SJWs and the Africanization of Western history

The crazier the situation gets, the more propaganda is needed to keep the indigenous Europeans hypnotized. It is like drug addicts: the sicker the patient, the more drugs he needs. And in the latest crazy round of Anti-white propaganda, establishment pundits like the BBC are now rewriting history of Western civilization.


As the point of ridicule is now long gone. Some of those degenerates want to make us believe that pre-historic men in England were blacks. And it WORKS! Modern propaganda has hit a now low.

cheddar stupid.JPG

Debunking this is close to the point of being completely absurd. But it is an exercise that can be done to debunk common misconceptions the left (and the establishment media) use on a regular basis.

First of all: black skin, dark hair, dark eyes and slanting eyes relate to “dominant” alleles while white genes are usually recessive alleles. So the probability of a black population turning into white blue eyes redheads is close to be biologically impossible. Ironically the left believes Christians are stupid for following Jesus Christ’s teachings, but yet they believe in the biggest dogmas ever.

Second, even considering the theory of evolution (which is just a theory), Cheddar man was found to be 9000 year old. Considering the evolution time scale, 9000 years is ridiculously small. According to their own evolutionary theories, it took millions of years to mutate from one species to another. And between blacks and whites, there is more than skin color (which already involves roughly 400 of genes): brain size, bone structures, muscle tissues, hormonal balance, behaviors, vitamins synthesis, etc.

Third reason is to question the theory of evolution itself and the “out of Africa” myth. Considering the supposedly evolution from the ape to the man, how do we fill the “missing links”? We do not find any reptile with a gorilla face, apart from Hollywood soon maybe – most likely in “Black panther 2: the gorilla reptile”. More seriously, from species to species there are at least thousands of genes involved. Genes, contrary to popular believes do NOT change from one generation to an other. The crossing over of genes involves no more than 2 genes, usually results in genetic disease and happens extremely rarely (about once in every billion time). And besides the absurdly small probability of this happening, it has to happen on more than just 1 individual around the same period of time so that the mutation can be transferred to the population.

In fact, scientists used fruit flies which reproduce every 11 days over 60 years. They exposed these flies to radioactivity and diverse chemicals to foster DNA mutations. And they have not been able to come up with a new species nor race of fly. The flies had the same genetic code as their early ancestors. That is about 2000 generations. The human equivalent would be between 40.000 and 80.000 years.

It is worth reminding: “Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet”. Medias, government, social medias, big corporations and banks are held by the same people. They have special interests behind phony theories like the “out of Africa” ones. The only people you can fully trust are yourselves, your family and your community. Be rational, be critical, analyse correlations and always look for who benefits from a particular narrative.

Ukrainian beauty for sale

It didn’t take too long to the globalists to destroy Ukraine. White genocide is the priority, afterall.

They instantiated a fake war in the east, recruiting thousands of young Ukrainian men to the battlefield. Killing them, demoralizing them, and leaving the rear country defenseless.

Women stay alone and pray for their man to return… Or simply gargle their ego with occidental feminist dreams, sometimes selling their body to the first pornographer coming. Men fight, women betray, that is the cultural marxist agenda for Ukraine.

One of the last unconquered country at the door of Russia is Ukraine, and the land of these people shall remain neither Christian nor White. Because to their master, their lord is the false lord, it is no doubt local blood should also be replaced.

That is why Ukraine will now take some refugees. Europe took about 0 Ukrainian refugee; these having been taken were by chance, by mistake or for sex. The UNHCR says:

More than three years of conflict has left more than two million Ukrainians displaced from their homes. 480,000 others have sought asylum in neighboring countries. Many fled with barely anything and in search for safety.

The conflict has impacted some of the most vulnerable populations in Ukraine – of the estimated 1.6 million IDPs in Ukraine, 900,000 are over the age of 60.

Never heard about that in any newspapers in Europe… But Ukraine HAS to take refugees and get more diverse if it wants to enjoy the true democratic heaven of the EU and NATO.

Ukrainian men and women, we pray for you. Don’t let them in, beat them and keep your women safe. Because these women are your true treasure and the key to your future as Ukrainians.

Catalonia, the first domino?

I usually look at news with a very distant perspective. I came to realize that most of it is completely irrelevant. I see it as a tool that was designed to waste my time. But from time to time there are some things worth paying attention to.

Europe right now is a tinderbox ready to explode, just a few sparks and the fire can spread from Spain to Norway in no time. Europe is just facing the perfect storm: ethnic tension, social tensions, economic collapse, automation… you name it. The question is not about knowing if Europe will implode. But when and where?


90% of the Catalonians want independence from Spain. Whether for or against the independence of this region, the process is entirely democratic. I usually stand with independenctist movements and I do encourage the people of Catalonia to pursue their will. However, this movement does neither oppose immigration, multiculturalism nor the EU. So in the end, they stand for most most part as a bunch of useful idiots.

This week Madrid decided to send in the army to halt the will of the of the Catalonian people. And this is why I think the situation can turn out the be very interesting. First because it sends a clear signals to other part of Europe seeking for autonomy. But most importantly it sends a clear message to the average European that their countries and their super-government based in Brussels have little care about their opinion let alone their freedom and right to be represented.

If the fire starts in Catalonia, I don’t see why it wouldn’t spread outside of Spain. And in as such tensely politicized Europe, it can turn out to be pretty ugly.

Barcelone vs Charlottevilles… #DoubleStandards?

In a surprising turn of events, new muslim terror attacks happened once in Europe. Special thanks to immigration for bringing us such wonderful cultural enrichment. Without it, life would not be so much fun… Sounds ironic? Well the MSM still seem to take all of this seriously along with their followers.

Not surprisingly the media first asked the public to not jump into any premature conclusion. After all, who would do such a thing?

Well … in Charlottesville at least it appeared pretty sharp to judge quickly, didn’t it? In over less than an hour, everyone knew a white supremacist “neo-nazi” was the perpetrator. Even more surprisingly, even some self proclaimed conservatives seized this wonderful opportunity to blame people they call “Nazi”. It seems this was their belated Christmas gift. For how long did they wait for a “neo-nazi” to do something wrong after all? And the fact that the suspect was apparently a fierce leftist sponsored by Soros doesn’t ring a bell to anyone. And there is not event a single “neo-nazi” group claiming the attack and he didn’t have the support from anyone, even the real nazis who marched down with swastikas… Is it time to suggest that the MSM are suffering from double standards?

Anyway, love, understanding, tolerance and tons of cash did not stop the Barcelona attacks, thank you diversity! Even if we are not asking much during holidays, we can not just accept living in terror. And just like after any attack this question must be asked: When does it stop? When are the European people stop accepting all of this?

While leftist tend to put every opponent in the same bag labeling them as “racist”, “nazi” or “white supremacist” (Go figure than one out), the Right cannot accept the same behavior (Irony again? yeah right…). We (the Right) DO ACKNOWLEDGE that this event does not represent all Muslims or all Arabs… But is doesn’t change the fact we are still calling for imminent mass deportation of 99% of non-Whites out of Europe (Which represent 7% of habitable land on Earth). DIVERSITY + PROXIMITY = WAR. Always.

The upcoming WAR

Whether we hear about Russia, China, Western Europe or the middle-East, there is one subject everyone agrees on: “World War III is on its way, and it is not a distant future”. Where people disagree is on where and how this war will be fought and who could be the main actors. Usually people see the war in their ideal vision of the world:

  • Lefties and neo-conservatives want a war NATO vs Russia. Russia represents conservatism, economic freedom (at least in their opinion) and tolerance towards Christianity (which is for them the biggest threat to Civilization). Therefore they are the bad guys, they must be whipped off the map (no matter how suicidal this might sound).
  • Traditional conservatives want a classical war between Christians and Muslims.
  • Libertarians are still smoking pot.


I don’t want to sound pessimistic, but there is clearly a lack information for the moment in order to know when, where and between who this war will be fought. But I do know is that almost everybody is missing the big picture. Let’s analyses region by region of the world:

Russia and China are 2 countries with significant military power. Their regime are quiet stable and think in the interest of their nation for the long run. They both suffer from a multi-ethnic or multi-racial situation, but all races have the same rights (no matter what you define as a right, no matter the level of freedom) which insure some sort of national cohesion. Their nations, even thou both ambitious, will never ignite any conflict. They just keep pushing slowly against a crumbling Europe and a more fragile America. Declaring war is not beneficial to them. They know the West is going down, they just have to wait.

India will soon be the most populated nation on Earth but it has a lot of internal problems. Most of the population live in extreme poverty (called “ants” by the rich Indians). These “ants” are illiterate and  in pretty bad health. They are clearly not fit for the battlefield. Only the Punjabis (total population of 30 millions)  are the serious muscle of the Indian army. India might go to war with Pakistan again in the future, but they will have little or no impact on the international scene.

North Korea is “over-rated” (as Donald Trump would say). Having heard an interesting opinion from South Koreans, I feel like sharing it here as it is the one that makes the most sense. Kim Jong Un, is a well educated and capable man. He grew up in Switzerland and lived a pretty normal life before becoming the ruler of his country. It is likely that he is not the madman the media portray him to be. He plays the fool. Which is a smart move. As North Korea can clearly not phase any of its enemy militarily, playing the foolish leader that could destroy the World is a smart move in order to be left alone. I don’t think North Korea is worth paying attention. And even it the worst case scenario, I doubt this will lead to a world war.

South Korea and Japan are countries that do not suffer any internal tensions. Their army are becoming bigger and purely defensive. This allow them to keep China at bay.

Taiwan, it could go either way. Europe and the USA seemed to clearly have given up on them. So the results will have little if no impact on the international scene.

South America, mostly socialist, no big military threats. I see a decline into Venezuela style or Argentina-style situations. South Americans are not warriors, they lack discipline and the will to fight. Cartels will continue to rule here and there… Unless salsa, tango or bachata is your thing, I would not look to deep into this part of the world.

Sub-Saharan Africa, same as South-America. The same shit will keep going on with the exception of South-Africa where a racial civil war could occur. China and Russia will fill the gap left by weakened western nations. Again, Black-Africans are not warriors, nothing to worry about (on an international level).

Iran… no major change in Iran. I think the USA will face serious economical and social problems before the neocons are able to complete their agenda.

North Africa and the Middle East. This is where tings are getting interesting. Israel cannot be at peace with any of its neighbor as they have a clear conflict of interest. Believing in peace whatsoever is purely naive. Arabs of course hate Israel but their prime enemy is Europe. This can be clearly demonstrated by the clear Muslim-Jewish alliance in Europe and the USA. There is no clear Christian-Muslim alliance. Turkey and Arab countries will try to intervene in Europe. It has always been their objective, there is no reason to think it would be any different today. But it is important to note that they are lacking the logistic and industry for a full scale military operation in Europe, even with a significant friendly Turk/Arab population already occupying the land. Moreover Turkey will have to phase central European countries (from Poland to Bulgaria) who will gladly meet them ferociously. So it is reasonable to think that they will promote guerrilla warfare in Europe. We have our first element of answer.

Ukraine. This is a conflict where things can get nasty even thou I personally doubt this will be the initiator of WW3. A big actor that is not reported in the news are the Jews. And this is not conspiratorial, most of the Ukrainian government is Jew, and most of those Jews consider Ukraine as a land that belongs to them. George Soros spends a lot of time and energy on Ukraine which is called, after all: “The bread basket of Europe”. The current civil war allow former Ukrainian Jews (in Israel or elsewhere) to buy land that is cheap and fertile. However true native Ukrainians have been hardened by a rough history and will not give up their land so easily. So Ukraine is worth keeping an eye on.

Central Europe. From Finland to the Balkans most of these countries have a significant number of their citizen living in Western Europe. And these expats citizen are reporting back the conditions of living in a multicultural/multiracial society to their fellow countrymen. This of course generate a lot of skepticism toward the main objective of the European Union. It is likely that they will quit the Union at some point and make one of their own. Contrary to what most people think, men from central Europe have little enthusiasm going to war against Russia (except in the Baltic states). And Russia recognize these countries as a serious military threat. Neither side want war. Their main concern is the rise of Islam in Western Europe (They served most of their history preventing Europe from Ottoman invasions). This is important as they could host Christian white refugees if the situation in the West gets ugly. They could also train soldiers and serve as backup for guerilla warfare (the same can be said about Russia).

North America: Americans (Canadians to a lesser extend) are getting more and more polarized. Only 6% trust the media, Congress approval is usually below 10%. The situation could deteriorate. Especially with a huge economical crisis like the one which is on its way. Many American patriots believe in their values, traditions and constitution. Even-thou they are a minority, they are the best trained and most clever American there is. They are not happy with politics, they will not give up without a fight. The opposing side would make the majority of the current US population. But they are undisciplined, cowards and divided among multiple races and genders. One could say they would control the US armed forces, but I really doubt that as most of the best soldiers would join the side of the patriots. It is hard to know how this would end up (huge blood bath I guess) but it will have a huge impact on the international scene. The USA is the initiator of many conflicts, but it also pacify many other conflicts. The defense budgets of all European nation are based on the capability of the USA to respond to external threat. So America is one of the main domino.

Western Europe…I kept the best for the end. This is for sure going to get messy. Currently, the defense budgets of Western European armies are ridiculous. Their armies are small, poorly equipped for full-scale operations and there is a clear lack of a will to fight. I cannot count the number of Belgian and French soldiers I met who joined the army “for traveling”, “experience”, “to help starving kids in Africa”… Most Europeans are not fit for service. A lot of men suffer of a clear lack of testosterone, plus a good portion of young men are from Arab, Black and Indian origin. Not only they lack the skills to make great warriors (Brotherhood, discipline, solidarity, physical capabilities), they do not have any sense of patriotism whatsoever. They might convince you otherwise, but they will be the first to run away after the first shot of the coming war. And I could go on and on about all the problem Europe could phase: “There isn’t enough women officers” “There is not enough Muslim officers” “There is no black women in the special forces” “I don’t fight during Ramadan” … Moreover, European countries clearly lack any infrastructure to accommodate and train conscripts. The military base where my father did his military service is now a camp for Syrian migrants.

In short, Forget Europe on the subject of military might. It is simply non-existent. But it doesn’t stop there. Western European countries clearly phase an identity challenge. The multicultural/multiracial society is on the verge of collapse. And only one of these culture will survive. But is is not that easy. Cities are over-populated. Any attack on important infrastructures can simply lead them into total chaos. I am talking about electrical plants, power grids, water purification, roads (supply of food), railways, bridges… Any failure of one of these infrastructure and it will soon be realized that even the “good Muslim”, the “good black”, the “good Indian” has not been integrated into our society. Any conversation we are having today is done with a luxury of life that is unprecedented. The day people will miss one meal, one shower or even their cellular/data connection… and they will finally realize the shit they are in. In these kind of situation humans go back to their native instinct which is tribalism. Europe therefore will be engaged in a race war that will be completely out of control. Hard to write about it as this is completely unprecedented.

To conclude this essay, even thou leftists and neocons are pushing for war with Russia, I doubt they will be able to complete their agenda before a total collapse of the West. It is likely that the next economical crash will be the one that will finally knock off the era of Cultural Marxism. It is likely Europe falls first and America second. And it is hard to see who will be the winner of this war. But I like to think that White Europeans will face this challenge and win. God shall be on our side.

London: "Oops, they did it again!"

It is so comfortable for authorities. ISIS once again perpetrated an attack in London. How come ISIS can claim all these attacks? And why? That just doesn’t make sense. Just like Theresa May’s speech fails to address the only single issues: immigration and diversity. She prefers some cheap music and a couple of different food tastes for the life of her citizen.

“Islamic extremism is a perversion of Islam, and a perversion of the truth.”

Theresa, since when Islam is the truth?

But what makes sense is the result of the attacks. People are scared of all: immigrants, leftists and politicians. Politics can now come as saviors on their white horse. As she says, we need to control the online space – like this blog. Non-whites are to be re-assured; whites are not victims.

Now, in the West, we do not live anymore: we survive. And we must do what is needed to survive.

“This is not done by a religion. All religions share the same commandment not to kill. These are just crazy people.”

Well, according to Koran, I quote:

Vaizdo rezultatas pagal užklausą „quote religion of peace“   Vaizdo rezultatas pagal užklausą „quote religion of peace“

People are now trying to escape the label “racist”, refusing to name the attackers. Today, people fear more to be labelled of “racist” than to defend their children,. This is the world we live in. We got no choice but to be harsh on the whites who go side by side with the enemy. Just because they support, resign to him, we might all be killed or simply replaced. This is not little. This is not a second priority.

You think it is only about Islam? Well, on which side do you think the Indians, the Latino’s, and other immigrants will stand the day we want to deport all Muslims? They will be against us. The line is very clear. Only one will remain, just like it always end up.

And the prime Minister of Britain, Theresa May, to add: “The recent attacks are not connected but we believe we are experiencing a new trend in the threat we face,” she said after chairing an emergency ministerial meeting. What trend are you talking about? How did that happen? We want to talk about that. We want to talk about the problem and its solution, without being labelled. So, let’s state it: all attacks are connected to one thing, diversity.

 “Diversity + Proximity = War “

Surprisingly, the ministers committee already had solutions for terrorism. In such a little time, they could all agree, just like everything is part of a plan. Never politics are so fast nowadays but to reduce our liberties. Theresa proposes the following solutions:

  • Freedom of speech on internet must be controlled. Hate preachers must be controlled and stopped. But what is hate? Who are they? Is this blog considered to be hate speech?
  • More diversity: people have to unite, to mix. So that there won’t be any difference and we will all stand with one culture. In other words, what she proposes as a solution for the white genocide is more white genocide.
  • More power to police to counter attack terrorism – yet who are the terrorists? What is terrorism? Without proper definition, we can assume that this is everything that is not in line with the public order as imposed by the government. Hence, the counter terrorism proposed is not about taking measures against diversity and Islam, but rather to force people to mix, and to put in jail anyone who disagrees. Most probably this blog falls under this category.

Let me state the concrete options available to recover our lands, stop terrorism and become wealthier:

  • Voluntary or forced departure of 90% of all non-European immigrants;
  • Interdiction of Islam or heavy tax on non-Christian faith;
  • European nationalities based on blood. The others can be residents, but never citizens and hence will never have decision power;
  • Non-European get an extra income tax, their ancestor didn’t benefit to our greatness.
  • Re-introduction of white European music, movies and culture;
  • Interdiction of multiracial sex and relationships in movies, music, etc.;
  • Introduction of new Christianity, coupled with a national and ethno-centric education;
  • Interdiction of abortion in exception with extreme cases (rape, baby’s health, mother’s health, no longer than 8 week embryo);
  • Stop all military interventions in any country around the world;
  • Stop all foreign aids to other countries (including humanitarian or transfer of technology);
  • Provide military training to all European native;
  • Let citizens have guns and have the right of self-presevation;
  • Remove feminism from society. Let the markets regulates – only punish rape and violence;
  • Tough policies on drugs and alcohol;
  • Promote racial homogeneity, and family values;
  • Fire and send to jail all politicians supporting non-European immigration, gay rights and feminism.
  • Expensive visa for foreigners
  • High taxes on ANY product coming from countries not sharing our values (China, India, Saudia Arabia (including oil)).

If we start with 20% of this, I can tell that we’ll already have big changes.

Brothers, stand still, and keep pushing.

Sweden: the end of an argument.

The event that happened recently in Sweden surprised me in a way… it was a surprise to many people. Anyone with a sound mind saw this coming. It is not big news, it is now part of the usual Western European life. I wouldn’t be surprise seeing these types of events elsewhere in countries like Lithuania or Slovakia and I wonder if they will still consider Putin as enemy number one.

So if I saw this event coming miles away why is it worth covering it here?


Because commies, socialists, liberals and libertarians ran for decades with the argument “it is payback/blow-back for American and European imperialism”. And it is the end of it. Sweden has been the model of non-interventionism and neutrality for decades. Sweden barely had any colonies. Sweden was a prosperous country that ruined itself by giving away it’s wealth, freedom and genetic background. The argument of the “religion of peace” or “peaceful race” is OVER. If this teaches us one thing:


And here is a big thank you for all our SJWs friends for their cynical jokes:

Cheap flights you said?

Ladies and Gentlemen, please enjoy the pleasure of cheap holidays. For less than 400€, you can enjoy 10 days all-inclusive in Turkey from many places in Europe. You can travel to Poland for 15€… Have you ever wondered if all of that make sense?


I made this picture to demonstrate the real price of a flight. Traveling is nice, yes I agree. But it is also why most couples break-up, it is also why race mixing is higher than ever and it is also why social dumping is possible. Some bad effects of cheap travels?

The real cost of a flight should be around 150€ for 1000 km per passenger. These are official numbers counting end-to-end service – not just the fuel. But even, just counting the fuel between France and Poland should make the flight up to “1200 km x 4L/100 x 0.5€ = 22€” + 20€ of airport costs, so 42€ MINIMUM with free workers, free leasing, no profits and no maintenance. How come you can get it for 10€ around?!


Well, cheap travels support cheap morality and race mixing. When you go on holidays, your mind tends to relax and just takes it easy on morality. Should you have a boyfriend, that Spaniard is giving you a good time… why not just doing him for one night at least? I remember that story of a Polish women who told me that she left for London and broke up with her boyfriend for an Italian… who dumped her right after. Actually, I heard this story so often that it eventually became a real pattern. Have you met one girl who never had sex in her life on holidays? In Erasmus?

So, what do we support here in Patriargate? We support the real price for everything. Prices are set to balance a market, a free market, free competition that is based on actual value and cost of resources. And today, I believe that we show you that governments are taking people’s tax money to sponsor sex trips, break families, foster race mixing much more. It is sick, amoral.

Traveling is good when it is paid by yourself for a real price and when you do it to achieve a goal. If you travel using a cheap flight to have sex with some girls, you actually destroy society. You do not build or contribute to it. And the same is for women. Any action that we do have consequences on others, but also on us. For example, any relational (love) trauma that we create with short term relationship on holidays changes slightly the way our genes are activated (epigenetic process), and it can be transmitted to our children. Really, this is not a game.

Life is not game. Civilization is not a game. Build yourself, do something and be aligned with your identity. Only then traveling will be meaningful.

I am Saint-Petersburg

On April 3rd 2016, the world experienced again a sad event. Yesterday, I almost lost one of the most precious person I know. The religion of peace has struck once again, delivering its message of hope and love to the world. It is also 11 Russians who are know heading towards the gate of heaven for their sacrifice in the name of Allah.

As already said before, the blame cannot be exclusively put on religion, but in a sound

Masood driving licence picture
combination of genetics and religion. Last 22nd of March, London thundered under the anger of Muhammad’s sons. As TheGuardian states it “he didn’t have any extremist tendencies”. Satirically, this blog is considered as extremist and not this man.
Not even a day later, it was the turn of Belgium, to face once again another gift from the religion of peace. This time, the newspapers won’t release any picture of the Muslim suspect. We all know that putting the dust under the carpet works, right?

But today, it is neither Belgium, nor France, nor London, but Russia who is affected. I went there, and I was taking the exact same subway. Today, one of my friend was walking there and had to take the metro through these stations. Thankfully, she was delayed. Just like I delayed my trip the day I was in Brussels and the terror attack blew up the subway.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour

Russians are Christians Orthodox. The end of the communism actually resonated as a sign to go back to conservatism and religion. Russians are good people, but if there is one thing that they truly hate, it is the European cultural Marxism. They don’t like gays, they hate feminists. White Russians (including women) do not like Arabs and Blacks, even if they tolerate them to live as an ultra minority. Many Russians value pure White blood and have a fascination for the old Europe. They have a cultural and racial mix like no other country – let’s remember Russia is a Federation. They have the biggest minority of Muslims and have had problems with them for ages.

But let’s be clear. Russia has no social security system and doesn’t like giving privileges to monkeys. The power remains mostly concentrated in the ends of few, for the good of everyone. They are nice people, but if you piss them off, they will come after you. It is like playing with a tiger. Russia doesn’t joke about the life of its citizen, even if it might sometimes look the other way around. Russians are very patriotic and believe in their elected president – do not listen to a couple of isolated cases who came to Europe and USA, they wouldn’t be respected by Russians themselves if they would talk against their country (that’s treason). True Russians love Russia.

Now, let’s watch how Putin will react to these attacks. I am pretty sure the flags of diversity and tolerance will not be hanging very high. Let’s watch and take notes on how to deal properly with monkeys.

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Obama, shame on you


The cunt and her friend have deployed all their weapons against Donald Trump. They spent more than a billion dollar, had all the media with them, including the ones in Europe. They used all the labels they could find, all the Hollywood stars they could rally, all the lies they could create. That means that Donald definitely stands a chance, and they fear for their asses like never before. I believe that Donald pushed them to mobilize more resources against him than any other man in the entire humankind history! Per se, that’s an achievement.

And lately it is Obama who joined the forces. This corrupted, vicious cunt who did nothing good for his country, and even less for the world, has nothing for him but being black. And that’s why he’s been elected, let’s state it – that’s not a secret. In 2008, he hated her and called her a liar himself, and blamed her for corruption. Now he obviously protects liars. That hypocrite cunt dares going to states making speech to ask voters to vote for her.

Obama also called all illegals to go vote for Hilary Clinton, stating in an interview that it is impossible to find out if they were legal or not. Now he is even promoting illegality and gives advises how to rig the elections. I believe he should even be in jail for this! Recently, dead people starting to vote. Obama and Hilary are trying to mobilize all blacks and latino’s against Trump, and dare to say that “Trump” polarizes the country.

These people made a hole of shit deeper than a volcano. No matter when you dig, you find corruption, outrage, amorality, etc.

These elections decide if our civilization stands or falls, if we live or die. If she gets in, we’re gonna have a massive economic crisis. She will blame the Russians for whatever reasons they’ll find, and try all false flags to start a war… in Europe and/or in Middle East. People will die, Americans, Europeans, Russians. And the West will lose, it is obvious to imagine that between promotion of gay marriage and a real solid well trained army, there is a difference.

Remember this Americans, today you decide if you want a moral society, or a corrupted amoral society. Today you decide if we all live or die. Today you decide if your children have a future or not.

Get out and vote Trump!