The true emancipation

Emancipation of women is supposed to represent the best accomplishment of western civilization… But it makes me wonder.

We all now know that emancipated women – left or right – do not understand its true meaning. Women think that having a right to speak out – share their opinion – is their right, and hence they think that their words have value per se. Emancipation means that whatever a woman says should be listened to, especially if she is pregnant, sick or in a situation of so called distress. If she wants to work, so be it. If she wants refugees, so be it. If she wants free health care, so be it. If she wants divorce, so be it.

Yet, this makes me nauseous at multiple levels.

As a rational person, I can’t agree that an opinion equals reason, not more that it should equal truth. Truth is not relative. And even if we all have different filters of the reality, abstractly, only one truth exists.

As a Christian, the reflection goes a little bit deeper.

1) The Bible states that faith to God is a circumcision that is not physical, but spiritual.

2) God gave us free will, but he encourages us to follow the Messiah: Christ.

3) Jesus went to the desert and was tempted. Temptation makes us follow our instinct and emotions before our reasons. Jesus chose to follow the truth until his death, which he was aware of. He chose to suffer to be an example for every Christian – the followers of Jesus Christ.

So, from a Christian perspective, it seems to me than emancipation is not the one lifting our reason to follow our instinct, but on the opposite: to balance our emotions and to follow the reason. And that reason for a Christian is the truth. It is privileging the light over the darkness, building instead of destroying, giving instead of using.

True emancipation, therefore, is a manly concept. The true emancipation of a man comes when he leaves his sexual desires and emotions to focus on something bigger. The true emancipation is not the one that happens by law, but the one that happens in the heart of a man when he chooses to follow the truth instead of what he desires.

True emancipation is freewill, the ability to choose between what is easy and hard, between what is good and bad. So, women emancipation is not an emancipation, but on the contrary a very concrete enslavement of men and women, both physically and spiritually.

Jesus tells us something interesting

This is a simple story that I want to share with you.

I have nothing against Jews as a whole and this blog doesn’t support nor propagate hate. Only order, norms and justice. On the contrary, we need Jews to help Christians, today.

We, as the creation of god, must understand what Jesus told us. In the Bible (Jean 8, the truth comes from god):

And Jesus told the Jews: “you do not worship god, you do not believe. For those who believe they can’t lie. And you lie. Therefore you worship the god of lies, the evil”.

Then the Jews split between Christians and between Jews of today.

A honest discussion with an SJW

SJW, Liberals, libtards… name them like you want: Those who pretend to be seeking the best for all. Every time I hear their nonsense I just can’t stand away from an argument with them – my apologies to Voxday. So, let me walk you through some of the highlights of the discussion I had with one of them recently.


She is a young lady, 20 years old, feminist and a student in economics. She attends a great school, leveled to Harvard or MIT. Our conversation started over the subjects of drugs and gun control. I took her through the concept of equilibrium in societies and explained her how for the first time in recorded history, society now privileges laws over morality. In a nutshell, I said that societies mostly stand on morality to prevent wrong behaviors, where laws are only coercive and repressive. As a society is lowering its moral standards, the need for more laws (repression) grows. Likewise, uncivilivized behaviors can be controlled through severe repression (i.e. Islam). In any case, the only way to develop a society is to have the highest amount of behaviors aligned with the common good. Morality is necessary to develop and maintain a civilized society. And morality is also a question of intelligence – monkeys don’t appear to have morality.


Hence, where a civilized white christian society could make guns and drugs available to everyone, it would be a total disaster to do the same in Turkey, Morroco, Saudi Arabia, India, etc. As I explained: if you don’t train your dog well enough and you remove the leash, do not expect him to behave correctly. The same goes for human: “social liberalism” is only achievable if population is 1) smart enough for it and 2) if this society has enough morality to support it. Surprisingly, our opinion didn’t differ on this.

Later on we finally came to the same conclusion that a homogeneous society is required to maintain stability. Then, she moved on and told me that this is why we require a homogeneous world with a single culture, language, and power to control us. As people won’t comply to this, it is required to have a strong government that pushes people to do it, against their will.

Inevitably, we moved to the racial issue. I asked her who would then replace us in the future. And the answer was that blacks, arabs or asians will simply replace us, and that is not even an issue. I couldn’t stop myself and asked if we could rather make Africa white instead of making Europe black. Yet, that apparently was not an option, since it would be considered racist.

So out of this discussion, I isolated the 3 pillars of so called liberals and social justice warriors:

1. Abolish cultures, nations and human diversity and replace it by a single world society.

2. Have elites and a central government to rule these people. Abolish individual freedom.

3. Ensure that human blood is mixed and that white people disappears.

Remember, she learned all of this in one of these big schools. And of course they are naive enough to picture themselves as the rulers…

Video footage of actual White Sharia

Surfing on the web I came across video footage of Berlin in colour in 1900. I couldn’t help but notice tons of difference in the details between Berlin of 1900 and any city today in the West.

The first thing that struck me: “THIS IS WHITE SHARIA AT WORK”!

Ok, funny, but more seriously:

  1. Look at the posture of men and the way they walk. Confident, calm, energetic, optimistic… And this is the case for all men. Maybe they all had the copy of the book “The game” of Neil Strauss, but for some reason I really doubt that.
  2. Second, women look good, beautiful and without being bitchy. And I don’t see any sign of oppression whatsoever. They look quiet good, healthy and satisfied. It should come as a surprise to any libtards that women’s happiness is on the decline despite the fall of the evil patriarchy.

And a few other points worth mentioning:

  1. The architecture is splendid. I can’t even imagine how pleasant it must be to walk down those streets. It seems to me that White Christian men haven’t got any match so far concerning architecture… Or just am I too proud of our achievements.
  2. Despite having automation at a much much lower levels than today, they had quiet a number of men in non-productive jobs. 1.2 % of the population was in the army, compared to today 0.07 % (for Germany). You can see super clean streets, guard of the Kaiser etc.
  3. Whites do the “dirty jobs”. There is a myth that there are some jobs that would not be taken by whites because it is either too hard or not well paid. This is completely untrue and this footage proves it. And even more today, considering automation and modern tools.

So, yeah this is the society we should aim at, and not that one full of faggots and degenerates that believe in equal shit for everyone.

The problem with Alt-Right alpha males

The PUA (pickup artists) community is one of the  gate of the alt-right. Probably because most bloggers, such as The chateau, VoxDay and others treat alt-right issues such as race and women. A few years ago, I was introduced to the PUA community. I read the book “The game” from Neil Strauss and started my journey. From events to events, clubs to clubs, my focus was on opening and talking to many women. My personal goal was not to sleep with the highest number of women, but it would be lying to say that what I did was right.


Hence, let’s face it, I was just a hypocrite to myself. Unfortunately I was following the mainstream agenda whilst thinking I was red pill. I thought I understood women and I thought I found a solution to my issues and society issues. I couldn’t be more wrong.

The principle of pump and dump ,”relationship free life” are prints of Cultural Marxism. While thinking I was alt-right, anti-Islam, both of feets were in the leftist agenda. Having many girls is surely fun, but it is foremost a contribution to the destruction of Western Civilization. Indeed, both men and women suffer greatly from these short term adventures. Women lose their femininity and their aptitude to love, while guys lose the love for women, seeing them as toys and trophies. Not counting the invested time with fake friends. Love, family become old fashioned child dreams; it is not just by chance that most PUA’s remain single and do not make children, nor have a stable family. In addition, through repetitive pain, women accept the myth that all white men are useless bastards, that family is not needed, and finally they become bitchier and bitchier. Ask yourself: how good is it to be altRight, conservative, but to play the cultural Marxist agenda? Look at these pictures, and tell me exactly how we will protect the western civilization from its replacement?


Second, the PUA’s community tells you – at subconscious level – that you are not good enough to get a good and hot women. It tells you about the myth of the alpha male. For instance, Chateau explains how alpha males get a woman to cook, do everything for them, never complain and simply succumb to his authority; forgetting her bitching nature. Beautiful. Yet, I haven’t met one self made man like that in a long – term relationship that I would describe as a model for society – EVER (that includes ZFG Alpha males who can get basically any girl). It means that reality is not as they describe it. In real life, all of us are products of 1) our biology (beauty, intelligence, emotions, etc.) and 2) the environment in which we grew and now live. So, we have little to no control over our real SMV (sexual market value), but also on our instinctive behaviors. Sure, we can increase the likelihood of meeting a good mate, and fine tune ourselves, but that’s barely it. And to do this, you don’t need to be a PUA.

So, what is an alpha for women? It is no rocket science, and all men and women know if a man can or not have sexual success. It is simply a fun guy who fits the mainstream standards. In 1940, it was the SS officer, yesterday, it was the quarterback, and today it is a Latino or an Arab. Standards just reflect what women see through Facebook, TV, music clip. Therefore, you won’t become these if you are not born like that – it is that simple. Besides, is that what a man is: adapt yourself to women’s will, have no confidence in who you are and keep trying to change? Let’s be honest, 99.9% of white males who are no “alpha” according to society standards and won’t be. It is like that.

So, the problem with the so called altRight gamer alpha males is that they make them build an illusion about themselves, their environment and the world. Their friends are superficials. Their girls are no wife. And time spent never comes back. Being a gamer is not constructive. It doesn’t make you any better at all. It barely shows you what you can already do. You are not proving anything but that you lack self confidence, moral values and determination in life.

So, what do we recommend? Be yourself and focus on what you can do. Do not focus your life on women and do not evaluate your value using the women you are with. It doesn’t matter if you have many women or not because in the end you only need one. Drink less, party less, and work more. Spend time on doing what you want, or figuring it out. And concerning women, just be a man; stand for your ideas, for your tribe and make yourself respected. You do not have to use any tricks to get a good girl, nor to lie to her and even less to change your ideas. Just be yourself and believe in what you believe. Society needs good men who build and defend moral principles as well as they build a stable family. Don’t even aim to be a father, aim to be a Grand father, because your job ends when you have grand children, meaning that you properly raised your own children. Remember that if all white males stand up against the old system, women will align and come back to us, without any game. And PUA’s will just become social rejects.

I am Saint-Petersburg

On April 3rd 2016, the world experienced again a sad event. Yesterday, I almost lost one of the most precious person I know. The religion of peace has struck once again, delivering its message of hope and love to the world. It is also 11 Russians who are know heading towards the gate of heaven for their sacrifice in the name of Allah.

As already said before, the blame cannot be exclusively put on religion, but in a sound

Masood driving licence picture
combination of genetics and religion. Last 22nd of March, London thundered under the anger of Muhammad’s sons. As TheGuardian states it “he didn’t have any extremist tendencies”. Satirically, this blog is considered as extremist and not this man.
Not even a day later, it was the turn of Belgium, to face once again another gift from the religion of peace. This time, the newspapers won’t release any picture of the Muslim suspect. We all know that putting the dust under the carpet works, right?

But today, it is neither Belgium, nor France, nor London, but Russia who is affected. I went there, and I was taking the exact same subway. Today, one of my friend was walking there and had to take the metro through these stations. Thankfully, she was delayed. Just like I delayed my trip the day I was in Brussels and the terror attack blew up the subway.

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Russians are Christians Orthodox. The end of the communism actually resonated as a sign to go back to conservatism and religion. Russians are good people, but if there is one thing that they truly hate, it is the European cultural Marxism. They don’t like gays, they hate feminists. White Russians (including women) do not like Arabs and Blacks, even if they tolerate them to live as an ultra minority. Many Russians value pure White blood and have a fascination for the old Europe. They have a cultural and racial mix like no other country – let’s remember Russia is a Federation. They have the biggest minority of Muslims and have had problems with them for ages.

But let’s be clear. Russia has no social security system and doesn’t like giving privileges to monkeys. The power remains mostly concentrated in the ends of few, for the good of everyone. They are nice people, but if you piss them off, they will come after you. It is like playing with a tiger. Russia doesn’t joke about the life of its citizen, even if it might sometimes look the other way around. Russians are very patriotic and believe in their elected president – do not listen to a couple of isolated cases who came to Europe and USA, they wouldn’t be respected by Russians themselves if they would talk against their country (that’s treason). True Russians love Russia.

Now, let’s watch how Putin will react to these attacks. I am pretty sure the flags of diversity and tolerance will not be hanging very high. Let’s watch and take notes on how to deal properly with monkeys.

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A peaceful new year's eve?

The day after new year’s eve I was surprised that nothing seemed to have happened with Muslims in Europe. Politicians, medias and leftists were congratulating themselves for the final successful integration, and their efforts against the so-called terrorism.

Yet day after day the truth is getting  released:, …

In France only, over 1000 cars were burned by the religion of peace and their neo-monkeys followers. It is not the first time they do this. Remember that it happened right after Sarkozy told about ‘cleaning ghettos‘.

In Germany, thousands of men gathered together with the goal of perpetrating more rapes on white women. After all, white women have always been sexual slaves for them.

All of this was done, despite the countless security measures undertake by europeans governments across Europe. Imagine if it wasn’t the case….

Guys, it is high time we – white people – wake ourselves up. You might think we must fight for women’s sexual freedom. But no, we don’t. We fight for the restoration of our civilization, the end of cultural Marxism. We fight for our children, so that they will have a stable family and the prospect of a bright future. We fight for our daughters so that they will find a descent husband and not a degenerated pussy, and for our sons to find a beautiful and chaste spouse and not an ugly slut (aka feminist).

We fight for our freedom, our lands, our religion, our families, our ancestors and our future. Wake up!

Church and delta male

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The absence of real leaders combined with a castrating feminism and a loss of traditions have slowly but surely degraded  males who build and sustain a family. By removing traditions, we removed concepts such as respect, self control, and virginity (I agree some should keep it for their life – Obama don’t feel offended).

The absence of moral values lead to little but constant micro conflicts between men and women, women and women, men and men. These conflicts are exhausting and create frustrated, sad people.

Yet, church was not allowing this. With the church, you could always meet a nice girl, and have nice friends. You would always be included, never rejected. You would never be laughed at. You would be safe and respected, and for most of the people it was great. When you feel included, when you can have a family, you are very unlikely to finish isolated, depressed or frustrated. Besides the church also (kind of)  socially forbid divorce – family first!

Well, by doing so the church was actually sustaining a constant flow of respectable men and women. A constant flow of great men and of great women.

Lindsay, why do you do that?

When a society misses true kings to set the frame, all doors are open for any direction. Through natural selection, of course these doors shall close themselves one days, but certainly not after its part of suffering.

Lately, our beautiful Lindsay Lohan is thinking about converting to Islam. As in the following video, people are shocked. They think that the only argument against Muslims is the position of women – HAHA. But the question that comes to my mind is : Do women (and especially r selected women like Lindsay) seriously care about how the way they are treated? NO! They want security, the want a frame, that’s all.  Put it simpler, and lighter, the absence of real direction reveals a lack of strength to face the future, and therefore a lack of security. And women go to Muslims to run away from a Gamma/Lambda white demoralized society .

I like this video, because it shows that women do not give a damn about culture, traditions, but also it shows that putting them on a pedestal is not an argument. We, European White Men, have the choice of setting the rules. Women will not stop us. We say what is good, we say what is bad. It doesn’t mean we don’t respect them. Respecting a women is treating her like a women: bang her crazy, put her in place, show direction, provide experience, embrace her, provide her, and kick any ass in between.

Women seek security. Their hypergamic nature is only a natural translation of their need for security. In some K societies, status would take the prime. In others, more r selected, the game might be more important. And what game is it when you set up the frame, offer a full society with rules, traditions and clear gender roles? Well, it used to be the Christian game, and today it is the Muslim game. Insanely, desperately, but true.

We do not want to act frustrated and say that we reject Muslims or whatever other group because they mistreat women and gays. We rather acknowledge our true identity of White European Male. We are proud of it. We are proud of our achievements, of our wars, of our victories. It is a question of pride, of genes, of culture, of science… but also of beauty.

That is why we reject your argument Lindsay. We don’t care how they will treat you.

No matter what, you say it loud “please get us out of these gammas and lambdas”, “please White European Men, set the frame and be the men you used to be”.

The prince and the king

The same way women have been raised to be hypergamic princesses, white men have been risen to be their prince.

Image result for king court

Unlike the propaganda for women to be a princess, society tells the man to behave like a prince. Of course, this has major impact on the stability of couples and families.

A prince is high social status man of which all women are supposed to dream of. He constantly competes with other princes in hope of being the one selected. The prince is a victim of the frame of society; he does not have the power.

Being a king is different. He rules, he sets the frame. He decides what is good and what is bad. He decides who is good and who is bad. In the court, clowns amuse him, women lower before him, men knee before him. People ask for his help, and he decides what you do. He has the power.

The difference between a tyrant and a true king therefore resides in the use of his power: would you use your power for the good of everyone, or for your own satisfaction?

And all women would agree that they want a strong, fair, respected, loved, admired, loving king. They do not look for a prince who complies, they look for a king who drives.

Can anyone be a king? Yes. Why? Simply because you do not need to have the authority to be a modern king. You need to be the one who sets the frame, who’s confident enough  to laugh at other’s joke, who’s respected, strong, who can fight hard, but also loves hard. You can decide what is good, and what is bad.

And surprisingly, what is the best example of a society promoting these values? The Christian civilization.