Belgium set on fire by Moroccans

Yesterday was the football match between Morocco and Ivory Coast. In Belgium, France and other countries, the new Belgians and French started to celebrate their victory… in their way. This is what is looks like:

That is diversity in action. You see, the problem is that these people take all the space. They invade literally everything, take everything. Honestly, would you go there with your girlfriend? Would you let your children out there? Would you maybe decide to baptize your baby around them? That is not quite as in the movies right?

Here below a comment from a “Belgian Moroccan”, in French:

Translation: “Dear Sir,

I was that night with my 3 children and my wife in the center. The young (Moroccans) were partying in peace on and in front of the stairs of the “Bourse”. The police that was around then deliberately decided to move forward to the crowd. I do not approve the reactions of some young that didn’t find any better to throw objects at the police.

My question is therefore the following, why not let them partying or simply say at the microphone to leave instead of attacking them.

This is how we stigmatize again a community.

Yours sincerely.”

So, yes according to them, Belgian police is racist. Some young peaceful Belgians were just thinking that Morocco is their home country. They felt so patriotic that they wanted to celebrate it. What’s wrong with patriotism? What’s wrong with the police, oppressing these poor Belgians while they celebrate their patriotism for Morocco?

With much less humor, according to Belgian newspapers, there were about 22 police officers injured. That is how a peaceful celebration looks like for Moroccans. Anyway, the racist Belgian police arrested none of them… probably because they were already racist enough!

How much will it take for Belgian and French to realize that they are at war. Their enemy is this massive immigration, their own government, their administrations, and all the ones who still welcome these monkeys. They have to realize that their countries are great nations. And as great people they have a duty to the world. In particular to their ancestors and their children.

Belgians, French, get up and fight. Your country needs you. You are at war, and war knows no rules. You do not have to respect the law anymore, just like your enemy doesn’t. Fight back. You have to protect what is yours and take back your country. Only then you can restore law and order. But before this, do whatever it takes.

Mathematics 101: the refugee crisis inside job

The refugee crisis has been the core issue of both Europe and America for a few years now. The conservatives are telling us that it is completely made up. The left tells us not only that it is not made up, but that the so called “refugees” are like a gift… As seen in the The Gardian or on Politico.

Thankfully, some basics mathematics can be very handy in this kind of debate…


Here is the kind of image anyone will see constantly in the news. Very heartbreaking. It is speaking to the majority of the electorate: women, gays and migrantd. Yet, I see a total hoax.

First of all, there should be at least a 150 people on that boat. A human being needs 2 liters of water at least (in these conditions) everyday. Therefore these people need at least 300 liters of fresh drinking water on a daily basis. The boat must have a top speed of 10km/h. And the distance from Lybia to any land of the EU is around 1000 km. So about 100h or a bit more than 4 days (This is not adjusting to potential bad weather and currents). 1.5 tons of water is needed for this trip and it is clearly missing on the photo. There is also a fuel tank of 10 thousands liters missing for the trip, it is not that small. Not counting the food!

Second, I don’t see how people with a 70 average IQ can cross the Mediterranean see while the Greeks, two thousands years ago couldn’t. They neither have a GPS nor a sextant. Their chance of crossing the sea using the shortest way possible are almost none.

Both of these conditions together put the chance of survival of these people close to zero. If reported news were accurate, Europe shouldn’t be facing any refugee crisis at the moment. These people are not trying to cross the Mediterranean sea. They know they are about to get “rescued” as soon as they arrive in international waters. The media are telling it like these boats are just “found” in the sea. The idea that a few boats patrolling a territory bigger than France can come across lots boats in the sea is just ridiculous. It takes days to find the wrecks of a plane crash in the sea.

So next time you find your kid’s mathematics homework to be a bit “light” or easy; Remember that mathematics are tools brought by patriarchy to expose the main stream media #FAKENEWS. Therefore it is not well seen by the establishment and our Oligarchs.

Muslims protesting against ISIS – LOL

This is a short article, but it ought to be said. After the London attack, Muslim taxi drivers made the great gift of driving people for free. And if they are Muslims, it is a gift! It doesn’t matter at all if whites help, pay taxes, leave their lands, give their women. No, what matters is a couple of Muslims driving for free for an hour.


Anyway, what we would expect is an actual Muslim civil unrest against terrorism. We would expect them to denounce the ones preaching hate. They are all aware of it. Muslims (North Africans, Arabs) do communicate a lot! They all have a huge network of friends. They meet all the time either in coffees, at home or in Mosque. Yet, they say nothing.

This reminds of that little story where a friend of mine – white girl – used to date some Arabic man. Her guy was aware of everything she did during the day. All the shops she went. To whom she talked. That’s because they all communicate among each other. So basically, they want us to believe that they know what their women do on a 15′ scale, but they have no clue that there are some terrorists? Really?

Anyway! It had to be shown either way, and this is why CNN organized this fake protestation.

I guess this doesn’t needs any comments. Yet, it is surprising to see the MSM having any credibility left so far.