MigApp, an SJW app for migrants

According to a Yahoo survey, more and more people believe in conspiracy theories. Historically speaking this number probably had been relatively high for quiet a long time. But one question about modern politician is rising faster than any other: are they plain stupid or plain evil? But let’s not underestimate the power of the blue pill. Many still believe that Obama, Merkel, Schulz or Macron a good genuine people, acting out of a good heart.

“There is no such thing as white genocide, there is no population replacement. And if there is any, it was not planned”…

But what about an app to push non-whites into to migrate into whites countries? There is an app for it!

Side note: this is what google finds when looking for white genocide (or “grand remplacement” in French).

As of today, half of French citizens now believe White Genocide is real. And it is worth wondering the proportion of whites that can be red pilled at least on the issue of immigration. Considering that Marine Lepen, the white French far right neo-NAZi-cruel-misogynist-anti-semitic-homophobic-oppressor extremist, only received 40% of the national votes, it can be assumed that at least 10% of the remaining population believing in the white genocide are… THE FANTASTIC IMMIGRANTS ! Therefore, basically, under realistic conditions, it is safe to assume that at least about 50% of migrants in France know what is happening. These people know what they do, and they actually enjoy it. Like most of white women, they acknowledge and enjoy white genocide. Should a genocide be just fun after all?!

There are so many movies and advertisements out there to kill and destroy everything that represent the white (Christian) man, so much fun! And travels… Travelling to dark countries is so cool, because … cold is bad, very bad! And people are so nice there! So nice, no one can imagine. These people even smile at you before robbing you and thank you after rapping your wife. How nice from them. Good people indeed.

It is so good, that non-whites really enjoy anytime a white man is rejected by a white women, or when he loses his job. They enjoy the pain of our people. If they did not they would have voted for the far right neo nazi etc. extremist. But did they?

Conspiracy theories, so be it. Yet they make an app to help 1 billion migrants reaching white territories which are 10 times smaller – at least.

There is another one BILLION MONKEYS waiting at our doorstep!!! Maybe we should all share our migrant story in the app, because so far there is not a single white person! Or is the concept of “migrant” necessarily coloured?

And they believe we’ll buy that shit. LoL

Islam in Europe: How the media lie about it…

Debating with lefties is kind of pointless. Any obvious argument is emotionally rejected. Any fact is considered offensive. And they will throw their own so called “facts” like omens that shall not be questioned. Any fact that leftists throw can be looked up upon. One doesn’t have to be very intelligent to unveil the absurdity of it.

In Belgium, one common argument is that Muslims are “just a tiny” minority. Sometimes 5%, sometimes 7 %. “Don’t look around you, look at the stats”… Somehow all the Muslims in Belgium could be hanging around you and all your friends just by weird coincidences.

The NewsPaper “Sud Info” inform us that “only” 781.887 muslims currently live in Belgium. The so called “Expert” explains how he got this number:

« La méthodologie que j’utilise est établie au départ du nombre d’habitants issus de l’immigration et installés en Belgique depuis 1945. Des données qui sont disponibles par nationalité pour chaque commune, province et région de Belgique »

“The methodology I am using is based on the number of inhabitants from immigration and who are living in Belgium since 1945. The datas are available by nationality by district, province and Region of Belgium”

So far it seems legit to me

« Le PEW research centre permet de connaître le nombre de musulmans par nationalité »

“The PEW research center allows us to know the proportion of muslims by nationality”

First mistake. Anyone who has done Statistics 101 knows that in order to correlate samples, sets of data MUST be independent from one another. So far, I don’t see how these 2 set (Immigrants and religion in the country of Origin) are independent from one another. Anyhow, let’s keep going:

« Je reprends également des données d’une étude faite en Allemagne en 2008 auprès de 5.000 habitants qui a évalué leur laïcité. »

“I also take data from a study done in Germany in 2008 that sampled 5000 inhabitants, evaluating their secular view.

I am not even going to comment on this… The next line just trumps everything else:

Le sociologue a enfin effectué des ajustements, notamment sur les personnes qui ont émigré en Belgique et qui sont originaires de pays d’Europe de l’Ouest car il estime que parmi ces dernières, la proportion de musulmans pourrait être surestimée. Enfin, il faut noter que cette méthodologie ne permet pas de prendre en compte les musulmans belges dont les parents, grands-parents ou arrière-grands-parents ne sont pas issus de l’immigration. « Mes calculs sont donc très légèrement sous-estimés », estime Jan Hertogen.

The Sociologist did some adjustments. Notably on immigrants in Belgium but from other Western european nations. Because he thinks that the proportion of Muslims in these countries could likely be over estimated.

Moreover, this methodology does not allow to take into account Muslims of which parents, grand parents or great grand parents are not immigrants. My calculation are then extremely lightly under estimated.

First he makes an assumption that other european countries are not doing their job and just over-reporting their muslim population (without any proof). Nevermind Belgium has the highest Muslim population in Western Europe compared to its population size. Maybe this over estimation is in the 0.9% of Denmark, 1.2% of Sweden, 0.6% of Spain or the 0% in East Germany?

Then he makes the statement that 3rd, 4th and 5th generations of Muslims are not taken into account (and I don’t even see how he included the 2nd generation). This translates into a “Light under estimation”. I know a diploma in social science is not worth much more than toilet paper… but these people are not even aware of exponential functions taught in secondary schools…

Keep in mind, that the Alt-Right still holds people who can read more than just newspaper headlines and who can think rationally. With this level of absurdity, there is no such thing as a “debate”. The line is drawn between “the capable” and the “mentally retarded”. This is why they refuse debating the Alt-Right. This is why all those cucks, soy-boys and traitors never talk to anybody who sits on the right of them.

SJWs Hypocrisy: The list.

This statement is obvious but the list just keep going on and on. When an ideology is based on lies, its followers cannot help but being a bunch of hypocrites. So without further ado here is the non exhaustive list of their hypocritical statements:

Feel free to submit more hypocritical SJWs statements to @patriargate on Twitter, GAB and Minds.

Sweden: the end of an argument.

The event that happened recently in Sweden surprised me in a way… it was a surprise to many people. Anyone with a sound mind saw this coming. It is not big news, it is now part of the usual Western European life. I wouldn’t be surprise seeing these types of events elsewhere in countries like Lithuania or Slovakia and I wonder if they will still consider Putin as enemy number one.

So if I saw this event coming miles away why is it worth covering it here?


Because commies, socialists, liberals and libertarians ran for decades with the argument “it is payback/blow-back for American and European imperialism”. And it is the end of it. Sweden has been the model of non-interventionism and neutrality for decades. Sweden barely had any colonies. Sweden was a prosperous country that ruined itself by giving away it’s wealth, freedom and genetic background. The argument of the “religion of peace” or “peaceful race” is OVER. If this teaches us one thing:


And here is a big thank you for all our SJWs friends for their cynical jokes:

I am Saint-Petersburg

On April 3rd 2016, the world experienced again a sad event. Yesterday, I almost lost one of the most precious person I know. The religion of peace has struck once again, delivering its message of hope and love to the world. It is also 11 Russians who are know heading towards the gate of heaven for their sacrifice in the name of Allah.

As already said before, the blame cannot be exclusively put on religion, but in a sound

Masood driving licence picture
combination of genetics and religion. Last 22nd of March, London thundered under the anger of Muhammad’s sons. As TheGuardian states it “he didn’t have any extremist tendencies”. Satirically, this blog is considered as extremist and not this man.
Not even a day later, it was the turn of Belgium, to face once again another gift from the religion of peace. This time, the newspapers won’t release any picture of the Muslim suspect. We all know that putting the dust under the carpet works, right?

But today, it is neither Belgium, nor France, nor London, but Russia who is affected. I went there, and I was taking the exact same subway. Today, one of my friend was walking there and had to take the metro through these stations. Thankfully, she was delayed. Just like I delayed my trip the day I was in Brussels and the terror attack blew up the subway.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour

Russians are Christians Orthodox. The end of the communism actually resonated as a sign to go back to conservatism and religion. Russians are good people, but if there is one thing that they truly hate, it is the European cultural Marxism. They don’t like gays, they hate feminists. White Russians (including women) do not like Arabs and Blacks, even if they tolerate them to live as an ultra minority. Many Russians value pure White blood and have a fascination for the old Europe. They have a cultural and racial mix like no other country – let’s remember Russia is a Federation. They have the biggest minority of Muslims and have had problems with them for ages.

But let’s be clear. Russia has no social security system and doesn’t like giving privileges to monkeys. The power remains mostly concentrated in the ends of few, for the good of everyone. They are nice people, but if you piss them off, they will come after you. It is like playing with a tiger. Russia doesn’t joke about the life of its citizen, even if it might sometimes look the other way around. Russians are very patriotic and believe in their elected president – do not listen to a couple of isolated cases who came to Europe and USA, they wouldn’t be respected by Russians themselves if they would talk against their country (that’s treason). True Russians love Russia.

Now, let’s watch how Putin will react to these attacks. I am pretty sure the flags of diversity and tolerance will not be hanging very high. Let’s watch and take notes on how to deal properly with monkeys.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour

Guns are the problem 

In the wake of the Ohio State University saving spree, I share my feeling of horror and sadness to all the families of the victims.

Image result for ohio attack

Yet, the left and their bolchevist agenda see nothing more than an opportunity to push their to own dirty agenda. Are SJWs will ever show a glimpse of humanity? I don’t think so.

Here is Vox,  Huffpost. …  What do you think they the will blame the stabbing on? ISIS and radical Islam? Multiculturalism? A failed immigration policies? Raising tensions between racial and religious groups with western civilization? A unarmed population on a university campus?

  (special thank to the team of Steven Crowder for the screenshots)

No. They blame it on guns, of course! And that even though the only gun used was the one used by a heroic police officer (probably a racist since he shot a black man) to stop that awful, ungrateful Muslim man. What a parody!

Blaming guns for anything is again a vague concept wich brings a lot of emotions but very little facts to the debate. This allows them to push for more gun control to disharm good and honest citizens. Another attempt to remove the second amendment, so precious for democracy, peace and freedom.

Another reason for these lies is to distract the public attention from the real issue. The stabber was indeed a Muslim and had indeed ties to ISIS. And this is the result of the failed policies the left has been pushing for years.
Let’s set the record straight. The murderer is a black Muslim man.  He killed 1 person by car and 8 with a knife. No laws regulating good obiding citizens could have prevented this event to happen. Rather could a good citizen with a gun have stopped him?  That’s very likely – but we cannot assert it.  Could it have happened a 100 years ago when there was practically no Muslims in America (and for a reason)?  Absolutely not.

And that is something the journalists of practically an MSM news outlet will fail to report. It is time we the people flag them as fake news.

Lindsay, why do you do that?

When a society misses true kings to set the frame, all doors are open for any direction. Through natural selection, of course these doors shall close themselves one days, but certainly not after its part of suffering.

Lately, our beautiful Lindsay Lohan is thinking about converting to Islam. As in the following video, people are shocked. They think that the only argument against Muslims is the position of women – HAHA. But the question that comes to my mind is : Do women (and especially r selected women like Lindsay) seriously care about how the way they are treated? NO! They want security, the want a frame, that’s all.  Put it simpler, and lighter, the absence of real direction reveals a lack of strength to face the future, and therefore a lack of security. And women go to Muslims to run away from a Gamma/Lambda white demoralized society .

I like this video, because it shows that women do not give a damn about culture, traditions, but also it shows that putting them on a pedestal is not an argument. We, European White Men, have the choice of setting the rules. Women will not stop us. We say what is good, we say what is bad. It doesn’t mean we don’t respect them. Respecting a women is treating her like a women: bang her crazy, put her in place, show direction, provide experience, embrace her, provide her, and kick any ass in between.

Women seek security. Their hypergamic nature is only a natural translation of their need for security. In some K societies, status would take the prime. In others, more r selected, the game might be more important. And what game is it when you set up the frame, offer a full society with rules, traditions and clear gender roles? Well, it used to be the Christian game, and today it is the Muslim game. Insanely, desperately, but true.

We do not want to act frustrated and say that we reject Muslims or whatever other group because they mistreat women and gays. We rather acknowledge our true identity of White European Male. We are proud of it. We are proud of our achievements, of our wars, of our victories. It is a question of pride, of genes, of culture, of science… but also of beauty.

That is why we reject your argument Lindsay. We don’t care how they will treat you.

No matter what, you say it loud “please get us out of these gammas and lambdas”, “please White European Men, set the frame and be the men you used to be”.

White replacement on first october 2016

Just like a normal day in Belgium, our leftist keep on their usual racial propaganda.

In the two last days only, I could not help but spot three signs that demonstrate the replacement of white people in Europe, supported by European government, using media as a tool and going every day a bit further in blocking free speech.

The first sign is the existance of associations of lawyers who are paid by the governments to sue any resistance of locals (using  the usual pattern of either hate speech or racial discrimination). Example: Collectif contre l’islamophobie en France (CCIF).

The second sign is linked to a the removal of a video on youtube showing muslims attacking a restaurant owner for not wanting radicals: https://m.facebook.com/restaurant.Le.Cenacle.Tremblay/

Clicking on the video reveals the following screen:

Finally, the last and probably most disguting picture can be found today on the leftist belgian newspaper: 62,6 millions euro invested to buy informatics equipment in wallonian schools

I hope anyone can notice that there is no white children on the picture. The only remaining white is the blond teacher. Of course this picture has been taken by a professional: the children and the woman have been selected. Their position analyzed and well thought to give one message: arabic and blacks are the future of Europe; they hold the gates to technology and behind them are the white women. The white man is already dead on this picture. This is no multiculturalism; this is propaganda against white, and a very highly racist proof against white europeans. Last but not least, have noticed that the black man’s hand is… white? Why did they have the need of changing the hand’s color?

Shocked? Well get used to it, it will get worse. I could not even end typing this post that they posted another culpabilization picture on the same newspaper:

Definitely worse every minute.

Burkini or scuba diver?

Lately a new debate has been raging in Belgium and France: the burkini – the Muslim beach outfit. Funny or scary? I would say the burkini is simply a normal request from the Muslim community, and honestly how could you be against Muslims wearing their clothes? In the end, it is their choice, their freedom. The real debate should rather be “do we want that amount of Muslims in Europe?”. But of course, no leftist want to talk about real issues, it is way too dangerous to tell the truth nowadays…

And to a stupid debate, stupid arguments. Since our leftist can’t use any real arguments against burkini – that would be politically incorrect – the debate goes deep down the abysses of stupidity. I give the trophy of stupidity to the prime minister of Belgium who declared “how can we see the difference between a scuba diving suit and a burkini?”.

Any guess? I think one is prepared to go under the water. Anyway, let me help you Sir:



A dishonest Muslim answer

Today, I discovered this video on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=om-a-qoI5qUAfficher l'image d'origine. Since this video is just another fallacious answer to another video about Islam (in my opinion quite accurate, fact based and funny) , I will take some time in criticizing the arguments given.

Now, let’s walk through the arguments:

  1. “you wanna get famous, so you attack Islam”: this is a fallacious re-frame. The guy read the book, and has the total right of depicting what he read. By doing so, he encourages the west to show interest in what is happening in the Islamic world, and to decide for its own fate. As such he is defending western civilization, and this requires a lot of inner strength for which he should be proud. In the end, if Muslims do not like hearing what is written in the Quran, they can throw it or request an update!
  2. “you are a minority, not many people like you”: well, how could someone possibly say that a fact is not true? Oh wait, under the “racism argument”, right!
  3. “it is best that I educate the people”: we do not need Muslims to teach the west about Islam! This is a clear demonstration of conversion intentions, and a total agreement with the text. One could already stop the video here.
  4. “Islam is actually the only religion prohibits the age of marriage”: well, very good demonstration that Islam is not only a religion, but a law. Thanks for reinforcing the evident incompatibility between western civilization and Islamic civilization. In addition, many Islamic countries actually marry very early – no need to avoid talking about facts.
  5. “The truth is, in different times, the age of marriage varies… people mature and develop differently… women had matured faster at that time”: here, I will call on biology  and history simply. The brain of men and women is more or less the same over the last 25000 years. It develops during childhood, reinforces connections during teenage, whilst crystallizing during the 20’s. This means that most people are not mature enough before their early 20’s to get married, and this across all ages, all times – this is called science. But well what is science against Islam?
  6. “the issue of multiple wives… Solomon has 700 wives…”: well, that is extremely fallacious because 1) Christians do not inspire their law and societal rules on the bible, but rather on the state. Christian culture has always been monogamic, contrary to Muslim culture; 2) as explained in a previous post, polygamy can only be achieved through the access of other’s wife – as mentioned eventually divorced, but divorce is not something easy in Islam!….
  7. “Adultery”: well, polygamy is an institution of cheat! Hiding the dust under the carpet doesn’t make it disappear. In addition, Christian societies could maintain a low level of adultery without beating or killing their wives.
  8. “The whole purpose of the punishment is to act as a deterrent”: well, it seems Islamic people need quite a harsh punishment in order not to commit crimes! Where is the human ability to decide for oneself? Or is it rather a confession of a highly violent society?
  9. “Muslims… Muhammad was tortured severely”: well, wanna talk about the millions of black Africans and Christians that Muslim slaughtered? Still today, Islam is the only religion killing people in its name on a daily basis.
  10. “100 hundred years ago, black people were not considered as human beings”: it is completely untrue. They were just considered as equal, which is not the same. Look at Islam history: Some historians estimate that between A.D. 650 and 1900, 10 to 20 million people were enslaved by Arab slave traders. Others believe over 20 million enslaved Africans alone had been delivered through the trans-Sahara route alone to the Islamic world. Dr. John Alembellah Azumah in his 2001 book, The Legacy of Arab-Islam in Africa estimates that over 80 million Black people more died en route – http://atlantablackstar.com/2014/06/02/10-facts-about-the-arab-enslavement-of-black-people-not-taught-in-schools/2/” – this can also be checked on Wikipedia, but requires broad reading and analysis.Afficher l'image d'origine
  11. “… ethics of war… protect trees, protect elderly, protect the children, protect the women”: if you want to say that Islam is about peace, do not say that there is an ethic of war.

One word for this video: fallacious!!

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