Feminists admit to condemn reality based on fiction

The website “wearyourvoicemag” published a feminist article on the basis of the TV show “the handmaid tale”. The first time I saw this TV show, I couldn’t think about anything else but the impact it would have on the women I know. I already feared the consequences on me for things I don’t do nor ever done, nor support. So, I switched it off. And I was right.

Fiction is now a solid basis for protesting against a fictive oppressor in the real word. If you are guilty in a TV show, that is apparently enough for some people to condemn you very concretely – for things that you could do in a less likely hypothetical future. Indeed, let’s remind the world that feminism and the end of slavery were brought by white Christian males.

Reproductive rights is a subject that is central to the politics of white feminism because it is the second most prominent fight that it has historically engaged with, the first being voting rights for white women. It has always been understood as advocacy for the right to birth control and access to safe, legal abortion options as part of one’s ability to plan pregnancies and families on one’s own terms. In short, for able-bodied and able-minded white people, it has been primarily about the right to not be pregnant.

Considering the historical context of eugenics, scientific racism, and certain state-sanctioned violences, reproductive justice for non-whites would largely be quite the opposite. For many, it would instead be the ability to bear and nurture one’s own children without government interference or barriers created through white supremacy and systemic oppression

Until here, even if I totally disagree with this intellectual ground which is a total fallacy and a denial of individual responsibility in life, we were still at the exit door of rationality, still building logical foundation for the next discourse on the basis of virtue signaling. Now comes the fantasy:

Distinguished by their red robes and white bonnets, Handmaids are forced into slavery, repeatedly violated, impregnated, and made to give birth to children that are immediately taken to serve the interests of others. Essentially, The Handmaid’s Taledepicts cis white women stripped of the ability to bear and nurture one’s own children without government interference or barriers created through white supremacy and systemic oppression. This is a position that they have never seen themselves depicted in, and it terrifies them.

White feminists identify so strongly with The Handmaid’s Tale because it is a show about white women in slavery. They see clear connections between its horrors and the current state of U.S. politics. They see it as an omen. As a call to action.

So, as they state clearly, a TV show is solid ground for a call action – which means violence. Today’s feminists are so mentally sick, that in order to nourish their privileges, their quest now crosses the gates of fantasy to justify violence on white males.

Put it in other words, you take a camera and pay a white woman to slap a white man and write a scene. You film it and publish it on youtube. Then, a couple of days after, the government would use your video as a “solid ground” for punishing all white women in the real world.

Besides, what worries me is the impact of fiction on people – here women. It seems here that many aren’t now capable of distinguishing reality from fiction. This means that whatever they watch on TV, Facebook, etc. is very real for them. Because let’s be clear, white women are not oppressed by white extremists, who most of the time are just traditional Christian men who want a good peaceful family ostracized by a very real totalitarian “liberal” society. Haven’t we gone too far with TV and media? Maybe reducing it and reading the bible instead would prevent much violence.

When you can start punishing people on the basis of fiction, you certainly reached some kind of dogmatic idiocratic limit. Feminism has become a religion.

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