Diversity doesn’t seem to like classical music

I just came across this concert, and I was stunned by the lack of diversity:

Yet, to this day, I NEVER heard there was any discrimination in music. If I open my TV, I would in fact have the impression that whites are discriminated and not the opposite.

Therefore, the only reasonable conclusion I can make is that Africans / Arabs do not care for our music. They care not for our history, our culture unless it is in their interest (i.e. colonies, crusades).

You may say it is a question of education. So then, how much is a surgeon educated? Is that a level that is considered sufficient to dismiss any discriminatory hypothesis?

How could they send a clearer message than their total absence in the perpetuation of our culture, tastes and traditions?

I hope all of that doesn’t sound racist, because that is not my intention. If you ever feel stressed about multiculturalism, look at the peaceful side of diversity:

One thought on “Diversity doesn’t seem to like classical music

  1. This is the dumbest article I have ever read. There are tons of minorities that play in orchestras or love classical music. Since when did Music solely become your thing, music is to be shared for everyone. How horrible and lonely you must be in real life.

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