SJWs, disobedient children

We tried to help SJWs on reddit to improve their knowledge on crime and immigration. Education is very important for us, and it shouldn’t be left in the hands of toxic people!

Their answer was firm and quiet. Within minutes, the post has been removed, we have bee blocked… And they muted us to make sure we can’t even reply to them.

These children are really funny. If anything contradicts their beliefs or simply brings facts, they censor speech. Just like kids.

Actually, one of the pioneer of the censure is the father of our sexually deprived society, Sigmund Freud. Sexually frustrated man, part of these people, he saw sex everywhere. Apparently, for him pedophilia is natural… but is it?!

His only argument to support his sick theories was: “if you don’t accept that children want sex with adults and that adults want sex with children, it is because you know that you are like that, but too dishonest to say it loud”.

Well, we got the same kind of argument today. I am afraid that a big slap in the face is the only cure for a SJW.

London terror attacks and the left’s replacement agenda

London latest terror attack demonstrates once again that the “peace we live in” is purely fictional. Colored flags are becoming less and less frequent, fewer FB profile picture are changed, no more “Je suis charlie”. What is still missing is the proper answer: Grow some balls.


The left obviously tries to to chill us out and to relax. “Take a deep breath, we are just going though some turbulence but there is light at the end of the tunnel, terror attacks will eventually stop”. In that kind of insanity , the European commissar for migration (not a joke, this position actually exist – held by a Greek, who probably had nothing else to do to help his country) tells us proudly that the migrant crisis is over! That’s a lot to say, he should recycle to Greek satyr.

The worse, in my opinion, is the fact that indeed terror attacks will stop. It is only logic that the less white Christians will be alive in America and Europe, the more homogeneous the population will be. So, the left is right! Maybe not the right way though.

We gotta keep up the fight for our lands, our future, our people, our children and for our ideas. Those sand monkeys shall not win.

Dear Muslims: eternal victims

Victims of Buddhist monks.

I don’t like to beat on Muslims for the sake of Islam. I believe the immigration issue is related to race rather than culture nor religion. But wherever they are, Muslims always play the victim card, and that’s just pissing me off. Now, they even reached to the innocent Buddhist monks… really?!

Dear Muslims,

  1. You are not a minority. You are the biggest religion on EARTH and by far.
  2. You are infiltrated in almost every single successful civilization and sucking the life blood out of it. EVERYWHERE. You haven’t contribute to anything at any place nor any time.
  3. You possesses (yes you do) huge amount of wealth; much more than Europe all together with your oil fields and other natural resources.

Yet, you play the victim. Yet, you pretend to deserve pity for a hard life THAT YOU CREATED. Listening to you, you happen to be victims absolutely everywhere, even in your own countries… now even by Buddhist monks. You bash constantly on others which you name “racists”, or infidel depending on the best speech you have.  You pretend to be “moderates” until you are a majority – systematically. You pretend to accept others, but you take all the place. You pretend to be hard worker, but you never work for another community. You ask for the help from the Jews, yet you want to exterminate them. Is that even serious?

Less and less I believe in a dialogue with the Muslim community. Race or not, religion or not, you can’t discuss with a bunch or liars. We ought to get them out, and they don’t get a word in it. They had a chance for 40 years, 3 generations, and they screw it up every time, everywhere.


The Muslim rape love story

Since the peak of the migration crisis, a surprising and most certainly unpredictable – sarcastically – rise of rape emerged. Surprisingly, Muslims claim that women love being raped.

Let’s be serious. We are becoming sick of these Muslims raping our women. As Trump said “Our nation is a family, and every time they touch a member of our family, it is all of us that they touch”. The so called Muslim culture is just a collection of monkey behaviors rationalized under the umbrella of “Islam”. They talk about peace and respect, but this is how it looks like in practice:

One can’t just qualify of renegade any partisan of one’s religion to make accept everything. In practice, can someone remember me the last time we saw such things with white Christians? NEVER! And as Gatestoneinstitute points out, about only 10% of rape are reported. Hence this margin is likely to be still under reality. The rise of rapes has become alarming with thousands of white women officially raped every year in Europe by these “new europeans“. Guys, wake up… our women are being raped, and our authorities do nothing. Tomorrow might be your mum, your sister, your wife or your daughter. This is war!

From Gatestooneinstitute:

Police reports show that Germany’s migrant rape crisis continues unabated, although accurate statistics are notoriously non-existent, this in one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world. German authorities have repeatedly been accused of underreporting the true scale of the migrant crime problem in the country.

According to Federal Criminal Police Office (Bundeskriminalamt, BKA) data (page 14), in 2013, migrants (Zuwanderer) committed 599 sex crimes, or an average of two a day. In 2014, migrants committed 949 sex crimes, or around three per day. In 2015, migrants committed 1,683 sex crimes, or around five per day. During the first three quarters of 2016, migrants committed 2,790 sex crimes, or around ten per day.

But this doesn’t stop the leftist National Geographic to say:

Three-quarters of a century ago Germans were dispatching trains full of Jews to concentration camps in the east; now, at the Munich train station, they were greeting trains carrying Muslim refugees with food, water, stuffed animals, and smiles. On one German podcast I began tuning in to last fall, I heard a journalist from Die Zeit tell her listeners it was all right to feel “drunk” with pleasure at that transformation.

So it seems that whatever the amount of rapes, the migrants are good because we are all Nazi. Disgusting. But whatever they call us, we couldn’t care less, and foremost we can’t just let this go. Islam is a not religion, but a very concrete system. Their religion is a law, and whatever the amount of moderate out there, the proportion of (“radicals”) monkeys is way too high to tolerate any of them in our countries. Europe, if it wants to avoid the most violent war of human history, has to understand that there is only one solution to this: DEPORTATION.

The new normal and the unreported

Well, end of July for another attack, let’s say it was a bit optimistic. This seems to be happening every day now.


There is still a few points that need to be underlined:

  1. Most of small aggression done by Arabs/Blacks on white are nor reported anywhere concerning Europe. These are by the thousands every single day. I myself was attacked dozens of times, and had a complain for racism when I defended against 3!
  2. The establishment points the finger at the ones who did nothing: the “extreme right winger”, the racist, the fascist, the Nazi, etc. Hence the solution remains the same: surrender, interbreed, and single hood for normal conservative white men.
  3. When allowing critics, the establishment points the finger at the extreme Islam (still undefined and unrecognized by Muslims themselves) as the only reason for the call to violence… keeping silent about all other aggression’s that are done by Blacks, Latinos and Southern Europeans.

Sadly, and this is not what we ever wished for, we are at war. And it is only a question of time before the Western men counter attack OR the eastern Europe will counter attack, and if not, it will be Russia as a last resort.

Guys, we are going to have 20 years of pains. Stand still brothers. Unite with all you can. Train. Make children. Do not listen to women, they will do everything to avoid the conflict, including giving themselves to the enemy.

God bless you.

London: "Oops, they did it again!"

It is so comfortable for authorities. ISIS once again perpetrated an attack in London. How come ISIS can claim all these attacks? And why? That just doesn’t make sense. Just like Theresa May’s speech fails to address the only single issues: immigration and diversity. She prefers some cheap music and a couple of different food tastes for the life of her citizen.

“Islamic extremism is a perversion of Islam, and a perversion of the truth.”

Theresa, since when Islam is the truth?

But what makes sense is the result of the attacks. People are scared of all: immigrants, leftists and politicians. Politics can now come as saviors on their white horse. As she says, we need to control the online space – like this blog. Non-whites are to be re-assured; whites are not victims.

Now, in the West, we do not live anymore: we survive. And we must do what is needed to survive.

“This is not done by a religion. All religions share the same commandment not to kill. These are just crazy people.”

Well, according to Koran, I quote:

Vaizdo rezultatas pagal užklausą „quote religion of peace“   Vaizdo rezultatas pagal užklausą „quote religion of peace“

People are now trying to escape the label “racist”, refusing to name the attackers. Today, people fear more to be labelled of “racist” than to defend their children,. This is the world we live in. We got no choice but to be harsh on the whites who go side by side with the enemy. Just because they support, resign to him, we might all be killed or simply replaced. This is not little. This is not a second priority.

You think it is only about Islam? Well, on which side do you think the Indians, the Latino’s, and other immigrants will stand the day we want to deport all Muslims? They will be against us. The line is very clear. Only one will remain, just like it always end up.

And the prime Minister of Britain, Theresa May, to add: “The recent attacks are not connected but we believe we are experiencing a new trend in the threat we face,” she said after chairing an emergency ministerial meeting. What trend are you talking about? How did that happen? We want to talk about that. We want to talk about the problem and its solution, without being labelled. So, let’s state it: all attacks are connected to one thing, diversity.

 “Diversity + Proximity = War “

Surprisingly, the ministers committee already had solutions for terrorism. In such a little time, they could all agree, just like everything is part of a plan. Never politics are so fast nowadays but to reduce our liberties. Theresa proposes the following solutions:

  • Freedom of speech on internet must be controlled. Hate preachers must be controlled and stopped. But what is hate? Who are they? Is this blog considered to be hate speech?
  • More diversity: people have to unite, to mix. So that there won’t be any difference and we will all stand with one culture. In other words, what she proposes as a solution for the white genocide is more white genocide.
  • More power to police to counter attack terrorism – yet who are the terrorists? What is terrorism? Without proper definition, we can assume that this is everything that is not in line with the public order as imposed by the government. Hence, the counter terrorism proposed is not about taking measures against diversity and Islam, but rather to force people to mix, and to put in jail anyone who disagrees. Most probably this blog falls under this category.

Let me state the concrete options available to recover our lands, stop terrorism and become wealthier:

  • Voluntary or forced departure of 90% of all non-European immigrants;
  • Interdiction of Islam or heavy tax on non-Christian faith;
  • European nationalities based on blood. The others can be residents, but never citizens and hence will never have decision power;
  • Non-European get an extra income tax, their ancestor didn’t benefit to our greatness.
  • Re-introduction of white European music, movies and culture;
  • Interdiction of multiracial sex and relationships in movies, music, etc.;
  • Introduction of new Christianity, coupled with a national and ethno-centric education;
  • Interdiction of abortion in exception with extreme cases (rape, baby’s health, mother’s health, no longer than 8 week embryo);
  • Stop all military interventions in any country around the world;
  • Stop all foreign aids to other countries (including humanitarian or transfer of technology);
  • Provide military training to all European native;
  • Let citizens have guns and have the right of self-presevation;
  • Remove feminism from society. Let the markets regulates – only punish rape and violence;
  • Tough policies on drugs and alcohol;
  • Promote racial homogeneity, and family values;
  • Fire and send to jail all politicians supporting non-European immigration, gay rights and feminism.
  • Expensive visa for foreigners
  • High taxes on ANY product coming from countries not sharing our values (China, India, Saudia Arabia (including oil)).

If we start with 20% of this, I can tell that we’ll already have big changes.

Brothers, stand still, and keep pushing.

The true tragedy behind the #ManchesterAttack

What I came to realize during these last attacks is that absolutely no-one was surprised by it. For sure none on the side of the AltRight/AltWhite/AltWest/AltLight spectrum, but neither were the cucks nor the left. I was not even surprised that the left was not surprised. And that is the tragedy.


Terrorists attacks have been widely accepted as the new reality, even by our degenerated lefties. The french prime minister told his people to live with it, and so did a British news anchor. And this is where the left stands now: living at war is normal. We create solidarity through destruction instead of creation.

At this point, it is pretty clear: the lines are drawn. Pretty much everyone has his/her ideology and now sticks with it; there is little convincing left to do.

There is a small battle now for the AltLight. The momentum towards critical thinking and finding a solution instead of common ground might bring some to the true AltRight. You can turn the problem the way you want but the solution remains the same: a racially/ethnically homogeneous society with strong borders. In order terms, let’s make Europe and USA like Israel, and that will be perfect. Sadly, factually or hopefully, only the AltRight has an answer, where the altLight is just the new form of centrism.

And concerning the left, going from a defense stand to an offense stand is becoming a must (except for physical aggression). Any actions from shitposting to actual cyber attacks will dismantle their institution and demoralize them. Every white man embracing his identity has to shame the left for who they are. Stand up, speak your mind, go on the offense. Being labelled “racist” or “white supremacist” has absolutely no meaning after being ripped apart by a bomb.


In the last two weeks Muslims attacks have been seen all over the west. Of course, mainstream media didn’t comment most of the incidents.


Two weeks ago, Turkish had to vote for giving more power to Erdogan. According to Belgian authorities, the “surprising” number of 77% of Turkish residents in Belgium (naturalized Belgians) voted for him. Even more surprising when you know that each of them vote for the left in Belgium hence defending: less army, more immigration, more social cares, less nationalism, etc. Hypocrisy? I would call that a stab in the back. But isn’t it the new European daily life?

Well, actually the second stab has been made by the so-called French artist Combo (as seen on the photo…). The municipality of Paris graciously pays 17.000 EUR/year low end artists to paint a wall. I guess that for this time only,  a wall is good. The artist is obviously an Arab/Muslim. He painted Jeanne d’Arc holding a flag with the French value and the sentences

“France to the French people”

“French women to African men”

Later on French nationalist came to tag this abvious racist painting. And the media were up to the task for pointing out the French racism. Apparently, “French women for French”  is racist, but French women to African is not. Nevermind that Arabs forbid their women to hook up with males outside of their race. This is a clear call for white genocide. An other prodige of the left idiocy. What should we do with this artist? I let you choose the sentence.

And finally, yesterday, the icing on the cake with another terrorist attack. It didn’t last 3-4 weeks to get another Muslim attack in France. Look at this well groomed typical French day:


The good Muslim fallacy

Too often I hear the argument “What about the Good Muslim?”. Having grown up in Belgium, I personally know a lot of Muslims and I keep a friendly relation with all of them. The ones I know have jobs, they are not violent nor rapists.  These are the Muslims every lefty would point at as an example of a successful integration.


But what make a nation a nation? What makes its identity? Why Bavarians, Prussians and Sarrians consider themselves German? They use to lived in distinct countries. The same can be asked about French, British and many other Nations. And the most common answer will be “The Language”. Which gives part of the answer but not entirely as there are many counter-examples. What gives an national identity is the history people lived together: the battles fought, the infrastructure built together, the shared rituals, the fairy tales told to children, etc. History build the culture that unite people.

Nonetheless, my Muslims friends (or blacks, or Indians,etc.) do not share any of my roots. Quite the contrary. Don’t believe me? Our point of view diverge immediately when we go on historical topics such as crusades, colonization, slavery, who invented what (ask them about flight, urban planning or running water). Beside apparent difference, history and culture draw a line that is unbreakable and that prevent any real deep connection to be built. Worse, any argument would result in a fight that would break our relationship. Hence, silence is the guardian of our superficial friendship. Sad but true.

Accepting their view of history and culture is not integration, it is submission.

You would say “but why not considerate their opinion? Don’t be harsh!”. Of course this would be easy. We could simply take the guilt on us as the leftists do. But what about them acknowledging the greatness of our civilization and the value of Christian? What about them respecting our community, our unity? What about them apologizing for the past and the present? What about them saying “thank you, you are the only ones in this world who give us freely what belongs to you without asking anything in return. You are the only one who truly believe in humanity”?

It is important to realize that giving to them is only possible as long as resources are abundant. As long as banks and governments print money, it is possible to take on us and keep the peace. Yet, one day, it will be over – and sooner than we think considering the western debts. The day a serious economical crash or a war will occur, those division who seemed small and irrelevant will become unsolvable. People will point the finger at each others, but it will be too late.

Sweden: the end of an argument.

The event that happened recently in Sweden surprised me in a way… it was a surprise to many people. Anyone with a sound mind saw this coming. It is not big news, it is now part of the usual Western European life. I wouldn’t be surprise seeing these types of events elsewhere in countries like Lithuania or Slovakia and I wonder if they will still consider Putin as enemy number one.

So if I saw this event coming miles away why is it worth covering it here?


Because commies, socialists, liberals and libertarians ran for decades with the argument “it is payback/blow-back for American and European imperialism”. And it is the end of it. Sweden has been the model of non-interventionism and neutrality for decades. Sweden barely had any colonies. Sweden was a prosperous country that ruined itself by giving away it’s wealth, freedom and genetic background. The argument of the “religion of peace” or “peaceful race” is OVER. If this teaches us one thing:


And here is a big thank you for all our SJWs friends for their cynical jokes: