Black men: Where is your pride?

It is fun to hit on Muslim for their unacceptable attitude, but one group that get often forgotten are the ones of Sub Sahara African origin. Whether in Europe or America, they almost all keep on whining on how they have been colonized by evil white men and how they are constantly discriminated by whites (or Asians recently). This is reinforced by constant propaganda. Then they have the nerve to talk about “Black Pride”. So this is my take on the black community.

  1. First of all, absolutely NONE of the backs currently living today witnessed slavery of has known a slave in his lifetime.
  2. The black ancestors who were under white rule where probably the lucky ones, in thoses days. And their descendants are probably the blacks enjoying the highest standard of living today. Thanks to White people ONLY. You are welcome
  3. Get some facts about slavery.
  4. Discrimination is totally justified when it is commonly knows that black on white crimes is extremely high.
  5. Blacks enjoy privileges. Whether it is SAT scores or getting shot by cops. And propaganda keep on backing and motivating blacks all the time, despite very very low achievements.
  6. It has been 150 years blacks have been “freed” in America, and it has been 50 years they keep on coming to Europe. Where is the achievement? Is there a monument or building entirety build by blacks that we can remember of? A great doctor? A great Warrior? A great engineer? A great Scientist? Who is going to remember black people 100 years from now?
  7. The Alt-Right/Alt-White is telling us to make white babies. Is there any alt-blacks asking blacks to make black babies? Blacks are the ones always the ones talking about race superiority, yet… is any of you opposing race-mixing?
  8. As for race mixing… how can you promote race mixing yet… be proud of your race? Race-mixing is equally dangerous for the black community as it is for the White community.
  9. The Civil right acts…  should bring SHAME on any black able to reason more or less correctly. I don’t know any sound white who could accept the same law if was done in favor of whites. The civil right acts is an insult at the face of every black men. Yet the vast majority of blacks is voting for the left. Where is your pride?
  10. Back to the subject of Slavery, Arabs (and even Blacks) were the ones controlling the entire supply of new slaves. Where is the take on the Arab world? It seems Black people are afraid of Arabs…

That said I will give credit on the subject of music (Sam Cooke, James Brown, Stevie Wonder, The drifters, Jimi Hendrix ect.). But as music passes on and now whites are completely out of black music… is there anyone really great? Is there anyone we can be sure to be listening to 10 years from Now? I know Johann Sebastian Bach will, and he composed his music 400 years ago. But as white music also recently sucks… I am willing to pass this subject


And as for black intellectuals: yes there are some :Walter E. Williams, Thomas Sowell, Dr. James David Manning, Neil Degrasse Tyson… But as far as I am concerned I have met and heard white people knowing them, not blacks.

The situation is pretty sad (And even more so for black intellectuals). Africa is a huge continent full of resources. So there is enough space for Black and whites to live peacefully on Earth. But we are pushed to mix and share the same living space. Racial tensions are clearly artificial. And I am tired to see this race hating propaganda (especially from the left). But both of our communities cannot simply share the same space. And our societies have to go their own ways.


The game, that imposture…

The paradox of man is that the better you become, the more choice you have, the least you care for women.

A few years ago I met the community of the Game. I read Neil Strauss’ book, and eventually got confused.

I saw many men, between 20 and 30 for most, meeting up only to pick up girls. As Neil describes it, it appears to them that picking up women is an art and a symbol of masculinity. But is it?

Game describes fairly well what women wants, and tries to give an answer to what a man is. It is told that women are emotional, hypergamic, and it is simpler to shortcut true masculinity and pretending being a so called “alpha”.

But it seems to me that this is a wrong question. Men should know what a man is, and not look at women to find it. According to me, that is a total scam on weak men searching for a path, a way of life.

To be honest, Neil, like many gamers, has a feminine energy. They look and feel gay. Even the gamer I like the most like Tyler, for his motivational and purpose focus couldn’t escape this rule.

A true man doesn’t look for who he is through women appreciation. Comparing the amount of phone numbers is a mere reflection of a lack of self confidence and identity. Self amusement is not a proof of personal development, it is a proof of submission and despair. That is not freedom, this is not what men are meant to be. Every man knows that.

Starting a hobby to look cooler doesn’t make one cooler, it is the perfect continuation of whom this man should be: a man looking for  identity. Get the right girl, and everything vanishes. Is that what a man is supposed to do?

Men are not made for a daily sexual intercourse with a different woman, just like women are not made to switch from males to males. These behaviors actually undermine our society and break the required trust between sexes. These behaviors are the line between animals and humanity. Which side do you want to take?

By taking women for granted, lie to them, dumping them and selling them the dream of the best time of their life, the “gamers” are not bastards. They are just a bunch of useful idiots in a decadent world. All of that because they did not grasp their true masculinity, nor have what it takes for building a civilization.

So what do I have in mind? It is rather simple. Instead on focusing on pleasing women (for sex in exchange) start doing what you like, for yourself. Meet people through hobbies and work. Avoid wing men, but rather look for true brother.

Build something bigger than you. Realise that you are part of a bigger family. Realise that your cilivisation needs you as a man of value. That your nation needs you. That your people (especially within your race) and your religion need you.

Be honest with yourself. Work on your knowledge and your skills. Focus on yourself and on helping others. Build and give.

When you will truly internalise that you only need one woman to make a family, when you will be of total indifference for a so called “10”, when you will feel that you are on your right way, then you’ll have reached the man that you truly are. And at that moment, you will have much more value in the eyes of every single women.

Anne-Marie is fat and Ugly… Not an argument!

One of the main goal here at Patriargate is to cover a subject that very few people dare to cover: anti-white propaganda. This is something that must be understood by every white if we want to survive as a species.

Image result for white guilt

Let’s be honest, anti-white male propaganda is the explanation for most of our discomfort and attitude in modern society. Want an example? Check that video. The champion is a southern like male, and the beta a good white shaved. Why do we always depict the normal white male as the loser?

When I talk about it to people around me, they consistently reply that these are isolated cases; “nothing to worry about”… I just think they don’t dare to dive in a subject that is taboo. Anti-white propaganda is constant, insidious, pervert. It kills our energy, our time, our health, our opportunities, our relationships!

Image result for white guilt

Today we expose a music video clip. Sean Penn and Anne-Marie:

Right at the beginning, the two whites resemble anything but manly and in between is beautiful blonde girl. She looks in front of her, with seamless avoidance of the white males… and the next picture is … the nignog!

One black man. Many white women (acting as prostitutes – some could say “souls of cattle”). Polygamy … r-selection at its best:

Other white males are old, and look like pervert. How many times do you heard a brown one treated “pervert”? Never. It doesn’t fit the image and here is why:

And of course the mulatto kid: the little modern hero of a decadent society:


What are we gonna do with the kid? This mulatto is just little fool. He will always identify himself as black. He does not belong in Europe or North America. He belongs to Africa. Worse, on the long genetic run there mulatto will always become either black, either Southern Spaniard/Arab like.

It is sad to see other races enjoying a successful modern society that was built by Christian White Males. And in return we are not getting a “Thank you” but a “I fuck your wife”.

Last but not least. I often hear  the argument “it is OK, relax! They only get our ugly chicks”. Well big news, that’s not an argument! All white women matter! First,a majority of beta white males are ready to go with a Jane. Anne-Marie looks ugly in this clip and a bit fat. But the reason men don’t find her attractive is because she is a mudshark. It is clearly written on her face. She could be a feminine, cute white girl. Or she could have been like this… In my opinion, almost every white girl has the opportunity to become a beautiful feminine woman. This lost of femininity  is clear red flag for all descent white males.

If you have children (no matter what is your race) it is time to throw your TV by the window. Because all I see is death, hate and a lot of loneliness.