What do alt-right women think about Islam?

The year 2018 should be the year that sees the beginning of the end of feminism. It is a prerequisite to take back Western countries, because women in power will generally always keep fueling and creating mess. Frankly, feminist is not only a repulsive old cat women with hair on her legs, but also the 10 in her early 20’s chasing males to aquire more resources. There are no right wing women in the alt-right. They can be entertaining, nice looking, say good rethorics, but that’s all. They bring nothing new – at all.

That women, for example, summarised much of how they think:

You see, for women (99.9% of them), the problem of Islam is not what it is per se, neither are its consequences. No. The real issue are women’s privilege. As stated, they want to travel alone (aka increase their penis counter anywhere at anytime), and they don’t want to look back at their misconduct, neither emotionally nor physically. Do you know any woman having the ability to analyse her own behavior and nature objectively, whilst correcting it for the benefits of others, and against her own self? I don’t, not even one.

Almost all women only care for nothing else but money, attention and social privileges they get. Pleasure, lust and comfort is all they want.

Moreover, what would they say if they were really against Islam?

Well, they would say:

  • Islam has a point about controlling women
  • Islam has a point about women intellectual and physical inferiority as a whole
  • Islam has a point about defending traditions and family values
  • Islam has a point about patriarchy
  • Islam is bad because it promotes violence as a cohesion rather than love and trust
  • Islam is bad because it promotes sexual abnormality, such as pedophilia and consanguinity
  • Islam is bad for Europe and USA because it destroys the native culture
  • Islam is bad for Europe and USA because it takes Western women and destroys genetic legacy
  • Islam is bad because it is based on a false prophet that was a pedophile, and an murderer
  • Islam is bad because it blocks any human enlightening
  • Islam is bad because of polygamy
  • Islam is bad because it promotes (and requires) slavery
  • Etc.

More examples?

Or “being raped is not such a big issue” – especially if it is by a constructed hollywood superior man: the dark migrant.

Actually, no feminist seem to complain about Muslim rape. And it doesn’t seem to be a priority for right wing women neither, just like pedophilia is not. On the contrary, the main issue is that women are not free in Islam. As long as they can do what they want, Islam and immigration are good things. They even recommend it! Did you know that alt-right women went black or at least on the dick carousel?

Clearly, women’s rights in Islam are not the priority – at all. I do not care if women wear Hijab. Actually, if white women are scared of Islam, that is good thing! Why would white men fight to make Islam better for white women? Is that even a joke, or just a total rip-off?

This being said, don’t be mistaken, the point is to promote rational and moral behaviors with women. I think men should act as men, setting limits but also taking care of their women. As a man, you have the right to tell them to go to hell, as long as you do your part of the job. This war cannot be won with clean hands, that’s for sure, but we ought to keep them as clean as possible and to lead by example.

I was right about the left and pedophilia

About a year ago we published an article about the link between the left and pedophilia. And sure enough we got flaked for it. It was quiet a new idea back then, so it deserved criticism – let it be.


And few disagreements



But reality caught up and it is now all over the news. My explanations is backed by science: R/K selection as well as a lack of morality and references – probably due to a father missing and the affiliation to cultural marxism.

Let’s be clear, as of today, being a leftists in 2017 (almost 2018) has to be treated as a mental disorder. Just like pedophilia.

Are leftists pedophiles?

This is a subject I wanted to write about for a long time. It has been now years that I find everyday more ties between left and pedophilia.

They are "good friends"

As you know, lefties – so called “journalist” and “social justice warriors” – are restless to attack the Catholic Church (and Christianity) . Yet, looking honestly, Christianity is having a pretty good record. Why aren’t they talking about pedophilia in other religions or other parts of the world? Why aren’t they disclosing their pedophiles concentration in their own ranks? Why didn’t they shout, demonstrate and become aggressive when Turkey took steps to make legal pedophilia? – rather they accelerate their admission in the EU! In need of examples?

Truth is that lefties are trying, as usual, to hide a truth they don’t want the public to know. And, as usual, the shit they pinpoint in other’s backyard is nothing but a swipe under the carpet. Considering the latest revelations from Wikileaks, I believe it is reasonable to suspect the left of having many pedophiles into their rank… and by “reasonable” I mean a lot more than any other social group that actually exist. Some examples?

  • Hillary Clinton defended a pedophile, get him off jail and feels perfectly fine about it
  • Elio Di rupo, former Prime Minister and many other Belgian politicians (socialist)

But these are just examples. The root cause is much deeper and has to do with who they are, the reason why they are lefties.

The first thing to do is to look for left supporters:

  • Women
  • GAY, Tranies,…
  • Gamma males
  • Low-IQ population (Mostly Africa, Middle East, India and South America)

To be make it easier, let’s call them r-selected people. If you are not familiar with r and K selection, I strongly advise watching the series of videos made by Stefan Molyneux concerning this subject.

To be brief, R selected people do not see the world as we do. They usually have a poor family background (lack of father, violence in the family, divorce) or are coming from low IQ nations where a quick reproduction strategy is the best way to ensure the survival of the species. These elements jeopardize their control and understanding of their environment, and of their life. They lack structure, direction and principles which are necessary to control ones life and to lead it to the accomplishment of a higher goal than himself. In a nutshell, they live in constant fear – ironically they are also the ones using words ending with “phobia”.

Afficher l'image d'origine

All these people are not mentally balanced, and their sexuality can’t be healthy. Often, they see sex as an obsession. And it is in this world that pedophiles flourish. Their lack of structure and principles cannot restrain themselves from accomplishing their fantasies. A pedophile is always R-selected. And from a natural stand point, R-selected people tend to defend other R-selected people. Indeed, their lack of structure and self confidence make them weak. They need permanent validation from the herd; they’d rather all be in the shit together than alone on the right track.

This explains is why the left is taking defense of pedophiles, and why they refuse castration or the death penalty for these kind of individual.

Remember, deep inside every lefty is or sleeps a pedophile.

Turkey and pedophilia

According to a report by UN Women, thirty-nine percent of women in Turkey have suffered from physical violence at some time. In comparison, this figure is 22 percent in the US and between 3 to 35 percent in 20 European countries – Sweden being the capital thanks to massive immigration, and not to remind the sexual assault from Muslim refugees on German women during new year’s eve in Koln (1900 victims in one night – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Year%27s_Eve_sexual_assaults_in_Germany).

The Turkish Constitutional Court has ruled to annul a provision thaAfficher l'image d'originet punishes all sexual acts against children under the age of 15 as “sexual abuse”. The decision will come into effect on Jan. 13, 2017.

This means that now men can peacefully abuse young girls below 15 years old. Of course, this decision will impact positively their rape crime; if something bothers you, just hide it: make legal!

It is important to note that right during the massive refugee crisis, European elites seized the opportunity of preparing Europe for the integration of Turkey in the EU, or simply in Schengen by 2020. Right in front of our eyes, they show pictures of dead children on a beach, poor children dying in Africa. They try to make us feel guilt about not helping all the people in the world (do they really want to be westernized?), while at the same time getting closer with a country adopting free pedophilia!

Which values are our leaders defending? What did they do about that? Where did European media talk about that? Nothing, nowhere. Our leaders remain silent.