Evelina Pavliukovič is another attention whore

Evelina Pavliukovič is a SJW and Lithuanian journalist. She is not very pretty, but very high on the stupid attention whore scale- aka traitor to her own people.

And why bother? Lithuania is a small eastern country, close to Russia with about 3 millions people.

Formerly strong pagans, then strong Christians and now becoming strong agnostics, the current demographic trends of Lithuania, just like in all white countries, is on a thin line. The country is heading towards its own extinction. The inhabitants almost all dream to live in the West or in a Scandinavian country, while their government seems to be factually proud to have such a high rate of emigration – as long as the corrupted Eurocrats keep on funding their accounts of course. Without the latter, it would be much harder to finance social programs and huge infrastructures… 2.5% of the GNI, that’s not small!

And it this context, earlier this year, Lithuania accepted around 1000 migrants (which translates into a male imbalance of about 10% in the capital Vilnius if you focus on young adults). Then the country proudly waved the flag of nationalism and mediocrity when a group of refugees rented an bus to escape to Germany. Which did not had to wait for too long, since Germany sends them back.

This is also the country where a gypsy killed a Lithuanian girl, this year, to take her car. And it did not matter more neither for the politicians in power nor the average Lithuanian watching his daily news. For Lithuanians, a gypsy is a Lithuanian, unlike Lithuanian Polish who have been there for generations … or worse… Russian Lithuanians – the country hates Russians, but not Soviets, neither Bolcheviks.

Even considering the low population of Lithuania, the Lithuanian MSM proudly present the incapacity of the country to protect itself. Evelina Pavliukovič, one of their mudshark journalist, proudly asked out the room temperature IQ, handicaped face LiAngello. Watch for yourself.

Eastern countries have the sad reputation to host a lot of poorly educated women, making poor life decisions. And Evelina ain’t going to take this away.

In Lithuania, just like any white country, the propaganda against white people is at its peak. And make no mistake, it is extremely effective.

Take the European Union program for students Erasmus for example. Students are now eligible at 18 years old, where nice girls (who gets priority) are sent first. Using their naivety and the far too occurring absence of a father, their virginity is flushed down the toilets of southern men (Spain, Greece, Turkey, sometimes even Morocco). They are being indoctrinated through mandatory seminars lasting up to ONE week that going to dark countries will be the best experience of their life. And dark they go, they will never see the light again.

But the worst part is that Lithuanians are actually proud of this – at least the vast majority of young students at university. They are proud to copy all the evil coming out of western cultural Marxism, and proudly guilt Germans and Russians for their past. While Communists and Bolshevists, are still getting a free pass. For proof, I would point their current president who was for many years an active member of the communist party. Sad, but surely a political asset in a Marxist Europe.

And this so called journalist is the icing on the cake. Eastern countries will face the same issues as the west and it might be even worse than what is done today in the West. I don’t wish them that, but that’s the road they are taking, very sadly. They feel stronger, better than westerners, out of reach, but that might be their weakness.

The truly sad life of Magda Pegowska

Magda Pegowska is a polish woman who decided to move to London. Like many, she came as a pretty polish woman (probably chaste) to the West. And, like many, it was not too long before her innocent soul got corrupted by the restless propaganda.


Now she is a single mother, she doesn’t look happy and her baby is looking super weird. It is even more of a problem since she ranted about it. And forgot to delete the video promoting her supposedly “healthy lifestyle”.


So much for her healthy lifestyle, she doesn’t look too healthy now. Noone can blame her personally for what she did, nor wish her anything bad. She just followed the main stream agenda for race mixing. And now she pays the price.

Anyhow I decided to write to her to express my sympathy to her sorrows:

Hello Magda,

I am sad to see the life choices you did. Throughout centuries millions polish men fought battles, built bridges, schools, hospitals, houses… Poland and the white community in general, shed blood and lived in misery so you can enjoy the luxurious life you are having. And now you set yourself apart. We can’t take you back and that is sad. Now, no-one will want you. You became what we are disgusted by. And excuse us, this is only natural. We can’t help it, and that is sad for you. So sad.

You decided to leave our community (Polish) because you decided to go for another race. They (people of your ex race) do not care for you, for your ancestors, your language, your cultural heritage, nor anything. And now you pay the price: loneliness, depression, etc. You are and you will never be happy again. I am so sad for you. There were so many good, single Polish men out there, just waiting for you. And you just rejected all of them for what? For making yourself isolated. Who wants such a woman? Really? Who do you think want that? Not a man that respects himself.

And it is not to blame you, you did what you were told to do. You heard these messages everyday about blacks, arabs or whatever: “races are equal”, “Blacks are more fun”, etc. TV, facebook, music clip just keep repeating the same message, and you did what you were told to do. Unconsciously, I know. I am so sorry for you. You are a victim, but yet we can’t help you anymore. You are already gone and it is too late.

Sadly, but truly, we look at people like you with pity. This is attractive to no Polish man. How sad is that do you think? I am so sorry for you.

May god prevent people like you to not do the same mistake, and the world will be a better place for everyone.

Ghost @ Patriargate

This will obviously not change her opinion, she will probably delete the e-mail right away. And even if she does read it, I doubt she will change her mind as society, social media and mainstream media are still backing her decisions up. But reality is what I just said. All good men think the same. We all know it. We are just pretending that things are different. It didn’t change her fate not won’t change the fate of many others.

Poor Magda.