they do even without joining). The President of Poland doesn’t seem to notice it. When Polish women are basically jumping at the neck of every Turkish monkey coming to Poland (as they are being told to do)… This is just sad.

EU migration is a joke

The European Commission is the executing organisation of the EU. Its goal is to spend the money that the council (meeting of all EU leaders) has decided.

Every year it has about 150 bn euro to spend. It has general directorates in charge of individual policies, the one for borders and security being “home and affairs“. None of the employees were ever elected and are considered as god living since they are the key to the “golden EU funds”.

As on the picture, they had about 10 billions euros over 5 years (not a lot for protecting borders) and they already give away 7 billions euros to migrants. In any case their main goal is to have a more Open Europe, and that is rather contradictory with “borders” and “security”.

Add to this the 18 billions euros given to the Open Society by George Soros, and you feel how much money goes to the destruction of Europe and USA. If you wanna put names and faces to this process, help yourself:

German elections: there’s no middle ground

The German elections results came as no surprise. The most common sence party, AFD, did better than expected with 12.1%. Yet, how to make more when Women and non-whites tend to vote a lot more left than the ethnical German men now on the verge of suicide (Without identity, you are simply nobody).

So no big news by looking at the map of the votes: East Germany having less immigrants, voted more for AFD. The anti-white propaganda is losing ground among white males.

But the important take away is the hysterical reaction of the left, with almost all media outlets condemning (and here) the modest results of the AFD. This party is of course labeled “Extreme right” , “white supremacist”, “Naxi-leaning“, “Racist” and “Islamophobe“. Alright, let’s dive in the policies advocated by the AFD with the official programme of the AFD:

We turn against centralism, uniformity, and uniformity. Strong, independent federal states, regions and municipalities in a sovereign Germany correspond to the ideal of free peoples and diverse cultural identities. Unity in diversity rather than self-abandonment in the collective is the origin and goal of German self-determination.

The AfD is committed to the values of the Charter of the United Nations and international law. We are committed to a foreign policy oriented towards German interests.
The AfD advocates reforming the United Nations to take account of the changed weightings in the world. We strive for a permanent seat of Germany in the Security Council, as well as the abolition of the host country clause directed against Germany in the United Nations Charter.

According to the left, these points are deemed “Extreme”. And they don’t want to hear any of this. Therefore:


One doesn’t have to agree with all the points mentioned above, but any common sense person can negotiate a policy in exchange of another. The left cannot. Therefore it is better to push for Alt-Right policies right away without any compromise.

Bye bye Holland

Today is one of the most important day in the history of the Netherlands. But the situation is already at the point of no return. The Kingdom of Netherlands, once one of the most prosperous nation on earth who gave the world some great names like Christiaan Huygens (Astronomer), Franciscus Gomarus (Tehologian), Cornelius de Pauw (Philosopher), Jacob van Campen (Architect) and Vincent van Gogh (Painter). But Netherlands of the past is no longer. Before jumping into the subject some facts are needed (credits to Stefan Molyneux):


All those official numbers are a lot worse in reality. Statistics concerning the Dutch people include all kind people who were born in Netherlands, but who are not “native”. These people know it, and they don’t feel Dutch. And who can blame them? They just don’t look like. They have nothing in common: the language, the appearance, the behaviors, the customs, the history, etc. It is only normal that people search for their history.

The migrants who are now living in the Netherlands are not Dutch (even after 3 generations). They will never be so. Therefore they are colonizers or occupiers. They didn’t come to contribute to the Dutch greatness, they came to enjoy the benefits.

After Trump in USA, Europe is playing its faith. One by one the European countries have to choose their leader. The late skirmish with Turkey is a mere premise of the future. In a nutshell:

  • Erdogan called European Nations fascists and Nazi’s
  • Erdogan returned the Dutch cows saying “Dutch cows are genetically inferior to Turkish cows”
  • Erdogan said “our army is 10 times bigger, and we already have 400.000 Turkish in Holland”
  • Today’s hack states “Dutch, Germans are Nazi… This is a slap from the Ottoman empire… Learn Turkish if you

The war can’t be stated more clearly. Back in Brussels a girl from a wealthy Turkish family told me that Turkey’s aim is the Ottoman empire and the extermination of white Christians. She told me straight in the eyes. So what are we waiting for to react?

The Netherlands is already at a point of no return (at least peacefully). But more Sarazin hordes (as suggested by Erdogan) will for sure trigger the next set of events pretty quickly.

Anyway, Dutch chose their faith. They want to be replaced, to be slaves and to die. They want their children to be slaves, and to disappear. They want their culture to be forgotten for ever.



TTIP, CETA and TiSA: the last straw

The war for the acceptation of the global trade treaties is raging.

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The European Commission DG TRADE website publishes some information about these treaties, but in no manner exposes their full content. While publicly promoting democracy and transparency, neither our civil servants, politicians or media cover in detail these treaties. Nonetheless, these treaties are far more important than the European Union itself. They actually set the foundation of a new world order in which European nations and people won’t have any power. Transparency? Democracy? Freedom? … watch it going deep into your toilets folks.

These treaties consist in opening borders for trade, investments, and labor force. While sounding morally right for any social justice warrior lacking brain, they actually hide the last shot necessary to kill Europeans. Indeed, companies based abroad will be able to bid on any market without suffering from any European nation building cost. Wanna some Indians, Chinese, Africans take your job and enjoy what your ancestor built and fought for at absolutely no cost? Dear leftist, please sign it, then open the window and jump from it with it.

At the moment, people only focus on the TTIP and CETA, but the TiSA appears to be the worse one. Why so? My guess is that it is hiding some real big shit. Let’s take a look… The TiSA concerns the delivery of services between 23 countries of the World Trade Organisation and the European Union. As quoted on the European Commission website:

The Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) is a trade agreement currently being negotiated by 23 members of the World Trade Organisation (WTO), including the EU. Together, the participating countries account for 70% of world trade in services.

TiSA is based on the WTO’s General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS), which involves all WTO members.

Services in the EU represent 70% of the Economy. Services are usually delivered locally, in exception with some IT or consulting services. As such, the only advantage for using this treaty would be to book cheap services from cheap countries not bearing the local tax burden. In order terms, poor countries will be able to flood a massive amount of their worker and take a lot of wealth from Europe.

Main points of attention from the treaty (extracts from the European Commission fact sheet):

Telecommunications: promote a pro-competitive environment in this sector, open up networks as is already the case in the EU

Telecommunication infrastructure is the pillar of defense and democracy of any country. With no sovereignty of telecommunication infrastructures, the nations won’t be able to ensure democracy nor effective independent defense system for their citizens.

Financial services:  include all insurance and insurance-related services and all banking and other financial services. The EU wants TiSA Parties to allow financial service suppliers to establish commercial presence in their country without discriminating against them compared to domestic firms.

The financial services represent around 30% of the economy in developed countries. By opening the borders for these services (which are mainly IT), it is very likely that unemployment will rise substantially. The financial sector will be able to be totally dematerialised and delocalized, whilst still charging a full costs to developed economies, hence rising their debt.

Temporary entry and stay of highly-skilled professionals: movement of natural persons…who are either service suppliers (such as independent professionals) or who work for a service supplier and are temporarily present in another country to supply a service… to allow EU business to benefit from expertise and skills of foreign professionals in the global race for talent – without competing with local labor.

Since neither the EU nor the member states (nations) are able to oblige any temporary worker to go back to his country, this will increase massively the immigration. A better solution would be the one of Russia,  having a higher tax rate for immigrants, unless they are highly skilled professionals earning more than 2 millions rubles a year (4 times the average salary of a skilled worker) – a local company wanting skills should pay the price, else it is pure social dumping.

Delivery services: delivery services means the collection, sorting, transport, and delivery of documents, printed matter, parcels, goods, or other items by any type of commercial operator, both public and private.

… more shit…

Public services: the EU’s Member States and partner countries that sign the agreements can keep public monopolies and decide how they want to regulate public services… has excluded justice, police, the military, health and social services, and water distribution.

The EU has made clear who they protect: themselves and their friends. All public servants or government dependent are out of scope.

Audiovisual services: does not include any commitments in the audiovisual sector. Film, TV and other audiovisual services are entirely excluded from the EU’s TiSA offer.

The EU wants to keep control over the media. While open media would actually provide a more objective view of the world, and better transparency, they choose deliberately to exclude it from the deal in order to keep their propaganda means in their hands.

Standstill and ratchet clauses: the Parties have to list all the barriers as they are at the moment of taking commitments and afterwards cannot introduce any new

After signing the agreement, no nation will have the right to stand for itself. Their sovereignty is simply removed. Who wants to rape more our European nations?

Public transparency: the EU´s negotiating mandate; the EU’s schedule of commitments; position papers; negotiating proposals tabled by the EU.

The treaty itself is not transparent, it is even not published! There is absolutely no transparency, and this is wanted in order to ensure that only a minimum of people will understand what is going on. That is so vicious!

TiSA, thanks for your effort on the total destruction of the European employment market, but you really suck, just leave us and don’t come back.

Original TiSA factsheet here.