Iranian feminist sent to jail

A woman was arrested in Iran… because she danced sexy on Instagram.

This raises two questions in my mind:

  1. Why do Muslims want to keep their woman far from sexual liberation?
  2. Why do feminists take this as an example when there are thousands of less sexual ones?

Well, looking at west, things become pretty clear. Under the umbrella of liberation, women slowly get tempted by the evil and start ruining society. Muslims (and Christians) do understand this very well and value more the family unit than the abundance of prostitutes. Because as a matter of facts, the last building modern whores did fell apart the first day, while cathedrals are still standing.

Feminism is the destruction of the family unit. The deception of society. The corruption of children. The enslavement of the bodies and the souls of men and women. The end of reason, equality, honesty, sincerity and the beginning of falsehood, hypocrisy and superficiality.

Feminism is evil, not for what it defends, but for what it results in, inexorably.

Besides, there is nothing more sellable than pussy. Sex is the strongest pulsion of human being, and the evil (if we can say so) knows how to play with it. In fact, sex is to our ancestry tree what is survival instinct to our life. So, no doubt feminism would jump on this.

Never forget that what Iran does is just a trial to stop this before it starts:

One thought on “Iranian feminist sent to jail

  1. Good. At least some countries still recognise the need to discipline these brats and the disastrous consequences if you don’t.

    Then again, Western regimes are intentionally using feminists as useful idiots to create a totalitarian dystopia of mentally ill, androgynous slaves, where masculine concepts such as objective truth, individual liberty and responsibility are abolished from the lexicon of human thought, so ignorance of the damage caused by feminism isn’t really the motive here, either.

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