Cosmopolitan: “How To Talk To A Trans Parent About Their Pregnancy”

So here we are. Women’s (SJW) magazine giving advices on how to behave with trans during their pregnancy. Horror movie, when is it the end? Quote:

… Even though it’s nothing new, trans pregnancy is slowly becoming more visible …
Reese told the story of carrying and giving birth to their son Leo. Reese is far from the first trans dad to get pregnant and give birth, but his openness shown much-needed light on an experience that’s commonly misunderstood ...
Reese said. “People really do want to know what’s the worst thing someone has said so far, and I don’t always want to share that. They want to be titillated in that way, and they also want to learn what transphobia really looks like.”


I repeat it: “transphobia”. What the heck does that even mean? 🤣

That if you disagree, you are a scared faggot, basically. Well… I am of course scared of a man in a woman’s body carrying a child. Besides that it makes me puke, it makes very worried about the mental health of the child. In Germany, they want to take children from so-called “anti semites”, but trans having children is perfectly normal.

In fact, my personal believe is that these people are mentally sick and therefore incapable of raising a child properly. Imagine who you would be if your dad would be a woman? Not so good. We need both parents and especially a normal man in our life – i.e. Father. And that’s not only my opinion, it is also the one of science and 99% of normal straight men with adequate testosterone levels.

That is just insane. But the left and their extreme(ly) stupid SJWs have to push their sick agenda always further. Solution?

Ban transgender. They had their chance, and they fucked it up. That’s over. It has to stop.

Feminism: Women can actually beat their man in public

You see, that is the kind of experiment that I really like. It shows how the fight for feminism is just a big lie. It is only an abuse towards men.

And in fact people believe that feminism is just the right to work and vote for women, but it is not. It is the institutionalization of power and law for the pussies. And what happens when you give power to pussies? They ALWAYS abuse it.

I know quiet a few anti-feminists. Yet none of them would agree to remove the only thing that feminism is about: sexual liberation.

So, do you believe that law can be equal for everyone when one part systematically abuses it in total impunity or bigotry?

The truth about intelligence (IQ) and success

In the recent years, many right wing figures (including Stefan Molyneux, Jared Taylor and Black Pigeon speak) displayed the work started by Rychard Flynn concerning Intelligence (IQ) and success of individuals.

Indeed there is a correlation between high IQ and rich nations, and low IQ and poverty. There are quiet a few exceptions however, such as China. But on an individual level, there is no recent correlations between IQ and success in a multicultural society. Why? Because average IQ comparison clears individual problems from the landscape.

If the IQ theory can explain many things (like the success of Western civilization up the the middle of the 20th century), today many low IQ people are succeeding extremely well. Arabs have an average IQ of 81, Blacks of around 70. In other words, individuals in their population of IQ 135 (level of a good engineer) or above, are almost non existent. Yet, Arabs are doing extremely well in Europe. And a black man was even elected as president of the USA. Exceptions or rule?

When I look around me, I am shocked to notice that studies do not reflect reality. Many dumbass have money, and many very smart people are in deep financial issues. The only correlation I identified so far is the community in which they belong and/or the privileges they have.

In that sense, The Economist made a study, which states:

If you don’t have an ecosystem of people you can tap into for support, to help out with, say, finding talent or just making contacts, it’s 20-30 times harder to get your business off the ground.”

– Bryce Keane, co-founder, 3beards (London)

But it goes beyond this. Communities enable you to have access to opportunities, finance,  capital, suppliers, discounts, material, skills, clients, experience, etc. Put simply :

  • Muslims give jobs to one another and buy from one another. Example? Kebabs, car export.
  • Jews give jobs to one another and buy from one another. Example? Look around Trump.
  • Women have promotions based on quotas rather than competences
  • Gays have promotions based on their sexual orientation.
  • Blacks, Latinos, etc. You know the following.

Each individual of these group is protected by others – even at subconscious level. They give to each other jobs, buy among each other and prevent others (white christians – especially white men) from doing the same. In fact, whites are programmed to hate each other (colonies, slavery, etc.). In Europe, dismissing an Arab for a promotion can cost your place for racism. Never say a word about jews neither – a simple joke can send you to jail.

I can also tell from experience that recruitment is biased from the beginning. If too many men are in a team, the priority is given to women – even if she is less competent. Same goes for promotions, and even at a subconscious level. People feel good when they stigmatise a white man as long as it profit a minority, because this is exactly how they have been raised and what the media repeat constantly.

Can we talk about the importance of IQ in such a situation?

The goal of today’s companies and organisations is obviously not performance nor profits. Facebook, Twitter, Google lose money for influencing political opinion and setting aside smart white men. It is obvious that it goes beyond IQ: it is war. A war between communities. A war for resources and power. Life is like that, and the winners write the “truth”.

So, in conclusion, IQ is not sufficient to predict the success for an individual, but also for a nation. Only the combination of cultural and racial homogeneity, IQ and moral values seem to be relevant. Let’s stop gargling each other about a supposed white supremacy, where in fact we will get totally destroyed by modern hordes of Mongols if we won’t organize and restore a conservative society. There is no hope if we don’t unite, and unity starts with each of us.

Individuals vs the Collective: What libertarians get wrong

Maybe few of you know that I personally come from a libertarian / anarcho-capitalist background. I understand the principle of non-aggression, I understand how a libertarian society allows voluntary interaction and the creation of communities. In fact, I understand those concepts better than most modern day libertarians. Yet…

Recently a man I knew died of some cancer. I knew him well. He was a manager in a mid-size company. He was not the most cautious man but he was a good man. He did get drunk from time to time. He was smoking. And he was (as most white men) working a lot, constantly under heavy pressure from upper management. He was barely 40, 3 children and a feminist wife… He died of cancer.

My old libertarian side would have concluded that he was an adult. He could have chosen a different lifestyle. Many people (myself included) choose to eat healthy, manage stress through sports, meditation/prayers, not to smoke, not to party… So it seems to be unfair to asks others for one’s mistakes.

But is he to blame completely? Was he 100% responsible for the situation he was in? Did he choose this lifestyle? … not really. At least, this could be true if he was an isolated case. But when this kind of phenomenon becomes a trend, then this cannot be justified by individual choices only. As you see, more and more people have cancer, health problems, depression, etc. This society makes literally people sick, convincing them to take the wrong lifestyle and/or giving them the cultural marxist pressure.

From an external point of view, he was a man who was raised by a single mother. He was submerged into pop culture with no man to guide him. He was being told to “work hard, pay taxes, drink a bit, respect women and party”. And he did. Just like most white men do today, but also did yesterday. The world is mostly made of followers, not leaders. And there is nothing wrong with that.

There are men who are simply not able to come out of this cultural marxist nightmare, because they don’t conceive how getting out of it looks like. They can’t red pill themselves. Therefore “good guidelines” for the “weaker-minded” are needed. Because these people are following guidelines no matter what: left or right. The fact that I call these people “weaker minded” is not out of disgrace. I don’t mean to insult anyone, but to state a fact: most people were never able to take full ownership for themselves. Most of them are probably even good men. Good men following wrong dogmas.

And this is where libertarians get things wrong. Humans are a tribal species, and we rely on each other. Individualism in fact always loses against ethnocentrism.

Leaving eachone of us alone facing this cultural marxist war is a free pass to the road to hell. We won’t make it alone. None of us. It is a lie. A sweet lie, but still lie.

Not everyone in this world is born to see the truth alone. In fact, we almost all need a hand to walk through the darkness. Therefore responsibilities fall on the shoulder of the leaders and the truth they preach. It is easier to blame individuals for their problems, rather than taking the individual responsibility we share in this mess.

Let’s face it, Muslims are invading Europe because they stick to each other. Jews have Israël because they fought together for the Balfour declaration – etc. I am not saying they are right, nor that they are good people. I am just saying that a strong community doesn’t need to be right or good to succeed over an other. That is another red pill to swallow.

We all have a responsibility in the trouble of Western society, and everyone has to do what he can to fix it, at his level, according to his capacity. In short: there is no individual escape to a collective issue.


Courage, the light is never far.

Easter, that special day

It is Easter and it is a great time to remember what it means to be a Christian.

To be a Christian means to follow Christ, which is also the greek version of the word “messiah” in Hebrew. So yes, this is also where Judaism splits with Christianity. And it happens that Easter is what makes Jesus so special: his resurrection.


Easter, also called Pascha (Greek, Latin) or Resurrection Sunday, is a festival and holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, described in the New Testament as having occurred on the third day of his burial after his crucifixion by the Romans at Calvary 30 AD. It is the culmination of the Passion of Jesus, preceded by Lent (or Great Lent), a forty-day period of fasting, prayer, and penance.

So Easter is not just a day off attached to Christianity. It is a day to remember how Christianity enabled European men to unite, family to flourish, and develop the western world.

It is also a day to show how much these refugees/migrants are not Europeans. A day where a part of our identity shines. A day to remember that Christianity is not like Islam, nor like Judaism:

  • Christianity doesn’t assert/suppose/assume a superior race nor the existence of superior people
  • Christianity doesn’t promote violence – only the “just war” to protect oneself
  • Christianity is monogamous and values chastity as well as sexual control – not rape not sex depravity
  • Christianity doesn’t require a church nor any institution (the church is in fact a fraud)
  • Christianity doesn’t promote taxation nor usury, but free will
  • Christianity promotes builders, not parasites
  • Christianity is not against science, on the contrary supports it as part of nature
  • Christianity doesn’t assume that other men have the power to talk instead of god nor believe that some people are chosen
  • Christianity is not a law but a set of values to follow. (Matthew 7.21-29)
  • Etc.

Whether you believe in God or not, we wish you a happy Easter, and wish you all the best. Hold on brothers, victory is not far.

The real “crime” of #CountDankula

I was waiting to have more information about the case of the famous Youtuber Count Dankula. Dankula was imprisoned in jail for making a joke with his girlfriend’s pog. In case you did not follow the story. BPS makes a summary of the situation:

There are four points worth noting in this video. And most of them are either forgotten or ignored by most channels on Youtube and other Big social medias.

First, the real crime of Count Dankula is being a “White male”. If Dankula would have been Indian, Latino, Black, Arabs… or simply a woman (or LGBT)… he would not have been in the trouble is in right now. So his crime is not the pog, nor the joke, nor the context… He is just a white male.


Second, this event highlights the number one conspiracy. There is only ONE COMMUNITY that should not be targeted, whether through humour or critical thinking. Only one community has the right to censor anyone, or throw anyone to jail. Remember, the word “globalism” is anti-semitic.

Muhammad, however, the prophet of Islam, can be made fun of publicly. Disrespecting Islam is tolerated on both sides of the Atlantic… But just make sure you are not a white male before doing so or you might go to jail as well (and get you killed).

Making fun of Christianity is of course encouraged. It is the only one community only that shall always be targeted. Muslims rape on a daily basis and practice pedophilia in a institutionalized way. Many rabbis suck the blood of a penis child after the barmitzvah and encourage the genocide of Christians. But it doesn’t matter because people will almost exclusively talk about Christian pedophiles.

Third, but still very important point, the judge said “Context and Intent do not matter”. In other words, the magna carta is DEAD. Context and Intent are considered in cases of injuries or murder. But in this case, it should be essential. The judge basically said he can imprison anybody as he sees fit. There is no appeal, there is no way to contest. This is a stage in justice that has no precedent in the entire history of Western Europe, in exception with the Nuremberg trial where international laws had to be modified to condemn people without proof (all Germans were guilty, no matter what).

And last but not least, is the silence or the very little talk of main Alt Lite figures. Lauren Southern and Pettibonne were denied from the United Kingdom – which is outrageous, don’t get me wrong – are making the buzz and headlines everywhere. Seriously. Where are all the “free speech” warriors now? Where is Sargon of Akkad? Where is Mike Cernovich? Where is Laura Loomer? Are they truly grassed root? Or is the Alt-Lite the new controlled opposition?

So let’s show compassion with Dankula, he deserves it.

Facebook and social media, what we got wrong

A long time ago, I presented on this blog a few examples of how Facebook and other social media are used as political tools rather than social cement. I was blamed and censored from forums, including the section “r/conspiracy” of Reddit. It seemed that I was being too harsh.

That was until lately when it was revealed that Facebook has been colluding since the beginning with social engineering companies in order to influence people. Video below:

Watch it, totally, even if the guy looks like pink poney land. From The Guardian:

But there are no factors as large and persistent as a weaponized Facebook – the trusted and entirely unregulated delivery vehicle for an astonishing amount of highly targeted disinformation.

Without Facebook, there would have been no Pizzagate, and the hacked DNC emails would have struggled to reach their intended audience. The strangely Russia-loving Green party would never have tallied enough votes to skew those three battleground states towards Trump…

As the now-suspended CEO, Alexander Nix, put it so well: “It sounds a dreadful thing to say, but these are things that don’t necessarily need to be true as long as they’re believed.”

I know, that is rather funny now because the left is in fact trashing its own tool. They hate Trump to the point that even set their baby Facebook on fire. Anyway.

I hope that you believe me when I say that Facebook is dangerous for your mind – both men and women. The only goal of Facebook is to influence you to comply with the mainstream agenda. In scientific terms, Facebook and media use a weak point of our mind named “cognitive ease”, well described in “Thinking fast and slow“. For those who do not want to read, watch this video:

Alternative platforms? Gab and Minds seem to be good and reliable. You can also follow us there.

Africanisation and #antiRacist

The problem with #antiRacist is not exactly their lack of education, nor their apparent disgusting obesity. Nope.

It is their hypocrisy. Can you imagine that society has reached a point where invaders simply need to raise panels where is written “no to racism” to justify the immigration of MILLIONS of their own kind. The reasoning is the following :

If you don’t want other people like me, you are racist. And racism is illegal. So, if you are against immigration and your replacement, we have the tool to take your money, your family and your freedom.

I mean, isn’t willing to replace and extinguish an entire ethnicity even one step further than racism? Because they don’t even stop there. In fact, they also want to remove ALL European history. Don’t believe me?

This is not counting the fact that slowly these immigrants attribute themselves our discoveries, just like for instance many mathematical concepts invented by white Egyptians or white Greeks, such as 0. Of course Greeks had good knowledge of equations and numbers. They even invented the first computer: antikythera mechanism. Lately, they claimed that Muslims invented the plane a long time ago, and we simply copied it (Abbas ibn Firnas). How ridiculous!

In fact, according to Muslims, Africans or Jews, they brought everything to Europe (and unfortunately lost everything – lol). These people infiltrated our academics and research institutions to compose fake studies, in order to get credits, break standards, open a way to power and push their agenda (e.g. Freud, Marx, critical culture, Authoritarian Personality studies, Shariah courts, etc.). Divide and conquer in a nutshell.

They use their community to give a preference to their own, disqualifying Europeans while blaming them for racism and antisemitism. As Alinsky said “blame the other for what you do”.

They surround themselves from a few whites who accept the total supremacy of Muslims, Africans or Jews in order to keep the illusion of diversity (also called Multiculturalism and social justice). But this diversity is fake. SJWs are just useful idiots meant to die for the sake of globalism. They are those who opened the gates from Troyes to see their throat sliced.

They fire every single person who is against this supremacy and the big replacement ongoing in all western countries. That is how Lauren Southern was stopped from entering the UK. That is how they stop all “right wing extremists” in Europe. In Belgium, for instance, they made a campaign against racism where they state “all racists steal our jobs” (understand white men steal our job, since non whites and women are never racists), “we do not rent to racists”, etc. Yet the country has a law against “hate speech”. But hate against whites is Ok, obviously.

As a matter of fact, these elements are “tools” , as the EJC states it. Only excuses made to make white people surrender through censoring us. Blacks work for blacks. Latinos for Latinos. Muslims for Muslims. And Jews for Jews.

You might say “oh my gosh what an anti-semitic Nazi”, but I hope you worth better than this fallacious intellectual discourse. Here, we hate no-one. We simply states facts as they are. The in-group preference is a natural tool to protect communities. Why do you think your white blood cells kill viruses and bacterias? Why ants have “soldier ants”? At Patriargate, we want everyone to live in their own country according to their own rules, and if they migrate, we want full long term integration, with strong voting and citizenship regulations. This is the only guaranty for peace. Isn’t that normal?

We don’t promote violence, but it is also the only natural tool that you can use to protect your own kind. In the end, all these “minorities” are the ones attacking us with extreme violence, hatred and bigotry. We are the victims, and they are the aggressors. I never asked my city to become Muslim, nor bombed nor heavily taxed. I never asked to be discriminated in favor of blacks, arabs or women. I never asked to be fined for racism or anti-semitism. I never asked to be attacked by hordes of migrants. I never signed for it, neither no-one I know.

The white genocide is real and very well organised. Their main focus is:

  • Social exclusion based on racism, sexism, etc.
  • Financial exclusion based on firing you for your political views, and restricting your access to funding (e.g. Youtube and google monetization)
  • Free speech exclusion based on legal acts excluding it and companies and organizations fostering it (e.g. LiCRA, ADL, Youtube, Facebook, Google)
  • Sexual exclusion through interracial campaigns and feminism
  • Academic exclusion of any pro white and conservative thesis
  • Legal exclusion through the insertion of an overruling law: racism and discrimination
  • Working exclusion through diversity quotas
  • Physical violence (i.e. Antifa, muslims, etc.)

How are you supposed to buy a house, have a wife and build a family with all of that? That is why white demography is melting like an ice-cream under the sun.

The only solution is a collective answer. Individually, we can’t fight an entire society designed to exclude and stigmatise us. If you want, you can always contact us.

Immigration is War. Africanization of Europe

In the latest turn of “the french everyday life” the “Basilique de Saint-Denis” has been stormed by the enemy. Not very surprising. It shows that the respect between culture and religion is one way and one way only.

In France, freedom of Religion and secularism was (officially) not installed in order to get rid of God but to tolerate everyone way of live. Right or wrong, this was the original idea. At least the way it was sold to the masses. A move from White French men towards “tolerance”. After all, what to expect from the culture of lights?

Yes, these pictures are from France.

And instead of embracing this tolerance, it is seen as a weakness by those hordes of degenerates primates. Where white people see virtue, they see an opportunity to use, and that is very sad. When white people give a hand, they see useful idiots. Let me be clear, this is not Europe, this is Africa. These are the rules of the Jungle. Individualism, intolerance, counter-productivity, consumerism, superficiality, perversion… Africanization in short.

Don’t be fooled by main stream Christianity 2.0 Jesus all good speech. Christians are allowed to be violent, and Jesus never said you should let hordes of barbarians spoil your church nor rape your wife. In fact, I already discussed this here.

When Constantin the great converted to Christianity, so did the army that followed him. And the empire held. Knights Templar were feared by all Muslim armies even when vastly outnumbering them. And criterias for “Jus ad Bellum” are filled in. In Hoc Signo Vinces.


Don’t let politics choose your girlfriend.

In this world, most of young white men and women remain single. Many choose to put this life decision on personal choice, like this new society doesn’t require to mate while being young. Like biology suddenly changes in a matter of a few decades. Well, I got news for you. That’s a lie.


One classification women can be put in is by political affiliation. Either they are right wing, either they are leftist, either they don’t care about politics. The latest category is the most popular one. Probably because this is where women belong. Also, there is no effort to put in for changing the political mind of the female, so many men prefer this option.

Even thou I do not regret my choice, I was putting a red flag on any women coming with leftist kind of ideology. This is a mistake I made and this is a mistake many white men are doing. Of course non political women stay a great choice. There is no reason to believe they are better or worse than other women. A relatively chaste or normal left wing woman is not worse than a right wing woman.

The truth is that right wing women have problems just like left wing women. These problems are just different. Right wing women are there because the right wing of the political spectrum smells testosterone miles away. They are in to find “the alpha male” who is rich and has power. She is probably the most hyper-gamic type of woman. It does not mean she is a bad person, but she is probably harder to handle than other left wing or apolitical counter parts.

Leftwing women are not necessarily as bad as their caricature. Of course the short blue hair, fat, full of piercing and tatoos feminist is repulsive. And she is probably no longer healthy enough to give birth to a healthy baby. But that is not the case of most left wing women. Left wing women are in “the left” just like they would have been hanging at the neck of German soldiers in France in 1940. They play the safety card and go with what appears to be the winner. Their mind can be changed and some of them might not be as destroyed as they seem to be.

In all, the political opinion of women is not really relevant. And it will never be. Women choose side either through submission (the left) or through their hyper-gamy biological instinct (the right) or they are normal (they don’t care about politics). Women will not take up arms, they will not fight, they will not even support their own men. What currently matter for a white man is to find a white women who can be trustworthy and : MAKE WHITE HEALTHY BABIES.