Czech presidential election: Urban areas are cancer

The first round of Czech elections gave the 2 candidates Miloš Zeman and Jiří Drahoš for the second round of election.

The first one being Euro-skeptic and against massive non-white immigration, the latter being pro-EU, pro-euro and pro non white immigration.

It is worth noting that Drahoš has a campaign budget 7 times higher than Zeman (where does that money comes from?). Yet Zeman has a clear advantage in the first round. So the second round can’t be won for truth and reality. In any case, the president having very limited power in Czech Republic, that is not the real take away here. What is interesting is how people vote depending on the regions. Let’s compare it to the 2016 US electoral map by county:



An image is worth a thousand words… The urban and rural areas are completely disconnected. And in this context, democracy makes absolutely no sense. Especially when people in both camps want to take radically different policies.

So what makes up that difference?

From leftist perspective, the answer is simple: People in big cities are more educated than people from the country.

From a realistic perspective: The people in the country tend to have more manual or “outside jobs”. They work with the soil. They build stuff. They have a functioning community: fraternity, solidarity… They are in touch with reality. They directly talk to one another.

While for people in cities, the reality is Netflix and Facebook. The brainwashing machines of the globalist agenda.

You choose which scenario suits you best. I will leave it with this quote from Ronald Reagan:

“It is not that our liberal friends are ignorant… it is just that they know so much that isn’t so”

The solution to apocalypse: Homogeneity and Christianity

Our western world is pure shit. Paris, Bruxelles, Los Angeles, London, Berlin, Москва are pure hell holes. Nothing stands anymore. It is almost impossible to build a family, or even simply survive in some cases. We already reached our limits. Many people believe that the solution relies on changing the political and economical system; as if democracy was somehow still possible. Let’s face it, most of the problems pinpoint to only 2 things: immigration and moral standards.

Therefore, I reached the conclusion that the political and economical systems make almost no difference as a solution to our society. Restrict vote tomorrow to men, does that transform a society full of gamma to a full red pilled warrior like society? Lower taxes, will white people make more babies or just drink and travel more?

So, to my understanding, we need to focus only on two things: homogeneity and Christianity. To some extend, a hardcore Christianity would even be sufficient to maintain homogeneity; after all god created us different to remain different. 

The good news is that we do not need to owe the political parties to make this change. Really, not at all. We can build small but tough communities, and the authorities have absolutely no control over what is happening in our homes, even less in our minds. Keep in mind that if only 0.1% of the population is red-pilled today, it takes only about 6 years to reach 50% if each of us red-pills 3 persons a year (and that’s totally feasible!). Also, and the not the least: ALWAYS PUT MEN FIRST AT EVERY SECOND OF YOUR LIFE – women will comply, as they do today to the Marxist agenda. In one year, one man on can come from the most stupid SJW to the most hardcore alt-right fighter. Do not underestimate our men, they are our brothers, our family. Do not spit on our men, in each of them resides a brother. We want a society with everyone. We do not need division, we need union.

Homogeneity: we must adopt the Jewish (and Muslim to some extend) strategy; de facto privileging our community. Whenever we have the occasion, we must put first our people (men first), even at the cost of huge discrimination. This is what Jews will always do when they have an occasion, and this is what the Muslims do, so we will play by the same rules – let’s be fair. Over time, always pushing will lead us to the full re-conquest of our societies. These people solely rely on our sense of “humanity” to take them out of the shit. We ought to stop that, at all cost. Do not cede any ground to them, they never did and never will to you or your family.

Christianity: religion is the ground of our society. We ought to convince our fellows to read the bible and understand that Christian values are what we need. It will give our society the moral standards that we today lack, helping us re-building families, trust within our community, solidarity and many other things. At this time, we have a big opportunity to do so, because the Christian church is owed by a corrupted Vatican, and people themselves hate it. For example, we all agree that pedophilia is a huge issue in the Christian church, and this is our duty to condemn firmly these people, and clean the Christian church of its fake representatives – including the Pope Francis.

Good luck, and take care of you brothers and sisters!


Video footage of actual White Sharia

Surfing on the web I came across video footage of Berlin in colour in 1900. I couldn’t help but notice tons of difference in the details between Berlin of 1900 and any city today in the West.

The first thing that struck me: “THIS IS WHITE SHARIA AT WORK”!

Ok, funny, but more seriously:

  1. Look at the posture of men and the way they walk. Confident, calm, energetic, optimistic… And this is the case for all men. Maybe they all had the copy of the book “The game” of Neil Strauss, but for some reason I really doubt that.
  2. Second, women look good, beautiful and without being bitchy. And I don’t see any sign of oppression whatsoever. They look quiet good, healthy and satisfied. It should come as a surprise to any libtards that women’s happiness is on the decline despite the fall of the evil patriarchy.

And a few other points worth mentioning:

  1. The architecture is splendid. I can’t even imagine how pleasant it must be to walk down those streets. It seems to me that White Christian men haven’t got any match so far concerning architecture… Or just am I too proud of our achievements.
  2. Despite having automation at a much much lower levels than today, they had quiet a number of men in non-productive jobs. 1.2 % of the population was in the army, compared to today 0.07 % (for Germany). You can see super clean streets, guard of the Kaiser etc.
  3. Whites do the “dirty jobs”. There is a myth that there are some jobs that would not be taken by whites because it is either too hard or not well paid. This is completely untrue and this footage proves it. And even more today, considering automation and modern tools.

So, yeah this is the society we should aim at, and not that one full of faggots and degenerates that believe in equal shit for everyone.

I am Saint-Petersburg

On April 3rd 2016, the world experienced again a sad event. Yesterday, I almost lost one of the most precious person I know. The religion of peace has struck once again, delivering its message of hope and love to the world. It is also 11 Russians who are know heading towards the gate of heaven for their sacrifice in the name of Allah.

As already said before, the blame cannot be exclusively put on religion, but in a sound

Masood driving licence picture
combination of genetics and religion. Last 22nd of March, London thundered under the anger of Muhammad’s sons. As TheGuardian states it “he didn’t have any extremist tendencies”. Satirically, this blog is considered as extremist and not this man.
Not even a day later, it was the turn of Belgium, to face once again another gift from the religion of peace. This time, the newspapers won’t release any picture of the Muslim suspect. We all know that putting the dust under the carpet works, right?

But today, it is neither Belgium, nor France, nor London, but Russia who is affected. I went there, and I was taking the exact same subway. Today, one of my friend was walking there and had to take the metro through these stations. Thankfully, she was delayed. Just like I delayed my trip the day I was in Brussels and the terror attack blew up the subway.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour

Russians are Christians Orthodox. The end of the communism actually resonated as a sign to go back to conservatism and religion. Russians are good people, but if there is one thing that they truly hate, it is the European cultural Marxism. They don’t like gays, they hate feminists. White Russians (including women) do not like Arabs and Blacks, even if they tolerate them to live as an ultra minority. Many Russians value pure White blood and have a fascination for the old Europe. They have a cultural and racial mix like no other country – let’s remember Russia is a Federation. They have the biggest minority of Muslims and have had problems with them for ages.

But let’s be clear. Russia has no social security system and doesn’t like giving privileges to monkeys. The power remains mostly concentrated in the ends of few, for the good of everyone. They are nice people, but if you piss them off, they will come after you. It is like playing with a tiger. Russia doesn’t joke about the life of its citizen, even if it might sometimes look the other way around. Russians are very patriotic and believe in their elected president – do not listen to a couple of isolated cases who came to Europe and USA, they wouldn’t be respected by Russians themselves if they would talk against their country (that’s treason). True Russians love Russia.

Now, let’s watch how Putin will react to these attacks. I am pretty sure the flags of diversity and tolerance will not be hanging very high. Let’s watch and take notes on how to deal properly with monkeys.

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A peaceful new year's eve?

The day after new year’s eve I was surprised that nothing seemed to have happened with Muslims in Europe. Politicians, medias and leftists were congratulating themselves for the final successful integration, and their efforts against the so-called terrorism.

Yet day after day the truth is getting  released:, …

In France only, over 1000 cars were burned by the religion of peace and their neo-monkeys followers. It is not the first time they do this. Remember that it happened right after Sarkozy told about ‘cleaning ghettos‘.

In Germany, thousands of men gathered together with the goal of perpetrating more rapes on white women. After all, white women have always been sexual slaves for them.

All of this was done, despite the countless security measures undertake by europeans governments across Europe. Imagine if it wasn’t the case….

Guys, it is high time we – white people – wake ourselves up. You might think we must fight for women’s sexual freedom. But no, we don’t. We fight for the restoration of our civilization, the end of cultural Marxism. We fight for our children, so that they will have a stable family and the prospect of a bright future. We fight for our daughters so that they will find a descent husband and not a degenerated pussy, and for our sons to find a beautiful and chaste spouse and not an ugly slut (aka feminist).

We fight for our freedom, our lands, our religion, our families, our ancestors and our future. Wake up!

White replacement on first october 2016

Just like a normal day in Belgium, our leftist keep on their usual racial propaganda.

In the two last days only, I could not help but spot three signs that demonstrate the replacement of white people in Europe, supported by European government, using media as a tool and going every day a bit further in blocking free speech.

The first sign is the existance of associations of lawyers who are paid by the governments to sue any resistance of locals (using  the usual pattern of either hate speech or racial discrimination). Example: Collectif contre l’islamophobie en France (CCIF).

The second sign is linked to a the removal of a video on youtube showing muslims attacking a restaurant owner for not wanting radicals:

Clicking on the video reveals the following screen:

Finally, the last and probably most disguting picture can be found today on the leftist belgian newspaper: 62,6 millions euro invested to buy informatics equipment in wallonian schools

I hope anyone can notice that there is no white children on the picture. The only remaining white is the blond teacher. Of course this picture has been taken by a professional: the children and the woman have been selected. Their position analyzed and well thought to give one message: arabic and blacks are the future of Europe; they hold the gates to technology and behind them are the white women. The white man is already dead on this picture. This is no multiculturalism; this is propaganda against white, and a very highly racist proof against white europeans. Last but not least, have noticed that the black man’s hand is… white? Why did they have the need of changing the hand’s color?

Shocked? Well get used to it, it will get worse. I could not even end typing this post that they posted another culpabilization picture on the same newspaper:

Definitely worse every minute.

What can we learn from Muslims?

Just like the Europeans Christians 50 years ago, Muslims put emphasis on family, patriarchy and community. Our western leaders, under the influence of “the few”, have put a priority in destroying Christianity and western families – this attempt is not new, hence resulting in individualism. On the opposite, the Muslims keep their religion close to them, despite all attempts from the West (propaganda, war, etc.) , and they are right.

Maintaining their religion creates a homogeneous community that can only grow. Therefore, their language, their genes and their culture is kept intact, taking from others the resources. Muslims are right not because their behavior is appropriate, but rather because it ensures a constant growth of their society. Their are right from a logical perspective. Their strategy, based on religion, is the only one that ensure longevity and expansion together. Nonetheless, their strategy has a price: permanent violence (physical, social, cultural, psychological, financial).

Following factors maintain the Muslim community strong:

  1. Role of the man: in Muslim societies, the man has a preponderant role, which prevents the loss of religion. He is listened, in good or bad, for the best or the worse. Nonetheless, even if arguable, his behavior is regulated by the transcription of their god’s will. He is above the woman, having the right to have multiple partners.
  2. Strong family: families under the authority of a stable patriarchy remain strong; divorce is rare, just like it used to be in our Christian society. Of course, even though adultery is supposed to be forbidden, in practice men cheat on their wife with women captures in other communities (i.e. nowadays our liberated females westerners). Women are kept virgin for the marriage, even going for surgery to ensure it.
  3. Community conscience: Muslims help each other. Their community is above the rules of the state which supposedly should rule them. Naturally, this is only possible through seizing directly or indirectly the wealth of their host.
  4. Spirituality: believing in god makes them closer to one another and also enables the application of their own law, despite the fact that they are against local’s.

What can we learn from Muslims?

Western civilization should return to Christian values, restoring its community, its patriarchy, its families, its religion – or moral values. Of course, this can only be done through breaking the paradigm of “racial equality”, “gender equality”, “social equality”, “cultural equality”: Socialism is a wall to break. The sexual restriction and chastity should be restored. Of course, this would cause huge problems with the Muslim community, who takes advantage of the dismembering of the Christian values. This is also why I usually say that our problems are not “value based”, but rather “community based”, which in fact have wider consequences.