Gamma males are the problem

I have been thinking a lot about the socio-sexual hierarchy and its impact on society. Over time I could not help but start despising gamma males. The lack of clear literature, and the importance of their role in today society made me think about digging more into the subject. The three typical gamma males:

gamma scale 3.png

There is no unique gamma male, just like there is no unique alpha male. Normally, in a healthy society, gamma males are simply disqualified by other males, and hence rejected by women. But who are they?

Gamma males typically represent the opposite of an alpha male. They certainly have alpha qualities, but they lack the self-confidence, direction, structure and identity that an alpha  male has. They think they are bosses on the right track, but they are not. Therefore, the way they communicate, manage relationships, and handle stress is extremely different.

The following type of gamma males can be identified:

  • The useful idiot: this gamma is a typical SJW in lack of identity, but who wants to take a lead in defending cultural Marxism. He makes a point by virtue signaling at defending multiculturalism, feminism, etc. Despite his attempt of defending women’s right, he is a total sexual reject – women would rather commit suicide rather than having babies with them. By being a useful idiot, he goes where the wind goes and believes that it should bring him all the chicks and success. His masculinity is the weakest of all males. He will either hate either gratify women, but at no time he can grasp their nature.
  • The opportunist: he has money, he has a very good position in a company and uses it to promote shit values. Like any gamma, he does not accept any argument and simply gets frustrated. He can’t argue and uses violence to win an argument. He will try to break your will, attack you personally, censor you, humiliate you, etc. This category also encompasses the colleagues which seem to be cool, but stab you in te back at every opportunity. They want to teach you how to respect women, they want to lead, … but it is a total failure! Their lack of identity makes them poor leaders – they do not inspire. They are extremely irritable; especially when they drink. They bully constantly other males to try to look like an alpha male, and seek attention. This gamma is the most dangerous because he is a pure hypocrite, and usually knows what he does. Usually, they can pick up women, but have sexual problems in relationships. Since they don’t understand why, they become frustrated and start annoying their woman until she leaves them or simply cheats on them.
  • The outsider: he is part of some kind of trend like hipster, or whatever. Most Arabic men are part of this category. They surf on the “status wave” like having a beard, skin color, interracial propaganda, etc. Since women usually go where the wind blows – the trend – they usually confuse them with alpha/sigma males. They recognize in them the masculine model spread by the media. But don’t be mistaken, everything is about appearance. Deep inside, their status is everything they have, and if you remove this, they are simple gamma. They are very emotional and think like women. For example, hipster look abrupt but spent more time to look manly than women do to look feminine – being rough and looking rough is not the same thing!

Unfortunately, today society sets trends towards gamma males. Whether you are a total useful idiots, some kind of protected minority or an opportunist, the society protects you. When you speak the truth, society rejects you – that’s the goal of cultural Marxism, after all. Most power positions are in the hands of gamma males. Example? Take most of politicians, civil servants, directors, etc. The problem is that these people use the power for themselves or to serve other people as sick as them. This results in a loss of values and a feminization of the society. Indeed, true alpha males would stop women, put limits, set direction, inspire, lead… look at Trump.

Next time you see some gamma, just remember that they are sick people who should not be tolerated. Your biggest weapons against them are their own weapons: social rejection and humiliation. What makes them strong is the power in place, the trend and their weak followers. Break this and you will break them.

4 thoughts on “Gamma males are the problem

  1. Interesting article . What’s the difference between the beta and gamma; how do they differ from one another?

    • The gamma believes to be a boss when he is not. He acts out of frustration, and he is weak. He lies, he cheats. When he has the power, he uses it to oppress and use people. He hates alpha and good men for they are what he is not. He leads through fear, lies and hypocrisy rather than example and leadership. At the first issue, his goal is to give responsibility to the others, hoping to stay hidden. If finally the spot is on him, he will act like a fish, or start crying like a child saying that “he was not aware”. Then, the next day, he has power, he will use it to clean all the spotlights on him, and all the good people who exposed his bad plot. A gamma is a loser that won through treachery. He is a traitor, the anti Christian. Beta are good men who believe in good things, who want to do good things, but are followers. They stick to their place, and challenge nothing.

  2. What is the difference between omega and gamma male? I thought omega males are the ones have these kind of negative features that you mentioned in your article.

  3. This seems like alot of opinion in here. How are you able to tell an alpha who challenged and lost and a gamma apart? your alpha ego tells you nobody is as alpha as you! So they must be Gamma. Your stuff here just sounds like a whining Alpha that didn’t get the promotion. Your diary would have been a better place for this.

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