Merry Christmas 2018

In these times of torment, Christmas is a reminder that nothing is lost.

Today is the official day when we celebrate the birth our Savior, Jesus Christ. He came into the flesh of a man for sacrificing himself. Born with a pure spirit, Jesus would reclaim the gates to heaven from Lucifer.

His life was a constant battle against the devil. Every single second, no man that ever lived enduted what he did. And he did that for us. When he died, he went down to hell to take back from Lucifer our right for forgiveness and return to the Lord. He risked not only his life as a man, but also as a spirit. Should he lose the battle, should he fail to the commandment, shluld he fall by Lucifer, he would be cursed. There wouldn’t be any escape for us.

So let’s celebrate Jesus Christ for what he did! We are alive, and our sole purpose of life is to honor him and the Father.

I wish to all of a Merry Christmas. Never quit the Lord, he will keep you safe, here and there. Do not let the devil take you down. Fight in your heart.