Feminist behavior in action

Credit to “Le Chateau” for this article.

White Feminist got hit by reality, here is the story




As Chateau told us, probably the black man pushed too far.

But what is interesting is what is went on in her head. She hates whites obviously, so she could just have chosen to keep her month shut. But this feminist apparently hates men more than she hates white people. Therefore her hatred for men took over her white guilt and she got the occasion to show it to the World.

What is even more interesting is that a feminist (aka advocating for “gender equality”) will not assume what she has done (like a man). Nope, she doesn’t and will not accept anything  that could infringe her image. Here is her final answer:


At least we didn’t have to tell her to go to her room…

Belgium set on fire by Moroccans

Yesterday was the football match between Morocco and Ivory Coast. In Belgium, France and other countries, the new Belgians and French started to celebrate their victory… in their way. This is what is looks like:

That is diversity in action. You see, the problem is that these people take all the space. They invade literally everything, take everything. Honestly, would you go there with your girlfriend? Would you let your children out there? Would you maybe decide to baptize your baby around them? That is not quite as in the movies right?

Here below a comment from a “Belgian Moroccan”, in French:

Translation: “Dear Sir,

I was that night with my 3 children and my wife in the center. The young (Moroccans) were partying in peace on and in front of the stairs of the “Bourse”. The police that was around then deliberately decided to move forward to the crowd. I do not approve the reactions of some young that didn’t find any better to throw objects at the police.

My question is therefore the following, why not let them partying or simply say at the microphone to leave instead of attacking them.

This is how we stigmatize again a community.

Yours sincerely.”

So, yes according to them, Belgian police is racist. Some young peaceful Belgians were just thinking that Morocco is their home country. They felt so patriotic that they wanted to celebrate it. What’s wrong with patriotism? What’s wrong with the police, oppressing these poor Belgians while they celebrate their patriotism for Morocco?

With much less humor, according to Belgian newspapers, there were about 22 police officers injured. That is how a peaceful celebration looks like for Moroccans. Anyway, the racist Belgian police arrested none of them… probably because they were already racist enough!

How much will it take for Belgian and French to realize that they are at war. Their enemy is this massive immigration, their own government, their administrations, and all the ones who still welcome these monkeys. They have to realize that their countries are great nations. And as great people they have a duty to the world. In particular to their ancestors and their children.

Belgians, French, get up and fight. Your country needs you. You are at war, and war knows no rules. You do not have to respect the law anymore, just like your enemy doesn’t. Fight back. You have to protect what is yours and take back your country. Only then you can restore law and order. But before this, do whatever it takes.

Crime and immigration

We are told crime and immigration have nothing to do with one another. We are told race is completely unrelated, and that crime is some sort of social construct. But then how could it be that crime has never been such an issue up until recently?

WhatsApp Image 2017-08-30 at 17.20.18

To answer this question, I have gathered some data from Interpol in Europe. Analysed every single person researched, and reached the astonishing fact that about 80% of people under international mandate in Europe do not have nor share European blood.

Some may say “well guys that’s too easy! You talk about international mandate, so all normal, just chill out”. Then sorry to bring up to you, but according to studies exposed by Stefan Molyneux, there are about 70-80% of non European blood criminals in our jail. Maybe that’s just a coincidence?

These graphs highlight 2 important issues:

  1. Muslims commit more crimes,
  2. Race (as underlined by Stefan) plays a role in crime.

Stefan then looked into the data and found that there is a correlation of 0.85 between divorce rate and crime, while Muslims have a very low rate of divorce. This means that in a conservative white society, the amount of crimes should actually be very low (or else there wouldn’t be any correlation). On top of this, studies show that the relationship between crime and poverty cannot be highlighted (correlation of 0.5 only). Finally, intelligence is highly correlated to crime.

So, in practice, what conclusions can we take from these data?

  1. Race matters, and the more immigrants will be in the West, the more crimes there will be, and the more coercive measure are going to be needed (Like Islam is prescribing).
  2. Fathers matter: divorce is bad for children and leads to more crime in the society. Since about 90% are initiated by women under the “Feminist umbrella”, this means that feminism leads ineluctably to crime and violence.

The answer? Simple : Racial homogeneity, conservatism, and Christianity.

A peaceful new year's eve?

The day after new year’s eve I was surprised that nothing seemed to have happened with Muslims in Europe. Politicians, medias and leftists were congratulating themselves for the final successful integration, and their efforts against the so-called terrorism.

Yet day after day the truth is getting  released:

newobserveronline.combreitbart.comtelegraph.co.uktelegraph.co.uk/franceyoutube/paris, …

In France only, over 1000 cars were burned by the religion of peace and their neo-monkeys followers. It is not the first time they do this. Remember that it happened right after Sarkozy told about ‘cleaning ghettos‘.

In Germany, thousands of men gathered together with the goal of perpetrating more rapes on white women. After all, white women have always been sexual slaves for them.

All of this was done, despite the countless security measures undertake by europeans governments across Europe. Imagine if it wasn’t the case….

Guys, it is high time we – white people – wake ourselves up. You might think we must fight for women’s sexual freedom. But no, we don’t. We fight for the restoration of our civilization, the end of cultural Marxism. We fight for our children, so that they will have a stable family and the prospect of a bright future. We fight for our daughters so that they will find a descent husband and not a degenerated pussy, and for our sons to find a beautiful and chaste spouse and not an ugly slut (aka feminist).

We fight for our freedom, our lands, our religion, our families, our ancestors and our future. Wake up!

Dominant genes vs natural selection

I often hear that blacks and Arabs have dominant genes. The common assumption made by Mudsharks and Camelfuckers is that their genes are stronger, superior to those of white people, hypocritically covering their abnormal sexual affinities.

Dominance in biology means that a gene overrun another statistically. Just like putting shit on you makes you very likely to smell like shit, mixing with blacks or Arabs makes white people like them (physically and personality wise – due to genetic impact of brain constitution). But does it mean that the result is more adapted from a natural selection point of view?

To find the answer, I refer to the past. Between 50000 and 25000 years ago the Homo Sapiens came in Europe and mixed with the Neanderthal. The homo sapiens was 100% black, as Africans are today. Nonetheless, Europeans are white, and if Camelfuckers hadn’t mixed them throughout extensive conquest and women slavery/rape, they would still be white from the north to the south, and the west to east.

What does it tell us exactly? It tells us that naturally, the white color and white European biological constitution emerged as the only evolution, disqualifying black color and African customs. This also draws a line between statistics and evolution.

Genes transmission are statistical while evolution is selective. Anyone can reproduce, but the most adapted survives, and that is a big difference.

Not all muslmims are suicide bombers! 

“Not all Muslims are terrorist!”

Thank you Einstein for the memo.
SJW and Muslmims are constantly bashing us with this phrase along with their #thisisnotaboutislam or #islamisareligionofpeace and so on…
“Not all Muslim are terrorist” is just a reframe SJW uses in order to run away from the intellectual debate. It is a rethoric,  it has no substance or basis.  No one ever suggested an “All Muslims are terrorist”. This is of course an untrue statement,  but by saying the opposite SJW are hoping to get away with this.  Knowing that no one has a clear answer against this.  (because it doesn’t make any sense in the first place).
While we are still waiting for Christians or Buddhist modern mass killing to occur,  a clear question can come out of the above statement.  How much percentage of muslims are actually terrorist? How many actively support them and how many choose to close their eyes on reality?
According to some polls 28% of all Muslims do not opposed violence against what they call “enemy of Islam” which in practical terms means “everyone who is not Muslim”.

Other polls shows that most of Muslims in Europe support ISIS.  And nearly all Muslims between the  age of 18 to 24 years old (the most relevant ones).
And I would also like to ask to all SJW,  where are all the Muslim standing against violence? Where their protest? If Islam is a religion of peace. Where the hell are the peaceful Muslims???
Well they won’t find any because  SJW always lie, lying is their intellectual foundation,  violence is their tool.

Islam is not a religion of peace,  and 1400 years of recorded history are backing this statement.  And this is all there is to acknowledge.

Sharia law in Europe

Sharia law is the application of the Coran as a law above the state. The Sharia is getting more and more implemented in Europe. Europeans thSharia law in Europeink that their law is above Sharia and indestructible. They believe that somehow, the text written by their ancestors – even if probably half are simply intellectual garbage – will persist. Europeans do not understand that people make societies. In 40 years, there will be more Muslims than Europeans native in Europe, and this implies that Muslims claim will be democratically implemented. Should it be Sharia, it will!

One could reply “yeah, but maybe they will calm down”. To this, I would reply “why would they? They have not for 1300 years, and their ambitions are revealed a bit more everyday!”. Of course, a frog cooked slowly doesn’t feel her death – but do we want to be frogs?

In UK: at least 80 Sharia court or council have been identified (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2VkIu8TL_I)

In Belgium: the association “Sharia4belgium” has open a court in Antwerpen in 2011 (https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/2425/belgium-islamic-sharia-law-court) and is very active even making local milice in Brussels

In Holland: the association “Sharia4holland” made clear death threats to non believers (especially leaders against Muslim immigration, and does not hide its speech (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZpYUMTr9KU)

In France: persistent revendication to implement Sharia in France. DespiAfficher l'image d'originete evidence of Sharia in France, it is hard to find texts on internet. The state bans most of the content that would describe the reality in France (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ze-kmg8moRQ)

In Germany: even after the second generations, Muslim refuse the German law and values. Integration classes have been implemented, yet having no effect, as in this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zjy-_H8A148). It is important to note, at 4m30 sec, that an Albanian Muslim clearly states that “having sex with European women is Ok, but not with a Muslim women – or violence should be used” – as in Sharia.

For a full view of Sharia law, watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lYHGDBC19qo

Islam, slavery and genocide

For 1300 years, the Christian western civilization has been defending against Islamic invasions. Dozens of millions of Europeans, but also Africans (about 27 millions of them) have been enslaved or raped to sustain the Islamic system. European men were castrated and enslaved while women were taken away in harem, used for reproductive purpose.

Islam, initially lead by a military leader, is a religion of expansion. It has been created to organize societies around a common goal of conquest. A Muslim civilization needs violence, and we will demonstrate here why.

In order to support its expansion, Islam has been founded on 3 pillars: patriarchy, polygamy and slavery. A patriarchal polygamy allows a man to choose multiple women. In nature, there are 110 men for 100 women in average. This implies that there are always more men in age of reproduction than women. If every man wants at least 2 women, there should be at least twice more women than men. Where do these women then come from?

There is only one solution: genocide, war and conquest. Through wars, Muslims ensure a constant decrease of men available for reproduction. Women are captured and used for reproductive functions, while men are castrated, and enslaved – slaves shall not reproduce.

Islam requires a high fertility rate to expand. Without the possibility to take women from other communities, the sexual frustration of males resulting from polygamy (men can’t find a women), and the self degeneracy from inter-family breeding would lead to the collapse of their society (as we see today in most Muslim countries).

Also, Muslims can’t spread Islam, fight and produce the materials, goods and services required by the society. The slavery of men captured during invasions is therefore needed to sustain any, including modern, Muslim society. When you pay taxes so that they receive allowances, that’s it exactly. You are a Muslim slave.

Muslim societies must dissociate Muslims and non Muslims in order to justify its ideology. It must take its root in the bloodline, making it also racial somehow. The separation of believers and non believers is a an obligation. There is no integration, no compromise, only Allah. A non Muslim is a beast whose destiny is nothing but slavery or death.

Of course, Muslim will try to convince you of the opposite. It is of course a lie used to continue expanding their religion.

An Islam about peace is a lie that Muslims do to themselves and others to infiltrate and then conquer them. They need to invade other territories, take women and slaves. This is not peace. It was never about peace, and it will never be.

Your taxes are your slavery.

Race mixing is the way to take your woman.

Tolerance is the tool to keep you silent.