SJWs and PUAs: just an indentity crisis

Cultural Marxism is a fight against one’s identity: the typical SJWs ought to fight human nature for becoming zombies aligned with the Marxist ideology. That is their life purpose. But since there is nothing but thin (and sick) air in this ideology, how do you think people end up?

Well, exactly like that. They end up with an identity complex. They are completely destroyed and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

Sadly, SJWs are mentally sick people, just like 30% of women have a mental disorder.

Sad, but true. Now, I wanna make an analogy with some PUAs. I know that in the “RedPill” world it is difficult to express any narrative against this community, but I don’t like dogma. So let me elaborate.

Their core ideology is also about identity issues: you are not manly enough to get a woman, so you gotta work on yourself, on your personality. So far, so good. Then, PUAs propose some coaching, taking the hypothesis that they are somehow better men, because they fuck more girls than you. Let see the results:

I see a pattern! 🙂

Take care of you and keep on fighting for the good side. Truth is you don’t need to be someone else; just be yourself.

Hypergamy, path to loneliness

For centuries, women have married men of higher status to ensure security. Partly due to their nature, partly due to the society. Was that good or bad?


Hypergamy refers to the fact of seeking for a better match. Naturally women need security. Hence they look for the strongest, fittest, most socially recognized man. It  does not matters if the man has principles, morality or whatever. What matters is his material, physical and social value.

Per se, it is not bad – just natural. In society, other men are in charge of taking care of outsiders, leaving them aside. It is only when men lose their grasp that women take the opportunity to free their pussy. Overall, a controlled hypergamy within a healthy manhood results in a virtuous circle of improvements and therefore selecting the best genes.

Today, women have been set free. The old traditional family selecting men on their intrinsic value, through a validation from the father has been replaced by an instinctive, emotional and purely sexually driven choice making. Before, a woman who would date multiple men would be ashamed, today virgins are humiliated and excluded.

Setting pussy free without any responsibility on their shoulders, without a father, leads them in a world of emotion, satisfaction and desires. The socio-sexual market, at its most primitive form appears, but without any sense of morality. A jungle.

Yet, their liberty, given at 16 years, is fading away at 30. Their body can’t procreate anymore, men are not attracted by them. Their sexual market shrinks, while no one is there to ensure their future. They hit the wall, and it pains. Their face got rusty by the number of one night stands, their veins likely full of STDs, their vagina atrophying, their eyes empty of meaning, they now walk through the life alone.

Hypergamy is not a path to heaven, it is a path to self destruction.

Women: make kids, take care of them, respect your men and make a family. Be happy, be healthy, be a woman, be a mother.