Why your girlfriend suddenly wants to go to gym?

Everything seems to be fine in your life. You got a beautiful girlfriend, you know how to game, have a good social circle, good job, etc. Your couple is doing ok, no big problem in sight….

Then one day, out of the blue, she wakes up and tells you she wanna go to the gym. Surprised, you don’t know how to react. After all, many girls go to gym, but why do they do that?

I have been observing girls at the gym for a long time, and I have read a lot, as you also did if you are here.

My first question : have you ever seen a “normal” woman (not the body builder nor the fat one) doing anything effective at the gym?

On my side, nope. Most women at the gym are really mostly annoying. They take space and machines for nothing. They could do the same at home, but they don’t. It seems the gym has something home doesn’t have… Let me think about it… MEN!

Men and women are hypergamic, as you probably know. We all look for a better partner according to sexual criteria written in our DNA. But it happens that men can control it much better than women.

Women are instinctive and mostly act without thinking. When they say they want to go to the gym, you must hear “I wanna check some other males”. Clearly, unless you are MUCH BETTER than her, she has no reason to do that.

At the gym, women have the opportunity to look at many single men who take care of themselves. Often, if you exercise seriously, you are also serious in your life: diet, job, etc. It doesn’t really matter if she wants to cheat or not. Naturally, women have three hypergamic instincts:

  • Trying to find a richer, higher status man; she looks for security
  • Trying to find a “sexier” man; she is looking for someone to give her an “orgasm”
  • Create competition with you and see which one that will win; she tests your masculinity

In nature, monkeys (e.g. Gorilla, chimpanzee) do exactly the same – at their level. Females also go to other tribes and try to create conflicts. They harass other tribe members, or simply try to seduce other males and make sure to show it to their own male (see “Chimpanzee politics, Frans de Waal’s).

The only thing that counteracts naturally these elements is pregnancy and early breast feeding (scientifically called Lactational amenorrhea).

What is my point?

We are also part of nature, and women behave exactly like the animals they are. This is why they work and this is why they exercise: hypergamy. It doesn’t really matter how good she feels with you. It doesn’t matter how many orgasms you give her. Women are programmed to create troubles in your life, and they will do it. In fact, the higher male status you gain, and the more controlling and bitchy she becomes. The more she will challenge you with other males at some point. So what do we do? Should we therefore remain single and never have anything?

I didn’t say that, at all. The conclusion is simply that women have to be controlled. They actually look for a male that will control them, and a man who controls his life. They love the feeling of being conquered and being your “property”. The other important factor is her environment. A good family, less facebook, less TV shows, more reading and more church/mosque/synagogue will certainly reduce her sexual appetite.

Just keep in mind that a woman at the gym is always looking directly or indirectly for someone better than her current man.

Feminism: Women can actually beat their man in public

You see, that is the kind of experiment that I really like. It shows how the fight for feminism is just a big lie. It is only an abuse towards men.

And in fact people believe that feminism is just the right to work and vote for women, but it is not. It is the institutionalization of power and law for the pussies. And what happens when you give power to pussies? They ALWAYS abuse it.

I know quiet a few anti-feminists. Yet none of them would agree to remove the only thing that feminism is about: sexual liberation.

So, do you believe that law can be equal for everyone when one part systematically abuses it in total impunity or bigotry?

Feminism = divorce

Feminism was invented to destroy families and the core identity of women. Like the snake whispering the wrongs, feminism is disguised as a friend of the women, where it is in fact the devil itself. The only aim of feminism is to make out every woman a slut, using her sexuality either to climb the ladders of work, either to steal wealth from men. The sole goal is to render men useless to women: financially, intellectually, socially and emotionally. Feminism is the personification of hypergamic, animal and amoral behaviors. And almost all women – even conservatives – firmly believes that this is good.

Feminism is a humiliation for women today, but also for all the good mothers and wives who gave their life to bring us to the world today. Feminism makes women ugly, amoral and despicable beings, caring for nothing else than themselves and their little privileges.

Alt-Right, alt-light or liberals, they eventually think the same: that politics is something they can participate in. But no. Their contribution is limited to their pretty faces on a screen, opening their mouth to repeat what a man told them. If only they would realise that supporting a man who fights is more effective, natural and constructive than to fight. No, they don’t, they even prefer detracting the males already doing the job, bringing an overall negative contributions to the cause. No-one asks them to take positions or get involved in politics, on the contrary.

On the verge of our extermination through cultural marxism, feminism is still in the head of the right wing women. We shall repeal everything but not their privileges. On the verge of death, they still think about themselves. That says a lot about feminism and female nature. This is why feminism works as it was designed for, revealing women as incapable of seeing the elephant in the room. Introspection, a quality redeemed void in their head – does it seem.

Feminism absolutely never had another objective but to humiliate women in their duty of child carers and family cornerstone. Because what is a family without a true mother, mistress, and house keeper? Nothing.

How a boy could become a man, and a girl a woman if the mother is no more? They can’t. The boy will be half a man, and the girl half a woman. What an opportunity for the enemy not to have any resistance, don’t you think?

Judge for yourself what all your girls had all their life in their mind. This is what they saw, what they became, whatever they like it or not. Otto W. said that women become hysteric when confronted to their nature, a way to say that women do not handle criticism – at all. Well, how do you expect your girls to respect men when they were raised like that for 18-30 years?

Morality and feelings

Today’s society is enjoyment based. If you wanna be cool, you ought to enjoy everything around you. You ought to comply. You ought to think less to be happy and hence accepted. You ought to base your life on feelings instead of morality, on pleasure instead of duty. Do what you learned in school. Do what you see in the movies. Do not ask questions, fear being rejected.


Complying is a psychological process also called “social desirability“, and it is connected to abstraction capacities; hence intelligence. Complying socially is a necessity for our species since we can’t survive without the others. But what if we all comply to the long term slaughtering of ourselves?

Before, good and bad were defined by religion and parental education. For example, women could not have free sex, men neither. Respect and honor were larger concepts than today. What happened?

By removing religion, putting women at work, and implementing divorce, children were left alone to the claws of an eager left government. Through scholar indoctrination, the good and bad are redefined to comply with what is necessary to control the masses and ensure the survival of an ever growing central power.

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School tells us:

  • Christians are whites mostly
  • Christians did crusades, so whites are bad
  • Women were oppressed by men in Europe
  • European men oppressors of women
  • A racist is white, and racism is bad
  • Whites are racists and should mix
  • Nazi were bad and didn’t have any moral high ground
  • Nazi were german whites
  • Germans are bad and should tolerate immigration
  • Anyone against immigration is racist if he is white
  • If you feel good about something, it is good
  • If you feel bad about something, it is bad
  • You are bad if you disagree with mainstream education, films and TV shows
  • Etc.

By defining good and bad through feelings and illogical (and non justified) preconceived ideas, we actually jeopardize morality. The cognitive dissonance created by the gap between the “fake world” and “real world” (but also what our genetic tells us) requires constant propaganda to be maintained. This is why the Soviet Union used to send to mental hospitals those who disagreed. Hopefully, today, we have doctors, psychologies,  media,  music, TV shows, etc. to show us that the problem is with us and that we should learn how to live with it instead of pointing out what is wrong around us. In case of needs, we can still disconnect with one of these pills.

Morality and feelings must normally be totally dissociated in order to control our basic instincts and continue to build on the existing society. Indeed, a bad feeling can be something good, and a good feeling can be something bad. Being in control of our life according to morality is the key to a lasting peaceful civilization.

Abstractly, values are independent from feelings. Cheating feels good, but it is bad. Generosity is not love. Generosity is not socialism. Love is not tolerance. Pleasure is not necessarily good , and sadness is not necessarily bad.

Morality is not a feeling, it is a way to lead our life. Feelings is what we experience on this journey.

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Hypergamy, path to loneliness

For centuries, women have married men of higher status to ensure security. Partly due to their nature, partly due to the society. Was that good or bad?


Hypergamy refers to the fact of seeking for a better match. Naturally women need security. Hence they look for the strongest, fittest, most socially recognized man. It  does not matters if the man has principles, morality or whatever. What matters is his material, physical and social value.

Per se, it is not bad – just natural. In society, other men are in charge of taking care of outsiders, leaving them aside. It is only when men lose their grasp that women take the opportunity to free their pussy. Overall, a controlled hypergamy within a healthy manhood results in a virtuous circle of improvements and therefore selecting the best genes.

Today, women have been set free. The old traditional family selecting men on their intrinsic value, through a validation from the father has been replaced by an instinctive, emotional and purely sexually driven choice making. Before, a woman who would date multiple men would be ashamed, today virgins are humiliated and excluded.

Setting pussy free without any responsibility on their shoulders, without a father, leads them in a world of emotion, satisfaction and desires. The socio-sexual market, at its most primitive form appears, but without any sense of morality. A jungle.

Yet, their liberty, given at 16 years, is fading away at 30. Their body can’t procreate anymore, men are not attracted by them. Their sexual market shrinks, while no one is there to ensure their future. They hit the wall, and it pains. Their face got rusty by the number of one night stands, their veins likely full of STDs, their vagina atrophying, their eyes empty of meaning, they now walk through the life alone.

Hypergamy is not a path to heaven, it is a path to self destruction.

Women: make kids, take care of them, respect your men and make a family. Be happy, be healthy, be a woman, be a mother.