Is race mixing superior?

Race mixing, “métissage“makes people better – that’s what they say. The modern double narratives of unique race doesn’t miss an opportunity to pinpoint the superiority of race mixing. Facing this absurd bullshit, I see no option but bringing common sense to face a bunch of lies.

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Races and species are adapted to their environment. Species mixing normally does not work. In some cases, offspring can be made, but their survival or reproduction is jeopardized (e.g. mules). Therefore, we know that nature doesn’t see species mixing as something to be fostered. For races, offspring can indeed survive and reproduce themselves, hence creating a so-called new race. But if this is the way to go, why didn’t nature do it before?

There are multiple reasons to this. Race mixing implies the superiority of a race on another, at least on certain characteristics such as intelligence, physical characteristics, etc. Intrinsically, there is no race superiority; nature doesn’t care about superiority. The real parameters are time and state at a time t for a series of characteristics. The odds are played in a rather deterministic way at a certain time. Always. The term superiority relates to a series of characteristics to match with an environment at a time t. Wherever some take over others, then a talk about superiority can be done. Hence, superiority is connected to 1) time, and 2) environment. Superiority can neither be eternal neither omnipresent.

Races evolve differently in different environments. Our genetics evolved to answer problems that are commonly faced in a specific environment. Climate, resources abundance, food quality, temperature, distance, etc. are all parameters that play over a well-adapted being. Today, of course technology bypasses most of the required genetic evolution for an environment (e.g. water transformation, heating and food conservation). Genetic modifications (mutation) appear during the life of an individual (somatic), and during the creation of semen (hereditary). Generally speaking, we adapt during our life to our environment and the life process enables us to transmit it to a new offspring that will have a “white page” to adapt to the environment. Living and dying is the only process that can ensure adaptation to the environment and the survival of the species.

Saying that race mixing would bring a superior offspring implies that the offspring would be more adapted to the environment than the parents. The implication of genetic mutation and evolution necessitates the selection of the best genes at the time of the fusion of the ovary and the sperm:

  1. That would imply a consciousness of the future environment of the semen in order to select the most appropriate genes. By definition, adaptation is a post process, and therefore this scenario is mathematically impossible. In addition, genes selection has a statistical result, such as skin color for example, that also invalidates the theory of the selection of the best genes: the disparity of results implies a non superiority of the offspring.
  2. Each genetic code is the best evolutionary result for its environment matching its race characteristics. Selecting the best in two races would suppose that the best characteristics from two different environments are selected at the same time; the limited nature of selection prevents the co-existence of two opposite characteristics. This means that the resulting offspring will never be completely adapted to the environment A and B: he will have characteristics from both. The offspring is therefore constantly weaker, and if superiority appears, it should be matched with time and all parameters.

In the long run, the offspring will evolve towards the most adapted genes, hence resulting in the initial situation A or B, but not A and B. Race mixing is therefore temporary and does not provide better offspring.

If leftists say that we are all equal, then offspring cannot be superior to the parents. Superiority would go against the principle of equality.

And if we are not equal, then there is a superiority, and this superiority should be kept. Else, nature will ensure to restore it over time. That’s called evolution.

Social Status (part 1): Anti-White propaganda

This is a series of posts about the importance of social status in the sexual market. How men and women react and adapt to it? What are the roots? What are the consequences? This first part covers the anti-white propaganda.

But before developing all of this, taking a rational look of the current situation might not be a bad idea. For years now I have been living (and I grew up) in a hostile environment. What can I do… I am a simple Northern European… I never felt good when the black hero dude on TV is getting the white girl. I didn’t as a kid and frankly I still don’t. Yet it stuck me only recently. Why is that? Aren’t my hero supposed to be like me? Someone I could become one day?

As I walk through the streets, when I am on my phone, or turn on the TV here is what I see ALL THE TIME:

I live in Belgium. A country that has been white since…. well forever. Why are the alpha males portrayed by mainstream cultures always blacks or arabs? These are just a few examples but notice how this is almost entirely always a black or an arab male with a white female. Notice how white are marginalized and how “people of color” are brought to the center of the photo (alpha position).

Why is the apple helpline a black dude and a white female?


I ask it again: why always Black man / white female ?

Rock is music written by whites and for whites….what the hell do they stand there? Who put them there?

Science fiction is created exclusively by whites and for withes…


Now take a look at how Han Solo, the typical white Alpha-male that use to arouse every white female vagina is getting lower on the picture.

And our kids keep on getting indoctrinated:

And when a white guy finally appears on screen:


One could say it is all a coincidence after 1 or 2 times. But having a normal representation of white christian straight guy in popular culture is getting rare. This cannot be a coincidence. There is a call for white genocide, in Hollywood, in the Mainstream media, in the commercials and in our daily lives. Slowly they replaced us so that we would get used to it. Used to our own genocide.

More (UPDATE):



Being a normal white man is unhealthy, apparently

The crusade against white men continues.

No later than a week ago, European newspapers published an article with a identical fallacious title “being a macho would be unhealthy“. Lies, lies and more lies. A quick reading of the scientific backup reveal exactly the opposite conclusion.
Indeed, scientific seem to have finally demonstrated what we all already know, but after getting a lot of money – of course, what else? Macho men actually… prefer handling their problem on their own and not rely on a woman! Wow, that’s a hell of a breaking news! And despite the easy study and obvious conclusion, leftists could interprete that as “being macho is unhealthy”… In that case, being sick is also unhealthy – thanks for the news.

But of course stupidity would be the bright side. We now all know that this is a crusade: the evil white man must perish for all the bad things he has done. He shall never be masculine again – oh no! A white man should stand for himself and handle his life like a man. Never be like Donald Trump. That might be a problem, right? But for who?

Well, men are the defenders, the protectors of society. Women can barely fight, nor dictate and transmit strict moral values without a man on their side. They will rather follow the main stream – this is also reflected in primates’ society where females are the first to take on new habits launched by the alpha male. Break the man of a society, and you break families, values, direction, strength, defense. You leave women alone, and society will not be sustainable. I has never worked and will never  ever work. At most other males will take the place – that is what we see in Europe.

I know that many women understand this, and I seriously thank them. To the others, don’t fool yourself, feminism is dangerous. Killing the male side of a society is like melting the black and white of a photograph: in the end there is no picture.

The leftist debate

Discussing with a leftist always reaches a point where any argument seem to be vain. And if not, they won’t hesitate to show violence. Usually their goal is not to debate facts but rather to compromise the credibility of the speaker in order to end the conversion with their only opinion.

Since leftist are hard to debate, I usually prefer to let it go and speak with interesting people. 9 common tactics:

  1. Personnal attack:
    • Tackle your credibility: they will use one of your sentence, your background, your ennemies, … take it out of context and try to discredit everything that say based on one made up false argument
    • Racism: a leftist will always treat you of racist when you talk.
    • Demonization: a leftist always defines two sides – his and the others. As such, if you are against him, you are a demon, and they will literally tell you – “crazy extreme right neonazi ultraliberal!”.
    • Any other personal argument like “you did this 5 years ago”, or “you are frustrated”, etc.
  2. Burn the hypothesis: as a logical person you will talk about facts which you will articulate logically. On their side, instead they will rather say that your facts are not accurate.
    • Science: they will deny science. Example: they will deny natural law like Gaussian curves or exponential curves, they will deny the importance of genetics in human behaviors
    • Data: they’ll discredit the source of your data, or simply say that they don’t agree with data.
  3. Make an exception a rule: they will often take on exception and use it as a rule. They will refuse any discussion on the 99% of the subject, focusing on a particular exception which goes in their sense. Example: “they are not all the same”
  4. Victimization: they will play on the feelings of the people. Example: “these people are running away from war, they are suffering” – whilst not saying that 80% are not from countries at war.
  5. Half lies: they will take half of a sentence and change the context to demonize you and make it appear stupid. Example: trump wants to limit Muslim immigration until the situation is clarified, they said “trump does not want any Muslim in the USA, he is racist” (btw, a religion is not a race).
  6. Lies: leftists lie openly. It is normal, when your speech is not coherent you must lie to make the pieces stand together. Example: “homo sapiens replaced Neanderthal, so we are all equal” – in fact, 5-10% of genetic code in Europe is from Neanderthal, while Africans have 0%.
  7. Propaganda: leftists need huge propaganda to keep others under control. It is simply normal, because the biggest the shit, and the more you need to cover the smell! At a personal level, they will try to discredit you from your friends and isolate you, or even try to get you fired.
  8. Emotions: leftist will show clear outburst and poor emotional control. They could even invent a pseudo situation in which you attacked them. Example: a woman might simple say that you sexually harassed her – and the debate is closed.
  9. Violence: when threats and emotions did not work, leftists will eventually become violent. Example: put in jail your opponents (Manifestationin France), and don’t forget to forbid them to have any weapon – they could fight back!

Best answers? Ignore, laugh, agree and amplify, turn into derision, reply with their usual rhetoric, make them answer your questions, etc. Just note that any mathematical reasoning from yourself will be destroyed.

In conclusion, leftists do not play fair, and do not show restrain in their behaviors. They are capable of the worse things, and will use any means to destroy their opponents. Their inner void renders them frustrated, unable to control themselves, and certainly not to show respect or even pity.  Don’t be mistaken, leftist are really racist, intolerant, narrow minded, manipulative, greedy, robbers, and violent. They do all of that because deep deep down they do not love their own-self. Hence, how could they truly love someone who looks like them, but accepts himself?

Bonus: leftist propaganda video


Islam, slavery and genocide

For 1300 years, the Christian western civilization has been defending against Islamic invasions. Dozens of millions of Europeans, but also Africans (about 27 millions of them) have been enslaved or raped to sustain the Islamic system. European men were castrated and enslaved while women were taken away in harem, used for reproductive purpose.

Islam, initially lead by a military leader, is a religion of expansion. It has been created to organize societies around a common goal of conquest. A Muslim civilization needs violence, and we will demonstrate here why.

In order to support its expansion, Islam has been founded on 3 pillars: patriarchy, polygamy and slavery. A patriarchal polygamy allows a man to choose multiple women. In nature, there are 110 men for 100 women in average. This implies that there are always more men in age of reproduction than women. If every man wants at least 2 women, there should be at least twice more women than men. Where do these women then come from?

There is only one solution: genocide, war and conquest. Through wars, Muslims ensure a constant decrease of men available for reproduction. Women are captured and used for reproductive functions, while men are castrated, and enslaved – slaves shall not reproduce.

Islam requires a high fertility rate to expand. Without the possibility to take women from other communities, the sexual frustration of males resulting from polygamy (men can’t find a women), and the self degeneracy from inter-family breeding would lead to the collapse of their society (as we see today in most Muslim countries).

Also, Muslims can’t spread Islam, fight and produce the materials, goods and services required by the society. The slavery of men captured during invasions is therefore needed to sustain any, including modern, Muslim society. When you pay taxes so that they receive allowances, that’s it exactly. You are a Muslim slave.

Muslim societies must dissociate Muslims and non Muslims in order to justify its ideology. It must take its root in the bloodline, making it also racial somehow. The separation of believers and non believers is a an obligation. There is no integration, no compromise, only Allah. A non Muslim is a beast whose destiny is nothing but slavery or death.

Of course, Muslim will try to convince you of the opposite. It is of course a lie used to continue expanding their religion.

An Islam about peace is a lie that Muslims do to themselves and others to infiltrate and then conquer them. They need to invade other territories, take women and slaves. This is not peace. It was never about peace, and it will never be.

Your taxes are your slavery.

Race mixing is the way to take your woman.

Tolerance is the tool to keep you silent.