Feminism = divorce

Feminism was invented to destroy families and the core identity of women. Like the snake whispering the wrongs, feminism is disguised as a friend of the women, where it is in fact the devil itself. The only aim of feminism is to make out every woman a slut, using her sexuality either to climb the ladders of work, either to steal wealth from men. The sole goal is to render men useless to women: financially, intellectually, socially and emotionally. Feminism is the personification of hypergamic, animal and amoral behaviors. And almost all women – even conservatives – firmly believes that this is good.

Feminism is a humiliation for women today, but also for all the good mothers and wives who gave their life to bring us to the world today. Feminism makes women ugly, amoral and despicable beings, caring for nothing else than themselves and their little privileges.

Alt-Right, alt-light or liberals, they eventually think the same: that politics is something they can participate in. But no. Their contribution is limited to their pretty faces on a screen, opening their mouth to repeat what a man told them. If only they would realise that supporting a man who fights is more effective, natural and constructive than to fight. No, they don’t, they even prefer detracting the males already doing the job, bringing an overall negative contributions to the cause. No-one asks them to take positions or get involved in politics, on the contrary.

On the verge of our extermination through cultural marxism, feminism is still in the head of the right wing women. We shall repeal everything but not their privileges. On the verge of death, they still think about themselves. That says a lot about feminism and female nature. This is why feminism works as it was designed for, revealing women as incapable of seeing the elephant in the room. Introspection, a quality redeemed void in their head – does it seem.

Feminism absolutely never had another objective but to humiliate women in their duty of child carers and family cornerstone. Because what is a family without a true mother, mistress, and house keeper? Nothing.

How a boy could become a man, and a girl a woman if the mother is no more? They can’t. The boy will be half a man, and the girl half a woman. What an opportunity for the enemy not to have any resistance, don’t you think?

Judge for yourself what all your girls had all their life in their mind. This is what they saw, what they became, whatever they like it or not. Otto W. said that women become hysteric when confronted to their nature, a way to say that women do not handle criticism – at all. Well, how do you expect your girls to respect men when they were raised like that for 18-30 years?

The game, that imposture…

The paradox of man is that the better you become, the more choice you have, the least you care for women.

A few years ago I met the community of the Game. I read Neil Strauss’ book, and eventually got confused.

I saw many men, between 20 and 30 for most, meeting up only to pick up girls. As Neil describes it, it appears to them that picking up women is an art and a symbol of masculinity. But is it?

Game describes fairly well what women wants, and tries to give an answer to what a man is. It is told that women are emotional, hypergamic, and it is simpler to shortcut true masculinity and pretending being a so called “alpha”.

But it seems to me that this is a wrong question. Men should know what a man is, and not look at women to find it. According to me, that is a total scam on weak men searching for a path, a way of life.

To be honest, Neil, like many gamers, has a feminine energy. They look and feel gay. Even the gamer I like the most like Tyler, for his motivational and purpose focus couldn’t escape this rule.

A true man doesn’t look for who he is through women appreciation. Comparing the amount of phone numbers is a mere reflection of a lack of self confidence and identity. Self amusement is not a proof of personal development, it is a proof of submission and despair. That is not freedom, this is not what men are meant to be. Every man knows that.

Starting a hobby to look cooler doesn’t make one cooler, it is the perfect continuation of whom this man should be: a man looking for  identity. Get the right girl, and everything vanishes. Is that what a man is supposed to do?

Men are not made for a daily sexual intercourse with a different woman, just like women are not made to switch from males to males. These behaviors actually undermine our society and break the required trust between sexes. These behaviors are the line between animals and humanity. Which side do you want to take?

By taking women for granted, lie to them, dumping them and selling them the dream of the best time of their life, the “gamers” are not bastards. They are just a bunch of useful idiots in a decadent world. All of that because they did not grasp their true masculinity, nor have what it takes for building a civilization.

So what do I have in mind? It is rather simple. Instead on focusing on pleasing women (for sex in exchange) start doing what you like, for yourself. Meet people through hobbies and work. Avoid wing men, but rather look for true brother.

Build something bigger than you. Realise that you are part of a bigger family. Realise that your cilivisation needs you as a man of value. That your nation needs you. That your people (especially within your race) and your religion need you.

Be honest with yourself. Work on your knowledge and your skills. Focus on yourself and on helping others. Build and give.

When you will truly internalise that you only need one woman to make a family, when you will be of total indifference for a so called “10”, when you will feel that you are on your right way, then you’ll have reached the man that you truly are. And at that moment, you will have much more value in the eyes of every single women.

Going to the East? Think twice.

Last night, I was reading the story of a Canadian man who left everything behind at the age of 34 to start over in Poland and ended up ruined, sick and unable to go back 16 years later. One life, gone. A victim of white genocide (may God hear his pain and help him. May his friends support him).

What is troubling is that many young white men could find themselves in the same position as they look at Eastern countries as their potential salvation, a modern day Eden. They hope to find a wife in Poland and a place of hope, a place they can call home. Somehow they see Eastern countries (in particular Poland and Russia) as the guardian of Western civilization. They believe that Eastern people have a certain understanding of what is happening in the West and that they will show compassion for what is happening there.

It seems they think that Eastern people are welcoming them waving little flags where it is written “please take my girlfriend and my job”. Or  maybe they think that Poland (or Russia) is ready to fight for the greatness of France, Germany, Belgium, England or Sweden.  They think that they will tolerate the creation of Western neighborhood in their own cities, where westerners can finally have a wife, a family and a home. While it can be true for few exception, but a big no to the rule!

They actually couldn’t be further from the truth as they fail to understand that Eastern Europeans couldn’t care less. They are, after all, nationalists. True nationalists. One blood, one soil, one culture and one language.

If you ain’t like us, you ain’t part of the crew and your children won’t either.

Why do I believe this? For two reasons:

1) no-one cares about Western people at all but Westerners,
2) there is no home but your homeland and it is your responsability to defend it. There ain’t no people but your people. Just because you are sharing the same skin color doesn’t make it otherwise.

Of course, Eastern Europeans should help us. They should consider our common ancestry, genetics, culture and religion. But they won’t and anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool. Whether it is for a job, a promotion, a bonus, you don’t stand a chance. There are exceptions, sure but you might not be one of them. You’ll always come last, even for social events.

So. To those seeking the Eastern Holy Grail, I wish you the best. But be warned that heaven might turn out to be hell.

Take care of you, and hold on. The storm will end in any case.

Dearcatcallers, that’s stupid

Sad, very sad. “Dearcatcallers” spends her life taking selfies with poor guys (so-called beta males).

This is what stupid women do when they are set free without any goal in life. They become feminists who do not even understand what they fight for. Anyway, I shouldn’t even bother because she doesn’t look too white to me.

Seriously, what’s the goal of taking selfies with poor guys but getting attention?! What is her achievement?! Nothing but stupidity.

At least she tells something: white men, man up and take back what is yours.



Cheap flights you said?

Ladies and Gentlemen, please enjoy the pleasure of cheap holidays. For less than 400€, you can enjoy 10 days all-inclusive in Turkey from many places in Europe. You can travel to Poland for 15€… Have you ever wondered if all of that make sense?


I made this picture to demonstrate the real price of a flight. Traveling is nice, yes I agree. But it is also why most couples break-up, it is also why race mixing is higher than ever and it is also why social dumping is possible. Some bad effects of cheap travels?

The real cost of a flight should be around 150€ for 1000 km per passenger. These are official numbers counting end-to-end service – not just the fuel. But even, just counting the fuel between France and Poland should make the flight up to “1200 km x 4L/100 x 0.5€ = 22€” + 20€ of airport costs, so 42€ MINIMUM with free workers, free leasing, no profits and no maintenance. How come you can get it for 10€ around?!


Well, cheap travels support cheap morality and race mixing. When you go on holidays, your mind tends to relax and just takes it easy on morality. Should you have a boyfriend, that Spaniard is giving you a good time… why not just doing him for one night at least? I remember that story of a Polish women who told me that she left for London and broke up with her boyfriend for an Italian… who dumped her right after. Actually, I heard this story so often that it eventually became a real pattern. Have you met one girl who never had sex in her life on holidays? In Erasmus?

So, what do we support here in Patriargate? We support the real price for everything. Prices are set to balance a market, a free market, free competition that is based on actual value and cost of resources. And today, I believe that we show you that governments are taking people’s tax money to sponsor sex trips, break families, foster race mixing much more. It is sick, amoral.

Traveling is good when it is paid by yourself for a real price and when you do it to achieve a goal. If you travel using a cheap flight to have sex with some girls, you actually destroy society. You do not build or contribute to it. And the same is for women. Any action that we do have consequences on others, but also on us. For example, any relational (love) trauma that we create with short term relationship on holidays changes slightly the way our genes are activated (epigenetic process), and it can be transmitted to our children. Really, this is not a game.

Life is not game. Civilization is not a game. Build yourself, do something and be aligned with your identity. Only then traveling will be meaningful.

Trump delivers Hope

In his inauguration speech Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America, delivered a message of hope to the descent men and women of the USA, and frankly to the rest of the World.


Let’s go through some of the key points he pointed out during his inauguration speech.

We are transferring power from Washington D.C. and giving it back to you, the people.

Heard a thousand times, but never truly. Democracy is meant to be a tool, not a political system. We all know the quote “Two wolves and a sheep deciding what is for dinner”… well this is pretty much it. Everytime a globalist (like Obama,Trudeau or Merkel) gets in power, he or she puts his unelected friends into power. This is done by creating immoral and/or unjustified jobs at the highest level of Government.

Obama might be gone, the tumor is still there. The United State government is still infiltrated by thousands of illegitimate officials that need to go away. This is what Trump is telling us.

Everyone is listening to you now. You came by the tens of millions to become part of a historic movement, the likes of which the world has never seen before.

We are at WAR. This is a WAR that has no precedent in all recorded human history. We are taking about the extinction of the white race. The extinction of the race, that brought hospitals, electricity, roads, cars, planes, nuclear energy… the race that landed men on the moon. We, white people, have been sold out by our Nations’ leaders. We were constantly lied to, blamed for all humanity’s problem. But not anymore.

Our generation is the most demoralized generation that has ever lived. And now we look at a brighter future. Thanks to Trump, thanks to Nigel Farage, thanks to Marine LePen, thanks to Vikor Orban and many others. Our future is OURS and we shall prevail.

We defended other nation’s borders while refusing to defend our own.

I think we prefer it this way: BUILD THE WALL!

We will seek friendship and goodwill with the nations of the world.

This is were everybody got Trump wrong. From libertarians to communists, from Europeans to Arabs. We the People, (and Donald Trump) are not looking for war with anyone. This is how white people have always been. Leave us alone and we will leave you alone. Trade with us… great! Fuck with us and we will wipe you out. This is also how a man should behave in his every day life.

This is my prediction: unless any major terrorist event occurs, there will be less bombs dropped by Trump than Obama on third world nations.

We will reinforce old alliances and form new ones. And unite the civilized world against radical Islamic terrorism, which we will eradicate completely from the face of the earth.

This was a clear message to Russia and its leader Vladimir Putin. But also.to European leaders. Today, the civilized world has to make a choice: stand for himself or be the ennemy of the biggest powers.

Islam no longer has a place in the Western World. That is the truth. Enough of seeing our women going with other men, and asking us to pay for them. Enough of destroying churches to build mosques. Enough of being beaten for looking straight and not bendng.in front of Muslims.

The Bible tells us how good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity. We must speak our minds openly, debate our disagreement honestly but always pursue solidarity. When America is united, America is totally unstoppable.

Be an ALPHA. Speak the truth. Don’t be afraid to engage your people. Our enemy is much weaker than it seems. By stepping up our game, we will take not only our nations back, but our cultures, our traditions and above all our WOMEN.

Finally, we must think big and dream even bigger. In America, we understand that a nation is only living as long as it is striving. We will no longer accept politicians who are all talk and no action, constantly complaining but never doing anything about it.

The time for empty talk is over. Now arrives the hour of action.

The time for low testosterone leftoids is coming to an end. Gammas will have to step down and will be ridiculed for what they have done. They are no men, and we need men. We need action. We need strength, power, discipline.

Hopefully this message shall cross the Atlantic and arrive in the city of empty talks and corruption: Brussels. Eurocrats your clock is ticking. Now either surrender, either start a war you will lose

Thanks to Trump, the battle for Europe has just started. And we are taking everything BACK! No quarter. No mercy. What we own is what we own and noone has a right over what belongs to us, the people.





Women's right and men deserts

Men deserts. This is how UK names these areas without fathers for their children. Multiple newspapers (even leftists!) now refer to this “men desert”: guardian, dailymail.co.uk, avoiceformen, citylab, etc.

Accurately, there is a high correlation between the absence of men and the skin color – white men seem to be the problem. From being a sexist, racist, misogynist – he can also be an asshole leaving his kid alone. Never in history, white men behaved that way. That simply can’t be true. Social construct you say? Would gender “equality” be responsible? Would actually white women choose deliberately to reject their white male, being driven by a constant anti-white male propaganda? Well, at least Noel Ignatiev, jew professor at Massachusetts College, states it: white men are good for nothing and must die.

It is now an evidence that the modern western society is a failure. Indeed, as Putin said, a society without families is doomed. Without children, there is no one to carry it on, and it dies. But let’s talk about facts.

Eurostat publishes the amount of families with a single parent and the conclusion is without appeal: men are being thrown out of the family structure!

File:CH02M02 PF15.png

Surprising for Eurostat but actually not for me. It seems that the worse countries to be a white man are France, Northern countries, Belgium, UK, Romania and the Baltics. These are also the places were women are the most “sexually free” and where traditions have been replaced. Also take into consideration the 15% of Muslims presents with homogeneous family structure, and you quickly imagine how the reality is worse than these numbers.

Strangely, religious countries have better families; like Poland or Greece. What else could be normal? After all, religion is based on unity of society, unity of families and unity of faith under god. Religion is the only vector that can transmit and sustain moral values.

The lowest divorce rates in the EU are often recorded in those Member States where adherence to religious (Catholic and Orthodox) and traditional family values form the foundations for many families.

The other conclusion from Eurostat is the highest proportion in capitals, starting with Brussels, London, etc. And yes from having lived there, I can tell you that reality is worse than these numbers. Women do no look for men unless when they can take advantage of them – maybe just for sex.

Each of the EU’s capital cities was also characterised by a relatively high proportion of lone mother families (single mothers who live with at least one child). This was particularly true in Arrondissement de Bruxelles-Capitale / Arrondissement van Brussel-Hoofdstad, Berlin, Groot-Amsterdam and Inner London, where the share of lone mother families in the total number of families was at least 5 percentage points higher than the national average.”

How to build a family where women have that behavior? How such women could raise their children in the respect of men, and in the respect of families? No they can’t! Add on top of that a proportion of 40% of Muslims with united families, and you quickly understand that more than 2/3 of white children in big cities… now do not have a father.

That’s probably the biggest issue in the entire European history. It seems there is an urge to end the European white men, and this is a serious symptom. Wake up guys. Take back your children.

Church and delta male

Afficher l'image d'origine

The absence of real leaders combined with a castrating feminism and a loss of traditions have slowly but surely degraded  males who build and sustain a family. By removing traditions, we removed concepts such as respect, self control, and virginity (I agree some should keep it for their life – Obama don’t feel offended).

The absence of moral values lead to little but constant micro conflicts between men and women, women and women, men and men. These conflicts are exhausting and create frustrated, sad people.

Yet, church was not allowing this. With the church, you could always meet a nice girl, and have nice friends. You would always be included, never rejected. You would never be laughed at. You would be safe and respected, and for most of the people it was great. When you feel included, when you can have a family, you are very unlikely to finish isolated, depressed or frustrated. Besides the church also (kind of)  socially forbid divorce – family first!

Well, by doing so the church was actually sustaining a constant flow of respectable men and women. A constant flow of great men and of great women.