Belgium set on fire by Moroccans

Yesterday was the football match between Morocco and Ivory Coast. In Belgium, France and other countries, the new Belgians and French started to celebrate their victory… in their way. This is what is looks like:

That is diversity in action. You see, the problem is that these people take all the space. They invade literally everything, take everything. Honestly, would you go there with your girlfriend? Would you let your children out there? Would you maybe decide to baptize your baby around them? That is not quite as in the movies right?

Here below a comment from a “Belgian Moroccan”, in French:

Translation: “Dear Sir,

I was that night with my 3 children and my wife in the center. The young (Moroccans) were partying in peace on and in front of the stairs of the “Bourse”. The police that was around then deliberately decided to move forward to the crowd. I do not approve the reactions of some young that didn’t find any better to throw objects at the police.

My question is therefore the following, why not let them partying or simply say at the microphone to leave instead of attacking them.

This is how we stigmatize again a community.

Yours sincerely.”

So, yes according to them, Belgian police is racist. Some young peaceful Belgians were just thinking that Morocco is their home country. They felt so patriotic that they wanted to celebrate it. What’s wrong with patriotism? What’s wrong with the police, oppressing these poor Belgians while they celebrate their patriotism for Morocco?

With much less humor, according to Belgian newspapers, there were about 22 police officers injured. That is how a peaceful celebration looks like for Moroccans. Anyway, the racist Belgian police arrested none of them… probably because they were already racist enough!

How much will it take for Belgian and French to realize that they are at war. Their enemy is this massive immigration, their own government, their administrations, and all the ones who still welcome these monkeys. They have to realize that their countries are great nations. And as great people they have a duty to the world. In particular to their ancestors and their children.

Belgians, French, get up and fight. Your country needs you. You are at war, and war knows no rules. You do not have to respect the law anymore, just like your enemy doesn’t. Fight back. You have to protect what is yours and take back your country. Only then you can restore law and order. But before this, do whatever it takes.

The NFL is messing with the wrong gang.

The NFL went full SJW with their hysterical #TakeAKnee decision. But as every SJW actions, this is a purely emotional attack. SJWs will never learn the lessons of #GamerGate and the product their of: The Alt-Right.


The NFL, contrary to what they might believe, is a pure entertainment show. There is no added-value. There is no wealth coming out all of this beside good time and relaxation. But neither me nor millions of Americans want to turn on TV and get another shitload of SJW bull crap. But SJW are committed to their narrative before anything or anyone else. And attacking the most sacred American sport is going to back fire on them and big time.

  1. SJWs believe they have the majority of the people backing them up. Therefore booing them and boycotting them will have a tremendous effect on their morale which is extremely fragile.
  2. Destroying the NFL might be another nail in the coffin of the SJW narrative. And hopefully the last one. It will given as an example that SJW destroy everything in their path, they are not courageous and they are not loyal.
  3. SJWs wish to isolate conservative white males. But since they think they have the majority behind their back, they don’t realize what is ahead of them. And it is almost impossible to isolate us anymore. As they keep pushing they redpil the population. People find out who are great figures like Andrew Jackson and Thomas Jefferson are. It is not simply about being Anti-SJW. It is about being pro-white and pro-west.

I just cannot wait to see the #MemeWars firing back at the NFL and show the true force of the Alt-Right. Not only that, the God-Emperor also pounded on their head. This is going to be on hell of a show.

Football is actually really racist

These days lots of crispy news about the success of non whites in sports are constantly brought up to the forefront. The latest Qatari sex arousal is Neymar, for the PSG. For not less than 260 millions euro and a salary of 300 millions at least, he is coming to save white people from making football boring.


Please don’t see this post as racist or based on hatred. A country like Qatar would only want us to enjoy better football on TV right? They are not the kind of guys seeking to destroy Western civilization. And they probably have nothing to do with he constant Anti-White propaganda flooding the West right now… And the bias in choosing and paying non-white football players in Europe is not going to push our women to definitely abandon the white males who can barely get a high paying job and who are constantly pictured as boring. Look at our new monkey in Town: Neymar, the real man: tanned, brown, millionaire and sportive.  Knowing all of this, how could there be any bias in buying a player for equivalent of  the entire PSG yearly revenues, especially when surrounded by great business men. Qatar would for sure invest with the same vivacity in some white alt-right christian man talented in sport, wouldn’t they?

Look at the Belgian, French and Cameroun national teams:

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "belgium national football team"

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "france national football team"

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "cameroon national football team"

Cameroun is black, Belgium is black, France is black. What’s the problem? Afterall England has always been black, I don’t see any logic gap there: whites are not welcome in sports just like they are not welcome anywhere. Non-whites are constantly praised for whatever they do, and get hired based solely on their skin color. Out of the 30 best football players, less than 10 are said to be white… yet the best football teams are and always have been in white Europe!

Watching sports surely can be a time in a man’s life to stress out, meet friends and relax. But it is not. It is just another tool of propaganda for diversity (aka no White men). Does anyone enjoy hearing his girlfriend or children praising non-whites virility? I don’t. So, Stop watching Football, it is racist.