Buzzfeed: kill the white man

Buzzfeed is known to be a political left propagandist. They often write shitty article painted half of truth, half of shit. Lately, they stood up out of the crowd with two things.

The first one is their analysis of testosterone, which revealed that their journalist have a health condition regarding testosterone. And they are proud of it.

The second, more shocking, or perhaps a direct consequence of the above, is the incitation of killing a white man each day, for everyone. Just like you would kill a mosquito.

Replace this sentence by:

“Kill a jew tomorrow on your way to work”

“Kill a black man tomorrow on your way to work”

“Kill a Muslim tomorrow on your way to work”

Sick, right?

White genocide is not real, most likely, don’t bother even thinking about it.

Fake news shooting fake migrants drowning

By pure coincidence a tourist in Crete fell in front of the production of a mini film picturing migrants drowning. We downloaded the footage to make sure it wouldn’t go away so easily (youtube link) :

As states:

This follows a history of supposed migrant drownings filmed by television crews which are then broadcast by the mainstream media. Pictures and clips of migrants have been shared widely to manipulate public opinion and generate sympathy. This is one of the first times such a piece of fake footage has been captured by a member of the public as it was happening.

The question that arises therefore is how much we should trust the narrative from the mainstream media when it seems they are willing to distribute fake news stories such as these.

I don’t know if you remember, but a bit more than a year ago, they were also making a small “journalistic reportage” (read Fake News) about muslims protesting against Islam.

Funnily enough, they denied it, even with the video released. They really think we are that stupid. Maybe we should try to tell tax authorities we never received any money, even when they show the proof. Same rules for everyone after all.

So, no agenda for White Genocide?

Obama praises South African leader for his actions

As many of you know, South Africa became a hell for white people. This week, the president pushed further the seizure of white lands. And of course, practically, these “seizures” includes killing the owners.

As the notes:

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa recently announced plans to allow white people’s land to be taken without compensation, which will then be distributed to black people in a move that he believes will be good for the economy.

The president made the announcement late on Tuesday in a televised address to the nation.

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa recently announced plans to allow white people’s land to be taken without compensation, which will then be distributed to black people in a move that he believes will be good for the economy.

The president made the announcement late on Tuesday in a televised address to the nation.

The farmers have claimed that the government’s plan will be “catastrophic and could lead to anarchy and food shortages like Venezuela or Zimbabwe”.

The economy of Zimbabwe collapsed after their own land reform was carried out.

More than 20 years after the end of apartheid in South Africa, white farmers still own the majority of South Africa’s land.

In the 1990s black South Africans received grants and subsidies to buy land plots, which resulted in overcrowding and poor land use.
About one-tenth of land in white ownership has been transferred to black ownership since the end if apartheid, which is only a third of the government’s target.

In reality, these events translate in the following pictures (if you are sensitive, don’t look):

So, I am asking very honestly. How can Obama congratulate such behavior, see them as “heroic” and an “example to the world”. What does it mean? How should we feel, as white people, when we see this?

To me, Obama is encouraging the torture and mass killing of whites. In fact, he encourages something even worse than Hitler is accused for.

Obama, you are putting yourself the wrong side of history, the side of evil. I pray for you and people like you to come to their sense before it is too late.

How white is London?

They simply laugh at our face:

London, also the place where they lock up people for speaking for their country, for their religion. The place where criticizing the white genocide is racist, where challenging Islam sends you to jail.

I am asking these question: what kind of person can delight himself through the robbing of someone’s else home?

What kind of person do enjoy the sadness of others?

What does it tell about their God?

Who could they possibly all worship, most without even noticing it?

And last, what kind of laws should you respect from leaders who want you, your whole family, your descendants, and even your history, to be dead?

University of California is racist, against whites

The plan to ostracise and financially break the white Americans and Europeans continues. The Swedish model of education, hereafter, illustrates the Globalist model at an advanced stage.

The second picture, hereafter, illustrates an advanced stage of white genocide in England:

The last picture, hereafter, illustrates the #diversity programme completed (coming soon) :

In the USA, in University of California, just like in many other institutions, they state openly that their goal is to discriminate white people, hiring first people of colours and other minorities. Funny enough they state “minorities” when whites account only for 39%, and therefore already constitute a minority. Their own logic, if it was not racial hatred, would reach the exact opposite conclusion. Whatever. RedIce wrote:

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo recently released a 30-page report outlining plans to “improve diversity” via a series of initiatives.

One goal is to increase the number of people of color on campus beyond the increases that have already occurred over the past few years, as “applications from underrepresented minority students doubled between 2008 and 2018.”


The public research institution states it wishes to get those numbers more in line with the state’s percentage of white people, which recent polls hold at 39.7 percent of the population.


For students, the school plans on recruiting applicants more heavily based on race. For instance, the school has recently implemented several new scholarships “aimed at recruiting more African-American and other underrepresented minorities.” It’s also working to recruit low-income and first-generation students by partnering with high schools that enroll a high percentage of these students, according to the report.

Cal Poly SLO has eliminated applicants’ ability to apply to the school in Early Decision since the process, according to the report, “disadvantaged low-income students.”


And the college announced its intention of forcibly increasing diversity in “traditionally male-dominated majors” such as STEM and Architecture and Environmental Design, according to the document.

What are the consequences? Well… Far beyond STEM studies or imbalance at University.
By having less opportunities to study real value studies (mathematics, science, engineering, etc.) whites will in fact lose their grasp on the middle class and also have much less opportunities to reach top positions in companies. Indeed, the combination of a broken network, a Marxist and Hedonist psychological indoctrination, the loss of financial power, and in fine the loss of hard skills will guillotine the last heads of the white communities and hand over the power to 1) Globalists, 2) their infinite baskets of low/average IQ controllable minorities. Of course, a necessary step will be the destruction of Islam and Christianity: the Globalist need broken slaves, lobotomised of any metaphysical concept, vaccinated against moral values, and worshippers of individualism; they don’t want a united bunch of savages, or worse good people.

In particular, new white generations will have more and more difficulties studying, getting a job and earning money. The inflation and debt model will ensure that their money flies away to warmer places, leaving their children in poverty. Of course, at short term, individualism will be the easy excuse; in such a free and perfect liberal world, people are responsible for their own shit.

Symptoms of these elements are for instance men quitting studies, MGTOW quitting women, etc. Somehow they believe that there is a way to avoid the problem, but it is all a lie. The shit is right here, and we have very concrete people who launched a war against the white race more than a hundred years ago.

What do I propose in this?

One thing can save us: physical and spiritual unity, also named Christianity.

Iranian feminist sent to jail

A woman was arrested in Iran… because she danced sexy on Instagram.

This raises two questions in my mind:

  1. Why do Muslims want to keep their woman far from sexual liberation?
  2. Why do feminists take this as an example when there are thousands of less sexual ones?

Well, looking at west, things become pretty clear. Under the umbrella of liberation, women slowly get tempted by the evil and start ruining society. Muslims (and Christians) do understand this very well and value more the family unit than the abundance of prostitutes. Because as a matter of facts, the last building modern whores did fell apart the first day, while cathedrals are still standing.

Feminism is the destruction of the family unit. The deception of society. The corruption of children. The enslavement of the bodies and the souls of men and women. The end of reason, equality, honesty, sincerity and the beginning of falsehood, hypocrisy and superficiality.

Feminism is evil, not for what it defends, but for what it results in, inexorably.

Besides, there is nothing more sellable than pussy. Sex is the strongest pulsion of human being, and the evil (if we can say so) knows how to play with it. In fact, sex is to our ancestry tree what is survival instinct to our life. So, no doubt feminism would jump on this.

Never forget that what Iran does is just a trial to stop this before it starts:

The myth of colonialism

One of the most controversial thing in Western Europe is its colonial past. As taught at school, white (Christians) Europeans came to Africa and massacred local populations to enslave them and steal their money. Not that I want to say that evil shouldn’t be condemned, but what if history taught at school was exaggerated to promote racial hatred towards white people? What if racism was taught at school under the umbrella antiracist values? What if most of the stories told were lies built to divide and conquer our (Christian) Western societies?

I let you reflect on those questions. Here I intend to provide few facts for you to take into consideration.

These few pictures are there to foster your personal reflection. But let’s say few words.

In the early 19th century, the population of Europe was about 150M and Africa 90M, at best. The size of Africa is about 10 times the size of Europe, and its lands are more fertile. If you consider the density of population, Africa had around 3.5 persons per km2, and Europe had about 60 persons per km2. Compare this to today’s France, who has about 120 inhabitants per km2, or Belgium who has 360 inhabitants per km2. In Southern Africa, the density was even around 0.5 inhabitant per km2! Compare once again this to today (around 240 persons per km2). Now, take into consideration that Africa was mostly a land divided in tribes, with very few kingdoms (if we can name it that way). The notion of Nation State didn’t exist, ID cards, passports, and digital footprint neither. This means that borders didn’t exist – we created them, artificially. The abundance of resources made it also extremely easy to move.

So basically, when whites came, they had to walk kilometers before finding a tribe. Sometimes dozens, if not hundreds of kilometers.

Furthermore, how could European genocide populations if factually colonialism more than doubled life expectancy, and their population exploded under “Occupation”? Indeed, while the European population did not explode under modern society, others did. This shows that these cilivisations could not grow by themselves, and demonstrate that the western world had a positive impact on them in terms of population growth. Where is the genocide there?

Also, another point goes to the level of development in Africa when Europeans came. Were there roads, trains, hospitals, schools, etc.? If so, why do we still need to fund projects to develop these elements in Africa?

Last, these are the words of the belgian “colonialist” Albert Thys :

“The creation of the Congo State is, as I said above, an absolutely new colonial conception and, strictly speaking, it is not a colony, the latter dispossessing the native of his soil and considering the native as the conquered race. In fact, here the natives are the citizens of the new state and the whites sent to Congo by the government will be temporary guardians to the black population who will be called to the management of public affairs only when his education will be sufficiently done. So far, until now, all colonial occupation has resulted, not only in the enslavement of the aboriginal race, but also, and almost inevitably, in the suppression of this race and its replacement by the conquering race. This is especially what happened in the Americas and even more or less in the British and Dutch Indies. Here, it can not for a moment be a question of doing so. The Negro is the citizen of the Congo Free State; we must not enslave it, but educate and elevate it, socially speaking, until it can govern itself, even if it is even flanked at the door by the Negroes of the future.

Letter to his wife written during his first trip to Congo on December 6, 1887.

Baptism and circumcision, your choice

They say that Christians are barbaric people, whose faith is blind to violence. They say that Christians priests are pedophiles, that Churches are lost places, unnecessary. They say that faith doesn’t impact behaviours, that good and bad are relative. They say we are all equal, that all opinions are worth the same.

John 7:17
17 Anyone who chooses to do the will of God will find out whether my teaching comes from God or whether I speak on my own.

Hopefully, you are always welcome to believe or not, and to follow the religion that you want.

Romans 2:28-29 King James Version (KJV)

28 For he is not a Jew, which is one outwardly; neither is that circumcision, which is outward in the flesh:

29 But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God.

SJW French president enjoys trans

This is what multiculturalism looks like in France.

Apparently sponsored by the SJW president himself. It could be a joke, but it’s not.

Obviously we can rejoice that the far right anti semitic homophobic transphobic islamophobic extremists neo Nazi didn’t win. Look what is considered to be a Nazi in the west today:

Dangerous people! Imagine a world where you can’t use the Holocaust to justify mass immigration and LGBT movement. I am scared just thinking, about thinking about it!

Man gave his heart for his son

This video is viral on Facebook, the second one doesn’t appear – at all.

And in the beginning God blessed this man…


… Until he knew it was an act. Then it becomes just despicable how the left uses fake sacrifice of men to promote very real sacrifice in the name of feminism. Sick.

Sjws always lie

To make it short, a woman came to me to show me what she saw on Facebook – the women’s/leftist bible. Of course she would never bother looking deeper to understand that is was fake. She wanted me to listen to what he was saying – implying that I should follow his example with her: “always listen to your mum… Treat women like princesses”, etc. It made me sick…

Using the sacrifice of a man for your own little comfort and to secure your little princess privileges is so egoistic, so amoral, so disgusting. Anyway, up to you to decide what kind of person would use lies to push men to give away everything for them.