About us

Patriargate mission is to seek Truth and justice.

Patriargate also want to promote values for a better world. And being part of Western Civilization, we rather focus on the latter. And therefore we think that in order to achieve these goals, the following concepts are to be promoted:

– Christianity: The true original message of Jesus.

– Honest race relations: Giving a chance for every human race to have a place they can call home, to thrive, to prosper and live in happiness as long as they are tolerating every other race the same way.
– Traditions: Clearly part of the culture, they are the mirrors of who we are as a species, as a race.
– Greco roman values: The corner stone of Western Civilization.
– Nationalism and Ethno-Nationalism: The two can and must co exist together. It is just putting the interest of the nation and the ethnicity first.
– Family: The only way children can be properly raised is through the family. With both the father and the mother admitting and full filling their roles.
– True solidarity: through family, community and charity.

Patriargate does not oppose the use of violence as for self defense. But we do oppose violence when used as aggression.We want to bring to the public a fresh message, new arguments and enrich the debate in order to advance civilization toward a more prosperous and just world.

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