SJWs and PUAs: just an indentity crisis

Cultural Marxism is a fight against one’s identity: the typical SJWs ought to fight human nature for becoming zombies aligned with the Marxist ideology. That is their life purpose. But since there is nothing but thin (and sick) air in this ideology, how do you think people end up?

Well, exactly like that. They end up with an identity complex. They are completely destroyed and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

Sadly, SJWs are mentally sick people, just like 30% of women have a mental disorder.

Sad, but true. Now, I wanna make an analogy with some PUAs. I know that in the “RedPill” world it is difficult to express any narrative against this community, but I don’t like dogma. So let me elaborate.

Their core ideology is also about identity issues: you are not manly enough to get a woman, so you gotta work on yourself, on your personality. So far, so good. Then, PUAs propose some coaching, taking the hypothesis that they are somehow better men, because they fuck more girls than you. Let see the results:

I see a pattern! 🙂

Take care of you and keep on fighting for the good side. Truth is you don’t need to be someone else; just be yourself.

Identity and self confidence

Self confidence… I was last week at a seminar. There was this woman who was training people on how to look “self confident”. She made her speech and asked the public: “what are the characteristics of self confidence?”.

Bubbling in my mind were figures like Trump, Putin, etc. But it was well different for others. Self confidence appeared to be a sound combination of body language, voice, gesture and posture.
While she was trying to fake her confidence in her own baffled words, I could not help but noticing that no one understands were confidence comes from.

It is true that we can cure our symptoms. Controlling our voice, our gesture, etc. But it doesn’t make it real or strong. That is because self confidence is actually Identity.

What is identity? Identity is the perfect alignment between your feeling, your history, your future, your present. It is who you are deep inside you. It is your connection to your siblings, to your heart, your values, your believes and the world. It is the only truth that you can get ever get in your life: finding your identity.

When you find it, you become a rock. Your fear disappears.You talk with your heart. When what you do, when what you say is aligned with who you are, with what you believe, then nothing can ever make you doubt. And all of a sudden, your body, your voice know what to do.

Darling, no need to fake anything. Self confidence is IDENTITY.