VoxDay: Christianity and Western Civilization

Voxday released a video talking about the importance of Christianity in the creation and the success of Western Civilization

Many of the points he talks about have been discussed here on this blog (like here and here), but Vox goes a bit deeper.

Still, there is an important point not mentioned (at least not yet): Community. Christianity was a vector to strengthen relations between people sharing similar cultural and ethnic background. They respected the same holidays, the same traditions etc. When full Christianity 1.0 was in place, the entire village had to meet at the church on Sunday. Whether you liked your neighbor or not, it did not matter: you had to see his face and confront him in a gentle manner. bis means that problems were solved.


In these days, the focus is put on individual traits (IQ, physical performance, specific skills). And it is worth to remember that a well functioning and unified community out perform better skilled individuals all working for their self-interest.

A war with Russia would be the end of the West.

In an outburst of Madness President Trump made foolish threats to Russia. If you are not off the Trump train, this should be the final call. Even more foolish when knowing that president Putin recently showed new advanced weapons systems developed entirely by Russia.


While it is true America still has the most powerful professional military in the World. Especially the Air Force and the Navy. It has been more than 25 years that the focus of the US Armed forces shifted from conventional warfare to specific anti-terrorism type of Warfare. While Russia could not counter attack America, they can easily protect their coastlines and their huge territory. Which would make the Air Force and the Navy almost useless.

Concerning land forces, Russia is not lacking so much behind. In some case, the Russian army is even more advanced than the western armies. Which means that the war will come down to the basics facts:

  • Soldiers quality and quantity
  • Unit cohesion
  • Morale

Russia might not produce the best quality of Soldiers. But their quality will be quiet descent. Quantity will not be a problem. Unit cohesion and morale will be good as well: Russians are unified with one language, one culture, one nation. And they don’t really care about male privileges, let alone diversity. Plus, Russia has a military service of 2 years which is the minimum amount of time required to fully train a soldier.


Little can be said about Western armies about these points. While the West has absolutely no infrastructures to train any conscript, it will still takes 2 years (at least 1) to train these guys. And what will you end up with?

Blacks, Latinos, Arabs, LGBT and Feminists… Go ahead and make an army with that. Of course White males will be required to fight first (which makes me think that it might be the final step of the white genocide) but does anybody thinks seriously there is a lot of white men left capable of going on the front line and kill other white males? Lets not fool ourselves.

Anyhow I don’t think a war with Russia is possible. Western leaders must know it is a lost cause. Or so I hope. But if you wish to survive in case of a war. Do everything you can to not enlist the army. A war with Russia is a lost one. And what are you going to defend anyway?

Paul Watson: Another war?

Usually, I don’t fully agree with the Paul Watson’s Alt-Lite public. Why?

Because it is full of cucks, stupid anti-Muslims who don’t acknowledge the problem of what Alain Soral has named “The Empire“. They fail to grasp the fact that Muslims are only our third issue. And in fact, an alliance with a part of the Muslims would make sense if we can negotiate the return of their land for ours. Order of assholes in the west:

  1. People pushing race mixing agenda, immigration and cultural marxism: The Globalists
  2. Left useful idiots: feminists, lgbt, sjws, liberal “individualists”, and the regular socialist wishing secretly for a 2nd Soviet Union
  3. Muslims

But this time, I do agree with Paul.
All this bullshit, false flags, fake news, fake science, fake terrorists, fake refugees, fake wars… Lies have already lasted for long enough. We don’t want a war against Russia.

This being said, I think Trump makes a play. Nothing else than a play, but a dangerous one. Wait and see.

Zuckerberg talks about hate speech

So basically Cuckenberg is baffling to explain what is hate speech:

In a nutshell: “hum Sir I have no clue about what is happening. What is hate speech? I don’t even know myself! Who created this? I am not guilty, I swear. Look at my innocent face! I always wanted to do good in this world. For example, I am against terrorists, because they are bad people. Please don’t send me to jail, I have an interracial marriage and a child. Also, I promise I will cry if you continue asking me questions.”

And here, he is baffling about censorship:

We consider ourselves to be a platform for all ideas



Yet, do you know who has been banned from Facebook multiple times? I have! Like many other “dissidents” from the right. In fact, I am also shadow banned on Twitter. I have been censored from many Sub-Reddit. And this man comes to talk shit like that.

Realize how many lies are coming out of his poker face mouth. And how he clearly avoids stating his opinion in public (Zuckerberg is a gamma male). Does anyone in the 21st century has had more influence than this man? Teenagers are addicted (92% of them go online on a daily basis), losing a time that could be invested in a valuable education and /or a healthy relationship. In France, many doctors raised Facebook as a “public health concern for children”, because many develop anti-social, hysteric and autistic behaviors. From LeFigaro (translated from French):

The Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) concluded that Facebook is the most toxic social media. Risks are considerable. An over-utilization of Facebook can cause depression, solitude, anxiety, not counting the decrease of school level, the exposition to violence, cyber-harassment and the increase of intimidation victims. Excessive usage of Facebook also provokes changes in sleeping habits and nutrition.


In fact, as of today, almost every single problem can be traced back to Facebook. Zuckerberg and his team have declared – willingly or not, and illegally – war on Western Civilization, promoting Cultural Marxism before all, and all those involved should pay for it.

Seriously, apply law and send these people to jail.

Facebook, who’s my baby’s father?

Facebook shares your data… Ok get over it because this is only the top of the iceberg. The main role of Facebook is to spread the Cultural Marxist agenda. Example?

What kind of impact do you think this can have on a woman’s mind?

Degeneration, africanization. Having moral standards like fidelity, respect? Flush them to the toilets! You don’t even know who’s the father anyway.

Facebook is a tool designed to break families. It rewards you not for the best things you do, but for the worse. You are white and you have an African boyfriend? Congrats!!! Likes everywhere, serotonin bumping in your brain, rewarding you for the wrong things. On the contrary, support Trump and be threatened, censored or removed. That is the real Facebook. From the TheGuardian:

A 2010 survey by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML) found that four out of five lawyers reported an increasing number of divorce cases citing evidence derived from social networking sites in the past five years, with Facebook being the market leader.Two-thirds of the lawyers surveyed said that Facebook was the “primary source” of evidence in divorce proceedings, while MySpace with 15% and Twitter with 5% lagged far behind.

Then, also on The Telegraph :

Sex workers are openly using Facebook, Twitter and other social media to openly advertise their services.

Prostitutes and escort agencies have created hundreds of unrestricted pages on Facebook, causing concern that children are being exposed to both explicit content as well as the services of the sex industry.Many of the pages include explicit photographs, descriptions of services alongside phones numbers, addresses and prices.
Close to promoting pedophilia:

Then, you see thousands of women marching for abortion (aka more sex without consequences), and you wonder why… You wonder why many women leave their man, cheating on them with blacks, Latinos, etc. You wonder how pedophilia seems to be growing. Facebook issue is not only about personal data, but about how it uses them to influence your closest people’s mind… in the wrong way.


Why your girlfriend suddenly wants to go to gym?

Everything seems to be fine in your life. You got a beautiful girlfriend, you know how to game, have a good social circle, good job, etc. Your couple is doing ok, no big problem in sight….

Then one day, out of the blue, she wakes up and tells you she wanna go to the gym. Surprised, you don’t know how to react. After all, many girls go to gym, but why do they do that?

I have been observing girls at the gym for a long time, and I have read a lot, as you also did if you are here.

My first question : have you ever seen a “normal” woman (not the body builder nor the fat one) doing anything effective at the gym?

On my side, nope. Most women at the gym are really mostly annoying. They take space and machines for nothing. They could do the same at home, but they don’t. It seems the gym has something home doesn’t have… Let me think about it… MEN!

Men and women are hypergamic, as you probably know. We all look for a better partner according to sexual criteria written in our DNA. But it happens that men can control it much better than women.

Women are instinctive and mostly act without thinking. When they say they want to go to the gym, you must hear “I wanna check some other males”. Clearly, unless you are MUCH BETTER than her, she has no reason to do that.

At the gym, women have the opportunity to look at many single men who take care of themselves. Often, if you exercise seriously, you are also serious in your life: diet, job, etc. It doesn’t really matter if she wants to cheat or not. Naturally, women have three hypergamic instincts:

  • Trying to find a richer, higher status man; she looks for security
  • Trying to find a “sexier” man; she is looking for someone to give her an “orgasm”
  • Create competition with you and see which one that will win; she tests your masculinity

In nature, monkeys (e.g. Gorilla, chimpanzee) do exactly the same – at their level. Females also go to other tribes and try to create conflicts. They harass other tribe members, or simply try to seduce other males and make sure to show it to their own male (see “Chimpanzee politics, Frans de Waal’s).

The only thing that counteracts naturally these elements is pregnancy and early breast feeding (scientifically called Lactational amenorrhea).

What is my point?

We are also part of nature, and women behave exactly like the animals they are. This is why they work and this is why they exercise: hypergamy. It doesn’t really matter how good she feels with you. It doesn’t matter how many orgasms you give her. Women are programmed to create troubles in your life, and they will do it. In fact, the higher male status you gain, and the more controlling and bitchy she becomes. The more she will challenge you with other males at some point. So what do we do? Should we therefore remain single and never have anything?

I didn’t say that, at all. The conclusion is simply that women have to be controlled. They actually look for a male that will control them, and a man who controls his life. They love the feeling of being conquered and being your “property”. The other important factor is her environment. A good family, less facebook, less TV shows, more reading and more church/mosque/synagogue will certainly reduce her sexual appetite.

Just keep in mind that a woman at the gym is always looking directly or indirectly for someone better than her current man.

Syria: the forbidden (((subject))) is back

Syria is back on track. Gas attacks seem to appear anywhere chosen people are, and that is pretty sad. I am not saying they are guilty of anything, but let’s face it: the situation around them is pretty dangerous: Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Egypt, and soon most likely Iran.

Syrian children receive treatment after a suspected chemical attack in Khan Sheikhoun (4 April 2017)

In any case what pisses me off the most is the hypocrisy about all of that. We all know that rebels have been defeated in Syria, and that in fact there is no point in using chemical weapons – at all. In addition, there is no “humanitarian point” in keeping military presence there. Before the civil war, Sarkozy went to Syria and requested to build a pipeline from Qatar to Europe, in order not to pay Russians for gas anymore. Assad rejected this, and Sarkozy told me him that they would burn down his country. Well done Sir, because today The Washington Post quotes:

The likelihood of a military strike against Syria after a suspected chemical weapons attack increased Sunday as President Trump said there would be a “big price to pay” and officials in France vowed the country would “do its duty” in responding.

France called for an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council on Monday to discuss the weekend attack, and eight other nations joined in the request, including the United States and Britain.

In reference to a warning by President Emmanuel Macron last month that France would strike unilaterally if Syria used chemical weapons again, Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said that the nation would assume its responsibilities…

“President Putin, Russia and Iran are responsible for backing Animal Assad. Big price to pay,” Trump said in back-to-back tweets. “Open area immediately for medical help and verification. Another humanitarian disaster for no reason whatsoever. SICK!”

Late Sunday, SANA, Syria’s state-run news agency, said that an air base in central Syria was hit by a missile attack and that the military shot down eight missiles. The report initially said the attack in Homs province was “likely to be an American aggression.” Later, however, Syrian officials and allies in Russia said the airstrike was carried out by Israel, which also struck the same airfield in February.

Israel did not immediately confirm the reports of the Sunday attack.

In any case, it seems that Syrian’s life are not very valuable to all those virtue signaling activists (left and “right”) in the West. Syrian people not only have to suffer from Gas attacks from Western Oligarchs. They have to be punished for being attacked…

The more they virtue signals, they less they actually care… a pity that they don’t care as much for white south africans. There it seems ok to kill the white men:

Cosmopolitan: “How To Talk To A Trans Parent About Their Pregnancy”

So here we are. Women’s (SJW) magazine giving advices on how to behave with trans during their pregnancy. Horror movie, when is it the end? Quote:

… Even though it’s nothing new, trans pregnancy is slowly becoming more visible …
Reese told the story of carrying and giving birth to their son Leo. Reese is far from the first trans dad to get pregnant and give birth, but his openness shown much-needed light on an experience that’s commonly misunderstood ...
Reese said. “People really do want to know what’s the worst thing someone has said so far, and I don’t always want to share that. They want to be titillated in that way, and they also want to learn what transphobia really looks like.”
Source: https://www.cosmopolitan.com/sex-love/a19675157/transgender-pregnancy/


I repeat it: “transphobia”. What the heck does that even mean? 🤣

That if you disagree, you are a scared faggot, basically. Well… I am of course scared of a man in a woman’s body carrying a child. Besides that it makes me puke, it makes very worried about the mental health of the child. In Germany, they want to take children from so-called “anti semites”, but trans having children is perfectly normal.

In fact, my personal believe is that these people are mentally sick and therefore incapable of raising a child properly. Imagine who you would be if your dad would be a woman? Not so good. We need both parents and especially a normal man in our life – i.e. Father. And that’s not only my opinion, it is also the one of science and 99% of normal straight men with adequate testosterone levels.

That is just insane. But the left and their extreme(ly) stupid SJWs have to push their sick agenda always further. Solution?

Ban transgender. They had their chance, and they fucked it up. That’s over. It has to stop.

Feminism: Women can actually beat their man in public

You see, that is the kind of experiment that I really like. It shows how the fight for feminism is just a big lie. It is only an abuse towards men.

And in fact people believe that feminism is just the right to work and vote for women, but it is not. It is the institutionalization of power and law for the pussies. And what happens when you give power to pussies? They ALWAYS abuse it.

I know quiet a few anti-feminists. Yet none of them would agree to remove the only thing that feminism is about: sexual liberation.

So, do you believe that law can be equal for everyone when one part systematically abuses it in total impunity or bigotry?

The truth about intelligence (IQ) and success

In the recent years, many right wing figures (including Stefan Molyneux, Jared Taylor and Black Pigeon speak) displayed the work started by Rychard Flynn concerning Intelligence (IQ) and success of individuals.

Indeed there is a correlation between high IQ and rich nations, and low IQ and poverty. There are quiet a few exceptions however, such as China. But on an individual level, there is no recent correlations between IQ and success in a multicultural society. Why? Because average IQ comparison clears individual problems from the landscape.

If the IQ theory can explain many things (like the success of Western civilization up the the middle of the 20th century), today many low IQ people are succeeding extremely well. Arabs have an average IQ of 81, Blacks of around 70. In other words, individuals in their population of IQ 135 (level of a good engineer) or above, are almost non existent. Yet, Arabs are doing extremely well in Europe. And a black man was even elected as president of the USA. Exceptions or rule?

When I look around me, I am shocked to notice that studies do not reflect reality. Many dumbass have money, and many very smart people are in deep financial issues. The only correlation I identified so far is the community in which they belong and/or the privileges they have.

In that sense, The Economist made a study, which states:

If you don’t have an ecosystem of people you can tap into for support, to help out with, say, finding talent or just making contacts, it’s 20-30 times harder to get your business off the ground.”

– Bryce Keane, co-founder, 3beards (London)

But it goes beyond this. Communities enable you to have access to opportunities, finance,  capital, suppliers, discounts, material, skills, clients, experience, etc. Put simply :

  • Muslims give jobs to one another and buy from one another. Example? Kebabs, car export.
  • Jews give jobs to one another and buy from one another. Example? Look around Trump.
  • Women have promotions based on quotas rather than competences
  • Gays have promotions based on their sexual orientation.
  • Blacks, Latinos, etc. You know the following.

Each individual of these group is protected by others – even at subconscious level. They give to each other jobs, buy among each other and prevent others (white christians – especially white men) from doing the same. In fact, whites are programmed to hate each other (colonies, slavery, etc.). In Europe, dismissing an Arab for a promotion can cost your place for racism. Never say a word about jews neither – a simple joke can send you to jail.

I can also tell from experience that recruitment is biased from the beginning. If too many men are in a team, the priority is given to women – even if she is less competent. Same goes for promotions, and even at a subconscious level. People feel good when they stigmatise a white man as long as it profit a minority, because this is exactly how they have been raised and what the media repeat constantly.

Can we talk about the importance of IQ in such a situation?

The goal of today’s companies and organisations is obviously not performance nor profits. Facebook, Twitter, Google lose money for influencing political opinion and setting aside smart white men. It is obvious that it goes beyond IQ: it is war. A war between communities. A war for resources and power. Life is like that, and the winners write the “truth”.

So, in conclusion, IQ is not sufficient to predict the success for an individual, but also for a nation. Only the combination of cultural and racial homogeneity, IQ and moral values seem to be relevant. Let’s stop gargling each other about a supposed white supremacy, where in fact we will get totally destroyed by modern hordes of Mongols if we won’t organize and restore a conservative society. There is no hope if we don’t unite, and unity starts with each of us.