Race mixing causes major problems

Race mixing, as Nicolas Sarkozy expressed few years ago, is a priority. The diversity of people and ideas must be replaced by a single race and ideology, in the name of tolerance. But in reality, what are the scientifically proven consequences of race mixing on people? A research quotes :

Methods. Data are derived from self-reports of race, using the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health (Add Health), which provides a large representative national sample of adolescents in grades 7 through 12. Respondents could report more than 1 race.

Results. Mixed-race adolescents showed higher risk when compared with single-race adolescents on general health questions, school experience, smoking and drinking, and other risk variables.

Conclusions. Adolescents who self-identify as more than 1 race are at higher health and behavior risks. The findings are compatible with interpreting the elevated risk of mixed race as associated with stress.

A considerable literature attests to the emotional, health, and behavior risk problems of mixed-race adolescents. The most common explanation for the high-risk status is the struggle with identity formation, leading to lack of self-esteem, social isolation, and problems of family dynamics in mixed-race households.

Even if science attests the issues linked to race mixing for children.

Even if everyday life proves that mass immigration leads to muders, robbery and tyranny.

Even if thousands of women were raped.

Even if millions of men have to work to support non whites (including many criminals) in their own lands.

Even if white children live in fear, bullying, mistreatment from other races.

The media will diffuse the myth of the “happy mixed race family”.

Media are the enemy of the people. Before choosing a partner from another race, know what you are doing to you, your child and your country.

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