The Africanization of Art

The days of beautiful Europeans Cathedrals, the Sistine chapel, the sculptures of Michelangelo, the drawings of Raphael or the stories written by Molière or Shakespeare are long gone. In the last 500 years, the European population got 5 times larger and production efficiency is at its peak. Yet European accomplishment is on a steep decline. Whether it is medicine, science, industrialization, spirituality, architecture, paintings, writings or music… There is not much our white generation will be remembered beside the destruction of what our Europeans ancestors died for. Today the focus will be placed on visual art, mainly: Architecture and painting.


Often labelled “Cutlural Marixsm” – and rightfully so – it is hard for many to grasp the true meaning of this deterioration. “Africanization” on the other hand is a label that clearly correlate with the current trends. Africans are not known for long lasting art pieces like the old Europe used to do. The beauty is hard to spot, the legacy is short lived. Whether it is paintings or architectures. Europe is not producing a lot of marvels lately.

Cheap, easy, ugly are the least someone can tell about those monstrosities. Not only the importations of millions of third world men did not help in enhancing the visual aspect of the western citizen’s everyday life; Whites seemed to have lost the talent God gave to them.

Take for instance the Cathedral of Our Lady of Strasbourg, in France. Built between 1015 and 1439, it has been the tallest building in the world until 1874. Its facades are full of sculptures, the domes of Gothic architectures are magnificent. Yet it is worth remembering the city counted less than 20 thousands inhabitants during the middle ages. They had no electricity, no running water, no computer, no petrol engine, no sewers… (Remember these are the justification given for the failure of third world nations).



As of today, most of the population is idle or doing non productive jobs. And many jobs are about to be replaced in the 15 coming years. Where are the achievements? Where is the enrichment?

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