French SJW growing hair: why I don’t want children

France has little coverage in the news, so let me share this.

A SJW youtuber (Antastesia) makes hilarious video about typical SJW topics. A couple of months ago, she made a video to explain why she doesn’t want children (translation below) :

I don’t want any children and it is normal. Let’s face it: when you are born you don’t have any children, so the basic state is not to have children. The basis state is to be alone, so I don’t understand why people do not understand my choice of not having children.

Eureka! Perfectly logic! The reactions were also funny, saying “you are not born with blue hair, so don’t do it”, “you are not born as a feminist, so don’t do it”. Funny. Look at her evolving as a SJW:

Or how to destroy feminity in a nutshell.

Anyway, now you got another argument to make fun of them. But honestly these people are sick and predictable… For example she is also in:

  • Colouring her hair
  • Being asexual
  • Against discrimination in dating
  • Against white people
  • For gays and lesbians
  • Having sex with more than 20 years older men (or very young)
  • Dissociation of sex and love
  • Not needing anything solid for making an argument
  • Against family
  • Thinking you are young forever
  • For mixed race couples
  • Feminist, for the hate of men
  • Crazily jealous of other women
  • Against her own culture
  • For mass immigration
  • Growing her body hair and showing them proudly
  • Etc.

SJW are so accurately all the same, fine tuned as a Swiss clock.

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