Companies offshoring is more expensive, not less

I was traveling in Belgium a few years ago and came across an article from “Test achat” a customer review magazine. It was pointing out the poor condition of Chinese and other Asian workers. Yet they failed to realize they uncovered an inconvenient truth.


Translation (for the total price of 15 EUR) :

  • Sales, Dividend to shareholders, shipping, marketing and advertisements: 12 EUR
  • Chinese boss, shipping within China: 1.5 EUR
  • Raw material : 1 EUR
  • Customs: 0.38 EUR
  • Chinese Worker: 0.12 EUR

You can point out as an excuse the wage of the Chinese worker all you want (roughly $500 monthly), I see that a European worker can be paid 20 times the wage of a Chinese worker without taking a dime from shareholders (which cost are also way too high). Simple numbers and calculations proves that not only offshoring is not financially profitable… but that companies are actually paying more to go abroad.

So YES, products can be produced in the West with higher quality while remaining cheaper. Giving well paid jobs to the needy, saving social security without immigration. The key issue of course for anyone is to brave the legal framework, access the financial resources and try to enter the network of the globalist.

Call it conspiracy. In fact, call it whatever you want… But some sectors seem to be immune to this offshoring: Hollywood, the media, Jewelry, the medical sector, Banking…

Food for thoughts.

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