Gamma males, value and virtue signaling

You certainly heard about these males behaving and thinking like women: the gamma males. You certainly also heard about the concept of virtue signalling, but what about value signaling?

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To illustrate these concept, let me take a concrete example:

Three persons have an important meeting with a client. There is one manager, one woman and an expert, whose official status (and salary) is lower than the manager. The woman usually wears nice dresses at work, while the manager always suits up, even when no-one does. Right before the meeting, the manager asks the expert: what do you think we should talk about during this meeting? The expert answers with a full agenda, the key points to discuss and main output to extract. After all, he wants the meeting and the project to be successful. The woman acknowledges everything, and the manager adds no words. At the time of the meeting, the manager takes the lead and repeats everything that the expert said. The woman emphasizes whatever the manager says to show her presence, and also highlights the “diversity” and “environmental policy” of the company. The manager only makes one allusion to the expert at the beginning saying that he will be assisting them during the project. The expert has nothing to add to the conversation as the content was already his own thinking; he barely corrects politely when his colleagues show their lack of understanding the problem.

During the project, the manager shows absolutely no leadership, no skills, puts the blame on everyone but him, and avoids any rational talks. He lies, changes the topic, ignores, etc. The woman handles very little tasks, and often requires more time in support than the added value she provides in the project. As such, the expert ends up telling exactly what to do, when, and doing everything. He is not invited to any further meeting, even though the woman is, and even after mentioning the fact that he should be present. He mentions that the woman is not very helpful on this project, but gets shuts down for “sexism”.

In the end of the project, the manager gives a review to him, stating that his technical skills are “satisfying”, but that he should show “more initiatives”, “more leadership”, “more care for clients”, “develop relationships with clients”, etc. He also points his “sexism” and lack of “ethics”, hence blocking him for promotion or a salary increase. Later, he gets to know that all mistakes that happened during the project were put on him; when he was not present nor responsible. The manager and the woman both get a good bonus on the project, and he gets nothing.

What just happened? Does it sound familiar?

In case you hadn’t noticed, the manager is what we call a Gamma male. He has no leadership, but refuses to accept his position and his limits. He uses virtue signalling and value signalling to compensate his lack of masculinity and competences. On the other side, the woman is typical. She lacks, like most, technical skills and need to use someone else to go through. She won’t face nor challenge the manager, but rather stick on his side and use the expert knowledge for her to shine.

To me the best examples of Gamma males are Trudeau and Macron.

In short, virtue signalling was:

  • Take the expert at the meeting and mention him, showing care for the team (message: “hey, look how a good manager I am”)
  • Label the expert as “sexist”, signalling his support for feminism in general (message: “hey, look how a good person I am”)
  • Mentioning the “diversity” and “environmental policy” in the company in order to setup a high moral ground where in fact, all the remaining is badImage result for virtue signaling jobImage result for macron old wife

Value signaling was:

  • The manager repeats everything that the expert said in order to look smarter than he is
  • The woman always dresses sexy and classy, but doesn’t do much. She is more about “showing” than “being” or “doing”.
  • The manager always suits up, even when not necessary, showing that he wants to assert his status

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What could he do?

Well, in fact the expert can’t do much in this situation. The game is setup in the company for him to be blamed. He is already checkmate since the beginning. Hence the only way not to lose the game is to get out of it. He should have left the company or the team as early as possible. Of course, the manager/the company might try to fuck his reputation up, but they will do it in any case sooner or later.

Gamma males are the real problem of our society, and today they are in control of most of the positions of power. In order to win this war, good men have to stand up together and start doing something to get this power back. It doesn’t necessarily imply violence. The crucial point to understand is that a company ruled by Gamma males, women and high diversity is doomed to collapse under its own weight. You know, in the end someone gotta do the job!

So, if the good men refuse to work these companies and instead go their own way, allying with good people, the power will naturally come back to them. Why? Because the real power is the core value that we bring to this world. Never be mistaken by who is strong. Bad people are always weak; shortly summarized by Vox in “SJWs always lie”.

What would an alpha do?

The alpha would show leadership and support both the members of his team. He would give the credits where they have to be, challenge the client when required, and put back his team member in place if necessary. He would show understanding, but also discipline, competences and honesty. He would value the work of everyone, and reward adequately each of the member. Wanna have an example? Putin when he faces billionaires and tell them how bad they are to screw honest poor people:

Virtue signalling is about pretending to be a good person in order to do something bad.

Vale signalling is about pretending have a higher value than you have in order to parasite others.

An hymn to the good wife

A good woman is hard to find,
and worth far more than diamonds.
Her husband trusts her without reserve,
and never has reason to regret it.
Never spiteful, she treats him generously
all her life long.
She shops around for the best yarns and cottons,
and enjoys knitting and sewing.
She’s like a trading ship that sails to faraway places
and brings back exotic surprises.
She’s up before dawn, preparing breakfast
for her family and organizing her day.
She looks over a field and buys it,
then, with money she’s put aside, plants a garden.
First thing in the morning, she dresses for work,
rolls up her sleeves, eager to get started.
She senses the worth of her work,
is in no hurry to call it quits for the day.
She’s skilled in the crafts of home and hearth,
diligent in homemaking.
She’s quick to assist anyone in need,
reaches out to help the poor.
She doesn’t worry about her family when it snows;
their winter clothes are all mended and ready to wear.
She makes her own clothing,
and dresses in colorful linens and silks.
Her husband is greatly respected
when he deliberates with the city fathers.
She designs gowns and sells them,
brings the sweaters she knits to the dress shops.
Her clothes are well-made and elegant,
and she always faces tomorrow with a smile.
When she speaks she has something worthwhile to say,
and she always says it kindly.
She keeps an eye on everyone in her household,
and keeps them all busy and productive.
Her children respect and bless her;
her husband joins in with words of praise:
“Many women have done wonderful things,
but you’ve outclassed them all!”
Charm can mislead and beauty soon fades.
The woman to be admired and praised
is the woman who lives in the Fear-of-God.
Give her everything she deserves!
Festoon her life with praises!

Proverbs 31:10 – 31


Feminist admits publicly how she cucked her husband

The cultural Marxist shitshow “minute of truth” featured another “normal western woman”, married under the dogma of feminism. Watch for yourself:

So basically, she cheated on her husband, multiple times and she doesn’t feel sorry for it. She seems to be proud of it even! She would marry her ex boyfriend, in front of her husband. She would destroy her family, her husband, just to satisfy the temptation inside her. Sad.

Are we supposed to say “Yes” to this and forgive, even as a Christian?

Redemption comes when someone asks for forgiveness and is ready to make – profound and concrete – sacrifices not to commit AGAIN the same mistake. But here is totally the opposite. In any case, he forgiveness of the heart doesn’t prevent the strict hands of justice.

More scary, this is what society tells women to do: fuck, fuck, fuck, and get your emotional pussy aroused by any other means. And you get bored, just switch on Tinder and fuck. A feminized world without a glance of morality, nor humanity I would say.

Anyway, what really saddens me is this picture:

He tries to consolate her while she feels so “emotionally charged” by what happened. At that level of cuckery, I will just say “poor man”. I wish for him all the best, to remain strong and not to collapse under the weight of reality when he realises what happened.

And the shows rolls on.

Multiculturalism and feminism: the result

This is what happens to you in an multiracial society: your wife divorces you for a fat low iq unattractive non masculine black/latino/arabic man.

After annoying you for many years, making you believe that she will be forever there and the children, she suddenly doesn’t have “the thing” with you. She goes to her lawyer, where she is received as a veteran of war who fought 10 years to protect the country, and who deserves the highest form of respect. After all, why not decorate her with the medal of honor after having endured the humiliation of washing  the dishes from time to time or even making a meal.

Of course, in the procedure  she gets to keep the kids, get your money and destroy your children’s life. So she can get with a man ready to “bang her in front of the kids, because he does not cares”.


Hopefully I heard my family’s history. As well I saw old happy married couples. I also know what achievements realized by Western Civilization, and that is not thanks to feminism, blacks or arabs – quite on the contrary. I just hope that all of that is just a natural reaction to an extremely toxic environment: feminism, cultural Marxism and multiculturalism lead to death. In a nutshell, more of an epigenetic hell than a deterministic world.

Why your girlfriend suddenly wants to go to gym?

Everything seems to be fine in your life. You got a beautiful girlfriend, you know how to game, have a good social circle, good job, etc. Your couple is doing ok, no big problem in sight….

Then one day, out of the blue, she wakes up and tells you she wanna go to the gym. Surprised, you don’t know how to react. After all, many girls go to gym, but why do they do that?

I have been observing girls at the gym for a long time, and I have read a lot, as you also did if you are here.

My first question : have you ever seen a “normal” woman (not the body builder nor the fat one) doing anything effective at the gym?

On my side, nope. Most women at the gym are really mostly annoying. They take space and machines for nothing. They could do the same at home, but they don’t. It seems the gym has something home doesn’t have… Let me think about it… MEN!

Men and women are hypergamic, as you probably know. We all look for a better partner according to sexual criteria written in our DNA. But it happens that men can control it much better than women.

Women are instinctive and mostly act without thinking. When they say they want to go to the gym, you must hear “I wanna check some other males”. Clearly, unless you are MUCH BETTER than her, she has no reason to do that.

At the gym, women have the opportunity to look at many single men who take care of themselves. Often, if you exercise seriously, you are also serious in your life: diet, job, etc. It doesn’t really matter if she wants to cheat or not. Naturally, women have three hypergamic instincts:

  • Trying to find a richer, higher status man; she looks for security
  • Trying to find a “sexier” man; she is looking for someone to give her an “orgasm”
  • Create competition with you and see which one that will win; she tests your masculinity

In nature, monkeys (e.g. Gorilla, chimpanzee) do exactly the same – at their level. Females also go to other tribes and try to create conflicts. They harass other tribe members, or simply try to seduce other males and make sure to show it to their own male (see “Chimpanzee politics, Frans de Waal’s).

The only thing that counteracts naturally these elements is pregnancy and early breast feeding (scientifically called Lactational amenorrhea).

What is my point?

We are also part of nature, and women behave exactly like the animals they are. This is why they work and this is why they exercise: hypergamy. It doesn’t really matter how good she feels with you. It doesn’t matter how many orgasms you give her. Women are programmed to create troubles in your life, and they will do it. In fact, the higher male status you gain, and the more controlling and bitchy she becomes. The more she will challenge you with other males at some point. So what do we do? Should we therefore remain single and never have anything?

I didn’t say that, at all. The conclusion is simply that women have to be controlled. They actually look for a male that will control them, and a man who controls his life. They love the feeling of being conquered and being your “property”. The other important factor is her environment. A good family, less facebook, less TV shows, more reading and more church/mosque/synagogue will certainly reduce her sexual appetite.

Just keep in mind that a woman at the gym is always looking directly or indirectly for someone better than her current man.

Individuals vs the Collective: What libertarians get wrong

Maybe few of you know that I personally come from a libertarian / anarcho-capitalist background. I understand the principle of non-aggression, I understand how a libertarian society allows voluntary interaction and the creation of communities. In fact, I understand those concepts better than most modern day libertarians. Yet…

Recently a man I knew died of some cancer. I knew him well. He was a manager in a mid-size company. He was not the most cautious man but he was a good man. He did get drunk from time to time. He was smoking. And he was (as most white men) working a lot, constantly under heavy pressure from upper management. He was barely 40, 3 children and a feminist wife… He died of cancer.

My old libertarian side would have concluded that he was an adult. He could have chosen a different lifestyle. Many people (myself included) choose to eat healthy, manage stress through sports, meditation/prayers, not to smoke, not to party… So it seems to be unfair to asks others for one’s mistakes.

But is he to blame completely? Was he 100% responsible for the situation he was in? Did he choose this lifestyle? … not really. At least, this could be true if he was an isolated case. But when this kind of phenomenon becomes a trend, then this cannot be justified by individual choices only. As you see, more and more people have cancer, health problems, depression, etc. This society makes literally people sick, convincing them to take the wrong lifestyle and/or giving them the cultural marxist pressure.

From an external point of view, he was a man who was raised by a single mother. He was submerged into pop culture with no man to guide him. He was being told to “work hard, pay taxes, drink a bit, respect women and party”. And he did. Just like most white men do today, but also did yesterday. The world is mostly made of followers, not leaders. And there is nothing wrong with that.

There are men who are simply not able to come out of this cultural marxist nightmare, because they don’t conceive how getting out of it looks like. They can’t red pill themselves. Therefore “good guidelines” for the “weaker-minded” are needed. Because these people are following guidelines no matter what: left or right. The fact that I call these people “weaker minded” is not out of disgrace. I don’t mean to insult anyone, but to state a fact: most people were never able to take full ownership for themselves. Most of them are probably even good men. Good men following wrong dogmas.

And this is where libertarians get things wrong. Humans are a tribal species, and we rely on each other. Individualism in fact always loses against ethnocentrism.

Leaving eachone of us alone facing this cultural marxist war is a free pass to the road to hell. We won’t make it alone. None of us. It is a lie. A sweet lie, but still lie.

Not everyone in this world is born to see the truth alone. In fact, we almost all need a hand to walk through the darkness. Therefore responsibilities fall on the shoulder of the leaders and the truth they preach. It is easier to blame individuals for their problems, rather than taking the individual responsibility we share in this mess.

Let’s face it, Muslims are invading Europe because they stick to each other. Jews have Israël because they fought together for the Balfour declaration – etc. I am not saying they are right, nor that they are good people. I am just saying that a strong community doesn’t need to be right or good to succeed over an other. That is another red pill to swallow.

We all have a responsibility in the trouble of Western society, and everyone has to do what he can to fix it, at his level, according to his capacity. In short: there is no individual escape to a collective issue.


Courage, the light is never far.

Don’t let politics choose your girlfriend.

In this world, most of young white men and women remain single. Many choose to put this life decision on personal choice, like this new society doesn’t require to mate while being young. Like biology suddenly changes in a matter of a few decades. Well, I got news for you. That’s a lie.


One classification women can be put in is by political affiliation. Either they are right wing, either they are leftist, either they don’t care about politics. The latest category is the most popular one. Probably because this is where women belong. Also, there is no effort to put in for changing the political mind of the female, so many men prefer this option.

Even thou I do not regret my choice, I was putting a red flag on any women coming with leftist kind of ideology. This is a mistake I made and this is a mistake many white men are doing. Of course non political women stay a great choice. There is no reason to believe they are better or worse than other women. A relatively chaste or normal left wing woman is not worse than a right wing woman.

The truth is that right wing women have problems just like left wing women. These problems are just different. Right wing women are there because the right wing of the political spectrum smells testosterone miles away. They are in to find “the alpha male” who is rich and has power. She is probably the most hyper-gamic type of woman. It does not mean she is a bad person, but she is probably harder to handle than other left wing or apolitical counter parts.

Leftwing women are not necessarily as bad as their caricature. Of course the short blue hair, fat, full of piercing and tatoos feminist is repulsive. And she is probably no longer healthy enough to give birth to a healthy baby. But that is not the case of most left wing women. Left wing women are in “the left” just like they would have been hanging at the neck of German soldiers in France in 1940. They play the safety card and go with what appears to be the winner. Their mind can be changed and some of them might not be as destroyed as they seem to be.

In all, the political opinion of women is not really relevant. And it will never be. Women choose side either through submission (the left) or through their hyper-gamy biological instinct (the right) or they are normal (they don’t care about politics). Women will not take up arms, they will not fight, they will not even support their own men. What currently matter for a white man is to find a white women who can be trustworthy and : MAKE WHITE HEALTHY BABIES.

Sluts are made, not born.

The RedPill world says to us that women are all sleeping or active bitches, and recommend all men to go their way.

Honestly, when you look at women today, how would you want to respect them? What’s in for men in a relationship today? Plus, their craziness comes out in different shapes and forms, from the prostitute wife to the hard working feminist knowing better than any man. Our women are full of hate for men, and we feel it.

To remedy this, PUAs, and most of auto-proclaimed “redpills” are prescribing to dump women. They say “dump your bitch and go your own way”. But they still don’t provide any answers to many essential questions of life such as aging and having a descendance. Ironically, they reproduce what they despise and they push the west one step closer to the gates of suicide.

In any case, too many questions remain unanswered to accept such a conclusion that all western women behave so bad solely by their very nature. I can’t agree that the only solution for every white man is to face the impossibility of its procreation. Indeed, how can these people explain our continuous survival over the millennia? How do they explain the continual success and domination of Western civilization over the world across history? It is impossible to conceive that Western civilization was built with whining, destructive and selfish women, nor with biter – hyper sexualised- men. It must be something else.

During my childhood, I always enjoyed discussing with old people. The old times always intrigued me for their contrast with modern times. I always wondered why people, in the old days, looked so classy, why men and women were constantly separated, and why women would stay home. My grandmother used to tell stories during the war. For example, she told me how her mother was crawling kilometers during the night to gather food for herself and her sister. She used to cut potatoes and eat the skin to leave the plain starchy to her daughters. Until recently, women used to handle every tasks at home without complaining about it. It was a respectful job and they took this task very seriously. In fact, it appears that they were far happier, as many counter-feminists movements emerged at the dawn of feminism. Virginity, mariage and family were something to be proud of.

But today, all men in a long term relationship (LTR for lazy people) face the same issue. It’s not about being an “alpha male”. All women start shouting at their man. They all try to find the limits of their man and inevitably do not respect him. They do not take any responsibility – at all – and complain about everything. Nothing is ever good enough for her. On Facebook, everything looks normal, but in reality… Their life is full of hate, and they often fall sick.

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I reach the conclusion that modern women are not happy to behave as they do, but they do it anyway. So the question is: why would they do that? How could the West shifted from natural, balanced and healthy relationships to this nightmare? Today, for most men, individualism seems to be the only rational exit to a world with a collapsed morality. But I disagree. Once again, how could white people ever be so great if they would behave so miserably? The answer lies somewhere else, and after a lot of reading and understanding, it appears clear to me that the answer is in the heart of Marxism and Freudism (which led to the Kinsey report).

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Female Marxism, or feminism, instigated in women the flame for what they call emancipation. Freudism cut the rope of chastity, stating falsely that men and women exist for nothing more than repressed sexual drive. And who wants to live repressed?

And emancipation against what? The very thing that can balance women’s energy to create the necessary societal synergy that our continuity requires: the family and the community. In fact, Kinsey declared war to Christian moral standards. The goal was to break trust between men and women, while confusing them about their own sexuality. But trust is the cement of relationships and self-confidence the pillar of our identity. Only on these foundations can be built respect and love. Their absence lead to the impossibility of healthy relationships, leaving as sole cement the temporary individualistic interests. The dedication of a life for building a family and society is replaced by the mere consumption of individual feeling until its soul is left empty, close to nihilism.

Women – white women in particular – have been corrupted by the media, the school system, social medias and all the putrid lies whispered to them that were based on these fake ideologies. Repetition made their brain integrate lies as truths – dogma. Since their childhood, their very mother worked hard to inject in their brain the virus of hate against men, while Hollywood made them dream about the prince they presumably all deserve – but will never find, a life of deception.

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Globalists made our women parasites who believe to be the host. They made them aggressors who believe to be the victims. They changed the natural love that a woman has for her man into a permanent fight for power. The feminist point of view is today – even unconsciously – the only way their brain can perceive reality, and it is a disease. It is a meta-program running in their head; they have been programmed.

In fact, white women now wave the flag of feminism as a perpetration of war against white men. Look out there and count how many white feminists are against Muslims. Quite on the contrary, these feminists do accept the barbaric and anti-female acts of all other men as long as they are not white. Black males have the factual right to beat and rape white women. Arabs can burn their faces with acid. And thousands of women can be raped in Europe. None of that seems to be an issue until recently with the start #metoo movement.

Once again, women have been corrupted. Their soul is now immune to any sense of reality. They became the agent of the white genocide, and if one quality emerged from all these millennia, it is finally the extraordinary capability of western genetics to present itself disciplined for its purpose, whatever it is. And as the soldier of evil, it appears that white women became the premium quality beasts required to achieve the Kalergi plan.

I know, many modern women today started to reject feminism. But the virus is still present and won’t go away without heavy treatment. The only thing that can create substantial biological changes in any brain is a shock of an emotional magnitude big enough to counteract a lifetime of lies. For some, being lonely or failing to raise their kids might be a wake up call. For others, I am afraid that only military actions and the fear for their life will have any effect. Let’s also consider the fact that some women are already lost, and nothing can solve the problem. Worse, they will always remain a threat, ready to re-infect the rest of society.

But it’s not only about women, this is also about men. Our men are the cure, and many men are also mentally sick of Marxism and Freudism. Therefore, all decent men have to stand up for their people, pass the word and coordinate as their very life is in danger today – even if they do not realise it. These men have to smash PUAs and other tumorous ex-croissance of the Marxist virus. No man in our lands should be left behind. We ought to stand up as brothers and reject all these fake ideologies. Let’s face it, we cannot afford losing more men and women in cultural Marxism, nor can we afford letting the communists to raise our women to become Muslims prostitutes.

Why do women dress up sexy at work?

You got your first job, and you suit up. You go to work. Sure as hell that it is a serious place where sex is the last thing in the mind of any descent person. After all, that is what you learned at school: men and women are equal, and females have the right to earn money.

Fierce of your core belief system, you take the lift and see the first shiny heels with an elegant dress. In the lift, there are 3 other men, and somehow you feel strange. You get out of the lift and notice how the receptionist is smiling to an old man. You go to her to ask for your way, and her breast seems to be jumping around to reach your eyes. She stands up, looks at you up and down and asks you to follow her. Then, you notice her long legs, long hair, little smile, along with the perfect angle of her glasses falling on her nose.

Day by day, week by week and year by year, you finally get it. Women go to work for two things and both are around Sex:

  1. Get money for themselves: women who work tend to spend their money for themselves, telling everyone that she is independent, but that she does it for YOU, the boyfriend/husband. Nope… In the end she leaves you with paying most of the bills, the credit and/or rent, while she spends most of her money on her make-up, high-heels, etc. She uses her money to keep her SMV up while decreasing yours.
  2. Find a better match, cheat on their partner or get attention: at work, plenty of men walk in everyday. They meet hundreds of males, and can assess them in live. The race for the most handsome/healthy/strongest/richest/most powerful man is started. They all compete each other for it, and all talk rubbish to discredit competition.

Of course, it happens that some women do work well and for the good reasons (aka building society and/or sustaining a family). But these are rare, and I won’t be apologetic about them, since this is an abnormality of society, not something to celebrate. I won’t push for it. If it happens, it happens, end of story.

Keep this in mind:

  1. Red make-up is used to simulate a “high fertility” and hence attract more males (OR MORE FUCKABLE)
  2. Lipsticks, eye lashes, skin cream, etc. are used to make them look younger and healthier (OR MORE FUCKABLE)
  3. High heels change the biometrics of the body to make them look more attractive (OR MORE FUCKABLE)

In these 3 main make-up things, would you classify ANY in the category “to do a better job”? No. Women do go to work sexy in order to get banged, to get the chance to, or to leverage their ass for money (let’s call that the “classy business prostitute”). They call on “sexual harassment”, but that is exactly what they want. How convenient, isn’t it?

From Otto W. in 1904:

Women only think about Sex. But I say Sex as a whole, and not as the sole act… Women are fascinated by the Sex… Look at them at a theater act (film today), and watch them react at a simple kiss… Watch them how they react when they see animals copulating… Watch them around children… For women, Sex is everything… I call this “Maquerellage”.

Anyway, we ought to say it: women at work – aka in a company – represent a huge issue for our society. The cons outnumber the pro’s by many. Indeed, it breaks the natural authority and position of the male in the family by opening her the exit door widely, while also turning her away from doing what is really important: making children and taking care of them. Some women say “I can work and raise my children”, but honestly it is not possible. A woman who takes care of the home, of the children and keeps herself educated has no time for pretending to be the modern feminist hero.

In fact, women at work are much less efficient than men and receive the same salary for the same job (despite all legends given, I never met nor heard about one case that would fall under the category “discrimination”, while I see many white males discriminated on a daily basis). They take positions that should be handled by men, and the money that is legitimately for the men. Men do the job and create 90% of the value, it is only fair that they get the 90% of the reward. Also, these women cut the job market by giving literally twice as much as workers as before, and come to add complexity in the management (e.g. diversity programs, affirmative actions, etc.). They propose “new things” in the company that usually distance it from its core value (e.g. spending 6 months talking about colors, logos, clothes, etc.).

So, now don’t even bother wondering why your girlfriend or wife puts make-up and is sexier at work than at home: that’s because overthere she has the potential to get more than you.

54 men at 22yo, half drunk, apparently that is the norm

I was hanging around on YouTube and discovered this video (no need more than 5min, but feel free to watch everything):

Tyler is a PUA who gives seminars about game. Once in a while I like to check the decadence of society and what they are up to. Today, I saw this:

Tyler and his friend pretend to be gay. They ask the girl how many men she had. She hesitates, and after decreasing from hundreds to a hundred, she tells that she had 54 dicks men at 22 years old. Is she an exception? I wouldn’t say so. She adds that she would “like to make a family in the future”, and that “she feels shy at 22 for not being married – being from the southern part of america”.

You see, this situation is exactly the problem. Do you think that our ancestors pretended to be gay, joking around a women who obviously doesn’t know what she is doing. Wait… no. That is also part of the africanisation of the west. Our ancestor didn’t build our civilisation that way. They did some shit surely, but that was never the norm in our civilisation, unlike in Africa.

Image associéeImage associéeImage associée

You see, the problem with PUAs is not their diagnostic of women. They are right about many things, but their solution won’t make the society a better place. Making a family is a must, and truly, any quality women will refuse to date a PUAs. And when I mean quality woman, I mean a young hot smart virgin raised very traditionally who never was in a bar, a club or else. The girl that reads, and goes to gather mushrooms during the week-end. The girl that truly wants a family and a normal man. Yet, I know, this is rare. But keep in mind this: how do you want women to be that way, if what we value the most is fucking around this kind of slut?

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To this, PUAs would say: “but hey we know what’s a good woman. I know what I value the most! We’re just having fun around, nothing bad dude. And these are sluts. If you don’t understand that, then you are a fucking beta”. Well, the truth is that we do is what we value the most, and sometimes what we value the most is not what we would like to. So, that is a problem with oneself then. In addition, I would say that these men are truly losing their time. They should have kids and a good wife, or doing something useful for our society, and this is not the case – at all. If their goal is to get the best good woman they can, why do they go for sluts?

Concerning that girl, I am sad, honestly. She is useless, wasting herself as she has absolutely no idea. She follows the Cultural Marxist propaganda, even if somewhere deep deep down she knows it destroys her. When she says “I’d like to get married”, they could just answer”yes, you are a bitch. No-one wants a slut like you as a wife. That is really sad. By being here, you won’t meet anyone to love you, and tomorrow you’ll be sad again. You are just a waste and you should go home”. I personally told this to girls many time. They simply cry, and eventually most of them become big fan of me, and I have to follow me. I have to push them back strongly, and believe me, it makes them think. Yet, here, Tyler and the others laugh about it in the video, but I don’t. I hate feminists, and I hate this kind of women, for what they do to our society. It is not funny, not at all. Our decadence has nothing funny, honestly. We ought to put order in this, and to do this, we must demonstrate what real men do.