University of California is racist, against whites

The plan to ostracise and financially break the white Americans and Europeans continues. The Swedish model of education, hereafter, illustrates the Globalist model at an advanced stage.

The second picture, hereafter, illustrates an advanced stage of white genocide in England:

The last picture, hereafter, illustrates the #diversity programme completed (coming soon) :

In the USA, in University of California, just like in many other institutions, they state openly that their goal is to discriminate white people, hiring first people of colours and other minorities. Funny enough they state “minorities” when whites account only for 39%, and therefore already constitute a minority. Their own logic, if it was not racial hatred, would reach the exact opposite conclusion. Whatever. RedIce wrote:

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo recently released a 30-page report outlining plans to “improve diversity” via a series of initiatives.

One goal is to increase the number of people of color on campus beyond the increases that have already occurred over the past few years, as “applications from underrepresented minority students doubled between 2008 and 2018.”


The public research institution states it wishes to get those numbers more in line with the state’s percentage of white people, which recent polls hold at 39.7 percent of the population.


For students, the school plans on recruiting applicants more heavily based on race. For instance, the school has recently implemented several new scholarships “aimed at recruiting more African-American and other underrepresented minorities.” It’s also working to recruit low-income and first-generation students by partnering with high schools that enroll a high percentage of these students, according to the report.

Cal Poly SLO has eliminated applicants’ ability to apply to the school in Early Decision since the process, according to the report, “disadvantaged low-income students.”


And the college announced its intention of forcibly increasing diversity in “traditionally male-dominated majors” such as STEM and Architecture and Environmental Design, according to the document.

What are the consequences? Well… Far beyond STEM studies or imbalance at University.
By having less opportunities to study real value studies (mathematics, science, engineering, etc.) whites will in fact lose their grasp on the middle class and also have much less opportunities to reach top positions in companies. Indeed, the combination of a broken network, a Marxist and Hedonist psychological indoctrination, the loss of financial power, and in fine the loss of hard skills will guillotine the last heads of the white communities and hand over the power to 1) Globalists, 2) their infinite baskets of low/average IQ controllable minorities. Of course, a necessary step will be the destruction of Islam and Christianity: the Globalist need broken slaves, lobotomised of any metaphysical concept, vaccinated against moral values, and worshippers of individualism; they don’t want a united bunch of savages, or worse good people.

In particular, new white generations will have more and more difficulties studying, getting a job and earning money. The inflation and debt model will ensure that their money flies away to warmer places, leaving their children in poverty. Of course, at short term, individualism will be the easy excuse; in such a free and perfect liberal world, people are responsible for their own shit.

Symptoms of these elements are for instance men quitting studies, MGTOW quitting women, etc. Somehow they believe that there is a way to avoid the problem, but it is all a lie. The shit is right here, and we have very concrete people who launched a war against the white race more than a hundred years ago.

What do I propose in this?

One thing can save us: physical and spiritual unity, also named Christianity.

Cosmopolitan: “How To Talk To A Trans Parent About Their Pregnancy”

So here we are. Women’s (SJW) magazine giving advices on how to behave with trans during their pregnancy. Horror movie, when is it the end? Quote:

… Even though it’s nothing new, trans pregnancy is slowly becoming more visible …
Reese told the story of carrying and giving birth to their son Leo. Reese is far from the first trans dad to get pregnant and give birth, but his openness shown much-needed light on an experience that’s commonly misunderstood ...
Reese said. “People really do want to know what’s the worst thing someone has said so far, and I don’t always want to share that. They want to be titillated in that way, and they also want to learn what transphobia really looks like.”


I repeat it: “transphobia”. What the heck does that even mean? 🤣

That if you disagree, you are a scared faggot, basically. Well… I am of course scared of a man in a woman’s body carrying a child. Besides that it makes me puke, it makes very worried about the mental health of the child. In Germany, they want to take children from so-called “anti semites”, but trans having children is perfectly normal.

In fact, my personal believe is that these people are mentally sick and therefore incapable of raising a child properly. Imagine who you would be if your dad would be a woman? Not so good. We need both parents and especially a normal man in our life – i.e. Father. And that’s not only my opinion, it is also the one of science and 99% of normal straight men with adequate testosterone levels.

That is just insane. But the left and their extreme(ly) stupid SJWs have to push their sick agenda always further. Solution?

Ban transgender. They had their chance, and they fucked it up. That’s over. It has to stop.

French SJW growing hair: why I don’t want children

France has little coverage in the news, so let me share this.

A SJW youtuber (Antastesia) makes hilarious video about typical SJW topics. A couple of months ago, she made a video to explain why she doesn’t want children (translation below) :

I don’t want any children and it is normal. Let’s face it: when you are born you don’t have any children, so the basic state is not to have children. The basis state is to be alone, so I don’t understand why people do not understand my choice of not having children.

Eureka! Perfectly logic! The reactions were also funny, saying “you are not born with blue hair, so don’t do it”, “you are not born as a feminist, so don’t do it”. Funny. Look at her evolving as a SJW:

Or how to destroy feminity in a nutshell.

Anyway, now you got another argument to make fun of them. But honestly these people are sick and predictable… For example she is also in:

  • Colouring her hair
  • Being asexual
  • Against discrimination in dating
  • Against white people
  • For gays and lesbians
  • Having sex with more than 20 years older men (or very young)
  • Dissociation of sex and love
  • Not needing anything solid for making an argument
  • Against family
  • Thinking you are young forever
  • For mixed race couples
  • Feminist, for the hate of men
  • Crazily jealous of other women
  • Against her own culture
  • For mass immigration
  • Growing her body hair and showing them proudly
  • Etc.

SJW are so accurately all the same, fine tuned as a Swiss clock.

What is a real man?

The big irony in the “Game community” is that everyone tries to tell how a so called “alpha male” is supposed to act, rather than focusing what are the foundation of being a MAN. This “acting as alpha” is anything but manly. Man don’t fake being someone else, they are. Faking personality is more of a female trait, not a manly one. So what is being a man?


First of all, it is worth noting that men, just few decades ago, did not bother with that question. What changed? Why are today’s men lost? And what are the consequences? Education, media, Internet changed everything for sure, but these are only elements to the answer, not the answer itself.

Let’s start with a cold, yet difficult to digest, reality. Female humans, unlike the rest of the animal kingdom, are not able to do much compared to their male counter part. Female lions and wolves do hunt. Female dears and rabbits will find their food even pregnant. Female humans can hunt only using man-made tools and techniques. The same goes for agriculture and everything that follows. They are of course capable to learn. But creativity, physical strength, ingenuity all remain almost exclusively manly attributes. A “back to the wilderness” that would include only women would obviously end up in a disaster.

If one thinks on an evolutionary stand point: division of labor is probably the reason why female humans got so “weak” and “fragile” over time. Men went hunting and gathering. Women took care of children. Besides, human children are the least capable progeniture in nature (they are the only ones who cannot walk at birth), and they need a huge amount of care. And this is what women “specialized” into. They can easily communicate with them, they have a more urgent need to care and nurture them. This is a basic fact.

And from a Christian point of view… God made us this way. And the paragraph just above explain why he decided to do it this way.

So back to the question: What is being a man?

Being a man is doing everything the women cannot do.

Naturally, as of today, women work has become extremely easy thanks to all home appliance and care centers. So they can indeed take place in the work force. And the man is left with a few key responsibilities in society:

  • Uses his brain for thinking and creating
  • Acts: is always in the actions, rather than worrying
  • Builds: outstanding buildings, homes, machines, computers, etc.
  • Gets fits and strong
  • Protect his family, his community, his fatherland
  • Brings money, security, safety and sacrifice to his family
  • Inspires his family
  • Leaves a mark
  • Doesn’t fear to fight, nor to die for what is right
  • Takes decision, is sharp
  • Shows rationality when women become emotional
  • Shows morality, sets the direction
  • Helps the weak, challenges the strong

With this in mindset, you can stop bothering with 99% of all the advises given in the gaming community. A man has to start by accepting who he truly is.

Do some sports, be strong, have a purpose, work hard, dress well (stay classy, no need to spend 3 hours in front of the mirror). Get a job that suits you well (if possible). Help the community. Accept who you are so you can be self-confident. Identify true friends and foe. Imagine the kind of women you want to be with. And Go, any time you meet one available matching your criteria.

And when confronting a women: be calm, because you are the price. What can she do that you can’t? What is impressive? Women have one purpose in your life: making a family. That is as simple as that, and you need only one. If you are sure about what you want, if you know who you are, you will show confidence. And women will appreciate you. Simple as that.

If a man knows what he wants out of life, he will not only show confidence. He will know that he is the price. Not the women.