SpaceX: There is no mission to Mars

SpaceX succesfully lauched its Falcon heavy which is currently the most powerful rocket on Earth (Thank you Wernher). A great publicity for Elon Musk and his Tesla car which is in current orbit around the Earth. The successful launch is a engineering marvel as the booster of the rocket made back on earth (at least 2 of them). Elon keeps on saying Mars is his main objective. An alternative from Earth. Is Elon altruistic? or is it all BS?


If you are reading the blog regularly, you already know I am going for the second option. The CEO of SpaceX has shown on multiple occasions already his allegiance to the US deep state and spread lies in order for his publicity. The mission to Mars being one of them.

First of all, Mars is NOGOOD for anything else beside scientific research. There will be no permanent colony on Mars. Take the worse scenario of any nutjob employee of the IPCC, multiply it by 10. And Earth is still far more habitable for humans than Mars. I did not even take into account the danger and cost of inter-planetary journeys. Mars has no atmosphere, nor magnetic field protecting it from solar winds nor cosmic rays. Temperature range from -55 to 20 degrees Celsius  (-67 to 68 F). And even if any martian manages to deal with all these huge problems. Mars has only 40% of the gravity of Earth. Which will for sure have negative impact on any human staying there long term. And there is no foreseeable solution concerning this.

So if the Mars is all BS… what is Elon Musk doing with his Flacon heavy (or BFR)? In short: Space is big and not so empty¬†… And some stuff hanging out there are literally gold. Asteroids the size of Manhattan made of pure silver, gold, Platinum and other precious metals can be easily put into orbit around the Earth or the Moon. Given the potential price for gold in the future, and lowering of the cost of sending probes in high earth orbit. One can imagine how such a business can become profitable.