What you need to know about nazis

Nazis are all over the news today, they are everywhere except in pictures and in actual real life. I have attended a few Alt-Right meeting, I talked to hundreds of people in my life (enough to know their political position) and I have never met one in person who describe himself as a nazi or heard of anyone who actually met a nazi. Yet a mainstream news paper like the Independent is telling that 9% of Americans are actually Nazis. And yet, open up their source and it is quiet obvious that their claims are complete rubbish. The fact they have to actually lie about it shows that Nazis are just like the new iphone: Pushing for an artificial problem and then offering scapegoat.


Indeed, just like the next generation iPhone, the demand in the news for Nazis did not exist. It had to be fabricated. There is a need for a bogey man, people to reject the fault on. The media need to give credibility to the Nazi label in order to be able to use it. And it works, both the AltLite and the Left are constantly bashing an almost non-existent ideology. This is why they did it.

And instead for looking for actual nazis, they labelled anyone who disagree with their globalist-Marxist agenda Nazi. An agenda that has caused a lot more damage and far more lives even by official WW II numbers. Their polls are completely bias and ask very subjective questions. They could instead ask question about the true Nazi ideology or even ask people if they describe themselves as Nazis. National-Socialism is a very specific ideology. It is not taught is schools nor universities. So someone will not become national socialist by mistake, that person knows what he is doing, no matter how strong you disagree with him. Therefore the polls questions can be straight forward.

The conclusion is that National Socialism is just as relevant as the people calling back the rise of a New Napoleon. If you are an intellectual have at least half a brain, you don’t waste your time on a dead ideology.

The truth behind the post trump riots

Last week has seen both the uprising of democracy and kinder-garden fascism. Trump demonstrated that with less money, but alpha male qualities and moral values, you stand a chance against tyranny.Afficher l'image d'origine

And tyranny, these leftists kids know a lot about that! They couldn’t stop themselves from starting riots in the streets… to protest against and for democracy at the same time. Funny right? Or consterning, my feelings are mixed. In a way, these useful idiots are the kind of funny cute, the kind you wanna slap just to hear them crying, then give them some sugar (they are mostly vegan, but they love sugar, like my dog).

The most surprising is to discover unsurprisingly the endorsement and sponsoring of George Soros, the same pig face who financed Hitlary. It seems that he was not happy with the results, and neither Hilary. The school class is in big trouble, the big smart guy won, and the Gamma’s are pissed off.

George Soros is a bad man. After being involved in Balkans war, Ukrainian revolution, and many others, he is now sponsoring the riots through funding http://front.moveon.org/.

As you see on the front page, this movement calls for a revolution in America to despot Trump, and update the law. Their saying: “constitution should be updated to elect through the popular vote”.

Well I don’t think these scumbags would fight the same if Hitlary was elected. Hypocrisy, lies, and hate. Funny that they promote hate fighting and democracy… through hate and violence.

Dear leftist, be ready, the war is only starting, and you will lose.