Why so many Atheists are liberals?

I don’t really care about Atheists… until they become liberals and push for more shit in society. For instance Richard Dawkins – most likely the most popular evolutionist and atheist, often subtly pushes there and there for social liberalism. Lately, he introduced – to the least careful minds – the notion of vote for children.

Voting age is arbitrary… An ideal world would make most capable children vote.

But what is a “good judgement” Richard?

You see, Richard Dawkins is a product of the marxist liberal society. A part of those who claim to follow science while being rooted in lies. His Tweet is full of doubts, Christians have clear answers.

In fact, Atheism is not progress, at all; it is a regression. It is not a question of intelligence, but a question of honesty: atheists answer no questions, starting with what was before the big bang, and what happens after death. Other scientists such as Stephen Howking argue they can explain”how the universe was created spontaneously”, but that’s not science: it is neither verified, neither reproduced. That’s just a story.

Richard Dawkins is also the one who said that Darwin “kicked God out of biology”. But it seems like he didn’t read the book. As the jewishaction notes:

Charles Darwin concludes his book by expressing his awe at the grandeur of the Creator, which he sees in the development of the animal kingdom. By contrast, Richard Dawkins thinks that the development of the animal kingdom undermines our faith and justifies the rejection of God.

NDEs, scientific evidence of the spiritual world

Near death experiences are very well documented and scientific. And if one can prove that death is not the end, God cannot be dismissed, neither his message and neither the morality given by the Bible.

In that sense, many scientists undertook this endeavour. Many were strong Atheists. After researching, they were strong believers. To those who need references, I will refer you to Melvin Morse, Jim Whinnery, Dianne Komp, RĂ©gis Dutheil, Paul Chauchard, Wilder Penfield and many other doctors, scientists, and even physics researchers. A good read is the book “Closer to the Light: Learning from the Near-Death Experiences of Children: Amazing Revelations of What It Feels Like to Die by Melvin Morse” (if you speak French, read “connexion divine”).

A step further was made by Dr Dutheil, who said that spirituality is connected to new particles named Tachyons, which would travel faster than light and could superpose two states.

Atheists are also believers

Atheists are blind to science. They lack the knowledge, observation and experience to challenge their reasoning. They are not scientists, they are priests, story tellers at best.

Unexpectedly, I noted that Atheists are believers. They have absolutely no proof of whatever they say, including the big bang and macro-evolution. As Kent Hovind says “you say what you want, but you think that we come from a stone”.

Atheists are moral relativist

Another problem is that – as Jordan Peterson points it accurately, this time – the removal of God doesn’t provide a sound and consistent moral alternative… And humans need a belief system.

Morality is not something that you take once and then put back in the cupboard. It is a set of consistent behaviors, which enables building of a society where it is nice to live in. Morality is truth, and there aren’t multiple truth.

Atheists kick God of their life to concentrate on the material aspect of life, just like liberals. How convenient to be right all the time if God doesn’t exist! No need for confession. A hidden crime is not a crime. Do like Richard, promote vote for children, it is alright! What about paedophilia? Well liberals (atheists) want to legalise it!

A more pertinent word for liberalism would in fact be nihilism. It is no surprise that most atheists tend towards multiculturalism, hedonism, divorce, fornication, etc.

Atheists are nihilists, ready to replace humanity by computers and robors, as they believe this is a proof that we evolve. Evolution for them equals death.


The conclusion for me is that Atheism is a religion, rooted in beliefs. It is a religion rooted in nihilism and death, just like the left. Liberalism is a natural core belief system that corresponds with Atheists, should it support their material agenda.

Absolutely no surprise to see them hanging out together so easily. Hence, before considering yourself an atheist, reflect on how much you read and how many proofs – not beliefs – you really have to explain life, morality, the universe and consciousness. Some food for thoughts:

2 thoughts on “Why so many Atheists are liberals?

  1. What I wanna know is–why hasn’t he changed his shirt? Has he not got the memo yet? The out of Africa hypothesis is refuted. We are all *Europeans* now. It’s almost as though his whole shtick is about something other than science.

    • Indeed. Richard is not a scientist, he is the head of a cult of ignorants, not to say hypocrites. Today, the only scientific evidences point to creation. Besides, Christianity has been studied as no other religions and absolutely everything has been proven right to this date. For instance, they found remaining of an army in the red sea. They foumd traces to support the flood, and even found the ark. The shroud was verified by dozens of scientists. Not counting apparitions of Mary or Jesus across ages, sometimes even on pictures with THOUSANDS of witnesses. Strangely no other religion has the same record. And as for evolution, Darwin’s book is full of supposition and grotesque comments. I would gladly make an article to debuke Darwin, but it would take a long time considering the size of the book and the amount of mistakes (or lies).

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