Evelina Pavliukovič is another attention whore

Evelina Pavliukovič is a SJW and Lithuanian journalist. She is not very pretty, but very high on the stupid attention whore scale- aka traitor to her own people.

And why bother? Lithuania is a small eastern country, close to Russia with about 3 millions people.

Formerly strong pagans, then strong Christians and now becoming strong agnostics, the current demographic trends of Lithuania, just like in all white countries, is on a thin line. The country is heading towards its own extinction. The inhabitants almost all dream to live in the West or in a Scandinavian country, while their government seems to be factually proud to have such a high rate of emigration – as long as the corrupted Eurocrats keep on funding their accounts of course. Without the latter, it would be much harder to finance social programs and huge infrastructures… 2.5% of the GNI, that’s not small!

And it this context, earlier this year, Lithuania accepted around 1000 migrants (which translates into a male imbalance of about 10% in the capital Vilnius if you focus on young adults). Then the country proudly waved the flag of nationalism and mediocrity when a group of refugees rented an bus to escape to Germany. Which did not had to wait for too long, since Germany sends them back.

This is also the country where a gypsy killed a Lithuanian girl, this year, to take her car. And it did not matter more neither for the politicians in power nor the average Lithuanian watching his daily news. For Lithuanians, a gypsy is a Lithuanian, unlike Lithuanian Polish who have been there for generations … or worse… Russian Lithuanians – the country hates Russians, but not Soviets, neither Bolcheviks.

Even considering the low population of Lithuania, the Lithuanian MSM proudly present the incapacity of the country to protect itself. Evelina Pavliukovič, one of their mudshark journalist, proudly asked out the room temperature IQ, handicaped face LiAngello. Watch for yourself.

Eastern countries have the sad reputation to host a lot of poorly educated women, making poor life decisions. And Evelina ain’t going to take this away.

In Lithuania, just like any white country, the propaganda against white people is at its peak. And make no mistake, it is extremely effective.

Take the European Union program for students Erasmus for example. Students are now eligible at 18 years old, where nice girls (who gets priority) are sent first. Using their naivety and the far too occurring absence of a father, their virginity is flushed down the toilets of southern men (Spain, Greece, Turkey, sometimes even Morocco). They are being indoctrinated through mandatory seminars lasting up to ONE week that going to dark countries will be the best experience of their life. And dark they go, they will never see the light again.

But the worst part is that Lithuanians are actually proud of this – at least the vast majority of young students at university. They are proud to copy all the evil coming out of western cultural Marxism, and proudly guilt Germans and Russians for their past. While Communists and Bolshevists, are still getting a free pass. For proof, I would point their current president who was for many years an active member of the communist party. Sad, but surely a political asset in a Marxist Europe.

And this so called journalist is the icing on the cake. Eastern countries will face the same issues as the west and it might be even worse than what is done today in the West. I don’t wish them that, but that’s the road they are taking, very sadly. They feel stronger, better than westerners, out of reach, but that might be their weakness.

EU migration is a joke

The European Commission is the executing organisation of the EU. Its goal is to spend the money that the council (meeting of all EU leaders) has decided.

Every year it has about 150 bn euro to spend. It has general directorates in charge of individual policies, the one for borders and security being “home and affairs“. None of the employees were ever elected and are considered as god living since they are the key to the “golden EU funds”.

As on the picture, they had about 10 billions euros over 5 years (not a lot for protecting borders) and they already give away 7 billions euros to migrants. In any case their main goal is to have a more Open Europe, and that is rather contradictory with “borders” and “security”.

Add to this the 18 billions euros given to the Open Society by George Soros, and you feel how much money goes to the destruction of Europe and USA. If you wanna put names and faces to this process, help yourself:

Women's right and men deserts

Men deserts. This is how UK names these areas without fathers for their children. Multiple newspapers (even leftists!) now refer to this “men desert”: guardian, dailymail.co.uk, avoiceformen, citylab, etc.

Accurately, there is a high correlation between the absence of men and the skin color – white men seem to be the problem. From being a sexist, racist, misogynist – he can also be an asshole leaving his kid alone. Never in history, white men behaved that way. That simply can’t be true. Social construct you say? Would gender “equality” be responsible? Would actually white women choose deliberately to reject their white male, being driven by a constant anti-white male propaganda? Well, at least Noel Ignatiev, jew professor at Massachusetts College, states it: white men are good for nothing and must die.

It is now an evidence that the modern western society is a failure. Indeed, as Putin said, a society without families is doomed. Without children, there is no one to carry it on, and it dies. But let’s talk about facts.

Eurostat publishes the amount of families with a single parent and the conclusion is without appeal: men are being thrown out of the family structure!

File:CH02M02 PF15.png

Surprising for Eurostat but actually not for me. It seems that the worse countries to be a white man are France, Northern countries, Belgium, UK, Romania and the Baltics. These are also the places were women are the most “sexually free” and where traditions have been replaced. Also take into consideration the 15% of Muslims presents with homogeneous family structure, and you quickly imagine how the reality is worse than these numbers.

Strangely, religious countries have better families; like Poland or Greece. What else could be normal? After all, religion is based on unity of society, unity of families and unity of faith under god. Religion is the only vector that can transmit and sustain moral values.

The lowest divorce rates in the EU are often recorded in those Member States where adherence to religious (Catholic and Orthodox) and traditional family values form the foundations for many families.

The other conclusion from Eurostat is the highest proportion in capitals, starting with Brussels, London, etc. And yes from having lived there, I can tell you that reality is worse than these numbers. Women do no look for men unless when they can take advantage of them – maybe just for sex.

Each of the EU’s capital cities was also characterised by a relatively high proportion of lone mother families (single mothers who live with at least one child). This was particularly true in Arrondissement de Bruxelles-Capitale / Arrondissement van Brussel-Hoofdstad, Berlin, Groot-Amsterdam and Inner London, where the share of lone mother families in the total number of families was at least 5 percentage points higher than the national average.”

How to build a family where women have that behavior? How such women could raise their children in the respect of men, and in the respect of families? No they can’t! Add on top of that a proportion of 40% of Muslims with united families, and you quickly understand that more than 2/3 of white children in big cities… now do not have a father.

That’s probably the biggest issue in the entire European history. It seems there is an urge to end the European white men, and this is a serious symptom. Wake up guys. Take back your children.