White knights and gamma males, same story

A long time ago, long before Cuckenberg was put in the spot light for his abusive use of our confidence, we talked about gamma males. Now, I want to point out how white knights and gamma males are in fact the same ugly people.

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White knights believe that males only purpose is to protect women, and no matter the reason, a pussy should always get a free pass. For them, God is a woman, it is very clear. And why not a black woman, as told me my cucked religion teacher when I was 18. Yes, why not?!

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Behind these showy fake gentlemen in fact reside dirty gamma males. White knights actually strive for more equality across genders, races and anything close enough to feminism, immigration and LGBT. They want to incarnate the defenders of the righteous vagina, the sponsors of cuckery, the protectors of soy-boys. And by doing so, they neglect all virtues attributed to men, such as rationality and morality. They can’t go ahead of their vision of a sweating vagina whenever they hear the voice of a female. Nor can they go ahead of their lack of meaning in this universe. Looking for a replacement to their inherent nihilism, they find themselves a victorious identity in backstabbing real men.

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This lack of self consciousness is reflected in all their actions and talks. Their normal state is to talk weak, to change their mind, to stress for nothing, to lie, to put in danger their teammates, etc. until a pussy shows up where all their weaknesses finally make sense. In a nutshell, white knights are gamma. And just like gamma males, they think and act like women. As Vox summarizes, a Gamma acts the following:

  • When you are having an argument with someone and it appears you are wrong, the most common belief and defense is that the other person simply doesn’t understand what you are saying.
  • When discussing matters with someone and you think you are maybe, possibly, being shown to be wrong, you start to get snarky, crack lame jokes, and immediately try to change the subject.
  • If someone holds an opinion contrary to yours, and you don’t think you have a good defense immediately to hand, you start to look for unrelated ways to disqualify the other person as being less than knowledgeable about the subject, even going so far as to disqualify them as being a good person or sometimes even a person at all.
  • Definitions are tenuous for you and words can be redefined at leisure during a discussion. If someone quotes the dictionary and it disagrees with your definition they are arguing unfairly and the dictionary is wrong.

White knights do not protect women, they in fact need their attention in order to exist. Just like PUAs compare the ratings of their last pickups to polish their absent ego, white knights nourish their eternal masculine identity quest through pussy-kneeling. They were often abandoned by their father. Or simply cut from him by a resource-craving single mother who can’t do anything but parasitically survive through the distillation of a castrating masculine hate of a missed father. Without a father, a son becomes the life-insurance of the mother. Raised to become a vagina-slave, he is fine-tuned to become the disposable hands of females.

Indeed, in a Testosterone-free world, it appears obvious that white knights and gamma males are the rightful swords of misandry. Despite their male appearance, they are women, and should be treated like women. They don’t have any sense of respect for their brothers, and as such deserve no respect as they continue to contribute to the agony of millions of western men who decided to quit women.

So, yes, white knights and gamma males, same story. What sentence would you give to such men?

Social status (part 3): Alpha, Beta… not the question

Alpha, Beta… Gamma males… does it explain everything? Why is this gamma getting a hot chick? Why are these Spaniards getting all the chicks in the bars without doing anything? Why that ugly Arabic without any style, intelligence nor game gets the hot chick?


Something like that story:

There is that girl that you like and that you know for 2 years. You game her, and you do have a good game. You do sport, you behave like an real man but no matter what you can’t get her.

You get girls attention, but somehow, they leave you alone. Either you bang some destroyed white girls, either you stay alone – but the relationship is out of sight.

You want to know her before banging her, because you know what happens when you bang a girl. So, you go for a coffee. You go to a nice place to be comfortable. You want her to be at her ease. You game light, you show respect. The mother of your kids shall be that simple traditional girl.

Yet, nothing works, absolutely nothing! Despite your 10/10 confidence, your good shape and the look of all the other girls, it doesn’t work! She tells you that you are kind of perfect but that she doesn’t feel “the thing”. But what thing is she talking about?

Sometimes, she may have already kissed you many times during parties, but she will refuse to talk to you or date you – even though she likes you.

The game says it straight: you can’t bang a girl without physical touch and intimacy. Yeah, that’s kind of right, but not enough. The game fails explaining why. It says it is natural…  not exactly.

Actually, it is due to the conditioning done by the environment – it is epigenetics. Attraction is conditioned by r and K selection. In an r-selected world you can’t get the simplest girl in the world if you do not follow the r rules. You can come in a Ferrari, throw money at her, know all the people in the restaurant, be the best man ever, be a millionaire, be the hottest man on earth: she will not get wet!

Girls are technically results attracted, yes true. They are attracted by what all other wants, true. But foremost they are emotional and conditioned creatures. They confuse their emotions and for them, being in a bar drunk and grabbed by the pussy – thanks Donald – is actually connected to falling in love.

For their entire life, women have been educated for one thing. One and only one thing: r-selection. All the movies, all the music, all the advertisements constructed in their brain a specific connection towards sex and couple. Our brain only works with connections. This is how we think, how we feel. Epigenetics only emphases these concepts. I compile here a list of concept that describes the connections in the brain of women in our Western society:

Connected to sex Connected to relationship (rejection) Connected to omega male (rejection)
Travel Good restaurant Religion
South Romance Conservatism
Spain Manners Traditional
Italy Politeness Marriage
Greece Activity Relationship
Turkey Manhood Shaved
Arab Respect Classical
Black White Right wing
Exotic Classic Sober
Holidays Coffee Clever – nerd
Fun Wine place Glasses
Love Work White
Passion Malls Distance
Girl fears Shopping
Girl worries Money
Rape Boredom
Violence Trust
Adventure Serious
Alcohol Interesting
Beach Ugliness
Sun Depression
Swimming pool Distance
Sexy clothes Flower
Beauty Gift
Sun glasses Attention
Tanned Politeness
Money (in party)

Since their young age, men and women are exposed to the cultural Marxist propaganda. All of these transport the idea of sex in the context of parties, alcohol, sun, travel, Latin music, etc. All the concepts of the table above are connected to sex in their brain. And sex biologically means couple. If you are anything close to this table, your sexual values skyrockets. The most connected concept to love is actually the skin color and the origin: southern man dark tanned with beard (i.e. Spanish, Italians, Turkish, Moroccans, etc.).

So that girl has been conditioned like any other animal, like any other biological intelligence can be conditioned. A dog can be conditioned to produce saliva  just by hearing a sound. A woman can get wet hearing Latin music or seeing an Arab beard. She doesn’t choose it, she is a victim. And she can’t understand this, because her biology prevents her from being able to rationalize that much, step back and understand what leads her instinct to mistakes. Repetition and epigenetics are the keys to conditioning.

You can’t, and you will not seduce the woman you like without exploiting these connections. She won’t love you before sleeping.

When you understand this, you know that the game works, but you also know that the game is part of this decadence. You know that any women that you game sexually will sleep with you, and fall in love. But you also know that the moment you will behave like a K selected (relationship, traditional man), she will start hating you. She will drive away from you. The moment you will leave her alone with friends in parties getting drunk, going on holidays to the beach, to the sun, she will fall. When you are out of sights, her emotions take over her rationality. Sadly, you can’t fight it. You can try to control her, but she will tell you that it is her freedom. She believes her freedom is to do what she has been conditioned to do. Freedom doesn’t exist unless you are conscious of the truth. Going to a sunny destination is not freedom, it is what you are told to do. Drinking and having sex with strangers is not freedom, it is what you are told to do. Dating a Latin man, an Arab man is not freedom, it is what you are told to do. Accepting migrants is not freedom, it is not an opinion, it is what you are told to do.

Look at what women keep seeing everywhere all the time. How you want them to be attracted – or to allow themselves to be attracted – by you?

Are tranies important?

The god Emperor decided to reverse the policies of his mentally deficient predecessor in regards with having tranies taking a dump next your 8 year old daughter in the ladies bathroom.

The god emperor reversed a rule that was unconstitutional and had absolutely no reasons to be whatsoever. The LGBTQ community never brought any solid argument for it. And the USA government with 20 trillions dollars of debt (probably more than it’s total GDP if calculations were honest), more than 100 trillions dollars of unfunded liabilities (doubled in the last 8 years), military bases all around the world, a huge demographic problem and a bubble on basically every sector of the economy (including education)… has little time, money or energy to spend for a tiny fraction of the population that is mentally ill LITERALLY.


The big problem lies in the very fact that this issue was brought up, signed into law… and brought up again. This is not the job of the USA president, and it is not the job of anyone to care about people who made a choice for being mentally ill. You have to be functionally retarded to believe this is a relevant issue in today’s world.

But nobody cares about tranies. I don’t. The god Emperor doesn’t. The AltRight for sure doesn’t. But I know a group of people who actually care a lot less than we do: the IQ deficient leftoids SJWs. They like that kind of mentally sick subject because they have nothing else to argue. Come on leftists, just bring this subject at lunch time in front of everyone, you might be able to make friends or ridicule a healthy alt-right man!

This gamma brings it up (or the feminist) and talks about it for the same reason he wears his hat or scarf inside the office while it is 23 C (73 F) . It is a trend; it is what he read in the newspaper this morning and therefore that should be important. He has no goals but trying to be fashionable. Talking fashionable is a good way to virtue signal and get the attention of the hot chick he will never fuck.

But no worry, debating such individuals is useless for this very reason: there is no substance, no facts… no debate. And the gamma couldn’t care less about transgender bathroom more than your dog. If he did he would start a fundraiser to build tranies bathrooms all around the world. But he never will.

And that’s why you should never engage them in their debate, on their ground. The best way is to bring him to the only language he understands which is the one-on-one confrontation. If you can afford this luxury tell him: “GAMMA, your conversations are boring, shut up or say something interesting”.

Gamma males are the problem

I have been thinking a lot about the socio-sexual hierarchy and its impact on society. Over time I could not help but start despising gamma males. The lack of clear literature, and the importance of their role in today society made me think about digging more into the subject. The three typical gamma males:

gamma scale 3.png

There is no unique gamma male, just like there is no unique alpha male. Normally, in a healthy society, gamma males are simply disqualified by other males, and hence rejected by women. But who are they?

Gamma males typically represent the opposite of an alpha male. They certainly have alpha qualities, but they lack the self-confidence, direction, structure and identity that an alpha  male has. They think they are bosses on the right track, but they are not. Therefore, the way they communicate, manage relationships, and handle stress is extremely different.

The following type of gamma males can be identified:

  • The useful idiot: this gamma is a typical SJW in lack of identity, but who wants to take a lead in defending cultural Marxism. He makes a point by virtue signaling at defending multiculturalism, feminism, etc. Despite his attempt of defending women’s right, he is a total sexual reject – women would rather commit suicide rather than having babies with them. By being a useful idiot, he goes where the wind goes and believes that it should bring him all the chicks and success. His masculinity is the weakest of all males. He will either hate either gratify women, but at no time he can grasp their nature.
  • The opportunist: he has money, he has a very good position in a company and uses it to promote shit values. Like any gamma, he does not accept any argument and simply gets frustrated. He can’t argue and uses violence to win an argument. He will try to break your will, attack you personally, censor you, humiliate you, etc. This category also encompasses the colleagues which seem to be cool, but stab you in te back at every opportunity. They want to teach you how to respect women, they want to lead, … but it is a total failure! Their lack of identity makes them poor leaders – they do not inspire. They are extremely irritable; especially when they drink. They bully constantly other males to try to look like an alpha male, and seek attention. This gamma is the most dangerous because he is a pure hypocrite, and usually knows what he does. Usually, they can pick up women, but have sexual problems in relationships. Since they don’t understand why, they become frustrated and start annoying their woman until she leaves them or simply cheats on them.
  • The outsider: he is part of some kind of trend like hipster, or whatever. Most Arabic men are part of this category. They surf on the “status wave” like having a beard, skin color, interracial propaganda, etc. Since women usually go where the wind blows – the trend – they usually confuse them with alpha/sigma males. They recognize in them the masculine model spread by the media. But don’t be mistaken, everything is about appearance. Deep inside, their status is everything they have, and if you remove this, they are simple gamma. They are very emotional and think like women. For example, hipster look abrupt but spent more time to look manly than women do to look feminine – being rough and looking rough is not the same thing!

Unfortunately, today society sets trends towards gamma males. Whether you are a total useful idiots, some kind of protected minority or an opportunist, the society protects you. When you speak the truth, society rejects you – that’s the goal of cultural Marxism, after all. Most power positions are in the hands of gamma males. Example? Take most of politicians, civil servants, directors, etc. The problem is that these people use the power for themselves or to serve other people as sick as them. This results in a loss of values and a feminization of the society. Indeed, true alpha males would stop women, put limits, set direction, inspire, lead… look at Trump.

Next time you see some gamma, just remember that they are sick people who should not be tolerated. Your biggest weapons against them are their own weapons: social rejection and humiliation. What makes them strong is the power in place, the trend and their weak followers. Break this and you will break them.